by J.G. Vibes

January 14, 2012
from ActivistPost Website

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In the alternative media we are known to cover some very controversial and sensitive topics.


Many of us, myself included, normally prefer to stay with topics like war, banking, genetically modified food and the growing police state. These are all issues that are backed with mountains of cold hard evidence. However, there are some other issues that are equally as important, but far more difficult to bring up in the public arena.

One particular topic that is hotly debated in activist circles is the depravity of the private lives led by those in power, such as the British Royal Family.


We know and understand that these people are capable and obviously guilty of directing some of the most horrific acts of violence seen on this planet, but all of this violence is most often carried out through organizations and other people so they can maintain their benevolent image.

Sadly, the reality and intentions of those in power is often far from benevolent.


In almost every case of royalty and authority across the planet, and throughout history, we have seen time after time that those who lust for and hold power are driven to commit extreme acts of violence and authoritarianism.


Even if mass murder and slavery were at one time more socially acceptable, that does not change the moral injustice that has taken place - and it does not excuse the crimes of these historical aggressors.

Out of all of the bloodthirsty tyrannies in the world, the British Royal Family is without a doubt the most vile, in terms of their global influence, as well as their deep history of corruption and violence. If the native populations slaughtered by the British crown in the past century were tallied, there is no doubt in my mind that the body count would surpass that of Stalin and Hitler combined.

The queen holds over 1/6 of the world’s land, and this territory was in no way acquired by peaceful or legitimate means.


We could even argue that the war crimes carried out by British colonies like America and Israel are also a direct result of the global policy that is handed down by the royal family and their cohorts in the banking industry.

With all of this being the case people still have a hard time believing that some really sick stuff may be happening behind the closed doors of those in power.


There is plenty of evidence that makes the case for these kinds of accusations, but because these people control the police, the media and the entire public discourse, they are always able to sweep their crimes under the rug.

One such controversy has presented itself in the first weeks of 2012, when the body of a teenage girl was found on the royal family’s private estate in Sandringham, Norfolk.


The media and the police are of course denying that there is any evidence linking the royal family to the body and claiming that any accusations at this point are purely circumstantial. However, they seem to be overlooking the history of mysterious deaths surrounding the royal family, as well as their involvement in human trafficking for the purposes of torture and sex slavery.

One thing that I personally find very curious about this developing storyline is that the victim here was not a local, but was in fact a woman that was from Eastern Europe, thousands of miles from the royal estate.


The victim and a close friend were said to be staying in a migrant worker camp, in slave like conditions.

This is interesting because aristocratic elites with close ties to the Royal Family have actually been convicted of importing sex slaves from various areas of Eastern Europe.


The Royal Family has even been implicated by many victims in this horrible kidnapping ring.


Last year, billionaire hedge fund manager and close associate of the royal family, Jeffrey Epstein, was charged with various counts of kidnapping, pedophilia and human trafficking. Despite damning evidence and multiple witness testimonies, Epstein used his political pull and financial resources to beat the case and get a minimal sentence.

Due to this controversy Prince Andrew took a lot of heat from the public, as he was a very close friend of Epstein’s and spent a whole lot of time with him. Some victims in this case have even claimed that Epstein “shared” his sex slaves with the Royal Family and would present them in the form of “gifts”.

If we combine all of this information with the fact that this is not the first time that a dead body has mysteriously appeared on a royal estate in the past year, we have every right to be suspicious. What’s worse is that the royal family enjoyed their Boxing Day shoot, just yards away from the crime scene, just about a week before the body was discovered.

Now, I’ll admit, this evidence wouldn’t be enough to put someone away.


However, if you or I were implicated in a similar situation, this evidence would without a doubt make us prime suspects in the murder, and justify the search of our belongings and full investigation into our activities.

Unfortunately, we do not yet live in a world where everyone is held to the same standards, so people who have silly costumes and own a vast amount of the planet will never even be looked at as potential suspects in a murder case, even if a dead body appears of their front lawn.

So much can be said about the Royal Family, from their relation to the historical Count Dracula, to their involvement in human trafficking, to their support of the Nazi regime.


Prince Harry has even been seen at parties dressed like Hitler, complete with swastika patch and all:













As horrifying as all of this is, and as important as it is that we know these things, it is also important to understand that these transgressions are minor in comparison to the institutionalized violence that this bloodline and others employ through governments, corporations and multinational control systems such as the United Nations.

Joseph Stalin said,

"One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic."

This may not be true, but, sadly, this is how people look at things.


So while the millions killed in the Middle East and elsewhere are a far greater crime than one body found on a royal estate, this is a tragedy that is easier for people to wrap their minds around.


Therefore, digging deeper into this crime could expose the overall sentiment of the elite and push the public dialogue about war and oppression closer to reality.











Murder Probe Over Remains at...

Queen's Sandringham Estate

3 January 2012
from BBC Website




A murder inquiry has begun after human remains were found on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.


Det. Ch. Insp. Jes Fry, of Norfolk Constabulary, said officers were examining cold cases across the UK for potential links.

The force has confirmed the remains were that of a woman.


The woman's remains were found on

the Queen's Sandringham estate by a dog walker


A dog walker made the discovery at Anmer, near King's Lynn, on New Year's Day. The area has been cordoned off. Police said the identity of the woman was not yet known.

Detectives would not speculate on the age of the woman or comment on whether the body was clothed.




Cold cases reviewed

"We are at the very early stages of the investigation and it could be a complex inquiry," said Mr Fry.

"I cannot confirm whether she was clothed because, at the moment, only my staff, the person who found the body and the person or people who put it there know that - and I would like it to stay that way.

"The body has been in situ for some time but I can't comment on whether that is weeks, months or years.

"The circumstances suggest this is a murder case and we are looking at missing persons reports and cold cases, both locally and nationwide."

The body was found in a wooded area on farmland at the 20,000-acre (8,000 hectare) royal estate.




Forensic tests

Forensic science experts are carrying out a detailed search of the area - about a mile from the main gate to Sandringham House.

Mr. Fry said it was not yet clear if the woman was killed at the scene or taken there after her death. The body is expected to be recovered later and taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in King's Lynn, where post-mortem tests will take place.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, along with the Earl and Countess of Wessex, have been staying on the Sandringham Estate.

Buckingham Palace would not comment on the discovery, saying it was a "matter for Norfolk police".