by Ed Dieckmann, Jr.

American Mercury, Winter 1969
December 27, 2006

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A classic 1969 article, investigating the "UNESCO octopus" comprising the Esalen Institute, the Tavistock Institute, Lucis Trust, the social engineers from the National Education Association, and the National Training Laboratories, G. Brock Chisholm, Carl Rogers, and the Human Potential movement of the '60s.



Auroville, India Early in May of this year, a courageous mother, Mrs. Lois Godfrey of Garden Grove, California, succeeded in getting sensitivity training outlawed, at least temporarily, in the Garden Grove Unified School District.


Mrs. Godfrey withdrew two of her children from a class in which the process was being used, then appeared before the school board where she was challenged to give a definition of sensitivity training, which she gave, having received it from me through State Senator John G. Schmitz.

The definition:

"Sensitivity training is defined as group meetings, large or small, to discuss publicly intimate and personal matters, and opinions, values or beliefs; and/or, to act out emotions and feelings toward one another in the group, using techniques of self-confession and mutual criticism.

It is also, 'coercive persuasion in the form of thought reform or brainwashing.' "

The second paragraph, admitting that sensitivity (human relations) training is brainwashing, is from page 47 of Issue In Training, a manual for group leaders published in 1962 by the National Training Laboratories (NTL) of the National Education Association (NEA). That is, from the main source of sensitivity training, from the "horse's mouth!"

Many people tell me that, in saying this comes from the horse's mouth, I miss the target by the length of exactly one horse.

I'm forced to agree with them.

For what we are talking about is communist group criticism, a destructive process that is used in every communist country every day to control the people, to force their thinking into the "correct" patterns; and to make sure that each person acts as the fearful and submissive member of a group, a "collective."

Edward Hunter, in his book Brainwashing - From Pavlov to Powers (1965), calls group criticism,

"The greatest threat against our society - the calculated creation of a national neurosis." Then he goes on: "The only Red defense has been to hush up the subject, because even to deny it would bring attention to it."




Pressure Has Increased

Realizing this makes it easy to understand why, since my expose in "Communism in Our Midst," American Mercury, Summer 1967, followed by "Hate Therapy," by Gary Allen, American Opinion, January 1968, the pressure and pace of the sensitivity assault have increased - with "voluntary" participation increasingly replaced by the frankly brutal insistence that sensitivity training be mandatory.

The outlawing of sensitivity training at Garden Grove has given added force to that reaction.


For it was at Garden Grove on February 26, 1969, that 2,000 teachers were forced to attend a seminar where psychologist Jack Frymer, of Ohio State University, told them that,

"They should go to sensitivity training sessions in order to know how to use ST on their pupils."

Already an attempt is being made to sneak the process back again under the name "Evaluation," or another program called "Social Sciences Framework." School Superintendent David Paynter has suddenly decided that "sensitivity training cannot be defined,"! and the battle rages on.

Carl Rogers, Ph.D., of the Western Behavioral Sciences Lab, and one of the chief pushers of ST, was so shaken that when he spoke at Cerritos College teat Long Beach on May 6, he refused to answer questions, stating,

"I do not know the audience."



Main Attack

But the main attack comes on a much broader front:

  1. Recently California Senate Bill (SB) 1414 set a pattern for repressive legislation in every state, providing, in its "Poverty" provisions, Section I, for inservice sensitivity training for all teachers under threat of losing tenure (their jobs) if they do not submit.

  2. In June, Robert Finch, of Health, Education & Welfare, announced plans for a national network (note word "network"), of "experimental and demonstrations schools dedicated to the innovative process." Translation: Sensitivity training for planned change.

  3. Again in California, that testing lab for "social engineering," SB 474 was introduced in June by Senator Beilenson (D), the same legislator who originated a bill in favor of abortion. No. 474 would allow group leaders in ST or Human Relations training to be licensed by the State, "to make sure they are qualified." This completely ignores the fact that, whether the group leaders are qualified or not, no one has any business forcing healthy people to take sensitivity training, "a perversion of group therapy that makes healthy minds sick!"

  4. To increase the pressure even more, The California Elementary School Administrators Association (CESAA), now promotes legal contracts with organizations teaching ST, such as the Far West Laboratory. These contracts are made with school boards not alert to what they are signing, "To evaluate curriculum, stressing human potential and development of the child." Again sensitivity training.

