The fake pope was scheduled to visit Poland to set off a revolution, but Russian Intelligence was able to stop it.


Having had their Vatican intrigue spoiled for the moment, the Bolshevik planners in American started down a different route.

Their agents within Poland started agitation for an independent labor union to be known as Solidarity. Solidarity was created solely for the purpose of making conditions steadily worse in Poland until an unavoidable confrontation would be created with the government. Eventually they were successful and martial law was declared.

The news of martial law in Poland reached the West early Sunday, December 13th (1981). The very next day the Begin government in Israel launched the third Christmas crisis. On that day the Israeli government announced its surprise decision to annex the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights is along the northeast corner of Israel’s border with Syria, and is Syrian territory. They have been occupied by Israeli troops ever since the 1967 war and then by Israeli civilian settlements, but under every rule of international law the Golan Heights belongs to Syria.


As always, the Begin government defended its actions in arrogantly self-righteous terms as it made a mockery of the rule of law! World-wide, the reaction was universal condemnation of Israel, and within Israel itself there was also bitter criticism. The U.S. was in a most difficult position of what face to show publicly. Time slipped by while urgent secret decisions were made about how to handle the situation publicly.

Then, on December 18, the United States half-heartedly announced that it would suspend "indefinitely" the allegedly new strategic cooperation agreement with Israel. In response Israel canceled altogether the new agreement with America.

BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, THE U.S. AND ISRAEL STRUCK AN ARM’S-LENGTH POSE FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. This was specifically for the purpose of freeing Israel’s hands to act without restraint later on.

Israel Prime Minister Rabin summed it up with the words, quote:

"Annexing the Golan Heights is the beginning of the end of ’Camp David’."

Well, at that time all the plans of the American Bolsheviks and the Zionists in Israel were still on track.


They were shooting for Middle East war to break out before the end of the summer of 1982. From there, step by step, they planned to make the conflict escalate with other crises continuing to multiply world-wide.

On July 6, 1982 the "ISRAELI" government announced that American troops would be sent to Lebanon, if necessary. Hours later, Reagan announced that,

"Yes, in principle, he was prepared to send in the Marines as part of a ’truce agreement’."




For public consumption, assurances were given that this would be done under certain comforting conditions.


Supposedly, if the Marines are sent in it will only be temporary to police a truce, not fight, and only if all sides agree to their presence.

Doesn’t if sound like a rerun -

"We are just there to insure Iraq doesn’t invade our little brother, Saudi Arabia," and, "We are in Haiti only to preserve Democracy."

Iraq had no intention of invading Saudi Arabia - then or later.


Saddam Hussein was ’called in’ to Kuwait to protect the interests of the Kuwaitis from being absorbed by the U.S. interests and a collapse brought on by calling of notes following default by the Kuwaitis, to the bankers. Dirty pool.

The following day a letter of warning against sending in the Marines was delivered to Reagan from Soviet President Brezhnev. It was a cryptic warning containing no specific threats. In diplomatic language it simply said, "Don’t do it." Anti-war warnings from Moscow were becoming increasingly urgent and frequent.


On July 7 the Brezhnev warning against sending U.S. Marines into Lebanon was issued, and only six days later the Ustinov warning against an American nuclear first strike was issued. Does this surprise you? Don’t you remember that little tidbit of news?

Russia’s anti-war warnings included not only words but also deeds, my friends. The Kremlin was run by men who knew that words without deeds were useless against the American Bolsheviks. That is why we were given warnings a month prior to this that Russian preemptive measures must be expected to start taking place. Those pre-preemptive measures got under way promptly, in the form of warning strikes to send a clear, clean message.


The first of those warning strikes took place on Sunday morning, June 27 (1982). Millions of Americans watched the launch of Space Shuttle No. 4 that morning on television. You watched until the two solid rocket boosters separated and fell away from the Shuttle.


Moments later a Jumbo Cosmosphere, which was pacing the Shuttle from a distance, fired two quick blasts at the falling boosters which were no longer visible on television.


The Cosmosphere’s beam weapon blew a hole in the side of each $18,000,000 booster shell.


An Air Force C-130 airplane was tracking the boosters and saw their parachutes open, but when the spent boosters hit the water they just kept right on sinking. Thanks to the holes which had been neatly blown into their sides - they certainly didn’t float. Recovery teams watched helplessly as $36,000,000 worth of space hardware sank in several thousand feet of water.

Embarrassed NASA officials tried to explain away the loss of the two Shuttle boosters with the lie that the parachutes did not open (on both of them?).


The odds are astronomical against the parachutes failing that way on TWO BOOSTERS, but they had no other excuse that they dared make public.




