Remember "Sputnik?" I first saw it one day as I was out in the field choppin’ cotten (it pains me to realize that some of my readers will not even know what choppin’ cotten is). "Sputnik I" was a 184 pound ball launched by an SS-6 ICBM by Russia at 9:36 P.M. on October 4, 1957. It was highly polished to make it easier to see, and carried a radio transmitting at a frequency that made it easy for ham radio operators to track. Our government made fun of the rocket, contemptuously calling by the code name Sapwood. The MIT humor magazine "Voodoo" had a cartoon of a cutaway "Sputnik" with a bearded Russian inside saying, "Beep...beep...beep."

A month later Russia launched the Sputnik 2, which weighed 1,119 pounds which was in the warhead range. Although we still made fun of Russia (the Senate majority leader said we were going to launch a better satellite, with chrome trim and windshield wipers), President Eisenhower took special note of the missile. Russia had leap-frogged our expensive bomber system and was becoming able to deliver warheads with their ICBMs. Between 1956 and 1960 Ike sent over 20 U-2 flights over Russia to try to learn Russia’s missile capabilities. Every U-2 flight was monitored by radar by Russia. Our Air Force reported that Russia would have a thousand ICBMs by 1961.

Two years after "Sputnik" we launched our "Discoverer" satellite, which had a camera and did a lot more than beep. We had a program called Pied Piper which did become SAMOS (Satellite and Missile Observation System). The first SAMOS launch was October 11, 1960, which failed, and SAMOS 2 was launched into orbit on January 31, 1961. The final SAMOS 30 was November 27, 1963, although officially the final "Discoverer" was 38 launched on February 27, 1962. At this point the program was changed and some of the satellites were back-named. The new program was KeyHole, and the satellites were called KH-1s ("Discoverers" were renamed KH-4s).

One of the most secret branches of the government was/is the National Reconnaissance Office, established officially on August 25, 1960. I believe that one reason for its establishment had to do with flying saucers, but that is another story. NRO developed the KH-11 (By a man named Kennan) spy (photo [and other]-reconnaissance) satellite in 1972. One of the projects I worked on at Control Data involved the KH-11. The KH-11 was used for such things as finding where the hostages were held in the Iranian Embassy and supposedly for observing the heat shield tiles on the Shuttle. It is obvious to me that they were also used to observe flying saucers, but then we all know flying saucers ""do not" exist" so I must be wrong, right? America knew that Russia’s orbital fleet of manned Cosmos Interceptors would destroy the Shuttle, but planners hoped that before this happened the satellite would be able to radio back enough targeting information for a nuclear missile first strike. The first mission was a frantic rush job, and had to be manned because of the secret cargo.

If the Shuttle reached orbit, the astronauts were to be required to deploy the military satellite inside the cargo bay. The satellite was basically a spy satellite, but it was also much more. In order to do its job, it was designed to fend off Russian space weapons for as long as possible. As a result, it would be nothing less than a robot battle station in space. It was a "hardened satellite" able to withstand an attack without being easily destroyed, or so they hoped. It was equipped with active defenses, it could "shoot back."

All the components of the satellite were crammed into the cargo bay of the Shuttle "Columbia." They were already there when the "Columbia" was rolled out the prior November. Once in orbit, the job of the astronauts, John Young and Robert Crippen, would be to assemble it and to get it operating, and rapidly.



Once it would be assembled and floating in space, the satellite would look like a giant rotating tin can perhaps 30 feet long and 20 feet in diameter, but on closer inspection it would seem to be made more like a wooden barrel except that the barrel staves are all made of tungsten. Inside the outermost tungsten barrel was another smaller barrel and inside that was a still smaller barrel. At the very center was the heart of the satellite itself. The tungsten barrels were separated from one another by a foot or more of space. There was also considerable space between the innermost barrel and the core satellite. The tungsten barrels constitute the passive defense of the satellite. If a Charged Particle Beam blast would strike the outermost barrel, it would vaporize a spot on the barrel but in the process it would absorb energy and diffuse the beam. In theory, that would greatly reduce the damage done to the second barrel and do no damage whatsoever to the innermost barrel. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any workable metal in service at the time, so this system of particle beam shields was expected to last through a number of battles. The three-layer tungsten shield system was also instrumented. When a blast would strike it, the blast pattern would be sensed as an initial indication of from which direction came the attack. A computer within the core satellite would then activate a secret new target acquisition system called LADAR (Laser Direction And Ranging). The removable barrel stave sections of the rotating tungsten shields would be opened. LADAR would peek out through the openings as they rotated past in ultra-fast scanning.