But the deadliest thrust is nationwide:

  1. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), a department of the NEA, now reaches into every state to force both teachers and teacher-candidates to accept ST for national accreditization. That is, an interstate teaching compact is being set up to enforce nation-wide standards of "teacher understanding," plus disciplinary moves against teachers or candidates who protest!


National Education Association

On September 23, 1968, the then President of the NEA, Elizabeth D. Koontz, got into the AACTE at a meeting of the association in New York.


Said she:

"The NEA has a multi-faceted program already directed toward the urban school problem, embracing every phase, from the Headstart Program to sensitivity training for adults - both teachers and parents."

Thus she revealed the real goal: involvement of the entire community in one gigantic laboratory of groups, exactly as in North Vietnam, Russia and Red China.

It is enlightening to know that this same Elizabeth Koontz, the first Negro president of the NEA and a known member of the board of SIECUS, the infamous "Sex Information & Education Council of the U.S.," was appointed by President Nixon, earlier this year, Director of the Womens' Bureau of the Department of Labor!

Synchronized with this attack by what, we must remember, is "coercive persuasion or brainwashing," was the announcement last February by New York University that it now offers a master's degree in sensitivity training; followed by Redlands University in California with its trumpet blast in May that it, too, starts ST this summer - and that it will be mandatory!

Thus a class of group trainers or "social facilitators" is coming into existence to "facilitate" the understanding and "correct thinking" of you and your children.


For the same thing is happening, sparked by AACTE of the NEA, at nearly every college and university in the United States, including any private or parochial school that is foolish enough to accept either Federal funds or a Ford grant.




Nixon Invited

It is somehow fitting and just, in view of President Nixon's appointment of Mrs. Koontz, that in Look magazine, June 10, 1969, Nixon himself, along with his entire staff, was invited to attend sensitivity training "in a series of interracial confrontations."!


Who invited him?


None other than Ralph D. Abernathy, of the Communist Southern "Christian" Leadership Conference, left hand man of the late Martin Luther King.

Although this information tells us very much, it is still necessary to ask where the force comes from that can react to the gradual awakening of the American people, to the dangers of sensitivity training, with such coordination and power.


What is the source, the origin, the Eye of the Octopus?




State Advisory Committee

A special advisory committee to the State Board of Education in California hinted strongly at this source on May 9, 1969.


Staffed by such courageous conservatives as Dr. Edward Klotz, former Special Assistant to the Board of Education, and Professor Harden B. Jones, of Berkeley (who made an extensive study of the Nazi use of ST in Hitler's Germany), the committee concluded that:

"Sensitivity training is being used by those who are in fact aligned with revolutionary groups acting contrary to public policy; that is, they intend to use the schools to destroy American culture and traditions."

The path to the Eye of the Octopus, where the destruction originates, extends much further than I at first supposed in 1967. But complicated though the path may seem, and cancerous in its meanderings, it is actually simple, in the way that an avalanche or a raging forest fire may be said to be simple.

Before we take that path it is essential to understand two things:

  1. The "far-out" methods of sensitivity training that have received so much publicity, such as the nude marathons, the body awareness, the intimate contacts and sexual permissiveness, are not allowed in communist countries. These types are only used on countries targeted to be softened and undermined for subversion and conquest.

  2. Sensitivity training, according to Melvin Anchell, M.D. of Los Angeles, is clinically desensitization and should be called "Insensitivity training."

With that as a foundation we can proceed without illusion, seeing our subject steady and clear, knowing it not only for what it is - but what it is not.

The Great Deceit (Veritas Foundation Staff Study: 1964), referring to the American socialist and one-worlder, E.A. Ross and his book Social Control (1901), points out that:

"The main interest of leftist socialists is to construct processes which are now lumped together under the popular term 'brainwashing' as a means of conditioning and indoctrinating the mind of man."

And further:

"The left-wingers have as their aim the seizing of all society. This includes not only all the wealth and political power, but also control, through conditioning and manipulation, of the mind and spirit of all mankind."

It should therefore come as no shock, to those who study the One-World Movement, to learn that the earliest One-World organization, The Order of the Illuminati, used sensitivity training.*

* Seventeen Eighty-Nine, American Opinion Review Series: 1968 PP. 85-86; More Stately Mansions, Robert Welch: 1964 P. 16, Item #8


[N.B.: in particular, see E. Michael Jones' Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, pp. 124-130, for the similarities between the confessional/self-analysis of the Illuminati (Seelenspionage; Seelenanalyse) and the psychoanalysis of Freud. - T.M.]