The "Encyclopedia Brittanica Book of the Year" says of this incident:

"'Columbia’s' fourth launch from Kennedy Space Center was on June 27, with astronauts Thomas K. Mattingly and Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr. Fittingly enough, it landed on July 4 at Edwards Air Force Base in California, greeted by Pres. Ronald Reagan and an estimated 500,000 fellow citizens. A major problem occurred when the two booster rockets plunged into the Atlantic, apparently because of parachute failures.


There was no danger to the "Columbia," however. Experiments included the first one to be developed by a private company. It was designed to produce certain pharmaceuticals continuously with high purity. The astronauts also helped save the first ’getaway special’ when a defective circuit prevented power from reaching the canister."

Meanwhile, the Russian message was indeed clear.


Had they cared to, the Russians could have destroyed the Shuttle itself on nationwide television, no less, instead of only the boosters. They were saving our government's "face" to use more advantageously during the ensuing years. They certainly have managed to do that very nicely, at our expense.

Next came the Aeroflot crash in Moscow followed by the reprisal on July 9 against the Pan Am jet in New Orleans (a Pan American World Airways Boeing 747 jet carrying 145 persons crashed in Kenner, LA, shortly after taking off from New Orleans, exploded, and plowed through four residential streets; the accident, which killed 153 persons including 8 on the ground, was the second worst air disaster in U.S. history involving a single plane.)


Both events were acts of war - the secret war which both sides were beginning to mention openly in public. The Russian message to the American Bolsheviks here was: "You are not as secure as you pretend you are."

Six days later the Russians reminded the Bolsheviks in the U.S. of their combined capabilities in geophysical warfare, a widespread sabotage here. As far back as 1977 we had been warned that the Russians were on a campaign of planting nuclear mines where they could destroy countless dams around the United States. Those devices are still there, waiting for use at the press of a button from a detonator trigger well out of our reach or ability to control.

How could subversive workers get within our boundaries without our knowing?

They can’t There are as many Russian KGB agents in our CIA as Americans. Our government thought, at the time, the mines were a big bluff because it was the Russians themselves who announced their presence to our government. On July 15, 1982, the Kremlin said, "Think again" to the Bolshevik pentagon. That day northern Colorado was reeling from incredible rainstorms, the product of Russian weather modification.


Dams in the area were straining to hold back the onslaught of water. Then a low-yield underwater mine was detonated at the base of the Lawn Lake Dam. The dam blew open, and the flood waters rampaged down the canyon and through the resort town of Estes Park.


The government frantically tried to cover its tracks by saying they had been worried about that dam, but the disaster actually came with absolutely no warning because the dam was ruined instantly by the explosion.




The very next day there was still another Russian warning shot. This time it was couched in the centuries-old language of naval warfare, updated to the Space Age.

When confrontations take place at sea there are times when a warship will fire a shot across the bow of another ship. The shot is aimed to barely miss the ship, whistling past just in front of it. A shot across the bow is perhaps the most unmistakable military message on the face of the Earth. It means: "Halt immediately or you will be destroyed."

On July 16 a United Airlines DC-10 took off from Boston bound for Los Angeles. Among the passengers of the big jet were certain key members of the Bolshevik ruling group here in America.

For a while the flight progressed without incident but as the jet flew westward at 39,000 feet a Russian Cosmosphere was stationing itself to intercept it. The Cosmosphere hovered several miles off to one side of the jet’s flight path and a few hundred feet above it. The charged particle beam weapon of the Cosmosphere was aimed horizontally to fire a shot across the bow of the speeding DC-10.

As the jet approached, the Cosmosphere crew charged up the beam weapon for a maximum energy blast in a defocused mode. This produces a violent air blast like those heard that winter along America’s East Coast and elsewhere. At precisely the right instant the Cosmosphere fired its shot across the bow of the oncoming DC-10.

The tremendous air blast just above the DC-10’s altitude created a huge shock wave of downward-racing air. An instant later the DC-10 flew into it. Passengers later told reporters that they heard a big bang, then the whole plane shook as it was squashed downward as if by a giant hand. Everyone not wearing a seat belt was thrown to the ceiling, which is a long way on a DC-10. Many people were hurt, several seriously; then the episode was over as quickly as it had started.

The jet flew on to Los Angeles without further incident - but to certain individuals on the plane, the airborne shot across the bow was meant as a clear warning! It certainly meant something to the military and government personnel because they had been warned it would happen.


It clearly said,

"Halt now in your war plans or you will be destroyed."

The next warning shot took place on July 22.


This was aimed squarely at the weapons specialists among the American Bolsheviks in the U.S. That day the first full-range test flight of the Army’s new Pershing-2 missile took place at Cape Canaveral. The Pershing-2 is the nuclear missile which the Reagan Administration wanted to place in Europe where it could attack Russia. Europe would be used as a launching pad.

