Late Friday night, March 26th (1982), Lousma and Fullerton finished deploying the new Superspy Satellite.


It had taken longer than planned, but it was done. The Shuttle was left in orbit. The astronauts re-entered their Gemini-type escape capsule, fired its retrorockets, and dropped out of orbit to an Indian Ocean splashdown. From there they were flown nonstop to the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The Shuttle directors took advantage of a sandstorm at White Sands to delay the public landing for an extra day while the astronauts recuperated. Then the next morning they boarded one of the two remaining secret Shuttles at White Sands.


The Shuttle took off from the north end of the immense White Sands Range, using small solid rockets. Just moments before 11:00 A.M. it made its appearance on TV. They swooped in from the north, dropped down over the mountains, and touched down in a cloud of white dust. Finally, after a respectable wait, out stepped Lousma and Fullerton all rested and refreshed.

On Memorial Day, May 30, 1982, Richard Halloran leaked the existence of Project Z in an article in the "New York Times."


The article said:


Defense Department policy makers in a new five-year defense plan have accepted the premise that nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union could be protracted, and have drawn up their first strategy for fighting such a war."

It did not say, however, that the plans were to launch the war in three months.


The article went on to mention that the plan was laid out in an unpublished document of 125 pages. It was drafted for approval by a man who served Satan directly, Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger. Caspar Weinberger is a most interesting guy, but his story is so mind-boggling that I will have to save it for some other time. The U.S. Pentagon was controlled by the Bolsheviks who formerly controlled Russia.


Weinberger was the highest "visible" agent of the Bolsheviks in the U.S. government at that time.




The nuclear war plan of the Bolsheviks was moving most quickly, but the U.S. Government was a house divided.


The Bolsheviks were opposed by their bitter rivals, the Rockefeller cartel. Their top visible operative in the federal government at the time was Secretary of State Alexander Haig. The often visible feuding between Haig and Weinberger was only a pale shadow of that deadly power struggle behind the scenes. Unlike the Bolsheviks, the Rockefeller factions did not want nuclear war.


In a word, they couldn’t "afford" it. They would lose everything, and so the Rockefeller faction was working feverishly to head off the Bolshevik nuclear war plan.

The new anti-Bolshevik rulers of Russia were also against nuclear war. The anti-Bolshevik, anti-nuclear war attitudes of the Rockefeller cartel and the Kremlin led to a limited coalition between them. The most spectacular result from this Rockefeller-Russian coalition was the Falklands War raging between Argentina and Britain.

The Falklands was the visible aftermath to cover warfare which took place during April, 1982. The Rockefeller cartel and the Russians joined forces to destroy certain military installations and weapons reserves. These were key ingredients in the final phase of the Project Z war plan. The whole operation began at South Georgia Island on April 3. With the help of Argentina a joint Rockefeller-Russian commando team was able to knock out the giant hidden naval base there.


The base, built during the 1960s, was originally controlled through the U.S. Government by the Rockefeller cartel but the Bolsheviks acquired control of the bases in the late 1970s when they also seized control of the American Pentagon. The major base was contained within a giant man-made cavern hollowed out inside a mountain near the water. With the camouflaged ship entrances sealed, the base was bombproof, but the joint Rockefeller-Russian commando team succeeded in attacking the base by drilling a shaft through the mountain.


Then a compact Russian neutron bomb was inserted through the shaft and detonated inside the cavernous naval base. The process took several weeks.


The Thatcher government which - like the U.S. government - was Bolshevik controlled, dispatched the Royal Navy. First, it was supposed to dislodge the heavily-armed Rockefeller-Russian military force before it could destroy the naval base, then it was to move on to the Falklands for the publicly-admitted fighting. The Royal Navy arrived several days too late to save the secret base on South Georgia Island. But by that time the panicking Thatcher government had already committed some two-thirds of the Royal Navy to the South Atlantic.


On top of that, at least one British ship had already been sunk by Russia in connection with the secret South Georgia operation. That left the Thatcher government with no choice but to engage Argentina in battle, otherwise it would have been impossible to explain away Britain’s huge deployment to the South Atlantic, much less the heavy losses which had been sustained.

On April 30 the British blockade of the Falklands was just beginning. Later that day President Reagan announced that the U.S. was actively siding with Britain. The announcement was a victory for the Pentagon war faction. Right away warfare around the Falklands started heating up quickly.


On May 1, the British launched bombing raids against the airport at Port Stanley, and on May 2 a British submarine torpedoed Argentina’s second largest ship, the cruiser "General Belgrano." It sank within 24 hours, leaving a death toll of more than 300 Argentine sailors. The sinking of the "Belgrano" was expected to demoralize the Argentines, but instead it enraged them. The "Belgrano" had been sunk at a time when it was not threatening the British forces. The Argentines decided it was time to start playing their ace-in-the-hole against the British.

