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December 04, 2018

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Jeremy Corbell's new documentary

offers a rare on-camera interview with Bob Lazar,

who put Area 51 on the map 30 years ago...


Bob Lazar has seen some shit during his time on Earth - or at least he says he has.

As a teenager he built jet engines and attached them to his bicycle. As Lazar got older, his jet engines grew larger and were attached to his cars.

  • One time he built a particle accelerator in his bedroom so he could produce chemicals for his homemade hydrogen-powered corvette.


  • He claims to have studied physics at MIT and worked at the Meson facility at Los Alamos National Laboratories.


  • He was arrested for abetting a prostitution ring (the charge was later reduced to felony pandering) and says he has been raided by the FBI twice.


  • He claims to have been shot at and old videos show him shooting in the desert with his friend's Uzi.


  • For years, he hosted an underground DIY fireworks festival.

  • He also claims to have worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft at S-4, a military facility near Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

Some of the details of Lazar's life are true and easily verifiable, while others strain credulity.


MIT, for instance, has no records of Lazar ever being there, and Los Alamos has denied that he was employed there (although journalist George Knapp apparently found a Robert Lazar listed in an internal phone book for Los Alamos).

Does that mean that Lazar actually worked on bonafide flying saucers?


No, but this is Lazar's story and he's sticking to it.

That is the takeaway from filmmaker Jeremy Corbell's new documentary, 'Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers,' which is released worldwide today.







Corbell's previous documentaries profiled a surgeon who removes extraterrestrial implants and investigated Robert Bigelow's Skinwalker ranch (above video), which is an alleged hotbed of UFO activity, so he is in many ways the perfect person to tackle a profile of Lazar's truly out-of-this-world life.



Bob Lazar at home in Michigan.

Image: Jeremy Corbell/The Orchard

Indeed, the very fact that this film exists is a testament to Corbell's ability to handle fringe subject matter.


Ever since Lazar first came forward with a story about his time at S-4 working on extraterrestrial spacecraft in 1989, he has grown more and more reluctant to speak about what he says he saw at Area 51.


Corbell's new film is the first major interview Lazar has given about his beliefs regarding extraterrestrial technology on Earth in nearly 30 years.

In May of 1989, Lazar conducted an anonymous interview as "Dennis" with the Las Vegas-based reporter George Knapp.







In the interview, which is included in Corbell's film along with a lot of other archival footage from Lazar's time in the international spotlight, Lazar describes working on the propulsion systems for "nine flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin" in possession of the US military.

"The propulsion system is a gravity propulsion system and the power source is an antimatter reactor," Lazar told Knapp during the original interview.


"This technology doesn't exist at all."

Lazar during a 1989 interview.

Image: The Orchard

At the time, Lazar claimed that the reason he came forward with information about extraterrestrial technology in possession of the government was because he believed it to be a,

"crime against the American people and scientific community" to keep such information a secret.

Shortly after Lazar's first interview, he broke anonymity and did several other interviews about his time at Area 51 under his own name. These were broadcast around the globe and turned the top secret military base into a pilgrimage destination for UFO believers.


As Knapp says in the film,

"Bob really put Area 51 on the map."

When Corbell met with Lazar in California, he made the case that he has no ulterior motives to lie about what he was working on in the mid-80s.


If anything, Lazar said, his decision to come forward with this information changed his life for the worse...

Today, Lazar runs United Nuclear, a scientific supply company in Michigan, which he claims in the film was recently raided by the FBI under the pretense of trying to track the source of some toxic materials.


The police response for a relatively routine investigation was huge, Lazar claims.


The entire office was filled with dozens of authorities from every conceivable branch of law enforcement, he says. The implication, Corbell's film hints, is that the government was trying to spook Lazar back into silence.

(It is worth noting that Lazar's company, United Nuclear, has run afoul of law enforcement on two other occasions, both having to do with transporting 'explosive materials' across state lines).

The FBI raid bookends Corbell's film, which attempts to separate fact from fiction in Lazar's story. This is something that UFO wonks have been doing on the internet for years, but Corbell manages to turn up some interesting information.

For example, in the 1980s Lazar claimed that S-4 had a biometric identification system that was able to scan the bones in employees' hands to identify them.


In the film, Corbell produces a recently declassified picture of a device that sort of matched Lazar's description and Lazar comments that this is the first time he's seen this device since working at the base.


Area 51.

Image: Google Maps

Corbell's film also touches on other facets of Lazar's story, such as his claim in 1989 about use of element 115 - also known as moscovium - for the propulsion system of the extraterrestrial craft.


When Lazar first came forward with his story about UFOs in Nevada, element 115 hadn't been created in a lab yet. In 2003, however, Russian scientists synthesized the element for the first time.

Element 115 is an incredibly radioactive substance and one of the heaviest elements ever discovered.


To date, only four moscovium isotopes have been produced in a lab, each popping into existence for a few fractions a second. According to Lazar, however, the extraterrestrial craft he worked on used a stable version of element 115 to warp gravity around the craft and propel it forward.

So far, scientists haven't been able to produce a stable element 115 isotope even close to what Lazar described. Beyond that, we don't even really know what gravity is, much less how to manipulate it.

This all might seem pretty amazing, but it's also emblematic of how Lazar's claims can seem less impressive under scrutiny.


Lazar might have been talking about element 115 more than a decade before it was produced in lab because aliens exist, or maybe he's just a really smart guy with a big imagination.


It's possible that someone with his level of scientific knowledge wouldn't find it difficult to describe the properties of a theoretical element in vague terms based on its place in the periodic table.

Is Lazar telling the truth? He says he told his story to the world 30 years ago and maintains that it is as true today as it was then.