The Illuminati

Founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by the brilliant but degenerate Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati (Enlightened Ones) played a major role in the French Revolution, before going underground in 1795 and emerging, partially, in 1848 as the League of the Just, which hired Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto.

[N.B.: "major role" in the French Revolution, is an overstatement; 1793/94 is the date in which the Illuminati had gone completely underground (with the death of its second "General," Johann Joachim Christoph Bode, on December 13, 1793). That the League of the Just was, at the time, the latest incarnation of the original Illuminati, is a theory only; however, ideological continuity between the two - originating ultimately, from the teachings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau - is certainly apparent. - T.M.]

Sensitivity training, as it turns out, is the most poisonous legacy the Illuminati left us - and the main evidence we have that the Illuminati, as a part of the overall conspiracy, are very much with us today, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Before we probe further for the Eye of the Octopus, a brief recap is necessary.


We already know the following:

That the self-criticism of the Illuminati was revived in 1929 by the Soviet Secret Police for use on Russian citizens; while under the name of "sensitivity training" it was started in the U.S. with the founding of the National Training Laboratories of the NEA in 1946.


That in October, 1945, a Leftist Canadian psychiatrist, G. Brock Chisholm (image right), gave three lectures in Washington, D.C. which laid the foundations for both the "sex education" that is causing so much trouble today and sensitivity training.

Now Chisholm was invited to give these lectures by Alger Hiss and was warmly applauded by a Washington lawyer, Abe Fortas. It is easy to see why Fortas liked the lectures.

Not only did Chisholm advocate doing away with the "ways of the elders," by force if need be, but also insisted we must do away with the "concept of right and wrong;" start sex education in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades; fumigate "Mom and Dad" psychologically with self analysis, ST, that is; all with one race, one common humanity, as the goal in a One-World Government.

This, of course, but scratches the surface of the Chisholm world improvements; but we now know that a member of Chisholm's staff when Chisholm was Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), was Dr. Frank Calderone, husband of Mary Calderone of SIECUS fame. We are consequently not surprised again to learn that the "sex ed" of the kind now being pushed is sensitivity training and that's what is wrong with it!


All the ingredients are there: self-confession, the lack of right and wrong, group consensus, the "New Morality," and the only loyalty that toward One-World, as condensed in the World Citizenship Credo of the United Nations: "World Citizenship and Mental Health."


Get it? If you are so blind as not to perceive the blessings of One-World, you are less than healthy and ready for shock treatments.

In 1951 UNESCO, "United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization," brought the chain of power behind sensitivity training to a focus by imposing the UNESCO doctrine of "Social Health" on the United States. This was done through the U.N. Joint Commission of Mental Health, of which "our" National Education Association, with its National Training Laboratories, is a member.

What is the UNESCO doctrine of social health? Belief in One-World Government.

In that year 1951 the National Association for Mental Health, part of Health, Education & Welfare, and subordinate to UNESCO and WHO, announced:

"The principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered unless there is acceptance or the concept of world government."

And then:

"Our chief problem is... how individual and group resistance to change can be overcome."

Or do you prefer, "We shall overcome?"

As the late Congressman Usher L. Burdick put it:

"To bring this country into line to accept world government, many things must be done by the U.N. and her agencies, such as UNESCO. First of all, love of country is found by these conspirators to be very deep and hard to destroy. Here UNESCO comes into play, to teach these children, with specially trained teachers, that love of country interferes, with loyalty to a world organization, that they must transfer their loyalty to a world organization."

The "specially trained teachers" now come, in a steady stream, from the many teachers' colleges where sensitivity training is mandatory.

The American Legion, Department of California, declared, July 1, 1962:

"The international cartelist structure, through which the collateral descendants of 18th Century Illuminists control the U.S. Government and its people today, is represented by the subversive Council on Foreign Relations."

Of course.

Anyone who has read Gary Allen's article on the C.F.R.* is aware of the interlocking directorates, memberships and influences that make the world conspiracy what Hilaire du Berrier has aptly called, "A Basket of Eels."

* "The C.F.R Conspiracy to Rule the World," American Opinion: April 1969.

The Eye of this particular Octopus, then, is UNESCO.

But something is missing. The other eye.

For that trail we go to The Esalen Institute between the Pacific and the pines of Big Sur. The only note of optimism I have is that Esalen is named after an extinct Indian tribe.

From now on, hold tight.

