Hitler’s advanced technology included intercontinental ballistic missiles, vertical takeoff aircraft, jet engines, cruise missiles, sound cannons, and many other advanced items.


The Allies captured plans for what became the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet. Among the most secret items captured were plans for flying disks, that were at first called "Krautmeteors." Based on the evidence, they were built as early as around 1933 and went into mass production in 1940. Scientists involved in these projects were Bellonzo, Schriever, Miethe and Victor Schauberger.

Schauberger developed the "flying hat" type disc that was later seen over the United States. The final version was the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus, as large as 135 feet and some up to 225 feet in diameter. They traveled over 2,000 km/hr and were planned to go over 4,000 km/hr. In 1945 they could reach a speed of 1,300 mph and an altitude of 40,000 feet in less than three minutes. The Germans developed the Delta wing craft, and were working on stealth technology, etc.

Many pilots saw the strange craft over Germany.


However, as soon as a craft was built, Hitler ordered it disassembled and shipped somewhere - probably Antarctica. None of the craft were captured by the Allies, although some of the scientists were captured and then mostly disappeared, but can somewhat be traced to Bell Textron and to places such as Area 51, which, surprise!, is infamous for its UFO sightings.

Here are some examples of news items during WW II concerning Germany’s UFOs, from the "New York Times:" "NEW YORK TIMES," December 14, 1944:

"Floating Mystery Ball Is New German Weapon. SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Expeditionary Force, Dec. 13 - A new German weapon has made its appearance on the western air front, it was disclosed today.

"Airmen of the American Air Force report that they are encountering silver colored spheres in the air over German territory. The spheres are encountered either singly or in clusters. Sometimes they are semi-translucent."

and, "SUPREME HEADQUARTERS Dec. 13 (Reuters) - The Germans have produced a "secret" weapon in keeping with the Christmas season. "The new device, apparently an air defense weapon, resembles the huge glass balls that adorn Christmas trees. There was no information available as to what holds them up like stars in the sky, what is in them or what their purpose is supposed to be."




The Falkland Islands War had more to do with Nazis than with Argentina, for more details of what happened please refer to the "Phoenix Journals."


The Germans, from their Antarctica base, began to infiltrate into Argentina, Chile, etc., and bought large tracts of land and swept up corporations. They also invested in corporations in Germany and elsewhere, with plans to make a comeback. They used the German treasury, captured treasure from other nations, and counterfeit American currency printed on real U.S. currency printing plates given to the Russians and captured by the Germans.

Some plates were stolen by Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Harry Dexter White (real name Weiss) under Henry Morgenthau and sent to the Soviets for use in occupied Germany.


He also arranged for the mass theft of tons of our special money-paper. When J. Edgar Hoover went to President Truman with all the evidence that the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury was a Communist spy and thief, Truman of course removed Weiss (White) from his job - and promoted him to head of the International Monetary Fund. I kid you not, look it up.


The story has a rather common ending - when a controversy developed in the press concerning this incident, Weiss became a "suicide."




For more information on how the "economic miracle" was accomplished after the war by the Germans, you can read such books as "Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile" by Paul Manning

("...Bormann became the guiding force in the ’economic miracle’ that led to the rebirth of German industry and finance in the thirty-five years following political and military defeat.


In the waning months of World War II, as the Third Reich was tottering and finally crumbling in defeat, Bormann set up 750 corporations scattered among those nations that had remained neutral. Those corporations received the fleeing wealth of Germany and became the power base that enabled Germany to climb back to economic and political strength."  From flyleaf).

This book expands on the meeting in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944, mentioned in Michael Bar-Zohar’s book "The Avengers."


In 1986, while researching these subjects, we received 161 pages under a Freedom of Information search concerning what happened to the German treasury at the end of WW II. Many of these documents had been SECRET until declassification to fulfill our request. One document was No. 19,489, November 27, 1944, Subject: Transmitting Intelligence Report No. EW-Pa 198 [?, barely readable] by G-2 Economic Section, the Secretary of State, from Lt. Col. John W. Easton, Economic Warfare Division.

The cover letter stated,

"I have the honor to enclose Intelligence Report No. EW-Pa 198 by G-2 Economic Section, SHAEF ["Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces"], dated November 7, 1944, describing the plans of German industrialists for the post-war resurrection of Germany. Among the topics dealt with in this report are: patents, financial reserves, exportation of capital, and the strategic placing of technical personnel."

It is obvious that Manning quoted from these documents in his book on Bormann.

In describing the meeting of August 10,1944, in Stasbourg, some sentences in the documents stand out:

"German industrialists must, it was said, through their exports increase the strength of Germany. They must also prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground as Maquis (in Gebirgverteidigungsstellengehen). From now on the government would allocate large sums to industrialists so that each could establish a secure post-war foundation in foreign countries.


Existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the disposal of the Party so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat.


