by Noel Huntley


excerpted from Chapter 8

"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"

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The Pleiades is a cluster of hundreds of stars about 400 light years from Earth.


Although it is referred to as the Seven Sisters, only six bright stars can be seen with the naked eye in the night sky.


Our sun, which is the eighth star of Pleiades and is a twin star to Sirius A, orbits Alcyone, the central star in the Pleiades about every 24,000 years (not to be confused with the major 'New-Age' cycle of 26,556 years).

The Pleiadians are considered our nearest brothers due to the fact that, as mentioned earlier, the race became divided within the Lyra civilizations following conflicts and wars; some went to the Pleiades and others to Earth.


Again conflicts caused a division and a section of the population on Earth departed and settled in the Pleiades.


Since then, over thousands of years, both the Lyrans and Pleiadians have visited and stayed on Earth, adding further to the genetic pool.

The group which made their home in the Pleiades devoted themselves to benevolent relationships, meditation and spiritual upliftment, with complete avoidance of negativity, contrary to the Earth group.


As a result of thousands of years of Pleiadian evolution along these more harmonious lines of development, they became thousands of years ahead of Earth both technologically and spiritually.

Nevertheless, the Pleiadians in their determination to avoid conflict had withdrawn as a civilization and were not aware of what was going on in the galaxy. They developed advanced technology but kept to themselves and began to lose touch with reality. For example, wars were still waging on planet Earth.

During this time a race from the Orion empire had grown in power and were conquering planets in the neighborhood galaxy. A galactic war ensued which was essentially the Orions against everyone else.


This 'everyone else' eventually formed the first confederation.

The Pleiadians, however, were unaware all this was going on. When they realized it they were compelled to intervene. In fact the violence of the Orions represented a reflection of the Pleiadians' inner suppression. They turned on the Orions vigorously and the Orions retaliated. In fact they destroyed one of the Pleiadians beautiful planets of life. To this day it is still a burned-out lifeless planet.

The Pleiadians eventually became enlightened as to the role the Orions played in their own inner turmoil. Some even reincarnated into the Orion group.


By now the Orion's reign of violence had ceased and they came under the Galactic Confederation and Brotherhoods. The next step was for the Pleiadians to confront their own negativity through contact with an unevolved planet such as Earth.


They visited Earth but as was the case with all visiting relatively-evolved races they were treated as gods.

They have since visited Earth many times, in fact, they have, as a result of a more recent fortuitous event, a very rapid means of transit in their spacecrafts via the vortex of our Great Pyramid.


This occurred as a result of a tilt in the Earth's axis, changing the realignment of the pyramid from one directed at Sirius to resonance with the Pleiades.



NOTE: The Sirians previously used it for rapid transport to Earth in case of an emergency in which the resistance aliens were tampering with the Arc of the Covenant - see below insert:


The book Voyagers, volume 2, covers this subject in some detail. It explains that the true information on the nature and meaning of the Arc has been withheld from man for a long time.


The Arc of the Covenant wasn’t the chest containing the Rod and the Staff, though there were powers associated with the Rod and the Staff, nor was it the Ankhs, possessing even greater potencies. The Arc is an energy device involving much more multidimensional concepts.

The Arc was created 840,000 years ago; originally named the Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor (an agreement amongst the Palaidorians - consisting of several races - to help humans).


It is a portal bridge between the Sphere of Amenti in the Andromeda galaxy and Earth’s core via the Great pyramid to enable the third seeding of the human race to take place.

Originally the pyramid was meant as a harmonic resonance chamber for pulling in multidimensional energies from deep space and from Sirius B using a great Ankha in the capstone, with the additional purposes to fortify the portal of the Arc of the Covenant and serve as an interdimensional teleportation centre. It is situated on the heart chakra of the Earth.

Apparently Noah’s Arc was not a boat. It refers to the Arc of the Covenant in the Great Pyramid, and the description in the Bible refers to the passageway leading to the Arc. Noah sheltered in the inner-Earth from the Great Flood via the pyramid.


This understanding of the Arc is revealed in Howard Middleton-Jones’ and James Wilkie’s book Giza-Genesis. It is also related in Anna Hayes’ material.

