by Nigel Skinner-Simpson

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What is the story behind the shaft which passes through the subway under Khafre's Causeway?


Is it a shaft tomb of the twenty sixth dynasty as described by Dr Selim Hassan, or does it have some connection with the ancient mystery schools of Egypt? The Shaft, The Subway and The Causeway is a series of pages that attempt to cast some light on these questions: passages and chambers under the Giza plateau, The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid, discovery of the "Tomb of Osiris"....


This series was originally written on a piecemeal basis as information became available.


Writing in late November 2003, The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway has been revised and updated to incorporate some additional information, tie up some loose ends and hopefully make for a more fluid reading experience.


  • Part 1 - Introduction

  • Part 2 - Said and Hawass Dig Deeper

  • Part 3 - From Our Own Correspondent

  • Part 4 - Plans of a Giza Underworld, but who was first?

  • Part 5 - Report on FOX TV 'Opening The Lost Tombs'

  • Part 6 - The "Symbolic Prophecy" appendix

  • Part 7 - Hawass Lecture Report

  • Part 8 - Secret Chambers Revealed

  • Part 9 - Phenomena Magazine "Tunnel Talk" article


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