It is also immediately required that the large factories in Germany create small technical offices or research bureaus which would be absolutely independent and have no known connection with the factory. These bureaus will receive plans and drawings of "new weapons" as well as documents which they need to continue their research and which must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy".

The last sentences in this document are,

"After the defeat of Germany the Nazi Party recognizes that certain of its best known leaders will be condemned as war criminals. However, in cooperation with the industrialists it is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important members in positions with various German factories as technical experts or members of its research and designing offices."

Some of the documents were concerning

"Looted Gold (1945-1948). Accession Number 56-75-101, Agency Container Number 169, File Number BIS/2/00."

These documents concern Germany’s "looted" gold being transferred to the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.


One important paragraph (#9) says:

"It is clear both from correspondence and from testimony that the management of the B.I.S. during the war was ’in the hands of the Administration Council, in which the Axis representatives have an authoritative influence,’ and that in 1942 the Germans favored the reelection of President McKittrick whose ’personal opinions’ they characterized as ’safely known’."

Enclosed in the file is a clipping from the "New York Times," date not included but appears to be in 1945, that states:

"McKITTRICK SLATED FOR POST AT CHASE. He Will Take Over Duties as Vice President of Bank Here Next Autumn. Thomas H. McKittrick, American banker who has served as president of the Bank for International Settlements [B.I.S.] since the beginning of 1940, will become a vice president of the Chase National Bank of New York next fall, Winthrop W. Aldrich, chairman of the board of Chase, announced yesterday."

The article ends by quoting McKittrick:

"I realize it is my duty to perform a neutral task in wartime. It is an extremely difficult and trying thing to do, but I do the best I can."

Another formerly Top Secret document declassified was "Subject:

Conversation in Switzerland with Mr. McKittrick, President of the Bank for International Settlements" from Orvis A. Schmidt to Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau, dated March 23, 1945. It describes McKittrick’s dealings with the real head of the Nazi banking system, a Vice President named Puhl.

"Puhl was described by McKittrick as a career banker who had been with the Reichsbank for some twenty years, who does not share the Nazi point of view... the Swiss National Bank said that in order to be sure they were not obtaining looted gold they had requested a member of the Reichsbank, whom they regarded to be trustworthy, to certify that each parcel of gold which they purchased had not been looted. The person who had done this certifying was Puhl."

Puhl was Reichsbank Senior Vice President Emil Johann Rudolf Puhl. He was in charge of taking booty into the bank and was in charge of it for the Nazis.


His Senior Shipping Clerk Albert Thoms said that they needed up to thirty men to help him sort and repack the valuables, which consisted of "millions in gold marks, pounds sterling, dollars and Swiss francs, 3,500 ounces of platinum, over 550,000 ounces of gold, and 4,638 carats in diamonds and other precious stones, as well as hundreds of pieces of works of art" (p. 226, "Aftermath," Ladislas Farago, Avon, 1974).


This material was shipped out of the country in Operation Fireland or Aktion Feuerland in German, which Farago explained in a footnote in his book on Bormann:

"The transaction was named ’Land of Fire’ after the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego at the southern extremity of Argentina and Chile, the area to which some of the shipments were originally consigned" (p. 228).


On the next page Farago said: "Only a relatively small portion of the SS treasure was impounded by Bormann and sent overseas in the course of Aktion Feuerland. Much of it is still missing."

Germany had developed self-sufficiency before the end of the war, and was manufacturing their own oil, produced "butter" from coal, invented powdered milk, developed freeze drying, learned to store flour indefinitely, were growing their food in greenhouses on chemical "soil," etc.


These projects were also necessary for survival of the secret UFO force, which Hitler called the "Last Battalion," at the Antarctic.

The counterfeiting of British and American money was under Operation Bernhard. The fake British notes have been often discussed in books and articles about Bernhard, but the fake American currency is not as well known.


Recently the U.S. announced that it was issuing new money to counteract the counterfeit, which was said to be coming from Saddam Hussein and Lebanon. It would be more correct to say it is coming from South America, but that money is supposed to all be drug money. Life gets complicated.

When "CONTACT" newspaper first ran the series on "Fire From The Sky," it followed with a reprint of the information about the truth about the Falkland Islands War. In that series, it revealed that the Russians, working with Rockefeller forces, defeated the British Bolshevik forces on South Georgia Island.

If you have not read that series, this information may not make sense to you. It is important to know that information, if you intend to try to understand what is happening. Nazi forces were involved in the Falkland Islands War, on the side of the Russians. This is hard to believe if you have no idea of what IS.

The Russians were nationalists, as opposed to the Zionist Bolsheviks who took their country away from them. The Zionist Bolsheviks were trained in the lower East Side of New York City and financed by New York and London bankers. They invaded Russia, killed the Tzar and many Nationalists and took over the government.