A few seconds after the Pershing-2 lifted off from Cape Canaveral it was bathed in neutron radiation from a Russian Cosmosphere high above. Remember, neutron radiation totally deranges all kinds of electronic equipment. As a result, the Pershing-2’s guiding system went crazy. The climbing missile flopped over on its side, then started cartwheeling through the lovely Florida skies. Seventeen seconds after lift-off, the Range Safety Officer pushed the self-destruct button and the missile blew up.

The Russian message to the Bolsheviks in the U.S. was very plain indeed. The plans to use missiles to help destroy Russia would not succeed.


The attempt to do so would only rain destruction on America itself.


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The Reagan-Begin Axis of Bolsheviks and Zionists intended to manipulate those crises, and more to come, to pave the way for war.


Suddenly, certain crises would combine to trigger a chain of events leading to Nuclear War One. The joint military junta of the United States Pentagon and Israel were working on a fast timetable for all of this. They were aiming for deadline time of midsummer 1982 for the final war sequence to begin; fulfillment of the plan was set for September.

This would involve regional conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere which gradually would escalate to engulf the superpowers. The whole thing was being set up to make nuclear war appear unavoidable. At last all-out nuclear war itself would break out between the United States and Russia.


It would be made to appear accidental, but as we have detailed in the past, Nuclear War One would actually begin with an AMERICAN FIRST STRIKE AGAINST RUSSIA.

Up to that point, the secret war planners in the U.S. had been expecting that it would take many months for the final war buildup to run its course. For example, a Mideast war might be triggered by the summer of 1982, but it could take until the spring of 1983 for the resulting nuclear war to actually erupt. That plan had actually been changed and by winter 1982 drastic changes took place in the secret war planning under way in America.

The timetable for Nuclear War One was speeded up by many months in order to render the oncoming winter an ally. This was when the target date was set for mid-September 1982. That was little more than six months from the third Shuttle launch and thus the desperate need for intelligence surveillance information regarding the Soviet Union. Well, then a major intelligence coup was scored by the American Bolsheviks which would allow for fairly accurate targeting.

Two high-ranking soviet generals were spirited out of Russia and brought to Washington. Those two men were Bolsheviks whom Russia’s new non-Bolshevik rulers failed to detect and weed out. In Intelligence parlance, they remained as "moles" in Russia’s military apparatus.

Now they had been brought to America, and they brought with them a wealth of data about Russia’s current military posture. Thanks to those two former Bolshevik Soviet generals the secret war planners in the U.S. now had enough information.

If they could get more data from Space Shuttle flights Nos. 3 and 4, so much the better, but if neither of those two flights was successful, the war planners intended to wait no longer and go with ground intelligence. They wanted to make use of the intelligence obtained from the Soviet generals while it was still fresh and changes could not be made in the Soviet Union who would suspect treason. Therefore, the deadline to attack the Russians was rescheduled.

If the U.S. had realized and listened, we would have all realized that the fourth launch was a crossing line to countdown to war.




In early 1982 there was a tremendous hidden struggle for power that was dividing the U.S. government.


On one side were the American Bolsheviks whose chief government operative was Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. On the other side was the Rockefeller cartel whose chief government spokesman was Secretary of State Alexander Haig. Weinberger and Haig were constantly at each other’s throats in the news, and worse, in private. Caught in the middle was the puppet, President Reagan.

Reagan was installed by the Rockefeller cartel but came to be largely under Bolshevik control after the assassination "attempt" in March of 1981. By February of 1982 the American military was dominated by the Bolsheviks, but that had not always been so.

By 1982 a plan for a Rockefeller cartel-backed military coup was being set in motion (again) and this time it was a crash program.


The Rockefeller cartel could not afford to let their Bolshevik enemies succeed in setting off nuclear war; therefore, the military coup must take place before the American Bolshevik surprise attack against Russia. If possible, the coup would be carried out before the fourth Space Shuttle flight planned for the summer of 1982, because the war was scheduled immediately following that flight.

The man who was in charge of the military coup preparations was a four-star Army General who was also Secretary of State - General Alexander Haig. If you remember the Falkland Islands War occurred about this time and the Bolsheviks foiled the coup.


Haig was fired and Bolshevik George P. Shultz took his place, on June 25th.




You need to know the facts behind the Falkland Islands War, the shooting of the "U.S.S. Liberty" by the Israelis, the turmoil in Central America, developments towards the Iran-Iraq war, Libya’s Kadhafi, Afghanistan, Poland, etc. Things were and are not as you think they are, friends!

I have mentioned about doubles. For example, on March 6 the BBC quoted a "London Times" article questioning whether or not Khomeini was still alive.


