by Susanne Posel
August 29, 2012

from OccupyCorporatism Website





DeCODE Genetics (DCG) has published a study that states Icelandic fathers who are in the 40’s pass down more genetic mutations than their 20 year old counter-parts.


According the DCG, 97% of genetic mutations are derived from older fathers.


Because males produce sperm throughout their lives, and the genetic make-up of that sperm is created from mutations based on previously produced sperm. This study supposes that increase in autism could be connected to these genetic mutations.


This has led to an increase in genetic defects, suggests lead researcher Dr. Kari Stefansson.


She asserts:

“Society has been very focused on the age of the mother. But apart from [Down's Syndrome] it seems that disorders such as schizophrenia and autism are influenced by the age of the father and not the mother.”

Studies into DNA with regard to reproduction and children harken back to proponents of eugenics that discouraged the procreation of those deemed “unfit” by the upper Elite of society.


The President’s Council on Bioethics, who supports the screening of newborn blood in America, has stated that:

“Advocates of a broadened notion of ‘benefit’ often extol the utility of newborn screening for helping parents make future reproductive decisions…But this notion of ‘benefit to the family’ is not unproblematic…


Suppose that expanded screening of an infant reveals not a fatal and incurable disease but instead a host of genetic variants, each of which merely confers elevated risk for some condition or other.


Who is to say at what point an uncovered defect becomes serious enough to warrant preventing the birth of other children who might carry it? At what point have we crossed the line from legitimate family planning to capricious and morally dubious eugenics?”

The US government, in conjunction with hospital participation, has been warehousing newborn DNA with the intention to conduct full genome scans on every American citizen.


June of this year, researchers at the University of Washington announced that they had successfully sequenced the genome of a fetus through a blood sample of the mother and a saliva sample of the father.


The fascination of population control purveyed by eugenicists like Margaret Sanger, founder of the Planned Parenthood in the US also wanted to further the advancement of genetic knowledge to prevent the unfit from breeding.


Those of African-American decent, who were born with mental or physical handicaps, or had a family history that was not favored by the eugenicists, were forced to undergo sterilization through mandate of Eugenics Courts - that now have morphed into the Family Court system in our modern times.


This ideal which was popular in the 1920s where racial hygiene was expected throughout society, the philosophy has gone under-ground and transformed into scientific advancements into genetics.


This science has touted that once a screen for genetic defects is created for fetuses, it can eliminate the need for unnecessary pregnancies.


Keeping abortion legal is integral to this ideology; while coercing the public into choosing abortion over other options is the job of Planned Parenthood. In this way, the standards set forth my early eugenicists lives on.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) withdrew funding for a conference on genetic and crime after protests from the Association of Black Psychologists protested the research as,

“a blatant form of stereotyping and racism.”

The use of research into the human genome and criminal behavior to explain how societal conditions contributed to certain racial propensities became an offence with regard to devising new ways to determine how genes might heighten the risk of crime in American society.


Professor Ahmed Hariri of the Duke Neurogenetics Department at Duke University led a study into the search for the human personality gene in order to explain “natural” propensities toward anxiety, alcoholism and other psychological traits.


The goal of these studies is to create a comprehensive genetic test for the mind. This test could help show how effective drugs like Prozac will affect an individual’s propensity toward mental disorders like depression.


In anticipation of Hariri’s findings, pharmaceutical corporations are testing drugs that will block and break an individual’s addictive propensities as an aid to already established psychological treatments.


By identifying genetic markers within DNA, scientists pushed theories into how,

“crime and violence weave social and biological themes together.”

By pointing out the genes that control aggressive or violent impulses, scientists and criminologists claim that the influence of environment can be added to the devising of genetic testing that can be tailored toward rehabilitation of certain stereotypes.


At the Euroscience Open Forum 2012 in Dublin, Armand Leroi, professor at the Imperial College London told the audience that genetics will lead to the production of healthier babies.


Couples could use the IVF screen to rule out genetic defects that would prevent them from having physically strong children.


Leroi stated that with the eugenic discoveries in modern times, babies who would have been born with Down syndrome are now being aborted “in most European countries.”


With the addition of mate or genetic selection, more children who would be born who have genetic defects are being weeded out in utero.