Can you begin to see how someone like Boris Pash, with a Russian Nationalist family background, could work with Nazi Gestapo and SS agents? Even the American General George Patton said we should have fought WITH the Nazis against the Bolshevik Communists. Patton said there was an international conspiracy of Zionist bankers who were the world’s problem (see "Patton’s Papers," Vol. 2, p. 735 for example).


In 1982, on April 20, Hitler’s birthday, the Russian/Rockefeller/Nazi commando force broke through and inserted a neutron bomb into the underground naval base at South Georgia Island.

For more of the story of what "really happened in the Falkland Islands crisis, read the January 17, 1995, issue of "CONTACT: The Phoenix Project" newspaper or Phoenix Journal #13, "Skeletons In The Closet.


(Contact," Inc., P.O. Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV 89126 or call 1-800-800-5565. For "Phoenix Journals," write Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc., P.O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, NV 89126 or call 1-800-800-5565. The phone numbers are the same, but the mailing addresses are different.)

Alexander Haig was the General representing the Rockefellers. In his book "Caveat," the chapter on the Falklands starts:

"On March 28, 1982, a Sunday, the British Ambassador, Nicholas ("Niko") Henderson, brought me a letter from Lord Carrington. A party of Argentineans, wrote the foreign secretary, had landed nine days earlier on the island of South Georgia, a British possession lying in the South Atlantic a few degrees above the Antarctic Circle and some 600 miles to the east of the Falkland Islands, a British Crown colony."

I’ll bet you thought the Falkland Islands War was about the Falkland Islands!

Much ado was made in the media about the conflict between Jeane Kirkpatrick and Alexander Haig. Kirkpatrick is a Zionist and was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She has a regular feature column in "The Jewish Press" newspaper, "The Largest Independent Anglo-Jewish Weekly Newspaper." Haig has had a long relationship with Henry Kissinger, to whom Haig became senior military advisor in 1969. Remember that Kissinger came out of the Paperclip Operation personnel.

In January 1982, Reagan replaced his national security advisor, Richard Allen, with William P. Clark, another Paperclip person, and who was Haig’s deputy. Nixon said,

"When you see the lights burning late in Henry’s [Kissinger] office, it’s usually Al Haig."

("War In The Falklands, the Full Story" by the "Sunday Times" of London Insight Team, Harper & Row, New York, 1982, p. 123.)


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If you doubt the fact that the Nazis never gave up and that they planned to continue the war after their defeat in Germany, and planned to make a comeback to finally achieve their goal, then perhaps you should read the following books:

  • Connell, Brian, "A Watcher On The Rhine," William Morrow & Co., New York, 1957. "Old wine in new bottles," how the Nazis have come back into power.

  • Horne, Alistair, "Return To Power," Fredrick A. Praeger, Inc., New York, 1956. "The struggle for unification, rather than any revival of Nazism, may one day force Germany out of the Western camp."

  • Tetens, T.H., "The New Germany And The Old Nazis," Random House, New York, 1961. "A frank and often shocking account which details how ’Hitler’s own’ have managed to return to power in almost every walk of German life..."

  • Winkler, Paul, "The Thousand-Year Conspiracy," Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1943. "Secret Germany behind the mask."

  • White, Theodore H., "Fire In The Ashes," William Sloane Associates, New York, 1953. The fire of Nazism in the ashes of Europe. Sayers, Michael and Kahn, Albert E., "The Plot Against The Peace," Book Find Club, New York, 1945. "...uncovers Nazi Germany’s secret plans for a Third World War."

  • Schultz, Sigrid, "Germany Will Try It Again," Reynal & Hitchcock, New York, 1944. Does the title give you a clue?

  • Dornberg, John, "Schizophrenic Germany," MacMillan Company, New York, 1961. "Is the new West Germany of the postwar years as democratic as we have been led to believe, or does Nazism still smolder?"

  • Lord Russell, Brigadier, of Liverpool, C.B.E., M.C., "Return of the Swastika?" David McKay Co., New York, 1969. Russell was part of the Nuremberg prosecution team.

There are more, these just happen to be the ones in my personal library.


I read them, mostly about 20 or 30 years ago. I do not mean to give the impression that Germany is the source of the world’s problems; Germany has simply been a part of a much bigger picture.


Other valuable books that will give you insight are:

Bacque, James, "Other Losses," Stoddart Publishing Co., Canada, 1989.

The truth about how Eisenhower murdered thousands of German prisoners of war AFTER the surrender. Many of those starving soldiers and piles of dead bodies you have seen in atrocity photos were NOT Jews, they were Germans.


Don’t argue with me, read the book. General George Patton wrote in 1945 that Eisenhower was using "practically Gestapo methods" in torturing and killing German POWs. You can obtain the book probably from "Spotlight" Newspaper if you can’t find it otherwise.

Sutton, Anthony C., "Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, ’76 Press, Seal Beach, Calif., 1976.




Albert Einstein is a good example of another deception and hoax involved with the atomic bomb program.