In the black void of space, LADAR was expected to be much more efficient than radar, picking up the Russian attacker very quickly, and the moment it would do so, the American robot battle station would open fire. When it did so, it would pose a major threat even to a Russian Cosmos Interceptor because the American satellite would be armed with a giant carbon dioxide gas dynamic blaster (CDDB).


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The CDDB was a more compact version of the laser, which was successfully tested aboard a modified KC-135 jet tanker. It produced intense infrared radiation with a power of over one megawatt - which is 1,000,000 watts. An industrial 10,000 satellite laser was 100 times more powerful. I was not as powerful as the Russian Charged Particle Beam, but it was powerful enough that it should be able to cripple or destroy the Russian attacker. All this hinged, of course, on actually getting the Shuttle and payload deployed.

According to the plan, the "Columbia" was intended to lift off on a sunny morning in mid-April, 1981. Millions would be watching on television as Young and Crippen roared upward into the sky and into orbit. Then the scene would shift to the standard coverage of Young and Crippen in their cockpit, and for a little over two days the coverage would continue off and on. There would be cockpit scenes, scenes in Mission Control, and so on, and there would be some seemingly unexpected problems, nothing serious but just enough to add a touch of spice to the story and the real stuff. Television viewers would have no suspicion that they were only watching excerpts from numerous simulations of the flight. In its cover-up of the SKYLAB fiasco, NASA learned well the techniques of deception.

Meanwhile, there would be no television coverage at all of the real flight except for the initial lift-off. Instead, when Young and Crippen reached orbit, they would go to work instantly. They would depressurize the cabin, open the cargo hatch, and move the robot spy satellite component away from the "Columbia." They would also remove a "Gemini"-type two-man space capsule from the "Columbia" cargo bay. After moving these things several hundred yards away from the "Columbia," the two astronauts would close the cargo bay by remote control.

They would maneuver down underneath the "Columbia" for a quick visual inspection of the condition of the thermal tiles, but the urgency of setting up the robot satellite would leave no time for any attempt to repair any tiles. If the astronauts were to do that, they would lose precious time both in setting up the satellite and in making good their own escape in the "Gemini" capsule. This is why NASA refused to include a tile repair kit on the first Shuttle mission. As NASA administrator, Robert Forsch, said in a news conference,

"I felt in the end that it would be likely to increase risk, perhaps not risk with regard to the tile system but risk with regard to the safety of the whole flight."

After a very brief inspection, the astronauts would turn over control of the "Columbia" to NASA in Houston with the words: "Okay for retrofire." Then they would float away from the "Columbia" and set to work immediately on assembling the robot spy satellite. It was expected that they would complete the job within about four orbits. As soon as the robot satellite would be assembled and operating, Young and Crippen would board their "Gemini"-type space capsule.

If all went according to plan, they would drop out of orbit and splash down in the Pacific Ocean. It would only be the evening of the same day of launch, but on television the falsified NASA coverage would still be showing tapes of Young and Crippen in the simulated cockpit of the "Columbia." Young and Crippen would be then picked up at sea after their secret splashdown. From there they were to be transported to Edwards Air Force Base in California to await further events and orders.