Argentina had been given certain promises in return for making the secret South Georgia operation possible. One of these was the promise of covert military assistance by Russia against Britain. Specifically, it was pledged that the Russians would intervene in parallel with Argentine air and naval operations in ways designed to even the odds.


In this way Argentina’s military leaders could take full credit for both their own and covert Russian attacks on the British. At the same time, the procedure was designed to keep Russia’s role in the fighting quite obscure. I simply do not have time to go into what the real truth was about the Falklands War, just suffice to say that what you were told was worlds away from the truth.

On August 24, 1982, another Cosmosphere was blasted out of the sky over the New York City vicinity, to be sure the New Jersey shot event could be duplicated. It created a high-speed fireball, described in the "New York Times" as a possible asteroid burning up.

When the American Phantom war planes would be launched into Russia on Z-Day, they would be swarming toward only six primary and about a dozen secondary targets.


The six primary targets were

  • the Russian Space bases

  • four Cosmodromes at Baikonur, Tyuratam, Plesetsk, and Kaspusin Yar

  • two Cosmosphere facilities at Semipalatinsk and Novosibirsk

As for the dozen or so secondary targets, those were the complex of Russian flying ABM bases.


The system consisted of anti-missile particle beam weapons carried aboard converted TU-144 Supersonic Transports. The Transports were mysteriously removed from service in June 1978 for conversion to anti-missile defense but by September 1982 the system was fully operational. The intent was to knock them all out, if possible, to make the American follow-up attack more devastating.

Some other "stuff" came down about then, also. It was determined that if the strike against those bases failed, the war plan was doomed.


There was only one satisfactory geographic location from which to launch a strike against the Russian Cosmosphere areas and that location was Sinkiang Province, China. The Bolsheviks must have access to Sinkiang Province at all costs it was decided - so - the Carter Administration unexpectedly dumped Taiwan on December 15, 1978, and suddenly announced full diplomatic relations with Peking.

END OF THE WORLD PLANNED FOR THE "END OF THE WORLD" WAS SET FOR 3:00 P.M. E.D.T., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1982. This was the second date set to launch Nuclear War One (the first in late January of 1980 had been postponed). This date, by the way, WAS THE "FEAST OF TRUMPETS."

At EXACTLY 3:01 P.M. E.D.T. all of Russia would be in darkness. When the Indian Ocean Satellite signal would arrive confirming the attack, it would be followed within a minute or so by the EMP episode described above.

If you were watching TV or listening to the radio, there would suddenly be horrendous static and possibly permanent damage to the receivers. There would have been a total power blackout and the telephones would have gone dead. Russian short-range underwater launched missiles were planted along OUR shores and in the Great Lakes in 1976 and 1977 (and are still there). We would have had from 24 to 10 minutes to live depending on how far from the launchers we would be.

In addition, Russia had Moon bases and Cosmospheres overhead, both armed with their charged particle beam weapons.

So what happened?


The Superspy Satellite launched in March 1982 by the third Shuttle had detected something most puzzling in Russia. The puzzle consisted of large numbers of small domed installations arranged in rings around strategic Russian targets. There was a ring of those domes around each Cosmodrome and around each Comosphere Base in particular. They were obviously defensive weapons of some sort.

There were heated discussions about what they might be. Actually, they were Rail Guns. I shall not spend more time on them, if you want to know more, do your own research. The information is available to the public. For now, I will just say the Rail Guns cannot be deflected by electronic defenses.

Because of the arguments over the uncertainty of success, the attack was called off five hours before launch time. It was rescheduled. IT WAS RESCHEDULED FOR FEAST OF TRUMPETS, ROSH HASHANAH, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1990.

This last one was also rescheduled and that date also passed. The time was again reset for a later date for the launch of Nuclear War One. Guess for when the new date was set?

Please review the first paragraph of this paper. I will copy it for you here:

"As I begin writing this report, the news is telling about a strange USAIR airplane crash in Pennsylvania. Next day a plane crashed in Moscow. CNN told about a fireball that was reported from Bakersfield, California, to Medford, Oregon. They said it occurred about 6 or 6:15 in the morning on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 (1994) and was so bright that the light shining through windows woke up some people.


