by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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Michael Wolf, MD, Ph.D., ScD, JD, is scientific consultant to the National Security Council's Special Studies Group (popularly known as MJ-12). In December, he began a new series of disclosures to the author. These are not "leaks", but are sanctioned by the U.S. Government under its "Processed Release of Information" program.


It is my conclusion that other prominent participants in the government's Acclimation Program include:

  • Colonel Philip Corso, U.S. Army (ret.)

  • Colonel Steve Wilson, U.S. Air Force (ret.)

  • ambivalently, Colonel Donald Ware, U.S. Air Force (ret.)

The latter have also been in communication with the author. This report is a follow-on to the previous report on disclosures by Dr. Wolf which appeared in NEXUS. [1]

Commenting on the U.S. Government's Processed Release of Information program, Dr. Wolf stated that the "Powers That Be" [reactionary global control elite, aka Cabal] resist disclosures, and want the pace of any information release to be glacially slow. They fear that if Star Visitors technology gets out into the public domain, (such as petroleum-coal-natural gas-uranium-replacing Zero-Point Energy, as well as pharmaceutical industry-replacing Star Visitor curatives for almost all diseases), that the elite's near-monopoly on wealth and power will be broken.


Indeed, Wolf said that the government has operational cold fusion "in the back room".

"We have modules that will restore [polluted] sea water to its natural state, as well as devices which connect to condensers and storage devices that produce unlimited energy."

But, so fearful are those super-wealthy power-brokers of Star Visitor technology replacing their crude and polluting assets, that a considerable amount of Black Project funds for the Project MILSTAR grid of DSP-1 UFO-surveillance satellites come from Oil States. [2]


Dr. Wolf angrily retorted to the elite's selfish fears,

"We need to cut through the crap!"

During our conversations I challenged Dr. Wolf that the disclosures he has made only come to the attention of that small percentage of the public with a special interest in UFOs, (because of the controls on the mass media against covering this subject thoroughly.) Thus, I pointed out to Dr. Wolf, he could be being played for a "useful fool" by those "Powers That Be", in dribbling out rationed tidbits of UFO information to the tiny boutique of UFO magazines, thus having the unintended effect of cooperating in the delay of full and public disclosure.


Wolf dismissed the "useful fool" possibility, sharing that he has given a warning to his bosses at the National Security Council, including General Bob _______, that Wolf will stop playing a role in the Processed Release of Information program,

"unless they get to the core of the problem: letting governmental and military witnesses (to UFO/Star Visitors reality) get out and speak," and be allowed to testify at open televised hearings.

The UN maintains an unacknowledged Special Intelligence Branch, which is involved in working with all countries and their intelligence services around Star Nations matters. Dr. Wolf revealed that he is negotiating with an official within the UN's Security Council staff to have the UN release UFO information it possesses in 1999. This official has advanced degrees, and has been given "incredible powers" during her Star Visitor encounters.


He says,

"The UN people know everything (about the visiting ETS). And (Apollo astronauts) Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have made appeals to the UN to let the truth be known."

He added that a "Cabal" is a significant part of the problem. The Cabal is a rogue group of private industry, government, intelligence and military officials who have aggressively misused national security secrecy to achieve illegal monopoly over Star Visitor technology. The Cabal is so entrenched, that it is hard for honest official government to remove them.


Some of the Cabalistas are very high military officers, while others hold leadership positions as Senators and Congressmen, predominantly but not exclusively of Republican party membership.

"They want Clinton out of the loop [of detailed UFO/ET information]," Wolf said, because the President has given private indication of being prepared to make public announcement of UFO reality as his departing message, if he is forced out of office.

Wolf stated that,

"the Cabal is slowly dying off, and some are being relieved of duty."

When I retorted, "But not fast enough," Wolf sighed and did not disagree.

Dr. Wolf became quite excited as he shared with me signals he has been receiving recently, that,

"Something is coming, so big that the government will have to announce UFO reality."

When I pressed him for a time-line for the "big event", he replied, "six months to 1-1/2 years."