Some 12 hours after the launch from Cape Canaveral, Houston would send a retrofire signal to the now unmanned "Columbia."  The Shuttle’s engines would fire. Somewhere over the Indian Ocean the Space Shuttle would enter the atmosphere. It would be the first complete test of the Shuttle’s thermo-tiles. If they worked, "Columbia" would survive re-entry. Then at lower altitude, piloting of the "Columbia" would be taken over by remote control. If all went well, the "Columbia" would touch down in the great sandy desert of western Australia.

For years I used an HP-41CX hand held calculator until I wore out the keys. When I bought it, the ads said that the Shuttle astronauts carried one of these in orbit so that it would take over and land the Shuttle in case the on-board computer failed. I probably still have that literature around somewhere. The point is, the Shuttle can easily be landed (launched and flown, for that matter) by computer.

It was planned that all of these things would take place during the first day of the supposed 54-hour mission of Young and Crippen. Then for the final act of the charade, we would be told on television that the Columbia was re-entering over the Pacific Ocean; and finally, lo and behold the Space Shuttle would glide into view. Everyone would watch in awe and fascination as the Shuttle dipped lower and lower over Edwards Air Force Base, California, to the resounding double boom of the shock waves giving physical proof of the journey. The fact that everything passing through the sound barrier in flight would give a boom would be totally overlooked in the intrigue and relief of the moment.

Finally the craft would touch down on the dry lake bed and gradually brake to a stop, and out would climb Young and Crippen. Everyone would assume that they were climbing out of the "Columbia," HOWEVER THEY WOULD ACTUALLY
BE DISEMBARKING FROM THE "ENTERPRISE." It was the "Enterprise" which we saw in those landing tests in August of 1977, and it would be the familiar "Enterprise" which we would see making another perfect landing. The craft would have been touched a bit to appear that it had come from space, but that was intentional fraud.

This was, of course, a desperate gamble. However, if the mission worked, it would carry off a major deceit pattern for privacy to the program, but it would also bring the entire world much closer to thermonuclear war. Although failure was anticipated and carefully covered, and as it turned out was necessary, we would be on the road to one incredible hoax following another in ever-increasing magnitude. This, of course, has been the subsequent course of events.

April 12, 1981, was the 20th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. It was the anniversary of the first orbital flight by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It also became a day of total confusion and disarray among the Bolshevik masters of America’s Space Shuttle program. Less than eight minutes after launch that Sunday morning, they knew something had happened to the "Columbia." We were still hearing the sound effects of a seemingly successful flight, courtesy of the NASA tape recording from Houston. But the military controllers at White Sands who were following the real flight were hearing nothing at all. "Columbia" had failed to arrive over the Indian Ocean on schedule. More bad news came: NORAD was tracking the fuel tank of the Shuttle. It was not supposed to be in orbit at all - but there it was, in orbit. That looked impossible, to say the least.

That evening, Sunday, April 12, the Shuttle’s fuel tank re-entered over the Gulf of Mexico just south of Louisiana. The tank had ruptured but there was still a sizable amount of liquid hydrogen and oxygen inside. When the tank re-entered, it heated up and set off an enormous explosion and also created a giant cloud at the fringes of space.

Goldplating, which is used extensively in the Shuttle fuel tank because of its heat transfer properties, was vaporized and scattered through the clouds which was interesting in itself and gave a wondrous show. The result was the same as when gold is added in tiny quantities to stained window glass - a brilliant pinkish-red color. The giant pink cloud, with chunks of ruined fuel tank flashing in the sun, created headlines as it passed to the northeast over Louisiana and Mississippi. Meanwhile our "good old boys" poo-poohed it all as, "a natural phenomenon."

The American elite Bolsheviks were not quite sure what had happened to the "Columbia," but they did know that as far as Space was concerned, the Shuttle Program was their only hope. They had three more orbital Shuttles hidden away at White Sands and they intended to launch them all, no matter what the odds might be, so the NASA cover-up of the "Columbia" disaster went right on according to plan.