They showed a house in San Rafael with a hole in the roof from a piece of something falling from the sky. An Ariane rocket was launched from French Guyana and was LOST, a day before. Several earthquakes have occurred in California, including one that CNN showed on a map, southwest of Lake Tahoe. About 15 minutes later, CNN began telling about the Space Shuttle firing lasers at Earth and showed a view of Earth, with Lake Tahoe in the upper right corner of the screen.


If you put the two together, then you can see that the "Columbia" Space Shuttle is firing laser beams at Earth ’for environmental purposes,’ precisely where the earthquakes are occurring. The President went to Camp David, then when the President returned (?), a plane crashed into the White House. Later he gave a speech in a room of the White House, then just after he left a fire broke out in the room. Rosh Hashanah is recently passed, and Yom Kippur is coming up.


The President has ordered 8,300 Navy, 1,800 Marine and 4,000 Army personnel along with 15 or 20 warships to "[prepare to]" invade Haiti."

Now, as I finish this article, as I am typing this the TV is telling that Carter and Colin Powell have arranged for the invasion of Haiti to be called off.

The payload launched from Guyana was a relay mirror satellite for the weapon carried on "Columbia." It was to be fired into earthquake lines in Southern California to trigger bombs that have been placed there, to set off earthquakes. The resulting destruction would allow the government to bring in FEMA and declare martial law.

There are presently thousands of Russian troops across the border in Mexico and Baja California.


The headline of the August 1994 "Criminal Politics" newsletter says,

"International Zionism Planning War in Mexico, 300 Tons of Soviet Hardware Landed in Veracruz."

Recent articles in "SPOTLIGHT" newspaper and several other newspapers across the country, including the "San Francisco Chronicle," have reported on thousands of Russian troops and military equipment presently seen inside the U.S. Clinton called two aircraft carriers into the Caribbean and called up the Reserves (usually, you call up the reserves when you are losing the battle!).


The relay satellite for the Shuttle was shot out of the sky by a "FLYING SAUCER."

The USAIR flight that was shot down, probably by a Russian beam weapon (the pilot said "traffic," and the cockpit recorder recorded what is described as a "WHOOMP, WHOOMP" sound) WAS CARRYING PAUL OLSON, WHO HAD JUST TESTIFIED CONCERNING AN UPCOMING DRUG TRIAL.

CNN is talking about the Shuttle in orbit firing lasers at Earth. The President just happened to be sleeping across the street when an airplane crashed into the White House, and later he gave a speech in a room in the White House and walked out and a fire broke out where he had just been.

September 6 was Rosh Hashanah and September 15 was YOM KIPPUR. Today as I finish this article it is September 18. I had to work, today, at a trade show. One of my customers was a Russian. I have a man (whose boss is Secretary of State Warren Christopher) speaking on audio cassette tape saying he PLANTED A NUCLEAR BOMB UNDER THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS IN AUSTIN.

Friends, there is much more that I could say, but I am tired. It is time you started doing YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. That is, if you care. DO YOU?



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God did not say, "Righteousness will make you free."


He did not say, "Obedience shall make you free." Obedience to a preacher, pope, pastor or guru WILL NOT DO IT. Neither will counting beads, ringing gongs, sitting cross-legged or chanting mantras. HE SAID THAT "THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE." (John 8:32)

We have lost a great deal of our freedoms, (and what is so appalling, most people are not even aware of it!) and are fast losing the rest. This must mean there is not much truth known and being taught! It is time we search for real truth!
I have been asked for the rest of the story about what happened with the American Space Shuttle Program, so I will try to add more information as I have a chance. Now to continue the story.

In my previous writing, I said that the "End of the World" was set for 3:00 PM E.D.T., Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets), Friday, September 17, 1982. At exactly 3:01 PM E.D.T. all of Russia would be in darkness. When the Indian Ocean Satellite signal would arrive confirming the American Phantom aircraft attack, it would be followed within a minute or so by the EMP episode described previously. This would signal all U.S. military forces to launch a full scale "retaliatory" nuclear attack against Russia.

Obviously this did not happen, and I did not go into detail at the time about what really happened.

A syndicated article published by "NEWSDAY" said that on June 10, 1982:

"President Reagan stunned allies at the NATO summit by telling them that as far as he is concerned the Soviet Union is at war with the United States, European officials said last week. The statement, which came as the President was summing up his views on the two-day meeting in Bonn, so surprised the other heads of state that they remained silent, and NATO Secretary General Joseph Luns immediately adjourned the session, according to these officials who were present at the summit a month ago."

For several years prior the war had raged between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. There was just no public admission of the fact that the war was already under way between the superpowers.

On July 13, "Pravda" published a speech by Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Ustinov which said that the U.S. was orchestrating a trade, credit and technological war against the Soviet Union. He also gave a blunt warning to Washington that a:

"...pre-emptive first-strike use of nuclear weapons could not insure an American victory."