The article expressed suspicions that fake pictures were being used showing the "double" for Khomeini.




I remember, I believe, the article was in "Reader’s Digest," an article that said that when Khomeini went into exile to Paris, he was missing a finger.


When he later returned to Iran, Khomeini was not missing any fingers. Khomeini was quite a miracle worker, don’t you think? Or could somebody be pulling a fast one?

The Reagan-Begin Axis, in cahoots with their Zionist partners in Israel, were going all out to try to start a nuclear war.

The Manhattan Project went from a decision to make the bomb (on the day before Pearl Harbor in December 1941), to a working bomb exploded on Hiroshima in August, 1945. And this was before computers.

In 1982, a new program was started similar to the Manhattan Project. It was called the "Stealth" program, and, surprise, surprise, it succeeded the same year! It succeeded because of the immense computing power of the Control Data Corporation Star 100 and Cray Computers (an offshoot of Control Data).

The most secret branch of the Stealth Program was developing aircraft that would be invisible to more than just radar. They must be invisible even to the eye. These invisible "Phantom" war planes would carry special electromagnetic gear. You see, there was already the capability, for Russia had the know-how to cause the Cosmos Interceptors and Cosmospheres to be invisible.


All that was really needed was to get defectors and most defectors had a "price" under which they will bargain.

The equipment included superconducting magnets which were maintained at temperatures close to absolute zero. The cryogenic equipment creates an enormously powerful electromagnetic field around the aircraft. The field is designed according to the principles of Einstein’s "Unified Field Theory."

Einstein never completely finished his Field Theory, but it was studied by numerical techniques using the Star 100 and Cray computers and others and integration became a simple game. By this method, enough could be learned, coupled with stolen information, to apply the Unified Field Theory to the new "Phantom" war planes.

Think of the magnificent possibilities. Time is a function of the measurement of movement of "things" - atoms, matter, and stuff. At absolute zero, atoms stop moving. Time stops. When atoms speed up in relation to surroundings, time speeds up. Frequency is everything.

When you understand the rules, wondrous things are possible. For hints of the possibilities, study the Philadelphia Experiment and Project Montauk.


This is why the government must keep the Stealth aircraft a "national security" secret. They have revealed the part of the secret telling that the shape of the surfaces affects the radar signature, to explain the strikes in Iraq and so on, but they don’t want you to know the rest of the secrets. By revealing this much, they kept the Stealth program from being scuttled by Congress.

Under this program they can send 22 planes into battle, and 22 planes return. Mission accomplished! You do not see all the others that also went into battle, and those that are lost are made up for so that you see the same number return.


When the invisibility field would be turned on, a "Phantom" war plane would be encased in a sort of electromagnetic bubble. Light that strikes the field from any direction divides, passes around the plane, comes together again on the other side, and goes on. The effect is like a boulder in a stream - water flowing toward the boulder divides, goes around it and then comes together again on the other side.

When you "see" something, light bounces off the object and strikes your eyes. Your eyes then recognize the pattern. If something comes between you and the object, you can no longer see it. But if the light from the object goes around the obstruction, you see the original object, but not the obstruction. This is how Phantom planes work, although up close they can be dimly detected, while farther away they are totally invisible.


Do you now understand why so many "UFO" sightings are blurry?

Radar behaves the same way as light, it just has a different wavelength, so Phantom planes are invisible to both light and radar, unless they turn off their fields. This explains some of the reported sonic booms where there was no visible airplane.

The Russians, however, can see through these fields using sophisticated infrared beam detectors.

Phantom war planes are totally immune to lasers because a laser is just a beam of intense light. An invisibility field also would give protection against the Russian Particle Beam system in tracking ability but the plan backfired because the Russians had already developed anti-invisible shield technology. Ordinarily, charged particles are far easier to deflect than light, so the charged particle beam is no match for the light-deflecting shield.


Ah, but when you get into pulsed neutron beams - you have a real handful of troubles.

And so that leaves only neutron beam weapons. Russia’s neutron beam would penetrate the invisibility shield, but ways were thought to have been found to shield against neutron radiation well enough to make neutron beams ineffective in stopping a Phantom war plane.


This was conceived as true because extremely effective shielding would be part of the basic design of the Phantom war plane whereby the plane would have to first be "located" in order to be fired upon. The basic design would require such sophisticated shielding in order to prevent derangement of the electronic instruments as well as the crew, if it were a manned craft.

So the result of the program would be craft which would be undetectable by conventional means, and it was believed to be invulnerable to all of Russia’s beam weapons. Those beam weapons had been the key to Russia’s military superiority since late 1977, so the Phantom war plane was the hope-for weapon to attack Russia in the upcoming planned nuclear strike.