In the late part of the 1970s the existence of man-made genetic replicas of human beings was made public. The revealers were locked away instantly and the key tossed. It was disbelieved although motion pictures were made as sci-fi and the subject buried under threat of penalty of death to disclosers. They, however, did (and do) exist and were pressed into service right before our eyes. We didn’t even blink at them - no sir, we just gobbled up the lie, chewed it and swallowed it in total.

If I have not lost you yet, this will probably do it. Genetic replicas? Human robots? You can’t be serious! you will say. Call them look-alike stand-ins if that will make it easier for you to believe, but they were in fact GENETIC COPIES. You need to study what is going on in such places as Dulce, New Mexico! The Bible says that at the end time it will be like it was at the time of Noah, and records show that at the time of Noah, genetic manipulation was going on!

Using stand-ins is a common procedure. For instance, the book "The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt" by Emmanuel M. Josephson, copyright 1948, said in the chapter titled "Roosevelt’s Odd Ailments and His Strange Death" that both Roosevelt and Churchill were poisoned at the Teheran conference with Stalin.

"At Teheran Roosevelt and Churchill met with Stalin to confirm the division of the World between them. During the conference, Roosevelt had been prevailed upon by the Russians to stay at the Russian Embassy because, the Russians said, the American Embassy was not safe. At the Russian Embassy, it is reported, a special courtesy was extended to the guests. They were assigned a special waiter who served them exclusively. It was later discovered that the waiter was a physician who specialized in the science of poisoning, toxicology. The use of doctors under Russia’s state medical system in disposing of persons whom the powers-that-be wished out of the way, by poisoning them, has been attested to in the Moscow purge trials. Dr. Levine testified that he had been ordered by his superiors to poison Maxim Gorki and had done so.


"Shortly after their departure, Winston Churchill became extremely ill. He was hurried TO EGYPT where he was so sick that his death was expected momentarily. But his life was saved by a protégé of his, Sir Arthur Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin."

"Roosevelt also was extremely ill on his return. He was unable to walk or stand unassisted, and never recovered his strength."

Friends, the man who was elected as President for the 4th term was NOT ROOSEVELT! When he died,

"Admiral McIntyre, FDR’s physician, is reported to have said that Roosevelt’s body was not embalmed; that in less than four hours after death, it had turned black, a reaction that occurs among other cases, in event of arsenic poisoning"

(p. 285).

On page 286, it says,

"A careful study of the few photographs of Roosevelt released in 1944 raised the question of whether they are really photographs of Roosevelt or of a stand-in. It was widely known that there were a number of stand-ins who resembled Roosevelt so closely that they appeared for him on occasions. If the suspicions raised by the photographs are well founded, the mystery deepens. What did happen to Roosevelt? Who was it that campaigned and was re-elected in 1944?"

Who indeed? Remember, that book was written in 1948. On page 287 it says evidence indicated that Roosevelt had killed himself with a "small silver pistol." It says,

"His burial without autopsy was a criminal act and a flagrant violation of the law. There is more in this situation than meets the eye."

Ah, so! He ends the chapter by saying,

"The deception perpetrated on the public in regard to Roosevelt’s health is characteristic of that which prevailed in all matters during his Administration."

The situation is much worse, NOW, friends!



Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called "Synthetics" of the then late astronauts, Young and Crippen, were readied at White Sands. They were programmed to take a computerized ride on the training Shuttle "Enterprise." The Young and Crippen entities boarded the "Enterprise" which was mounted on top of the launched 747. After rocket fuel was loaded for the Shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding commercial air traffic. The launched 747 headed out over the Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles. Then it turned back east toward the California coast. On television we were told that the non-existent "Columbia" was re-entering from orbit.

Meanwhile the "Enterprise," re-labeled "Columbia," was cut loose from the 747 and fired its rockets. It sped up to a speed of nearly 6,000 miles per hour, then we watched it as it made that dramatic race in from the sea to a precise computer landing at Edwards Air Force Base. It was all timed to agree as closely as possible with the official NASA timetable to further convince us of the security and efficiency of the system. Even so, a technical mistake was made that morning and as a result we were told that the Shuttle would land six minutes early. Think about it, six minutes in orbit corresponds to nearly a 2,000 mile error in the location of the Shuttle, but on TV nobody bothered to so much as question it. Everyone just smiled and said how lovely a day to watch a Shuttle land.