When many people think of the atomic bomb they think of Einstein. He was presented as the world’s greatest scientist, and a hero of the atomic bomb program. Upon closer inspection, you will find that his major contributions were his use of his influence to obtain President Roosevelt’s support for the bomb and he was the one personally responsible for bringing the major Communist atomic spy Klaus Fuchs into the Program.


The Russians know nothing about the atomic bomb until Fuchs brought it to their attention in 1942. ("Heisenberg’s War," p. 524).

Thanks to Fuchs, (and to a massive amount of Secret material illegally shipped through Lend-Lease) they were able to explode their own bomb in 1949. Einstein was a communist cell member with Fuchs. Fuchs was the top scientist on the Manhattan Project and he gave the atomic secrets to the Soviets. (Jordan, George Recey, "From Major Jordan’s Diaries," Harcourt, Brace and Co., New York, 1952.)

We are taught that Einstein is the author of the Theory of Relativity, yet evidence has come for the proving that the real author was Mileva Maric, Einstein’s first wife.

Einstein had a reputation at the Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich of being a man with poor work habits and was often reprimanded for laziness during all his school years, including the University. He developed a romance with classmate Mileva who helped him with his math.


His autobiography says "In my work participated a Serbian student Mileva Maric who I married later."


She had an illegitimate daughter in 1902, which they gave up for adoption. They got married in 1903, separated in 1912 and divorced in 1919. This is when Einstein married his cousin Elsa. The original manuscript of the "The Theory of Relativity" submitted for publication had Maric’s name on it as co-author.


For more proof, see the article "Theory of Relativity - Who is its Real Author?" by Dr. Rastko Maglic and J. W. McGinnis, President, International Tesla Society, in the Jul/Aug 1994 issue of "Extraordinary Science" magazine, which contains references for further documentation.


Einstein was a hoax and fraud saddled on the scientific community to prevent them from learning too much and to promote Jews as being superior, sort of Nazism in reverse.

Einstein’s famous equation "E=MC2" is WRONG, or at best only partially correct.

  • His definition of energy is WRONG

  • His definition of mass is WRONG

  • C is defined as the top speed possible for anything

  • Then it is squared, which would be even faster and thus contradicts the definition

  • Light is described as a constant, which is WRONG as defined

  • In a higher understanding, light does not move, our perception of the speed of light is WRONG

Those who REALLY understand, and who can prove it by creating matter out of "nothing" for instance, say that the original WHITE LIGHT is invisible and still. Read books by Walter Russell for more information.

Einstein was a Zionist with membership in at least 16 Communist front organizations such as Friends of the Soviet. Einstein was head of the Jewish Black Book Committee, which was listed as a Communist front in the 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee Report.


The correct science being discovered and revealed by such as Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Tom Bearden, Andrija Puharich, etc., was suppressed to prevent humanity from achieving energy independence (and thus political and military independence) from the Rockefeller / Rothschild oil/nuclear energy barons.


This same technology leads to understanding of good health, and thus independence from the drug/medical crowd, who happen to be the same oil crowd crooks.




Rosbaud was one of Britain’s top spies in Nazi Germany.


He worked as scientific adviser for the publishing firm of Springer Verlag. He came to know Albert Einstein, Peter Kapitsa, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, Leo Szilard, Otto Hahn, and others of importance in the quest for the Bomb. Kapitsa was the one later credited by Tom Bearden with creating Russia’s advanced Tesla technology weapons.


Kapitsa won the Nobel Prize in 1978 for his work on the physics of low temperatures and very strong magnetic fields, areas that were pursued in developing anti-gravity platforms. Rosbaud was code named The Griffin. History books say that the Allies found out from The Griffin that Germany did not have the atomic bomb, and thus the military could advance with more confidence.


A book entitled "The Griffin" by Arnold Karmish (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1986, on page 199, chapter titled "Double-Cross" tells of this):

"On Sunday, December 26, 1943, the day the "Scharnhorst" was sunk, the major headline in the London "Sunday Express" was THE SECRET WEAPON MAY NOT COME OFF. Beneath it was a long and accurate feature article by Kai Siegbahn, the son of Lise Meitner’s reluctant host, Manne Siegbahn.


He explained the fundamentals of nuclear energy and described the prewar research. As for the bomb, Siegbahn concluded: ’Despite all the secretiveness about researching in the uranium problem, I venture to say that the uranium bomb is still non-existent, except as a research objective It is rather difficult to say if it is possible at all to construct such a bomb, but for the present it seems as if an essential link is missing for making the uranium bomb a reality.’

Even more remarkable, the "Sunday Express" went beyond Siegbahn’s opinion to assure its readers that ’it may therefore be a source of consolation to know that able Swedish atoms-scientists believe that the Germans have not succeeded in creating atom explosives.’ The "Express" explained its sources for the information by saying, ’Swedish scientists had close contacts with German scientists until the Germans recently arrested Norwegian professors and students.’ Among those recently arrested was, of course, Odd Hassel.