The Phantom war plane had one recognized major drawback. In a way, its greatest strength would also be its greatest weakness. When the invisibility field would be turned on, incoming light waves would not strike the plane; instead, the light flows around the plane. That is what makes the plane invisible to observers at a distance but, at the same time, the field prevents light waves from the outside world from reaching the cockpit of the plane. In other words, the pilot cannot see anything outside the invisibility field. He is required by physical law to fly blind.

There was only one technique known in the West by which a Phantom war plane could be navigated. It is called "Inertial Guidance," a technique used for ICBMs. In Inertial Guidance, a computerized system keeps track of all the forces and maneuvers experienced by the vehicle. By adding these up over time, the system calculates where it is without reference to the outside world.


For a Phantom war plane, the Inertial Guidance problem is very difficult. The guidance system must operate for as long as several hours while the plane flies to its target. That gives lots of time for errors to build up which would send the plane off course, but the problem was thought to be solved sufficiently to utilize the Phantom planes in the attack.

New Inertial Guidance technology had been developed using lasers in place of the old mechanical gyros used in ICBMs, and so the supersecret Phantom war plane project had basically succeeded in concept - and, for all intents and purposes, we now had a new superweapon. It was revolutionary, prototypes were flying and a rush production program was already under way by the early 1980s. The secret war planners expected to have an operational fleet ready by summer, 1982. This was the "pacing item" in the short war timetable.

Because of inertial guidance, absolutely accurate reconnaissance data on Russian targets was totally critical to the war planning. When Phantom war planes would take off to attack Russia, they would have to know ahead of time exactly where the target would be. Therefore, for a year the Space Shuttle had been making a desperate attempt to obtain the needed target information from space. It would be the first new data since Russia destroyed our Spy Satellites in 1978.


The first two Shuttle flights were NOT successful in their secret military mission, but in February, 1982, Shuttle No. 3 was more successful. The war planners now obtained the most crucial target data needed for a Phantom war plane attack against Russia. As a result, a whole new war plan was being prepared for the coming planned nuclear war.

America’s war strategists were eager for war because they believed they could achieve victory over Russia - the concept of victory, however, DID NOT INCLUDE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.




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The radically new Phantom war plane caused an equally radical revision of the master war strategy of the U.S. Elements of several past strategies were being blended together to create a new and grander plan.


It was the new grand master strategy which America’s war planners were counting on to bring them victory in Nuclear War One, and they planned to use the war plan very quickly - by Autumn of 1982, with or without the proper surveillance hoped for by Shuttle flight No. 3.

Strategic nuclear war planning in Washington was being carried out under the code name "Project Z." The letter "Z" was chosen because it is the final letter of the alphabet. The war planners were confident that this would be the last war plan they would need against Russia.


War planning under Project Z was so secret that it was not being done at the Pentagon itself; instead, an elite group of war strategists were assembled at a special war room in downtown Washington. The war room was hidden away in a building which would never be suspected for the purpose. It was practically within the shadow of the White House.

The elite war planners for Nuclear War One were a very small group. Their job was to think in terms of the big overall picture. They had at their fingertips computer terminals with which they could access any information they needed from other government computers (using PROMIS software stolen from Inslaw, for instance). This included not only Pentagon data banks but also the computer files of all other government agencies.

By May the Project Z planners had already arrived at the broad outlines for their master war plan. Countless details and refinements still lay ahead, but the basic strategy was already decided. That strategy bears looking at herein.

The Project Z strategy for Nuclear War One was a three-phase plan - that is, the war planners intended for the war to proceed in three distinct phases known as:

  • Phase 1 - Initiation

  • Phase 2 - Attrition

  • Phase 3 - Domination

The major process was based on ever-increasing world crises, like those that led up to World War I.


We were seeing that process in full swing all around us. It was planned that these crises escalate for about six additional months and finally the spark would be set off.


The Project Z war planners were concerned with the military acts from that initial spark onward.



Phase Number One

In their plan, the Initiation Phase would begin with an American surprise attack against Russia. The surprise attack would use the new Phantom war planes. They would be the key to the outcome of the rest of the war.

In the summer of 1978 America had begun major shifting to a first-strike nuclear strategy against Russia. It would be a first strike. It would be to knock out the Earth bases for Russia’s space triad of strategic weapons. If that could be done, Russia’s overwhelming military power in space would soon wither and perish.

That would leave the U.S. and Russia on more equal terms for the rest of the war. The plan was to use a combination of Subcraft and Unmanned Aircraft called RPVs for the initial attack. That plan was actually attempted some two years prior but ended in total failure because Subcraft of RPVs were no match for Russia’s Cosmospheres with their beam weapons, but the new Phantom war planes were almost ready and the plan was being revived in updated form.