He added that besides adequate public psychological preparation about Star Visitor presence, there is another condition: that any such public announcement Star Visitor ET presence,

"has to be in agreement with the (extraterrestrial) Council of the (ET) Elders," the High Council of the Star Nations-RB (personal communication).

The Council is the ruling body of the Federation of benign extraterrestrial races that in contact with Earth, sort of like a galactic UN Security Council. The Council is in ongoing communication with the governments of Earth through our UN's designated emissaries.

The Star Nations federation is working collaboratively with world governments to gradually prepare the general population to accept the reality of, and presence of, Star Visitor races on Earth. The Star Nations federation has wished to avoid any mass panic or major disruption of society that could have come from a premature announcement. And the time is now near, if not already arrived, for the world public to accept contact with races from the stars.

The Star Nations federation has another precondition before they are willing to present themselves openly: Peace on Earth. They are unwilling, short of a global cataclysm, to show themselves publicly, until all major conflicts on Earth have been peacefully resolved. They do not want to emerge and try to share their culture amidst Humans shooting at each other and bombs dropping. World governmental leadership has taken the Star Nations federation's challenge to heart, Wolf said.


Thus, the reader may have noticed a concerted international effort in the past several years to resolve major conflicts, some of which have been going on for centuries.

  • The Soviet Union has been dissolved, allowing self-determination by its member states.

  • In Northern Ireland, Protestant and Catholic factions are implementing a Good Friday Peace Accord.

  • In the Middle East, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have begun implementing the Camp David and Wye River Accords, albeit with many interruptions and setbacks.

  • In the Balkans, the new peace agreement seems to be holding in Bosnia-Herzegovina, while in Kosovo, a shaky modus vivendi is being worked out between ethnic Albanians and the Serbian minority.

  • And regarding the dispute between the Tibetan people's demand for autonomy and its occupation by the People's Republic of China, Dr. Wolf says that back-channel dialogues are under way to attempt to resolve this, by a sharing of Star Visitors-based high technology in exchange for the Dalai Lama being allowed to return to Tibet.

  • Canada has returned immense sections of its Northwest Territories to self-determination by Aleut and Inuit original peoples.

  • Japan and the Russian Republic have entered into discussions about settling disputed ownership of the Kuril Islands.

Yet there are a few remaining major problem areas.

  • Civil war in Congo and Angola could spread to nine adjoining African states.

  • A fratricidal Moslem-animist war in Sudan has not yet been resolved.

  • Iraq remains a Middle East flashpoint, threatening Iran and other countries. (Dr. Wolf says that behind-the-scenes efforts are now focusing on moving Iraq to a post-Saddam Hussein governance.)

  • And North Korea continues to threaten aggression against South Korea.

Thus, those who wish an end to the UFO Cover-Up should support world peace efforts. The Star Nations are not willing to be openly introduced until the flood of arms is ended.

Recently, my "ex"-CIA informant "Jesse" alerted me to a secret NATO Operation TEACUP. When I asked Dr. Wolf about it, he identified TEACUP as at one level having to do with intelligence services having identified Iraqi agents in Romania trying to buy advanced guidance systems technology for Iraqi SCUD missiles. Thus equipped, Iraqi SCUDs would allow delivery of nascent Iraqi nuclear, chemical and biological warfare warheads. NATO is concerned that Saddam Hussein would be able to hit Iran's capital, Tehran, thus starting a Middle East war, and possibly precipitating World War III.

For those having a higher secrecy clearance, Operation TEACUP's guidance systems concerns are a cover for higher-level information concerning Rumanian knowledge about Star Visitors and their technology. Wolf thus indicated that Rumanian advanced guidance systems are derived from back-engineering Star Visitor technology.

The NSC consultant next mentioned a Star Nations space beacon, dubbed "the Monolith", which had been retrieved from space by a U.S. military spacecraft and brought back to Earth in 1972 for study.


The beacon looks somewhat like, but is smaller than, the Monolith in the movie "2001".The MJ-12 scientific section began analysis of this beacon at RCA's underwater laboratory north of Abaco Island, Bahamas. The military, naturally, wanted to examine the beacon's intense power source for possible conversion to weapons application.