This indicated that Russia’s new leaders knew about the Reagan Administration plan to launch nuclear war soon and they were prepared to defeat the Bolshevik-triggered American first strike if it was carried out.


The Satanic Bolshevik-Zionist (Reagan/Begin) axis did not listen. They plunged right ahead with plans for all-out nuclear war.


They had a 5-part plan.

  • Part 1 was to stir up as much internal turmoil in Russia and her satellites as possible. This included sabotaging an Aeroflot jet which crashed in Moscow on July 6 (are any of you watching what is currently going on over there?)

  • Part 2 called for conditioning the American people for war (anything like that going on now?).

  • Part 3 of the plan involved the Space Shuttle Program.

"Columbia STS-1" was launched April 12, 1981, on the 20th anniversary of the first orbital space flight of Russian Yuri Gagarin (and about two weeks after the "attempted assassination" of President Reagan).


It was shot down by two Russian Cosmospheres. Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen were burned up when it crashed 85 miles south of Kazan in central Russia. A fake landing was staged at Edwards Air Force Base using the Shuttle "Enterprise" and actors.

"Columbia STS-2" was launched November 12, 1981. It supposedly carried Astronauts Joseph Engle and Richard Truly. In fact there were no human pilots aboard. It was shot down by Russian TU-144 jet airplanes using beam weapons, over the White Sea (near Finland on your map).


"Columbia STS-3" was launched March 22, 1982. It was supposed to orbit a special new Spy Satellite. It was hardened against attack from Russia’s space weapons and armed with a robot-controlled laser that could shoot back. In addition, the Shuttle itself was armed with lasers on this third try. It landed one day behind schedule on March 30, 1982 at White Sands.


That is, something landed. Astronauts Lousma and Fullerton successfully deployed a new laser-armed spy satellite then abandoned ship and entered an escape capsule and returned to Earth splashdown in the Indian Ocean. From there they were flown to White Sands Missile Range, where they later faked another Shuttle landing.

The "End of the World" was set for 3:00 PM E.D.T., Friday, Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets, September 17, 1982. However, what the Superspy Satellite found scared them into waiting, and the new launch date for Nuclear War One was eventually rescheduled for Feast of Trumpets, Thursday, September 20, 1990. This is where I left off in the previous article.

"Columbia STS-4" was launched June 24, 1982, with Astronauts Thomas Mattingly and Henry Hartsfield (STS is Space Transportation System). Its purpose was to deploy a satellite that would be used to confirm the Phantom aircraft attack which was then the go-ahead for launching the nuclear missiles upon Russian targets. The Attack Confirmation Sensor was placed in geostationary orbit over the Indian Ocean by an auxiliary rocket. It was a cryogenic satellite - that is, it was maintained at super-cold temperatures close to absolute zero. This cold state was intended to protect the satellite from detection by Russian space weapons which would be partially based on "heat" (infrared) sensors.

For several years prior to 1982 the American scientific Intelligence analysts knew that the Russians had a new technology for target acquisition. The Russian technique was not radar, nor was it any other conventional means of detecting and tracking targets. The technique was deadly accurate, reliable, and, unlike radar, impossible to jam. Analysts were convinced they had figured out what the Russian technique was.


They believed it was a Russian version of computer-enhanced infra-red detection.


This was then developed in the U.S. and was called CEIR (see-er). Shortly after development, a CEIR-equipped American laser was used to shoot down a Russian Cosmosphere. All objects warmer than absolute zero emit infra-red radiation. The warmer the object is, the more infra-red for sensors to detect it. The only way to hide from CEIR is, therefore, to reduce the temperature as low as possible. That is why the Air Force Attack Confirmation Sensor was a cryogenic satellite.

When our government tells us that the Shuttle payloads are carrying equipment to peer through clouds and electronic shields around planets and so on, don’t you believe it. They are trying to develop a weapon they feel will give them the advantage when they launch all-out nuclear war, which they have tried to do several times.


What do you think is really going on now with Korea, Haiti, Bosnia, Iraq, etc.?

Back to Shuttle mission #4. A liquid helium cooling system was originally used to keep the satellite only a few degrees above absolute zero, reducing infra-red emissions to nearly nothing.

The cryogenic design of the Air Force satellite was what gave the Bolshevik war planners so much confidence that it would succeed. They were sure that the Russians would be unable to find it in time to destroy it before it was used in war.

WRONG! The Pentagon Bolsheviks were wrong about the new Russian target-tracking technique.