Phantom war planes were intended to be based in at least three countries on Russia’s doorstep. These basing areas were: northern Norway; eastern Turkey; and most critical of all, Sinkiang Province in northwestern China. Now you know why Reagan and others became so cozy with China! Already, high-powered lasers were being moved into those areas. They were equipped with the new aiming device called CEIR (see-er). Those lasers had the proven ability to shoot down Cosmospheres. They would be used to protect the Phantom war planes from destruction on the ground by Cosmospheres.

The Phantom war planes which would be used were unmanned. They were equipped with robot pilots which would be programmed for a one-way trip. The invisible robot pilot and aircraft would fly through Russian air space, invulnerable to any beam-weapon attacks. Anti-aircraft missiles fired at them would be unable to home in on them, and so the Project Z planners believed that the robot Phantom planes would reach their targets.

Those targets were Russia’s four Cosmodromes for rockets plus several Cosmosphere installations in central Siberia. The invisible robot planes would crash like kamikazes into their targets. Seemingly out of the clear blue sky, all of Russia’s space bases would suddenly vanish in thermonuclear fireballs.

In addition to Russia’s space bases, the Phantom war plane assault would also be directed at one other category of prime targets. These were the bases for Russia’s flying Anti-missile System. The system consisted of a fleet of TU-144 Supersonic Transports equipped with particle-beam weapons. They were supposed to provide Russia’s final line of defense against incoming missile warheads. American Phantom war planes would be programmed to destroy the TU-144 bases.

Phase #1 was continuing on a very tight timetable by May, 1982. If the invisible war plane attack would succeed, a furious counterattack by Russia was guaranteed. Project Z called for the U.S. to beat Russia to the punch. The entire U.S. nuclear arsenal was to be fired at Russia.

It would be done by creating the false indication that America was under nuclear attack. The method which would be employed was known as Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP. EMP is a phenomenon associated with nuclear blasts at the fringes of space. The strategic forces were programmed to consider an EMP episode to be positive proof of a Russian attack. Under those circumstances, they were instructed to counterattack against Russia without waiting for any further orders.

In the Project Z timetable, the Phantom was plane explosions in Russia would be followed moments later by nuclear detonations over North America. These would be the warheads of American high-speed missiles called ACMs. They would be launched into the sky from various locations around the U.S. to create a violent EMP episode. The Strategic/Nuclear Forces, obeying orders, would launch what they would believe to be a retaliation against Russia.

As the American ACMs would be launched into the sky over our heads, still another event was to be underway. Keep in mind the episode of January, 1982, whereby a Russian Cosmosphere had been shot down for the fist time - over New Jersey. In the same way, high-power lasers located in many places around the U.S. would be shooting down as many Cosmospheres as possible.

By the time our ICBMs were launched a few minutes later, it could be expected that many of the threatening Cosmospheres overhead would have been destroyed. They would be unable to blast all of our missiles as they were launched, and many would survive to be on their way to Russia. Thanks to the initial Phantom war plane attack, Russia’s flying ABM system would also be out of action. Stripped of all her defenses against missile attack, the Soviet Union would soon be aflame with a sea of nuclear firestorms.

In the Project Z war plan, the arrival of American ICBMs on Russian targets would mark the end of Phase #1, the Initiation Phase.




Phase Number Two:

This is the Attrition Phase. During Phase #2 the war planners envisioned extreme damage to both the U.S. and to Russia, with the war gradually running down. First there would be a rain of Russian missile warheads on the U.S. There would also be missile attacks on certain other targets around the world where American Military Forces were located, but the real destruction would be right in the U.S. itself.

The Project Z war planners did not expect America, as you know it, to survive a nuclear exchange. Unlike Russia, the U.S. has no Civil Defense worthy of the name, let alone hardened blast shelters and, because of the need for total surprise in the attack against Russia’s space bases, the ensuing nuclear exchanges would come without warning. Vacationers would be on beaches, businessmen would be making deals, housewives would be in supermarkets, children would be at play, etc.

In my July 1978 newsletter I warned that it was the policy of the U.S. to NOT warn its population. Suddenly air raid sirens might start to blare, as they would do so on a summer day in Hiroshima years ago, but it would be too late. The America you know and love would die in a thousand Hiroshimas. The war schemers have planned for all that and have only updated the plans to suit changes in happenings TODAY.

While you and your children vanish from the face of the Earth, they fully intended and still intend to be riding out any attack they have caused, inside Government war bunkers build with your taxpayer money, at Camp David, Mount Weather, Pine Gap, China Lake and DOZENS of other locations. Do you have your passes to these places? I thought not.