At the same time, a 2016 New York Times report on the Pentagon's UFO-related activities brought the extraterrestrial question back into the public discourse in a serious way.


Indeed, the so-called "tic-tac UFO" revealed by the Times acts awfully similar to the way Lazar described the craft he was working on at S-4.

Although Corbell does an admirable job of tracking down the key players in Lazar's story for interviews, his film doesn't pretend to definitively settle the veracity of Lazar's story. Instead, Corbell offers the viewer a humanizing portrait of a 'mad' scientist's scientist.

When Lazar's remarkable life is paired with Corbell's approach to documentary filmmaking (and brief stints of monologue read by gravel-tongued Mickey Rourke), the end result is an incredibly entertaining portrait of the world's most notorious UFO truther.








New Documentary Explores...

The Story of Bob Lazar

...the Most Famous Area 51 Whistleblower
by Joe Martino
December 06, 2018

from Collective-Evolution Website


In Brief

The Facts:
A riveting new film explores the incredible story of the man who blew the lid of Area 51 back in the 80's. Bob Lazar went on record stating he worked on flying saucers while at a facility called S-4 near Area 51.

Reflect On:
It appears that this man was literally erased from society after his testimony. Employment records are gone, school records are gone...

Was he lying? Or was someone working very hard to discredit him?

When I think of Area 51 I think of TV shows I watched on TLC when I was a kid, exploring the claims and evidence that existed for a secret military base that was studying anything from advanced technologies to UFOs and aliens.


The shows would always create intrigue but always left you wanting more. I watched those shows back in the 90's and early 2000's, never did I see or hear the name Bob Lazar.

In my late teens, as I began to explore my curiosities around ETs, aliens and the paranormal that I had as a kid, I still for some reason hadn't heard Bob's name in the documentaries I watched.


Thus, although I knew what I felt about Area 51, I simply wasn't sure how much evidence there truly was.

This is when everything began to change about Area 51 for me… it's also when I realized Area 51 was just one of MANY of its kind.




Bob's Media Appearance As 'Dennis'

In May of 1989, Bob Lazar appeared in a special interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS:







Bob used the name "Dennis" for the interview and remained anonymous by hiding his face. He stated he had to do this in order to protect himself as he would get in trouble for what he was saying.

He said that he was involved in the reverse engineering of several flying saucers and that the government hid this from the public purposefully.


He also stated that the government knew there were technologies that could completely change our world as we know it and that they knew alien life existed.


His story became huge very quickly and that's when things began to get difficult for Bob.

Bob's story goes worldwide.


"The propulsion system is a gravity propulsion system and the power source is an antimatter reactor, this technology doesn't exist at all."

Bob Lazar

in an interview with George Knapp.

In his testimony, he claimed to have worked in a facility called S-4 located adjacent to Papoose Lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake facility.


It was at this location that Lazar worked on flying saucers that were not of Earth origin and was even given briefing documents describing the involvement by Grey aliens from a planet that orbited the twin binary star system Zeta Reticuli with Earth for the past 10,000 years.

Lazar also claimed to hold degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Why do I say claimed?


Because no one has been able to corroborate any of his stories ever since he went public...







The man was clearly intelligent, knew what he was doing, and was highly trained, yet he appeared to have been erased from the educational institutions that educated him.

How is this possible? Well, let's think for a moment...


If you have followed a coverage of ETs and UFOs for any time at all, you'll know there has been a very large cover-up when it comes to both subjects.


The cover-ups are not coming from a low level within institutions involved, they come from very high up, and workers are compartmentalized so deeply within these studies that they cannot possibly put all the pieces together to tell a full story of what's happening.

That said, the full knowledge of these programs is held by very high up and powerful individuals, the types of people who can order other institutions to erase your identity, history somewhere or even record of a diploma.


All they have to do is utter the words "a threat to national security," and they can get anything they want done.

So is Lazar telling the truth? Is this all made up? Have there been efforts to cover up his true story? That's for you to decide, but thus far everything points to his testimony being true.


His story has never changed and has been corroborated by many others.




A New Film About Lazar

In a new documentary 'Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers,' which sold out its 1600 seat world premiere in LA earlier this week, director Jeremy Corbel tells the incredible, almost unbelievable story of Bob Lazar and all that happened after that famed 1989 interview.



The film explores his story from front to back, including the challenges Lazar experienced while making the film where current lab, United Nuclear, was raided by the FBI who stated they were searching for some toxic chemicals.


Yet, Lazar claims the police response for what is truly was a routine investigation was well over the top.

  • What were they actually looking for?


  • Were they just trying to harass or intimidate Bob during a project where he'd be telling his story to millions more?


  • Maybe they want him to stay silent?

Either way, they seem to be keeping a very close eye on Bob still.

I had a chance to watch the new Bob Lazar film and it took me back to my early days watching Area 51 TV shows, only this time, it was much more real, profound and intriguing.


This film allows you to connect with Lazar and his story in a way like never before. His testimony is truly incredible and seeing a true portrait piece of a man who's come out about one of the biggest stories ever to go public is riveting as you get to feel what he felt.


Bob claims himself that him coming out about this has made his life worse.


Lazar's authenticity, humble nature, and emotion truly come through in this film and it illustrates just how tough it can be for people to come out and share the truth.

I felt this was an important piece for even the average person interested in UFOs or ETs because it allows you to truly empathize and connect with what whistleblowers go through.


For those who do not know much about the subject, this is a very grounded and approachable way to tackle the subject. Yes, you can show this to your friends or family who think you're nuts for believing in ETs...

If you've had questions about Area 51, this film is a great place to start. And if you want to hear from the man who has truly blown the lid off area 51, 'Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers' is mandatory viewing.

Is Bob telling the truth? Feel that out for yourself...