It was not an infra-red technique at all; instead, it was a revolutionary system which detects the atomic vibrations of matter. The Russians call it Psychoenergetic Range Finding, or PRF. The Russians regarded it as their master secret weapon.


The longer it remained a mystery to the American Bolsheviks, the better it would be for Russia and so, when Space Shuttle #4 launched the Attack Confirmation Sensor in June, the Russians began the game playing.




Instead of destroying the satellite right away, they allowed it to be orbited successfully.


The Russians knew that the Attack Confirmation Satellite could do them no harm until war itself was about to begin, so they allowed it to stay there untouched for as long as possible. The result was exactly as expected: The long term survival of the Air Force Sensor convinced the Bolsheviks that they were right about Russia using CEIR. The Pentagon had walked right into a major intelligence blunder and the Russians were encouraging them to keep it up.

Throughout the summer Rockefeller cartel operatives within the CIA fed updates about the Pentagon war plan to the Russians. Those reports continued to say that the war timetable was remaining unchanged, targeted for mid-September, so the Russian Space Command let the Air Force Sensor alone for the interim time.

Meanwhile, the Russians began preparing in a totally unsuspected way for the moment when they would destroy the satellite. Those preparations had to do with Russia’s international telephone service.

MEN IN OUR COUNTRY WERE PLANNING AN ALL-OUT FIRST-STRIKE HYDROGEN BOMB WAR WITH RUSSIA! Our government, friends. THEY HAD A BACKUP PLAN. If something happened to the Attack Confirmation Sensor, they could still tell whether or not the Phantom planes took out the Russian space bases, because the attack would shut down the Soviet telephone system!

Or so they thought. In order to keep our Intelligence analysts from guessing what was afoot, the Russians resorted to a little disinformation in the right places. They created falsified leaks that there were unsettled conditions in the Kremlin, a power struggle (just like what is said to be going on over there right now).


The Bolsheviks in the U.S., who are always struggling for power, swallowed the bait completely. First, in June of 1982 the Soviet Union drastically reduced the number of telephone links to the West. They also made clouded threats to reduce service still further at a later date. The next major step was to suddenly cut off all automatic dialing service to and from the West.


The U.S. Bolsheviks were startled but still did not suspect what it really meant. They were too preoccupied with rumblings of trouble in China to worry for long about Russia’s telephones. On April 21 the Rockefeller faction scored a major gain, while all eyes were on the Falklands crisis.


The Bolshevik Admiral Bobby Inman was forced out as Deputy Director of the CIA and replaced by the Rockefeller man John McMahon. On June 24 the Shuttle was launched, and the next day a coup occurred when Rockefeller operative Alexander Haig was forced TO RESIGN and Bolshevik/Zionist (BZ) GEORGE SHULTZ took over as Secretary of State.


The World War III (Nuclear War I) date was set for September 17 (Feast of Trumpets), but on September 1 Communist Party Chairman Hu Yaobang dropped a bombshell at the Party Congress in Peking.


He declared that China should no longer ally itself with the U.S. against Russia; instead Hu said China should regard both superpowers as equal threats but at the same time he included some conciliatory language toward Russia and said high Russian officials would come to China to begin talks around mid-month at China’s invitation!

By disowning the Sino-American alliance, Hu Yaobang made it clear that the secret American Stealth attack-base IN CHINA WAS IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY. That base, located in Red China’s western Sinkiang Province, was essential for the intended attack on Russia’s two Cosmosphere bases in Siberia. That war base was the reason for the joint communiqué of August 17 by the U.S. and Red China concerning Taiwan.

The communiqué committed the U.S. to discontinue arms delivery to Taiwan at some future date in violation of Reagan’s past pledges. The communiqué was agreed to in order to head off a threatened shutdown of the Stealth base by the Chinese, but it was not enough to satisfy the Chinese. On September 6 former President Richard Nixon arrived in Peking, adding further to the troubles of the Pentagon war-planners (think about what has happened recently with Clinton-Carter, Korea-Haiti and such. THINK!)


Nixon had long been cooperating with the Rockefeller cartel. Nixon went to Peking as a Rockefeller envoy and one with far more credibility for the Chinese than anyone the Bolsheviks had. Nixon shocked the Chinese by confirming what Russian sources had already told them - that the Stealth base was about to be used in war.

Nixon then counseled them not to shut down the base outright at that time for fear of undesirable reactions by the trigger-happy Pentagon Bolsheviks. Instead, he urged the Chinese to start interfering with operations of the Stealth base by bureaucratic devices. That is one thing the Chinese are very, very good at, and they accepted Nixon’s advice.