Gradually, over a period of many months, they fully expected the conflict between Russia and the U.S. to sputter out. Both sides would be exhausted and ruined; both would lose the capacity to carry the war any further.

In Russia, the wound would be grievous - up to 50 million dead and millions more injured and dying. BUT IN THE U.S. THE WOUND WOULD BE MORTAL. The Project Z war planners had figured it out on their computers. If we were lucky, from 40 to 50 million Americans might survive at the end of the war. All the rest would have been killed outright in the nuclear attacks or would have died of injuries and disease. Nuclear War One would leave medical care virtually nonexistent in what would be left of America.

The American Bolsheviks intended to ride out the war after setting it off. They would wait until the stalemate point would be reached with both sides unable to fight any longer. That would mark the end of Phase #2, the Attrition Phase.





Phase Number Three:

Finally, the Project Z war plan would move into the third and final phase. That phase, of course, would be world domination by the SATANIC BOLSHEVIKS/ZIONISTS (PARASITES) who already controlled and control the U.S. military.

In the final phase as planned for 1982, the Bolsheviks/Zionists in America would be taking advantage of secret preparations which began long, long prior.

One arm of the prior plan had been strategy which required the U.S. to give the impression that it was growing steadily weaker, disarming unilaterally, closing military bases, and so on, but that was only for public consumption. The secret side of the strategy involved an actual buildup of armaments, in secret. This necessitated a secret government, which was set up by Jimmy Carter, Oliver North, George Bush, et al., under the smokescreen of FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

When the Bolsheviks/Zionists in the U.S. seized power from the Rockefellers, they continued the stockpiling of secret reserves of armaments world-wide, and especially in Israel. It was well planned that as the war began to sputter, all these armaments would be brought into the open.

Even if the entire populations of the U.S. and Russia were destroyed, that would still leave 95% of the world’s population alive, and under total domination of the "Elite." Both the Bolsheviks and the Zionists despise and loathe both the Russians and the Americans and world domination could only come to the bankers and global cartel through massive damage and/or destruction to both major powers.

Where does all this leave our ally Great Britain? Could it be they plan to survive free and clear in domination of the world?

On March 30, 1982, one day behind schedule, we got to see a Shuttle landing at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. White Sands is the true nerve center of the Space Shuttle Program, regardless of what the media tells you otherwise.

The third Shuttle flight, regardless of which Shuttle did what, represented another "first" and that one was not visible on television. For the first time a Space Shuttle had succeeded in its secret military mission. By so doing, another barrier was removed in the path to nuclear war.

The third Shuttle mission took place nearly a year after the first flight of April, 1981. A comparison between the first and third flights is a study in ironies.

In the April fiasco, publicity about the first flight was designed to give the impression that it was unnaturally perfect. Meanwhile, the secret military mission - which you did not see - was a disaster. With the third flight, it was the other way around.

From start to finish the publicity emanating from NASA gave the impression that the Shuttle was plagued with problems. NASA wanted to be able to explain it away if disaster should strike again but, as it turned out, the military mission in space, hidden from our eyes, was a success and the loss of one more Shuttle was not so detrimental to the program as a whole.



Space Shuttle No. 3 was supposed to orbit a special new Spy Satellite. It was hardened against attack from Russia’s space weapons and armed with a robot-controlled laser that could shoot back. In addition, the Shuttle itself was armed with lasers on this third try.

The public image of a troubled, plagued Shuttle flight actually got underway several days prior to launch, thanks to the weather. Drenching rainstorms turned Edwards Air Force Base in California, used for the prior two landings, into a wet bog. The tight military schedule of the Shuttle Program required that the flight take off on schedule anyway, so for public consumption a 23-car railroad train loaded with equipment was sent from California to New Mexico.

Ostensibly, NASA was setting up a spur-of-the-moment landing site at the White Sands Missile Range. This was done so that the central role of White Sands Missile Range in the Shuttle Program would not be suspected by the public and would also delete the need for substitute Shuttles in the landing itself because it is publicly closed.

Space Shuttle No. 3 lifted off from Cape Canaveral only an hour behind schedule on Monday morning, March 22nd. Beginning at the moment of liftoff, NASA started laying the basis for a cover-up story should the military mission fail.
First you heard the pre-recorded voice of Shuttle Commander Jack Lousma saying unexplained white flakes were flying past the windshield. Later, after the Shuttle was out of sight, we were told that one of the power packs called an APU was not functioning. These initial hints of possible trouble had been pre-recorded for broadcast during the launch - for a reason. There was fear that the Shuttle might be destroyed by Russian space weapons before reaching orbit altitude.

Had that happened, the Shuttle managers wanted to be able to initiate a cover-up which would not reveal the military situation; but as it turned out, the preparations paid off and, through the radical new maneuver already discussed, the Shuttle did at least reach proper altitude.