Following the dramatic landing, former astronaut Gene Cernan expressed surprise on ABC television. He said the Shuttle simply did not look scorched enough for a ship that had re-entered from orbit. Likewise, when the synthetics called Young and Crippen emerged, they did not act like men who had been weightless for two days.

Instead they bounded down the access steps and pranced around with restless energy but no one questioned it in the least. After all, we had all seen that Shuttle landing for ourselves and hundreds had been first-hand witnesses to the landing at Edwards; we had also heard and felt those sonic booms. Surely the government would not lie to us.



Three more identical Shuttles like the "Columbia" were waiting their turn in the desert at White Sands. Each would have the same label, ""Columbia,"" painted on its side. The first "Columbia" was now quite dead along with its crew, but thanks to "doubles" the "Columbia" would continue to live on as the astronauts would be removed from public view except on rare and "distant" occasions when appearance would be inevitable and actors would be able to carry out the assignments.

On April 28, 1981, we were all tuned in to our TV boxes to watch President Reagan’s address. The speech was to gain and build support for the Administration’s budget, but most people were interested because it was the first speech by the President since the assassination attempt nearly a month earlier. People were too absorbed in the dramatic re-appearance of a wounded President to pay much attention to anything else. No one cared very much that the Space Shuttle "Columbia" supposedly arrived back in Florida that day - on the back of its transport ship. The "Columbia" was a great success as far as the citizens knew - we had seen EVERYTHING OURSELVES ON TELEVISION.


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Based on that ONE Space Shuttle flight, we were then being told on all sides that we were once again on top in space.


We were told that now we were five to ten years ahead of those poor, stupid Russians.

The Shuttle which we all saw land at Edwards Air Force Base in California was the training Shuttle "Enterprise."  I had simply been relabeled with the name "Columbia" on the side. When the Shuttle landed in California April 14, we were initially told that it would be flown immediately back to Florida, but as the days went by, the Shuttle just stayed in California. NASA created one excuse after another to explain away the delays to the public.

Meanwhile, frantic meetings were going on, involving key, joint military and NASA personnel. Things had not gone according to plan, and they were not sure what to do next. One faction insisted that NASA should go ahead according to the original plan. That plan called for a switch in Shuttles between California and Florida.


On Day One a modified "747" would take off from Edwards Air Force Base, California, with the Shuttle "Enterprise" riding piggyback. News cameras would be on hand to record the take-off. The "Enterprise" would then be flown to its home base at White Sands, New Mexico. Meanwhile the public would be told that the "747" with the Shuttle had made an overnight stopover. Then on Day Two another modified "747" carrying a different Shuttle, would take off from White Sands and fly to Florida.

Once again, reporters would be on hand to watch the landing at Cape Canaveral. The new Shuttle, of course, would have the name "Columbia" on the side just as the "Enterprise" did. In that way the training Shuttle, "Enterprise," was to be returned to home base and a fresh orbital-only Shuttle sent to Florida. The switch would be made without the public suspecting a thing, and, after all, it is only the American public from which the above top secret secrets are maintained. The participants, by accident, believe the cover-up is in national security to prevent acceleration of the obvious war under way. Who is going to tell?

In those meetings behind closed doors about the situation, others protested that it would be foolish to go ahead as originally planned without more information. It was obvious that somehow the Russians had destroyed the "Columbia," but the question was: "How?" The military Shuttle planning group agreed that they needed the answer to that question, otherwise there would be no way to devise countermeasures to give the next Shuttle flight a better chance. You see, they never considered telling the truth and shutting down the upcoming plans.

Finally, it was agreed all around that the first urgent need was to buy time, so NASA spokesmen were told to give the press a series of stalling stories about the post-flight Shuttle procedures in California.