Abraham M. Maslow, Ph.D., President of the leftist American Psychological Association, on the staffs of both Brandeis University and Esalen, has called Esalen,

"Potentially the most important educational institution in the world."

He ought to know.

For although this strange collective of huts, halls, and swimming pool has only been active since 1964, it has "serviced" more than 150,000 of the curious, the weak, and the sinister, in search of their "human potential," including teachers from the CTA:

California Teachers Associations.

The chief characteristic of Esalen, once you get past the first shock of the obvious degeneracy, is the unmistakable evidence of widespread overlapping and cross-fertilization.


The National Training Labs are very much involved in Esalen; and Carl Rogers, advisor to Esalen and member of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute at La Jolla, California, admits that, "all groups start from the NTL."

Not only does Esalen have a weekly program over San Francisco station KQED, but the staff and advisors includes psychiatrist Frederick Perls, developer of gestalt therapy, "a hostile personality," according to a woman who questioned him once about the value of sensitivity training.

Then, of course, there is S.I. Hayakawa, now permanent president of San Francisco State College, a staunch advocate of sensitivity training an advisor to Esalen.

There is also William Schutz, Ph.D., who, when I debated him on the Joe Dolan Show in Oakland last February, gave me the opportunity to point out to the audience, not only that the Nazis used sensitivity training in their "Strength Through Joy" movement, but that Schutz, by the sheerest coincidence, is the author of a book on ST whose title is JOY.

But I grow lyrical and, while that's easy to do with Esalen, it's not proper when dealing with an octopus.

We have seen that all groups start with the NTL and that the NTL-NEA combine is prominent at Esalen.




European Network

Now let's shift our focus from Esalen to the NTL and its double headquarters at Bethel, Maine; and Washington, D.C. (1201 16th St., N.W.).


We find that a web of NTL programs is being conducted in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nigeria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, West Germany, Australia and New Zealand!


This European network extends from England and the Tavistock Institute, University of Leicester, to the Institute of Social Research, University of Vienna, Austria; The Technological Institute in Denmark; and the Netherlands Pedagogical Institute at Zeist.

In Germany, The German Productivity Center; in Sweden, the State Technological Institute; and from there, always under NTL control, the network spreads to six centers in France, foremost of which is the Social Psychology Laboratory of the Sorbonne (scene of the leftists riots, May, 1968), and the National Association for the Development of Humane Sciences, at the Universities of Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

It is instructive to know that, in September, 1969, sex "Family Life" education started in the schools of West Germany.




India and Pakistan

Tempting as it is to take a closer look at this sub-network in Europe, the NTL programs on the other side of the world, in Pakistan and Socialist India, demand our attention.

For several years Pakistan, split into East and West by Northern India, was "beneficiary" of sensitivity training from the NTL trained School of Public Administration, UCLA, before the communist-led riots tore that divided country even more apart last year. The smug report of liberal Associate Professor Robert Abramson: Techniques of Sensitivity (Human Relations) Training and Their Application in Pakistan (UCLA: 1967), makes it only too clear what an impact ST had on that unhappy land.

India and Pakistan. Have we hit on something?

Consider this. Michael Murphy, owner of Esalen, is an unusual character. Just being the brother of Dennis Murphy, author of The Sergeant, now a movie about a homosexual sergeant in, of course, the U.S. Army, makes him unique enough.

But in 1948-'49 Michael Murphy studied in India at a place called Auroville. Auroville is on the east Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, just outside the former French city of Pondicherry.

As coincidence would have it, young Mike studied collectivist doctrine under a "guru" who in reality was an old Marxist revolutionary named Sri Aurobindo. The gentle Aurobindo was a Cambridge graduate born in 1872 and had once in 1908, been jailed by the British for a very ungentle bomb plot.

He died in 1950, but not before indoctrinating Murphy in what he must do, as well as laying plans for a much larger Auroville and Ashram or Growth Center. Aurobindo's wife, now 92 and known as "The Mother," became and remains titular head of Auroville, "the Planetary City."

Murphy returned to the U.S. and, almost literally, went into a cocoon, while the world changed and Western civilizations, as we know it, became hell-bent for suicide. Then, in 1964, Esalen sprang into being on Murphy's land in Big Sur, midway between Hearst Castle and Monterey.


Miraculously, it was revealed that the Growth Center of Auroville in India was ready to grow.