When the Shuttle No. 3 took off, it headed into the northeast. Long-distance cameras followed it until the two solid rockets separated and fell away. Then, as the Shuttle disappeared from sight, it started its long sweeping turn into the north. It was heading toward a near-polar orbit so that it would pass over Russia. This much of the flight plan was the same as in the past, but this time a critical new feature was added.

Less than 30 seconds after the Shuttle disappeared from TV cameras, the cargo-bay doors were blasted completely off. This opened up a field of fire for the defensive laser at the front of the cargo bay. Then the Shuttle and its giant external tanks started rotating slowly in a space-age version of a barrel-roll.

In World War II, fighter pilots made use of the barrel roll to avoid bullets from enemy airplanes. Likewise, the Space Shuttle used a barrel roll to protect itself against probable attack from Russian Cosmospheres. By rotating like a corkscrew, the Shuttle made it impossible for a Cosmosphere to approach safely from any direction. The barrel roll maneuver was a very risky one, however, for the Shuttle. The Shuttle and tank were not designed with "aerobatics" in mind but calculations showed that it should survive a slow roll, and somehow it did.

One of the biggest questions about the barrel roll stunt was what it would do to the astronauts Lousma and Fullerton. They were required to withstand these dizzying gyrations for about six minutes. At the same time, the Shuttle was still accelerating with up to three times the force of gravity; and because of the peculiar design of the Shuttle and fuel tank, the gyrations were sickening indeed.

Military space doctors knew that at best Lousma and Fullerton would be very sick for some time after reaching this low orbit. Their wild, bruising, spinning ride would end abruptly in weightlessness. That is a combination guaranteed to derange the equilibrium of even the toughest astronaut. Nothing remotely like it has ever been done. Doctors were rightly worried that even if the two survived the mission and returned to Earth, there could be permanent damage to their equilibrium.

When orbit was reached, they did indeed become violently ill. That is why you heard those reports about nausea striking both men. NASA wanted to pave the way for a plausible public explanation if they should not appear well when they returned to Earth. At the same time, the Shuttle planners knew perfectly well why they were sick. That is why NASA spokesmen acted so unconcerned when discussing the space sickness with reporters. When they called it "motion sickness," they were making a gross understatement.

Lousma and Fullerton were to begin work immediately upon reaching proper orbit - sick or not. Their extensively modified crew compartment was to be depressurized already - automatically - with the two men depending upon their space suits. This plan had to be modified slightly when the barrel roll was added to the flight plan.



When the Shuttle reached orbit the astronauts were in space suits, but the cabin was still pressurized. They were allowed several minutes to get from the flight deck to the Gemini-type escape capsule stored below. Once inside the escape capsule they then depressurized the cabin; then the Nose Laser System deployed automatically to protect the Shuttle against any attacks by Russian space weapons. This allowed Lousma and Fullerton to recover from space sickness while inside the capsule.

For the ensuing two days or so, getting well was their main task. It was a period of total vulnerability, of depending on the untried Automatic Laser System for protection. The Shuttle planners wanted to have the excuse ready later should the Shuttle be attacked and destroyed. So the day after the launch you were shown TV pictures of missing tiles on the nose of the Shuttle. According to those pictures at least a dozen tiles in the black area were lost.

If that had really happened, it would have been cause for extreme alarm.

Later a NASA spokesman downplayed it, saying the tiles were noncritical. But there is no such thing as a noncritical black tile. The black tiles supposedly lost are to withstand temperatures above 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Under the tile there is nothing but a piece of felt called a "strain isolation pad" which would not last five seconds in those temperatures, and under the felt is the metal skin of the Shuttle. It is made of aluminum, which loses its strength above 350 degrees. If exposes to 1500 degree heat by a few missing tiles, the Shuttle could not possibly avoid very severe, crippling damage or destruction by rupturing.



The nice NASA space movies we saw on TV were a pre-recorded hoax to provide an excuse if something went wrong, but it didn’t. The astronauts recovered, went to work, and deployed the new military satellite. Meanwhile, NASA spokesmen waved aside the alleged tile problem as minor. It had served its purpose and was no longer needed.

Throughout the remainder of the week we heard about one problem after another. Supposedly the cargo bay doors would not close and I guess not, since they were blown completely away, the toilet would not work, three out of four communications channels went out, one of the three crucial data display screens in the cockpit failed, etc. None of these stories was true; all were devised to provide blather material and cover story for possible problems with the secret military mission. But in the end none of them was needed and so NASA spokesmen just waved them aside as unimportant.

The secret military mission was a success, so the pretended mission which was cooked up for TV was declared an overwhelming success, also.


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