"Press security on the atomic bomb was extremely tight in the United States and even tighter in Britain, so the article’s appearance seemed at first a puzzle. The "Express" was owned by William Maxwell Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook, formerly minister of war production and now lord privy seal. Lord Beaverbrook was intimately familiar with the history of the atomic bomb project and its present course, and he was in constant touch with his editors about what they should print. It was quite clear, then, that Kai Siegbahn’s article was no accident - but what was its purpose?


"It was not hard to discern the reassuring purpose of the message to the British public. Rumors about Hitler’s secret weapons had been rife, and the actions against Rjukan had focused attention on the bomb. But the Gestapo and the Abwehr also read the British papers.

"From the exploit of Jacques Allier to the attacks on the Norwegian installations, the Germans had kept reading the lesson that heavy water was essential for atomic research and that the Allies would do anything to halt production. Now, an article by a distinguished neutral scientist - apparently published with official approval - carried the strong implication that the British were still in a research stage and without much hope of ’making the uranium bomb a reality.’

"The article was, of course, a deliberate SIS plant, conceived in the Double-Cross Committee (The XX Committee), chaired by John Masterman of MI-5."

Lies were and are standard operating procedure for both sides.


The article continues:

"The top SIS expert on the Abwehr was Frank Foley [who worked with Masterman] of Section V, so he was recruited to the XX Committee as a senior advisor. In the early months, his work was interrupted by a special assignment, conducting the lengthy interrogation of Rudolf Hess. When he returned four months later, Foley took up the deception business once more."

So you see that the ones involved with lying about the bomb were the same ones very interested in what was said by Rudolf Hess.


Hess’ information remained highly classified long after the war, until he was recently murdered so that they could close Spandau Prison and keep him from talking. In the book "Journey Into Madness, The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control And Medical Abuse" by Gordon Thomas, p. 152, tells of one of the heads of the CIA mind-control programs, Dr. Grant Cameron, going to Nuremberg to "establish the state of mind of Rudolf Hess." I wonder if that is "establish" as in "to determine," or as in "to create."

Rosbaud was a close friend with Goudsmit who ran Operation Alsos with Boris Pash. Goudsmit "formed a close friendship with Rosbaud that endured until Paul died" (p. 241).

After the war, Rosbaud formed Pergamon Press with Robert Maxwell. Maxwell went on to become a British "press baron" (p. 250, "The Griffin") and was working with the Israeli Mossad selling Israeli briefcase nuclear bombs like the ones used in the New York Trade Center bombing.


(Interview with Galen Winsor by Tom Valentine, "Radio Free America," March 23, 1993. These bombs were used by Special Forces as early as 1960 per Sgt. Joe Garner, "Army vet tested nuclear ’suitcase bombs’ in 60s," "Houston Chronicle," January 23, 1995. Also see "Backpack Nukes for ’Nam, Inside SF’s Super-Secret A-Bomb Project" in "Soldier Of Fortune," May 1995.)

The information that spy Rosbaud, who was Jewish, provided is mentioned in a U.S. Department of Justice memorandum dated April 26, 1955, which reads:

"[Rosbaud] returned to Germany determined to assist England and its allies at all costs. This he accomplished. The records in this matter contain official corroboration that Dr. Rosbaud remained in Berlin during World War II for the purpose of obtaining certain technical intelligence for the United States and the United Kingdom.


This information was extremely useful and invaluable for the allied cause and involved great risk on the part of Dr. Rosbaud. His activities on behalf of the allied cause were successful and of such importance that even today they cannot be disclosed and are still highly classified."

When you read the book, you see that the most important information that Rosbaud provided was the non-existent status of the German bomb. Yet, the exact details are still "highly classified."


So what’s the big deal, why is the information still above top secret (top secret items have been declassified)? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

Another curious "coincidence" is that, after Samisdat published the Nazi UFO information, two journalists from Springer Publishers flew to Toronto to interview Ernst Zundel (head of Samisdat) in person. Samisdat used to sell an audiotape of the interview.




Another curiosity is Goudsmit. He turns up in interesting places.


He supported Oppenheimer during Oppenheimer’s espionage trials. The APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, founded in 1952) "Bulletin," August 1975, contained information obtained from declassified (and well sanitized) CIA records concerning the Robertson Panel which was convened in 1953 to study UFOs. Dr. H.P. Robertson was an expert in cosmology at California Institute of Technology, director of the Weapons System Evaluation Group in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and a CIA classified employee.

The panel was convened by the Office of Scientific Intelligence of the CIA and included Dr. Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, theoretical physicist and Chairman of the Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratories. Goudsmit was rather a heavy dude to be "wasting" time on UFOs that the government maintained did not exist.