Now, we are all familiar with the 'prime directive' of the Star Trek series relating to noninterference by extraterrestrials.


The Pleiadians are probably the most strict on this rule, which no doubt has arisen because of their no-intervention violation during the last photon-belt encounter (our solar system traverses the photon belt - a 'nebula' of electromagnetic energy of light and other frequencies - every 10,000 years or so.)

This particular interaction with the photon belt caused many Earth upheavals. Evacuation procedures were organized by the Pleiadians to save Earth people from the cataclysms. It is reported that this intervention unfortunately arrested the development of our civilization, interfering with a potential quantum leap in learning and evolution in which this photon belt experience was necessary to catalyze change.

Owing to this destructive intervention, spiritual law decrees that the Pleiadians, in creating these negative consequences of blocking our race's progress must be 'tied' to Earth and not able to evolve until they have aided us in our evolution in a positive manner.


In fact it was stated that they must help us to catch up to them before they can progress further.

Thus we can be sure that the Pleiadians, having learned their lessons of their inopportune 'kindness' to Earthlings, will act with maximum benevolence towards Earth.


There are six planets in the Pleiades inhabited by advanced Pleiadians though there are variations in the genotype and consciousness expression. (Common sense would seem to dictate that if there are hundreds of stars there must be more than six planets inhabited; this needs further checking.)

Three of the planets are inhabited by human-type Pleiadians, that is, are in similar bodies to humans, and the other planets are inhabited by light and energy beings, where reside a council of twelve super beings who rule the Pleiadian culture.


The three planets that are inhabited by the physical type are called,

  • Arian

  • Alderon

  • Aldebaran

There is a collective group of Pleiadians consisting of beings both focused in bodies and manifesting as light beings, which are channeling information through Barbara Marciniak (these Pleiadians, which could consist of members from all the six planets, are gathering further non-Pleiadian members).

Of the human type of Pleiadian there is a variation in height.


One race has bodies around seven feet tall and another smaller, about five to six feet. These typical Pleiadians are Caucasian and a combination of several genetic types. In appearance eyes range from blue to golden and slightly almond-shaped in the shorter stature race. Hair is light and in rare cases, dark or are redheads, and ears a fraction lower than human's.

It was the seven-foot Pleiadians who according to the book History of the Universe by the Unarius Educational Foundation, once visited the Orion empire with a view to lifting their civilization into a more spiritual development.


On arrival the Orions' egos were deflated by the taller stature of the Pleiadians and their beautiful sleek and swift spacecrafts.


Each race, Orion and Pleiadian, accepted the extended visit as an exchange of culture, though the Pleiadian's intent was rehabilitation and the Orion's was a deceptive acceptance to inveigle better technology from the Pleiadians and further, to attempt to subtly degrade them.


Needless to say it was not a successful exchange.

Emotionally the Pleiadians are very harmonious due to the path of development they chose to take, which avoided negativity, even repression, but are now going beyond repression. Nevertheless, emotionally they are similar to humans but wouldn't be happy confronting negative emotions the way humans do.


In fact we are informed that advanced ETs will avoid interacting with the negative vibrations of this planet except on special missions.


They report that walking, say, in the streets of New York is like walking through solid rock - a high density of fragmented low vibrations - and subsequently is painful. They are somewhat affected adversely by our polluted air but needn't wear protection.


In addition we are told from other sources that some Pleiadian races breath nitrogen (oxygen 'rusts'; ages the body). Humorously speaking (and its effect) nitrous oxide would be a common ground for Pleiadians and humans.

Billy Meier states they are keen gardeners and this enables them to maintain contact with creation. Some of their flowers change color during the day to obtain maximum benefit from the sun.


He explains that every Pleiadian must become familiar with 12 to 20 professions. They do not marry until at least 70 and mature in 12 to 15 years, and they have strict mental and physical examinations before marriage.

When a child is born on Pleiades it is soon given spiritual exercises and education.


After about eight months it may be taken into large room softly padded for its protection and comfort. It will then be encouraged to communicate. Up to this age, the child is very receptive to other dimensions and past lives, and thus the Pleiadian adult gleans as much information as possible during this time for their benefit as well as the child's.


They download information using special colored crystals and by moving their hands over the crystals.