By September 9 the American Stealth base in Sinkiang Province was effectively put out of action. Critical base personnel were tangled up in Chinese "red" tape, preventing them from reporting for duty. The Chinese were giving hints to Washington that all this was due to continued dissatisfaction over Taiwan but the real reason was that they wanted no part of a nuclear war with Russia and Russia would have taken that base right off the map.

The Kremlin received word through Rockefeller channels on September 9 that the Sinkiang Province Stealth base had been effectively neutralized. At that point the Russians could rest assured that even if the Pentagon went through with its nuclear attack plan, Russia’s Cosmospheres would survive quite nicely.


Russia’s critical space triad of strategic weapons COULD NOT BE DESTROYED.

The next Friday, September 10, there was a sudden total shutdown of most International Telephone service to and from Russia but, in order to send a message to America’s Bolshevik war planners, a few selected circuits were kept open. Those included Leningrad, Kiev, Minsk, and Tallinn. Their significance lay in the fact that none were targets planned for the initial Stealth attack.

The phone lines were cut off at 7:10 AM E.D.T., or 2:10 PM Moscow time.

Moments later the Russian Space Command went to work. A Russian Jumbo Cosmosphere was parked in a pseudo-orbit about two miles above the Air Force Attack Confirmation satellite. It had been there for well over two months - from the moment the satellite was launched into orbit from Space Shuttle #4.

By using its electromagnetic propulsion system at low power the Cosmosphere had remained on station instead of slowly drifting away as a normal satellite would and, parked as it was above the downward looking Air Force satellite, the presence of the Cosmosphere was never detected. The time had come!


The Cosmosphere aimed its beam weapon and fired. Shortly after 7:10 AM E.D.T. on Friday, September 10, there was very bad news for the Bolsheviks. At the newly operational Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs (which used Control Data Corporation computers) there was a sudden loss of signal from their Indian Ocean satellite.

At first they could not believe that their critical Attack Confirmation Satellite had been attacked. All sorts of things were tried in an effort to reestablish contact with the satellite - all to no avail. The satellite no longer existed! However, their attitude was, it really didn’t matter. America was going to be sucked into a totally annihilating war at any rate. We are speaking about reactions and actions regarding the planned war - not what was or was not actually possible.

As that Friday morning of September 10 wore on, the "Project Z" war planners were convened in crisis conference. The question was: What do we do now?

Someone suggested falling back to the back-up plan based on the telephones.

"We can still go with the back-up plan - every target in Russia that is attacked by our birds will be obliterated. If international telephone service to Russian target areas is suddenly cut off at zero hour, we can assume that our birds made it."

There is always someone who didn’t get the word. Nearly everyone yelled at him, "The Russian phones are already shut down!!" For a while there was an atmosphere of near panic. Some were sure that a first strike by Russia was sure to follow and that the Pentagon should push the Nuclear Button without delay.

Others argues that if that were the Kremlin’s intention, it was already too late - Russia’s missiles would be on the way already. Someone suggested that the whole Project Z war plan be aborted and rescheduled for later on.

Everyone agreed on one thing: without the Attack Confirmation Sensor, any attack on Russia had become far more risky. After launching the Stealth planes from Norway and Turkey, it would just have to be assumed that they had destroyed their targets. But, you see, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE! With the Attack Confirmation Satellite gone there would be no way to confirm that, so the all-out follow-up attack by America’s nuclear forces might run into a lot more than just the trouble which might have been expected. Not much has changed, friends, we are still ruled by snakes!

The Russians kept the International phone lines shut down for seven hours that day. They wanted to make sure that if the Pentagon Bolsheviks pushed the Panic Button, they would obtain absolutely no intelligence at all by monitoring telephone circuits. After the first two hours of the morning blackout, Secretary of State George Shultz was asked by reporters about it.


Shultz told them, "It is very significant," but would say no more.


The idiots still planned to go through with it, and the go-ahead was set for Rosh Hashanah. Project Z would continue on schedule. Meanwhile, every effort would be made to cut through the Chinese red tape that was restricting use of the critical base in Sinkiang Province. At the same time, it was decided to set other plans in motion, too, just in case Project Z should finally fall through.

The countdown continued until Z-Day, Friday morning on September 17. At about 8:30 AM in Washington, a well-known national newspaper reporter was interviewed on the Washington NBC radio station, WRC. The reporter of the "Washington Post" called attention to the war warning he had learned about as set forth herein.

He outlined the plan briefly for everyone listening in the Washington metropolitan area, and he added that,

"if the Pentagon did have such a plan, public exposure through information brought forth had probably reduced the chances that it would be carried out!"




The countdown was called off with less than five hours to go.