Meanwhile, every available avenue of Intelligence world-wide was pressed to come up with an answer to that crucial question:

"What happened to the Space Shuttle, "Columbia?"

Day by day we saw well orchestrated brief new reports about the postflight checkouts of the Shuttle at Edwards Air Base.


The Shuttle was then lifted onto the back of the "747," by the take-off kept being pushed back one day after another. The military shuttle planning group was drawing a blank from their intelligence sweep about the "Columbia."

The Shuttle stayed on the ground a week longer than originally planned, and still no answer came about the "Columbia." You see, if by chance the Russians turned up with the "Columbia" in tow the fallout would be worse than disastrous because, for the first day or so, the exchange could not be explained away as "preventing public panic."

NASA ran out of excuses for further stalling without raising unwelcome questions. The secret Shuttle planning team was still in no position to prepare for a second orbital mission, and yet appearances had to be maintained at all costs and every passing day became more critical.


The U.S. Government was crowing loudly about the supposed stunning success of the Shuttle because it was the only hope left for America in space. The Space Shuttle was the only program, other than Defense, which was given increased funding by the Reagan Administration. There was also the incredible fear that if the Russians did, in fact, have the Shuttle intact, the entire cover-up would be exposed world-wide.


The Russians, on the other hand, had no proof and couldn’t come forward with actions which would have caused all-out war.




Before the Shuttle "Enterprise" left California aboard its "747," the Shuttle planning group had to make a decision: Should they, or should they not, make the planned switch between Shuttles at White Sands?


There were three more orbital-rated Shuttles at White Sands, and a specific mission was planned for each one.

One of the planners summed up the dilemma in these words:

"How can we send an orbital bird to the Cape?" STS-2, 3, and 4 may require major modifications in order to get past the Russians. We won’t know what those modifications are until we get the missing feedback on STS-1. I say send the "Enterprise."


We can keep it sub-orbital by faking an abort - shut-down one engine before Press-to-MECO and let "Enterprise" return to Kennedy. That will keep "Enterprise" out of danger from ’Ivan.’ It will also keep the ball rolling while giving us more time to set up a successful orbital shot."

Someone else asked:

"What about the public relations impact? One thing we don’t need is to abort a mission this early in the program."

The reply:

"Would you rather lose another orbital bird to Ivan? Besides, if we do it right, we could end up with even more public support. You know what I mean - the idea that the Shuttle is safe even if something does go wrong, and so on."

There was a very long silence, followed by more discussion, but finally the suggestion was adopted.

On Monday, April 27, the "747" bearing the Shuttle "Enterprise" took off from Edwards Air Force Base, California. The following day we were shown the same Shuttle, the training Shuttle "Enterprise," landing in Florida. There was no switch made.

The secret Shuttle planners were still feeling their way and they left open an avenue for plan changes. Therefore, it would be the training Shuttle "Enterprise" that would later roll off the launch pad in Florida, that summer.


It would look just like the "Columbia" did before its April launch, mated to a giant fuel tank and huge solid-rocket boosters.




NASA was then shooting for the very early launch date of September 30, 1981.


According to the plans the launch would proceed smoothly for the first few minutes. Unlike the "Columbia," the "Enterprise" would not veer north toward the kind of orbit forbidden by Russia. Then, one engine would shut down prematurely. It would be earlier in the flight than the point at which contact with "Columbia" was lost in April. Then, as we were still watching on television, the "Enterprise" would return for its alleged "emergency" landing at Kennedy.


By that time, the "Enterprise" had made so many computerized landings that NASA had confidence that the landing would be made safely. If other plans could be substituted as the summer progressed, so could the "flight" sequence be changed, even to aborting the launch at the pad.


There would, of course, be an uproar about the aborted space flight, but it would not last long because no citizen would risk the lives of astronauts to a possible accident. The entire scenario of an abortion would "only prove the efficiency of the computer check system and safety measures."


The hopes were, of course, to buy time and gain information regarding the first launch.




Let’s go back to December of 1978 when air blasts at sea began shaking homes and frightening thousands along America’s East Coast.