The Monolith's extremely powerful energy fields were designed for its precise position in deep space. When it was brought to Earth, those fields exert an unbalancing force.


Dr. Wolf said,

"I told them not to keep it. Already the Moon is 2% out of its orbit."

This has adversely affected the weather and global warming.

"I told them [SSG - "MJ-12" subcommittee] to get it the hell off of Earth!"

He has been negotiating with U.S. National Security officials visiting him about returning the space beacon to its former position in space and restore the balance. As leverage, he has delivered an ultimatum, threatening to stop participating in the Acclimation Program, and stop serving as the premiere Star Visitor-specialist consultant to the National Security Council.


His final trump argument to the NSC has been,

"I will blow the whistle publicly on the whole thing," if the space beacon is not put back.

He is so serious about this matter that he contemplated asking the Director of the Secret Service to provide a Secret Service detail, or asking his Admiral colleague on the NSC's MJ-12 subcommittee to provide a Navy SEAL contingent, to accompany the previously-mentioned female UN Security Council official to Area 51 to compel the return of the Monolith.

Wolf also stated,

"We are currently negotiating with an ET mothership to bring the Moon back into its axis."

He declared that the Moon is artificial, long ago positioned in its orbit by Star Visitors. Furthermore, he confirmed that there is a Star Visitor base on the Moon. When I suggested the base was on the dark side, he did not challenge that assumption.

The NSC's enfant terrible railed about the disinformation on "cattle mutilations" so prevalent in pop UFO articles, and set the record straight. The harvesting of cattle tissue that is done by the Star Visitors is not to be confused with cattle mutilations done by Special Forces operating out of Stealth antigravity helicopters, using hand-held lasers. The Star Visitors know that bovine tissue is genetically very close to human. They use this tissue to bioengineer human organelles. (An organelle is a specialized part of a cell that resembles and functions as an organ.)


The Star Visitors are engineering organelles to place within humans, which will operate to filter out the pollutants we take in from our increasingly-contaminated environment, so that we can survive. The organelles also provide increased hardiness for the person's immune system, to successfully resist the increasingly virulent strains of infectious bacteria, viruses and prions we face.

Current Star Visitor-human encounters have little to do with seeking sperm and ovum donations, Dr. Wolf says, but are directed towards making a compatible match of bioengineered organelles with the individual human's physiology.

The conversation then turned to Egyptian pyramids. As the movie "2001" reflected reported CIA-asset Arthur C. Clarke's insider knowledge about a real extraterrestrial space messaging beacon, so once more, art imitates real life. In this case, the movie "Stargate" introduced the public to the concept of a special portal, which permitted a person stepping through to travel to another dimension.


Dr. Wolf revealed that,

"The Egyptian pyramids were built by our [Star Visitor] ancestors, using sonic technology and other advanced devices."

He added that within the Egyptian pyramid complex is a Stargate, which permits access to the Star Visitors existing in a different dimension. He intimated that the Stargate was near the Sphinx's paw.


He complained,

"Egypt won't allow John Anthony West access to the area, even though the Egyptians don't have the technology to make it work."

Dr. Wolf has communicated about the Stargate with his friend, the UN Security Council staff official.

"She said, 'We ought to work together to get this out. This will raise consciousness in the general public, and will speed up getting out the fact of extraterrestrial contact into the open..'"

As the conversation wound down, Wolf delivered one final bombshell. If, as seems increasingly likely, Al Gore steps into the Presidency, the U.S. will have a President whose family has been personally involved with Star Visitor encounters. Gore has a child who was seriously ill, and who was cured by the Star Visitors.

"And Vice-President Gore himself has had an encounter with a Star visitor."

Thus, America might have an Experiencer President.



1. "Inside Revelations on the UFO Cover-Up", R. Boylan, NEXUS, 5:3, Apr.-May. 1998, 45-50

2. Although Dr. Wolf did not enumerate the Oil States, previous financial involvement by certain States in secret U.S. national-security operations suggests that the list may include Brunei and Saudi Arabia among other Oil States.

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