The baby might be crawling about during this time. Play, for the child on Pleiades, has been perfected as a benevolent applied science. Pleiadians as well as humans are at their most spiritual in very early and very late years since they are in communication more with the next dimension.

Pleiadians vibrate on the spectrum of blue which means they speak their truth and demand justice for all. They are particularly advanced in music and dance. Their main contribution to Earth is to bring new forms of music that we are beginning to experience.


This music contains higher vibrations, designed to activate the higher vortices, chakras, within humans to transform humans' consciousness into the higher dimensions. They are experts in sound and light creations, and have opened up many channels on Earth for the advancement of science, art, medicine, and the humanities.

They have many bases on Earth; for example, in the U.S. and the Alps. The latter has been in existence for over 70 years.

It is in a closed valley between high peaks and has no roads in or out. It cannot be seen from the air. Meier's contact described a mother-ship. The contact said it took nearly half a day to explain the mother-ship and they had barely scratched the surface.


The mother-ship is not just a 10.5-mile sphere in space, but an assembly consisting of one such sphere, three smaller, several mile-diameter spheres joined to the central one 120 degrees apart and below the central one, and a smaller control pod one-half to three-quarter mile in diameter mounted on a long extension three to four miles or more above the main sphere.


The whole construction is about 20 miles long. It is entirely built and assembled in space and is not dependent on any planet.


The three lower spheres contain the manufacturing facilities and the many factories, repair shops, and food production and processing centers for the whole colony. The larger central sphere contains all of the living quarters, parks, recreational facilities, and the spacecraft hangar decks (see UFO Contact from the Pleiades by Wendelle Stevens.)

The contactee Billy Meier became somewhat of an expert on Pleiadians.


He was contacted by a female Pleiadian named Semjase from the planet Erra. We might note that she was trained in what we would call diplomatic communication skills for initial interactions with other civilizations.


This is quite typical that females perform this role the best. In the near future female astronauts on Earth will be common. The feminine energy is more conducive for this duty.

Semjase's age at that time was 330 years, less than half normal age. She explains about space travel, learning alien languages, 10-mile long mother-ships and teleportation and androids. The Pleiadians believe in 'God,' often referred to as the Law of One, and treat humans as equals.

They are members of the Interdimensional Association of Worlds involving tens of thousands of different ET cultures and even more representatives from the higher, spiritual realms.

Billy Meier also refers to female ET astronauts Menara and Alena from the Lyra group, who worked closely with the Pleiadians. Another 'young' female ET from the Pleiades is Sasha, 340 years old, petit, about 100 lbs and 5 feet tall with almond eyes.


She describes herself as a socio-cultural engineer/anthropologist. She would be invisible to us as are all these ETs of greater spiritual advancement and therefore vibration. Though they can lower their vibrations to ours. The Pleiadians are very spontaneous and act in the now.

Sasha states that their digestive system is different from ours: a central organ with millions of capillaries expanding to the rest of the body and skin surface. Nutrition, which is almost entirely juices with occasional bulk foods, is digested by their 'stomach', and waste is passed out at the skin pores.


Their human-type elimination system, not needed for many centuries, has atrophied. In other words, there are no toilets on this planet. Clothing is generally loose fitting and made of an organic material that feeds off the toxins from the skin, converting them to a healthy lubricant, which goes back into the skin.


Their skin has a translucent glow. She states that their brain's frontal lobes are larger than ours for intuition and rear ones are more developed for seeing multidimensionally.


Their skeleton is more cartilage than bone, especially in the pelvic region. Thus they are much less prone to bone breakages.

Note that other Pleiadian races are more similar to humans internally and have intestines 6 - 8 feet shorter than ours. They don't digest the same kind of heavy foods, such as meat. The Pleiadian races are the most similar to humans, even with regard to the ease with which we believe something or have faith.

As with the Zetas they enjoy creating light shows mentally, except that the Pleiadians can put this on the automatic and let the emotions control the light show.

As a final comment let us emphasize that not all Pleiadians have the welfare of mankind at heart.


In addition, there are Anunnaki sources channeling through human vehicles, including Pleiadian-Nibiruans, posing as benevolent guides but often supporting the Anunnaki agenda for takeover of Earth.

Most of the above information came from,