It has been rescheduled and aborted at least four times since then, including, as well as I can figure it out, the last time was Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) this past month (September 1994).

When ancient Israel was warned about Nebuchadnezzar, they said, "We are God’s people, God will protect us." The survivors were marched naked into captivity in Babylon. In 70 AD the Jews in Jerusalem said, "We are God’s people, God will save us." They all died.

I continually hear good people today saying,

"I can not do anything about it; I leave it up to God; it is HIS will."



(I Cor.13:8).

If you sit and do nothing, while your enemy works to destroy you, then you will be destroyed. Free Will is God’s Will. So be it. Have a nice day.


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by the Author

Many who read "Fire From The Sky" (Parts 1-14) were shocked at the story.


Some have said "I don’t believe it" or "It can’t be!" It is true, whether you believe it or not. For those of you who want to better understand, I will try to share with you some of the things I have learned. I will reveal here some more things that "our" government wants to keep TOP SECRET.

The "FIRE FROM THE SKY" material told of anti-gravity Cosmospheres, invisible ships, and other "far out" stuff such as "Psychoenergetic Range Finding." "Psycho" is right, you may think.

Before you make judgments about something about which you know nothing, why not try to learn more about it? This material is for those of you who wish to research and learn more about the subject.




Many top scientists are recently talking about "Universes" coming into existence out of "nothing" and such.


How can this be, isn’t this thinking a form of insanity?

Those of you who completed your brainwashing classes (I believe you called them college and university courses) a few years ago, may not be aware that the top scientists are now discussing about things coming into existence out of nothing, etc.

"Science News," Feb. 18, 1995, in an article called "Making universes, constants out of nothing" (p. 102) says, "Quantum cosmology posits that incredibly tiny universes spontaneously nucleate out of nothing." Weren’t we taught that "spontaneous generation" is along the line of "old-wives’ tales?"

If you stop and think, you will realize that the material universe had to come into existence out of "nothing," or else it had to have existed forever with no beginning. If you check current literature, you will find much discussion among top physicists, mathematicians, etc., about these questions.

For an example, read "Nothing’s plenty: The vacuum in modern quantum field theory" by I.J.R. Aitchison, "Contemporary Physics," 26(4), 1985, pp. 887-894.

Or see Yu. G. Itnat’ev, "Relativistic kinetics of an anisotropic plasmalike medium with damping in the field of gravitational radiation," "Soviet Physics Journal," 27(12), Dec. 1984, (English translation: Plenum, June 1985), pp. 1066-1069.


The article is about producing energy from a vacuum. Michio Kaku, author of "Hyperspace, A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension," speaks of empty space "bubbling" and the universe coming into existence from these "bubbles."

Fritjof Capra, in "The Tao of Physics," says:

The distinction between matter and empty space finally had to be abandoned when it became evident that virtual particles can come into being spontaneously out of the void, and vanish again into the void, without any nucleon or other strongly interacting particle being present... the vacuum is far from empty. On the contrary, it contains an unlimited number of particles which come into being and vanish without end.


Here, then, is the closest parallel to the Void of Eastern mysticism in modern physics. Like the Eastern Void, the "physical vacuum" - as it is called in field theory - is not a state of mere nothingness, but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world.


These forms, in turn, are not independent physical entities, but merely transient manifestations of the underlying Void. As the "sutra" says,

"Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form."

The relation between the virtual particles and the vacuum is an essentially dynamic relation; the vacuum is truly a "living Void," pulsating in endless rhythms of creation and destruction.


The discovery of the dynamic quality of the vacuum is seen by many physicists as one of the most important findings of modern physics. From the role as an empty container of the physical phenomena, the void has emerged as a dynamic quantity of utmost importance.


The results of modern physics thus seem to confirm the words of the Chinese sage Chang Tsai:

"When one knows that the Great Void is full of "Ch’i," one realizes that there is no such thing as nothingness."

This science of applying the physics of creating "something" out of "nothing" is variously called "energetics," "Psychoenergetics," "scalar electromagnetics," "orgone energy," "radionics," etc.

"Air & Space" magazine, June/July 1995, in the article by Frank Kuznik (p. 70) about making a vacuum, starts:

Can something ever come of nothing? Alex Ignatiev fervently hopes so. Ignatiev, a University of Houston physics and chemistry professor, is scribbling equations for that very process on a board in his cluttered campus office.

"Fer-De-Lance," by Col. T.E. Bearden, p. 106, #60, says:

Interactions which occurred between Krushchev and renowned physicist and Nobelian P. Kapitsa are of interest. Krushchev desired absolute defense of the Soviet Union so that the Soviets might be able to launch any action desired without risk of serious concern.