For a while government spokesmen tried to ignore them; but the booms, now known and recognized as Air Quakes, would not go away. In fact, they steadily increased in number and were also soon experienced on the West Coast and inland U.S., as well.

As no explanations could be offered, they were next ridiculed in the controlled major media, but that tactic quickly changed, too, because too many people were hearing them to accept it all as a big joke. Then the tactic was to simply report them, promising follow-up and then simply never following up.

The news projectors never move from the scripts given them and there would be practically no fear of slip-ups. Note this for yourselves during prime time newscasts; flip channels and you will hear the verbatim new items being read from the master script.

After these quakes had been going on unexplained for several months, the government tried to explain it all away by blaming the whole thing on freak weather conditions. Alleged experts were trotted out to impress the public with the mumbo jumbo about unusually cold air layers, ozone depletion, northern lights, electrical disturbances, and so on, ad nauseum. Waving their arms about in master performances, other experts were touting that the booms were due to military aircraft, perhaps a hundred miles out to sea since nothing showed up on any radar screens.

Others managed to actually keep a straight face as they told you that the booms were caused by the "Concorde" supersonic transport and all but grounded the "Concorde" forever. They told you that the shock waves from that plane were striking America’s East Coast more than an hour ahead of the plane itself, and with incredible force, having "built up incredible sonic force as it traveled."

Explanations like these were ridiculous on their face; yet most Americans, eager to be pacified, accepted these insults to their intelligence at face value and even marched to stop the "Concorde" from landing in the U.S. Facts are that most of the quakes taking place nationwide were kept out of the press, and people calmed down.

For instance, there are almost daily Air Quakes in areas around an Air Force Base where you might find sophisticated aircraft capable of supersonic speeds. Usually, the later seen jet craft are not the cause of the blasts but are the INSPECTION TEAMS CHECKING OUT THE LOCATION OF THE BLAST. Those of you who do not believe such a thing could be, had better think back to some unexplained booms you have noted and the media could give no explanation. As the phenomenon continued, people simply returned to sleep and ignored the interruption in their thoughts - simply no longer caring one way or another.

As early as December of 1977 it was told publicly, and suppressed governmentally, that the quakes were caused from newly operational Russian Cosmospheres firing their Particle Beam weapons in a defocused mode into the air over the Atlantic Ocean - and later over the Pacific. This information came forth right out of our top intelligence systems.

In 1977, there were some seven Cosmospheres hovering over the U.S., but in the months that followed the numbers grew into the hundreds worldwide. Now you can find out more if you can get your hands on the materials from the Mitre Corporation because the government sponsored a study done by them. The material was quietly released and then faded into oblivion.

The report listed 594 air quakes of major impact between December 1977 and the following June. By June, of course, those alleged "freak cold air layers" had to be long gone. The study did its best to blame the booms on aircraft noises, anyway, but 181 air quakes were impossible to link to anything, even artificially, or to any acceptable excuse, so the report lamely concluded that they must be of some natural origin, and yet the government and military were fully aware of the origin.

The Cosmospheres are Russia’s version of the Hovering Weapons Platforms of which the late General Thomas Power tried in vain to give a warning over 15 years ago. General Power was former head of Air Force Research and Development and then of the Strategic Air Command.


He knew what he was talking about and made every effort possible to alert the American people over the ensuing years but his efforts were suppressed and went ignored. As the numbers of Cosmospheres multiplied worldwide during the following year, UFO sightings likewise mushroomed.


Is it any wonder that the U.S. officially does not recognize UFOs and calls them weather balloons or swamp gas?




The "panic" which the government is trying to keep from us is not from "aliens;" if aliens were the problem then we would have been conquered long ago.


The problems come from very Earth-oriented, physical humans at the controls. Most UFO sightings are in fact Identified Flying Objects; they are Russian Cosmospheres. This is not to say that alien flying saucers do not exist, for the same intelligence that identifies and tracks the Soviet Cosmospheres has confirmed the existence of craft that are not from Earth.