Other OSI panel members were:

  • Panel Chairman Dr. Howard Percy Robertson, on leave from his job as professor of Mathematical Physics at California Institute of Technology to be full time to OSI

  • Physicist Dr. Luis Walter Alvarez, University of California, Berkeley, a specialist in magnetism and microwaves (it was speculated that the Roswell UFO was shot down by microwaves) and according to UFO researchers a member of Majestic-12 and the Jason Group

  • Geophysicist Lloyd Viel Berkner, President of Associated Universities, Inc., which operated the particle accelerators of the Brookhaven National Laboratories (according to David Jacobs, "The UFO Controversy in America," Berkner "accompanied Admiral Byrd" on Antarctic expeditions. Berkner is generally listed as a member of Majestic-12 and the Jason Group)

  • Astronomer Dr. Thornton Leigh Page, Deputy Director, Office of Operations Research, Johns Hopkins University and formerly a physicist with "Naval" ordnance

  • Frederick Clark Durant, a rocket engineer

  • Astronomer Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, Ohio (home of Wright-Patterson) State University who was also a consultant to the U.S. Air Force Air Technical Intelligence Center (which did the UFO Blue Book Project)

The Panel interviewed a long list of Generals and Chiefs and other Big Boys and Heavy Dudes.

Fred Durant met regularly with Stuart Nixon, assistant to John Acuff, head of NICAP. (Timothy Good, "Above Top Secret," William Morrow & Co., New York, 1988, p. 349.) Durant worked with von Braun, Krafft Ehricke, Harvard astronomer Fred Whipple, Maryland physicist Fred Singer, Navy Commander George Hoover and others on Ehricke’s Moonbase and Marsbase projects.

Army General John Medaris was in charge of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency over von Braun and on March 20, 1959, received a directive for a study of a manned lunar base.

"General Medaris organized a crash effort to carry out the study, which became Project Horizon. Less than three months later, on June 8, the study was completed.

On the first page of the study (four or five volumes of which have been declassified), the conclusions are stated: Military, political and scientific considerations indicate that it is imperative for the United States to establish a lunar outpost at the earliest practicable date... Project Horizon represents the earliest feasible capability for the U.S. to establish a lunar outpost"

[Project Horizon 1959, vol. 1, p. 1].

(Marsha Freeman, "How We Got To The Moon, The Story of the German Space Pioneers," 21st Century Science Associates, Washington, D.C., 1993, p. 210.)

Ehricke worked with Dornberger at Bell until 1954 when he went with Convair Astronautics in California which was in charge of building space stations and the lunar base.


"The Washington Star," December 29, 1958, described the Convair station as "the brainchild of Krafft Ehricke." Durant, Whipple and George Hoover were part of the Office of Naval Research. Whipple’s assistant, J. Allen Hynek, was part of the Robertson Panel, as was Durant.


In UFO researcher William Steinman’s correspondence with Grant Cameron, he states:

"I contacted Dr. Alvarez in private, when he admitted that he did take part in the recovery of a saucer in Mexico. He would not go into detail concerning the events and who else was involved."

Steinman wrote the book "UFO Crash At Aztec" which is an excellent source for more information on these men. Unfortunately it is a large, heavily documented book but with no index.

Dr. Lloyd Berkner is also listed in "Assault On The Unknown, The International Geophysical Year" as the head of the American part of the International Geophysical Year study. He was radio man on the first Byrd Expedition to the Antarctic and developed the sounder that charts the radio-reflecting layers of the atmosphere. Berkner was Chairman of the Space Science Board of the National Academy of Sciences.


Operation Highjump is not mentioned, but Berkner was part of Operation Deepfreeze at the Antarctic in 1957-1958, headed by Byrd until his death, as were Werner von Braun and Frederick C. Durant. Berkner became a Navy Rear Admiral.

Another Antarctic scientist was Dr. Carl Augustus Heiland, who worked with Vannevar Bush and who was part of the on-site recovery team of the Aztec UFO crash (p. 85, "UFO Crash At Aztec"). He appears to be a Paperclip scientist, as he received his Doctorate from the University of Hamburg. Another very important scientist was Dr. Eric Henry Wang.


I will not go into his story at this time, except to quote Steinman:

"The subject of Dr. Eric Henry Wang remains one of the most touchy and sensitive areas in all ufology"

(p. 282).

Dr. Eric Wang was head of the Office of Special Studies of the Air Materials Command at Wright-Patterson AFB. He was an Austrian-born graduate of the Vienna Technical Institute and "a close associate of Victor Schauberger." (Hamilton, William F., "Cosmic Top Secret," Inner Light, 1991, p. 23.)


Steinman’s book has a whole chapter on Nazi German "flying disk" projects, many of which used Schauberger’s designs.

Goudsmit concluded that UFO sightings were "due to a formation of ducks or other birds." The official conclusion of the panel was that interest in UFOs was dangerous and that the situation should be downplayed and covered up. Jacobs said that Robertson showed the final report of the panel to General Charles Cabell, director of Air Force intelligence and later Deputy Director of the CIA in charge of clandestine operations, "who expressed satisfaction with it."