Kapitsa informed the Soviet leader that, if a means of total neutralization of foreign missiles was to be found, it could only come from a group of new principles in physics which was called "Energetics."

The term "energetics," of course, was contracted from "psychoenergetics," and is essentially the expanded physics/electromagnetics that this author (Bearden) has dubbed, "scalar electromagnetics."


Now you know what "psychoenergetics" in the "Fire From The Sky" document is the same as what T.E. Bearden calls "scalar electromagnetics" and the Russians call "energetics." (The Russian rocket that supplies their Mir [Russian for "World"] Space Station is called "Energia.")


Bearden has had a considerable amount of writings published on the subject. For a list of his books, contact the Tesla Book Company, P.O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912. To further track this information, take note of the following:

So about 1950 or so, the Soviet Union would have started phenomenology experimentation in earnest, with phase conjugate radar mirrors and phase conjugate radars. This is what was referred to as "energetics."


The Soviets began a massive program in energetics about the time of the beginning of the Korean War (p. 86, "Aids, Biological Warfare" by T.E. Bearden).

Building upon Whittaker’s important work, I formulated a conceptual revision to electromagnetics, which I dubbed "scalar electromagnetics" to accent that the observable EM vector force fields did not exist as such in a vacuum, but dynamic scalar fields did ["vacuum" is not empty]. I also wished to call strong attention to the fact that observable force does not exist until an observable particle of mass is coupled to the interference of the two scalar fields (much like in the Aharonov-Bohm effect).


The Soviets, of course, call this area "energetics."


Energetics technology has been used in gigantic weapons programs of the Soviet Union for decades, and it appears to be developed under the most highly classified program that the Soviets possess. All development and deployment of energetics weapons is under the KGB and controlled directly by that organization, not by the Soviet Armed Forces (p. 88, "Aids, Biological Warfare)."

P. 89 says scalar electromagnetics "allowed the direct engineering of the unified field theory, including structuring the vacuum, curving local spacetime, and producing effects at a distance [like shooting down aircraft] and in higher dimensions."

Please take special note of the above key identification terms "phase conjugate mirrors," as this helps us to identify this subject in other literature! At this point you do not need to understand what it is talking about, just remember the term.




We think of vacuum as zero, nothing, empty, nada, nichts, zilch. If we have 7 rocks and we take away 7 rocks, then we have no rocks, zero rocks. Later we learn that this is not always so.


If we have 7 pieces of matter and 7 pieces of anti-matter, when combined we have zero, although we actually have 14 pieces. You may say that they canceled out each other and you now have nothing. Think of what you are saying. Are you saying that 14 things can be combined and cease to exist and become nothing? Then isn’t it conversely possible that "nothing" can yield or be divided into 14 "real" "things."

In algebra we add seven plus-ones to seven minus-ones and get a sum total of zero, again in spite of the fact that there are actually 14 numbers. Bearden states it as: "Although zero is the absence of just a "single" thing, it can be the presence of "multiple" things" (p. 98, "AIDS"). You already know that "empty space" is not too empty - it contains radio waves, radar waves, gravity, cosmic rays, etc.


Even when these are removed, Bearden and others point out that what we think of as "empty space" actually consists of an incredible amount of positive and negative forces that cancel each other out and sum to zero, thus appearing to be "not there."


By "curving space" and such, some forces become "out of balance" and the result is light, or gravity, etc. Normally this is expressed as positive gravity, but under the right conditions, the gravitation force is reversed. This is called anti-gravity. And, yes, my friends, the Russians (and now others) have anti-gravity.

Note: For those readers who might already understand Bearden, I am aware that he says that force does not exist in a vacuum. ("But if force CONSISTS OF mass welded to acceleration, it cannot exist in the absence of mass.

Hence force does not exist in vacuum... Therefore neither magnetic field nor gravitational field exist in vacuum. The greatest error in physics has been the assignment of a force as a cause, and thus assigning it to the vacuum. The force is an "EFFECT," and it never exists in a vacuum, a priori." (Toward A New Electromagnetics Part 4: Vectors And Mechanisms Clarified, slide 14.)


The problem is physics and electronics as taught in universities are WRONG and there are problems with definitions, so in this brief introduction, I will say things in a simplified way that may not be correct in a higher understanding, but are necessary steps in beginning to understand. My purpose is not to explain the mechanics of exactly "how it works," I am not qualified to do that. My purpose is to encourage you to break through your brainwashing and WAKE UP to reality and see who is your REAL ENEMY.


A "knowledge" of these things "IS" a MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.


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