Just as miraculously, or so it seemed, the Growth Center of Esalen was joined by other "Ashrams for human potential" throughout the U.S. and Canada:

  • Adanta, Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia

  • Admare - Bowling Green, Ohio

  • Berkeley Center for Human Interaction - Berkeley, Calif.

  • Boston Tea Party House - Boston, Mass.

  • Bucks County Seminar House - Erwinna, Pa.

  • Cambridge House - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Casaelya - San Francisco, Calif.

  • Evergreen Institute - Littleton, Colorado

  • Gestalt Therapy Institute - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

  • Human Resources Development - Hidden Springs, New Hampshire

  • Kopavi, Inc. - St. Paul, Minn.

  • Laos House - Austin, Texas

  • Oasis (Midwest Center for Human Potential) - Chicago, Ill.

  • Ontos - West Chicago, Ill.

  • Orizon - Washington, D.C .

  • Plainfield - Plainfield, New Jersey

  • Shalal - Vancouver, Canada

  • Synergia - Montreal, Canada

  • Sky Farm Institute - Calais, Vermont

  • San Francisco Gestalt Therapy Institute - San Francisco, Calif.

  • Shadybrook House - Mentor, Ohio

  • Tarry Town House - Tarryton, New York

  • Wainwright House - Rye, New York

And miracle of miracles, the growth of the "awareness" centers multiplied, as though from the splitting of an amoeba, into something called "Intentional Communities," 69 of them, all the way from The Children of Light Commune in Gila Bend, Arizona, to Magic Mountain (Spartacist), Seattle, Washington; and many others in Canada, Japan, Central America, France, New Zealand, even Israel.

Do you suppose we should take another look at Auroville?

The first thing we notice is that the Auroville center has indeed had a tremendous growth since the death of its founder 19 years ago, and that it is now a small city with an expected population for the near future of 50,000 from all walks of life and all countries, all believers in,

  • one-world

  • one race

  • one government

The second thing to notice is that Auroville receives, and has received for years, the hard financial support of that first Eye of the Octopus, UNESCO. It is this hard cash that has encouraged French architect, Roger Anger, to develop,

"concrete plans for Auroville to be a model city for the whole planet."



Equals One

But even before you digest that, be advised that Auroville publishes a magazine with the strange, but revealing title of Equals One.


The "magazine" is actually an esoteric pink package of arty booklets, obviously to appeal to the idealistic novice worker for One-World Brotherhood, each booklet taking him from "service to mankind" to the higher mysteries, until finally the highest mystery or "illumination" of all is revealed: the real goal of the organization, world dictatorship - the exact methods and goal of the 18th Century Order of the Illuminati.

Coincidence? Where do you suppose you apply for a year's subscription to Equals One?

Well, you could write to:

Navajata, General Secretary,
The Auroville Office and the Sri Aurobindo Society,
Pondicherry 2, India.

But why bother?

It's much easier, and faster, to send your $6.00 to:

The Lucis Publishing Company
866 United Nations Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10017

Address your letter to Jack H. T. Albert.

And as you do, be also advised that the Lucis Publishing Company is the former "Lucifer" Publishing Co. (something about that name bothered people), and the publishing outlet for Lucis Magazine, the official, self-admitted magazine of today's Order of the Illuminati.




Lucis Magazine

Owned by the Lucis Trust, Lucis Magazine is published by the Pre-Nicene [Gnostic] Publishing House, B.C.M. Consortium, W.C.I., London, England, and edited by a mysterious Italo-Englishmen Richard Duc de Palatine.

A researcher on the West Coast, who I dare not name because sources of information would dry up, tells me that The Illuminati use several fronts, one of which is The Order of Pleroma, in Los Angeles. Headed by one Stephen Heller (as fitting a name as Lucifer), it is connected with The Anderson Institute, a sensitivity training organization advertised in The Free Press, and other underground papers.

All this is just wild coincidence - and if you don't think so just ask any member of the staff of Esalen. But still something is missing. There must be a center; that is, a control for the direction and coordination of the other centers.


We find it deep in what we suddenly realize is another front:

Deerfield Foundation
Editor: Mrs. Earl Hubbard [that is, Barbara Marx Hubbard]
Lakeview, Conn. 06039

This magazine, which advertises itself as "A network of communication for those forming a coalition of concern for man's future," was started in 1967 and is stabilized on a line running from Auroville in India to the Temple of Understanding in Washington, D.C.


Incredibly, the Center Letter, if Letter No 8, 1968, is to be believed,

"is being sent to libraries and schools throughout the world, as a public service"!