Cabell’s brother Earl was the Mayor of Dallas during the Kennedy assassination, and apparently was the one who ordered the motorcade to change routes into the ambush area. Earl later went to work for Howard Hughes.


General Cabell was the person who briefed President Kennedy prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Robert Groden in "High Treason" quotes Victor Marchetti as saying that Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Charles Cabell, and Richard Nixon "were all working together in the CIA’s Bay of Pigs planning operation." Kennedy later fired Cabell.


Cabell and Richard Bissell were in charge of the U-2 program. Lee Harvey Oswald was given a job within one week of his arrival in Dallas working on maps for the U-2 flights (Jim Garrison, "On The Trail of The Assassins"). In 1957, Oswald was a radar operator at the U-2 base in Atsugi, Japan.

General Cabell ordered the re-activation of Project Grudge on October 27, 1951, and on December 11, 1951, Major General John A. Stamford,

"having replaced Major General Cabell as director of intelligence, was given a full briefing of the service’s UFO program by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and Colonel Frank Dunn, chief of the Air Technical Intelligence Center."

(Flammonde, Paris, "UFOs Exist!" Ballantine Books, New York, 1976, p. 392-393.)

According to Leonard Moseley, "Dulles," p. 366, Bissell,

"was a friend of Frank Wisner, and had first met Foster [John Foster Dulles] when Eleanor threw a party at McLean for her brothers, Vice-President Nixon, Bob Bowie, and other members of the administration."

I don’t have the proof, but I’ll bet that Cabell and Bissell and Boris Pash were very cozy, especially when Cabell was second in command under Allen Dulles.


Recall that Wisner was the CIA head of the Gehlen Nazi spy group.


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JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, had a reputation of being pro-Nazi or at least pro-Hitler.


Joe was a bootlegger and a member of the Mafia, although he hated the Jewish Mafia (Mishpucka) boss Meyer Lansky (real name Maier Suchowljansky). He was U.S. Ambassador to Britain but was recalled because of his pro-Hitler viewpoint. His code clerk was Tyler Kent, which is a story in itself.

In the book "Final Judgment" by Michael Collins Piper, you will find a story about DeWest Hooker. Hooker was a good friend of both Joseph Kennedy and George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party. Piper tells of the arrangement made with Hooker and Rockwell to help JFK get elected. Hooker said, "Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, it was my work that got Johnny Kennedy in the White House."


I suggest you read the book, it is available from "Spotlight" Newspaper or Liberty Lobby. If I quote small portions from it you probably would find it too hard to believe! I assure you the story is true, for I know well the man who was the bodyguard and stenographer/scribe to Commander Rockwell.


When Senator Joe McCarthy was conducting the hearings on Communists in the government, his assistant, seated at the same desk beside him, was Robert Kennedy. The Senator at the desk beside McCarthy was Senator John F. Kennedy.


JFK was an "insider" who KNEW the source of the problems. When he became President, he fired the CIA heads, installed his brother as Attorney General, and said he was going to put the United States back on the silver standard, stop the Vietnam War, eliminate government involvement with the Mafia, and eliminate the Federal Reserve problem. It has also been reported that he was going to tell the truth about UFOs.


Ten days after he gave a speech at Columbia University making these statements, he was murdered.




When Dornberger went to work for Bell, Bell recruited another former German army scientist, Krafft Ehricke, "who had been an adviser on the German wartime atom bomb project" according to Jack Manno, "Arming The Heavens" (Dodd, Mead & Co., 1948).


We read a book that says Germany had no atomic bomb project, we read another that says they did. Manno said that Wolfgang Noggerath was brought in and put in charge of what became the Polaris missile. Willy Fiedler was brought in and made chief of planning of the underwater launch systems for submarines.

Let me summarize for you the story as presented. We Americans were far ahead of the stupid Nazi Germans, although we had not yet made any atomic bombs. As the war was ending, we sent in teams and frantically searched for the German atomic scientists.


We captured some of those dumb, incompetent scientists, quickly brought them to the United States in top secret programs that are still highly classified, we put those stupid losers in CHARGE of our projects, and we suddenly started making Atomic Bombs. An missiles - and satellites - and whatever else.

I just want to be sure you got the story straight.




Speaking of lies and deception, it would be reasonable to think that if our spy satellites were destroyed in 1977, as stated in "Fire From The Sky," then there would have been all kinds of repercussions and a lot of people who depend on those satellites would know about it. How was the truth kept secret?

One part of the answer is revealed in a book called "The Falcon And The Snowman" by Robert Lindsey (Pocket Books, New York, 1979). This book tells the story of Christopher John Boyce. Boyce went to work for TRW on July 29, 1974. TRW is the company that made the Viking probe that went to Mars and the satellites which provided General George Keegan with information on the Russian activities at Semipalatinsk and such.