Every astronaut of our moon landing programs has said they were followed by flying saucers, before Russia developed their Flying Platforms. Does this give you a hint as to the REAL reason why the astronauts were quarantined after they came back from the "moon?"

They had to undergo "debriefing" - they had to be taught how to keep their mouths shut about what they saw. Neil Armstrong said that when he stepped onto the moon, there were at least two "flying saucers" already sitting there watching him. He later had a mental breakdown.


However, some of the moon program was also "smoke and mirrors."




The Center spread of the September 5, 1994, issue of "Spotlight" newspaper has an article by a man who points out some of the obvious problems with the moon program.


The author, who used the name R. René, has written a book called "IT’S ONLY A PAPER MOON" (PUBLISHED TITLE IS 'NASA MOONED AMERICA') in which he points out some scientific facts such as the space ships and space suits do not provide enough radiation protection for the astronauts to accomplish what they claim to have done (if the suits work, why don’t they use them with nuclear reactor accidents?).


He says that "the landings were faked and that the Apollo program was a very successful and expensive government hoax - a hoax that is about to be repeated using Mars as the new ’celestial’ target."


The Hubble Telescope is another NASA hoax - try reading "THE HUBBLE WARS" by Eric Chaisson.




Why does our government give massive aid in money, food and technology to Russia?


Could it be to keep those Cosmospheres stationed in appropriate orbit to take out every major dam, fault line, populated city and military base in our nation? The International Banker Elite know what is going on and have situated themselves to take advantage of the destruction of five out of every six persons on earth (according to their OWN PLANS).


The only reason it has not happened already is that "They" have held off until they could finish gold-plating their commode handles and stocking their underground warehouses.




On this subject, here are some hints for UFO researchers. There are sonic quakes over Southern California that have been traced to an Aurora aircraft and OTHER CRAFT going to Groom Lake, Nevada. If you plot that course backwards, you come to Australia.


Check out the underground facilities at Pine Gap, Australia, if you want to know more about one of the hideouts of the "Elite." The research shows that one of these craft flies over 4,000 miles per hour, but one who should know says they can fly over 8,000 miles an hour. That craft can get to Australia quicker than I can get home from work.

UFOs have always been attracted by aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft, especially when those are new or experimental. The Cosmospheres are not exception to this rule. Wherever Cosmospheres are congregated UFOs will always show up and there is no exception to this rule.


The "alien" craft observe and monitor the human craft.




A good example of this monitoring was witnessed in New Zealand as the secret bases there were under surveillance by the Russians.


On December 30, 1978, an Australian television news crew made headlines worldwide by filming what they called UFOs from an airplane over New Zealand. The film, some seven minutes long, was purchased by the BBC and by the CBS TV Network. On January 2, CBS showed less than 50 SECONDS of the film which showed a glowing spherical object, and most of the objects sighted that evening by the camera crew and other observers were described as spheres of LIGHT.

However, as the film clip was shown, a soundtrack was played. The Australian newsman described a different object. He said it looked like a flying saucer. Walter Cronkite did not say whether or not the soundtrack had been recorded simultaneously with the film clip that was being shown. In any case, the spherical object in the film was a Russian Cosmosphere, but the attempts to discredit the film were an echo of the ridiculous government stories about the air quakes the prior year.


On the evening of January 25 Walter Cronkite of CBS News reminded viewers of the New Zealand UFOs; then he went on:

"Well, the New Zealand Air Force reported today that freak atmospheric conditions, not visitors from outer space, were responsible. Investigators said one definite cause was an unusually bright 'Venus' rising in the eastern sky."




The "friendly" "alien" craft will show strobing "COLORED" lights of red, green, yellow, blue.


They are stationed in non orbiting sequence in strategic placements.


The Cosmospheres do not strobe, and are stationed to appear as stars and planets. This is the real reason that there is a lot of hocus pocus involved with the Hubble Telescope, they cannot afford to let us see what that can see.


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