Boyce worked in the top-secret "black box" section, he was the man with the keys and codes to access the vault. He had access to Projects Rhyolite, Argus, Pyramider and "Project 20,030" files, projects which involved spy satellite data coming to the American base at Pine Gap (code named Moreno), Australia, near Alice Springs.


He learned things that upset him, such as the CIA interference in Australian elections, the U.S. was lying to other governments, etc. Read the book for more of the story.


He began stealing and selling secret documents to the Russian Embassy in Mexico and in January, 1977, he was arrested and charged with espionage.

"It came out during the Boyce-Lee trial that data from these satellites goes to a readout station in Australia - but "not" the one that monitors the early warning satellites. Instead, the data goes to a CIA-run complex in a valley called Pine Gap. After the Pine Gap computers have processed the data, it goes to the TRW Defense and Space Systems headquarters in Redondo Beach, California"

(p.111, "The New High Ground" by Thomas Karas).

It was claimed that as a result of his selling secrets to the Soviets, the Soviets changed and encoded their transmissions, camouflaged their facilities, etc., so that the spy satellites suddenly no longer worked.


Stansfield Turner, director of the CIA, said the results of Boyce’s spying were "distressing, perhaps appalling."

As a result of his spying, we are told, the CIA no longer had satellite coverage of Iran, for instance, leading to the Iranian hostage crisis. Do you remember when the CIA was criticized for being surprised at the fall of the Shah and for not foreseeing the Iranian Hostage Crisis? In truth the U.S. DID know beforehand, as they orchestrated those events, but it is too much to try to cover here.


Oh, what a tangled web... NOTHING is as it is presented to the public by our media and leaders.

"Our intelligence community is in disarray. A major satellite intelligence system, developed and deployed at a cost of billions of dollars over the past decade, without Soviet knowledge, has been compromised by intelligence procedures as porous as Swiss cheese."

This was a statement made on December 8, 1878, by William Clements who was Deputy Secretary of Defense at the time Boyce worked in the Vault and who later became governor of Texas.

Would you be surprised to learn that Boyce may have been manipulated/set-up? Even the author of the book noticed mysteries:

"Why TRW would place a $140-a-week, twenty-one-year-old college dropout in such a sensitive national-security position in the first place is, at least in retrospect, a puzzle. Circumstantially, TRW’s decision to leave the Pyramider papers unlocked in the vault where Chris could read them shortly before his departure suggests they could have been left as bait. And there was the mystery of Daulton’s [Boyce’s assistant in crime] fingerprints on the circuit boards.

An FBI fingerprint expert testified that he had found Daulton’s prints on a circuit board from one of the encrypting machines in the vault. Yet both the two spies, when denials meant nothing regarding whether they might be convicted or not, insisted that Daulton had never entered the vault nor had he ever touched the circuit boards. And certainly, the presence of a U.S. Embassy official at the Soviet Embassy on the morning of Daulton’s arrest added another curiousity to the case"

(p. 422).

Boyce’s partner Daulton claimed that all along he was working undercover for the CIA.

"The affair of the snowman and the spy who called himself the Falcon was an episode that demonstrated amazing ineptitude on the part of the Central Intelligence Agency"

(p. 423).

Boyce’s defense attorney George Chelius later developed a lucrative law practice in Orange County, California, catering to businessmen and land developers (p. 427).

A similar event was when William Kampiles sold the Russians a complete manual on the KH-11 (sometimes called the Big Bird, but technically not the same) satellite in March 1978. Kampiles was an operations clerk at CIA headquarters and resigned in October 1977, just after the Russian destruction of our satellites. In February 1978 he went to Athens, Greece.


On February 23, he went to the Soviet Embassy and started making arrangements to sell them the documents. He was arrested and went to trial in November 1978 and was sentenced to 40 years. The facility at Pine Gap, Australia, is something that needs a closer look. Stan Deyo, in "The Cosmic Conspiracy," tells of a multi-national consortium at Pine Gap that have "radical atmospheric vehicles."


In other words, UFOs have been seen going in and out of Pine Gap. Deyo mentions that Dr. Vannevar Bush (claimed to be a member of MJ-12) made repeated visits to the area. Deyo says they are conducting research on crashed UFO residue at Pine Gap.

I will close this section with something to ponder: Astronomer Dr. James Greenacre and four colleagues at a conference on "Moon Problems" in New York in 1964 said that on 29 October 1963 they observed several colorful spots on the moon that moved in formation. One month later Greenacre observed the same phenomena.

The May 1966 issue of "UFO Nachrichten." Vol. 117, said:

"Prof. Dr. Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic size. Some were from 300 meters to 4.8 kilometers long. They were in motion while being observed through the telescopes.


Also, clearly discernible were numerous smaller craft approximately 150 meters in diameter, which moved past or alongside the huge craft, the ’mother craft’ occasionally changing color, as in the often-reported, pulsating style."

Keep looking up.


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