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From Wahhabi Islam to the Muslim Brotherhood




Birth of Saudi Arabia

Revival of Wahhabi Islam

For Political Gain

1902. Ibn Saud, local tribesman of Arabian Peninsula, captures Ryad and proclaims himself regional leader. In order to gain acceptance and loyalty from the local Bedouin tribes, Ibn Saud revives the practice of Wahhabi Islam and institutes strict Islamic Law over the land.  Wahhabi indoctrination centers (Ikhwan, meaning brotherhoods) appear throughout Saudi Arabia.



Wahhabi Islam

The Soul of Today’s

Islamic Jihad

Mosques Only…

Wahhabism is a radical form of Islam, founded by Mohammad Ibn Abdul Al-Wahhab in the 18th century, which claims that: any teachings added to Islam after the tenth century are false. It envisions an Islamic empire led by holy men, with no other law than strict puritan Islamic law.  This is why they are referred to as ‘Islamic fundamentalists’.  It opposes the concept of nationalism and borders as being un-Islamic.

 It justifies violent means to rid the Muslim world against the non-Islamic element.  Wahhabism eventually developed a very strong anti-American and anti-Western message.

 It is generally rejected by the vast majority of the Muslim world.

1920. The Mutawa, Wahhabi religious police, operates rule of terror in Saudi townsChurches, synagogues and any non-Islamic temple of worship are banned from Saudi Arabia (still effective in 2002).  The Wahhabi movement grows and becomes increasingly radical.



 Saudi Oil admittedly

The Bank of Today’s Islamic Jihad

  1920.  Saudi Arabia discovers its enormous oil reserve and starts to do business with the non-Islamic Western countries, America in particular.  Saudi oil becomes central to fueling industrial revolution.  The Saud family becomes immensely rich overnight.  It continues to play the Wahhabi card for regional support.



Muslim Brotherhood Carries Flame of

Wahhabi Jihad

Wahhabi extremists revolt against Saudi regime because of dealings with West.  Rebellion is crushed. Extremists relocate in Egypt. Thoughts of Jihad against the West and America become central to the movement.


Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt becomes home to Wahhabi Extremism



  Muslim Brotherhood


Muslim Brotherhood established in Egypt by Hassan El Banna

Mother organization for today’s Egyptian   Jihad Islami and Hamas.

Muslim Brotherhood is built on Wahhabi foundations


Amin Al-Husseini

Lead Member of Muslim Brotherhood


Muslims Only…

Amin Al-Husseini becomes prominent member of Muslim Brotherhood.

He sees the Wahhabi concept of Islamic Jihad as a key tool to rally pan-Islamic support to further his agenda of Pan-Islamic take-over.  The Muslim Brotherhood now under Husseini’s influence, becomes the main vector of hatred against the West and the Jews: the Arab World, which includes Palestine, must be free of any non-Islamic faith.  Therefore, Jews and Christians have no claim to any part of the Middle East or of the Arab World.


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Muslim Brotherhood unites with Hitler’s Third Reich



1933 Hitler rises to power

After humiliation of WWI, Germany votes overwhelmingly in favor of Hitler’s Fascist regime.  


  Hitler and Muslim Brotherhood Find Common Ground

Hitler’s vision of ethnic cleansing of non-Aryans becomes appealing to the Wahhabis of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The West and the Jews is the common enemy.  Muslim Brotherhood acquires Hitler’s methods of genocide to rid the Arab world of its non-Muslims.



 Nazi Parties Appear

Throughout Arab World


Young Egypt.  Led by Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Gamal Nasser (future Egyptian President).  Young Egypt’s political slogan “One Folk, One Party, One Leader” is a direct translation from German of Nazi slogan.

Social Nationalist Party in Syria.  Led by Anton Saada (known as the Syrian Fuhrer)

                       Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini
Syrian Social Nationalist Party Flag



 Husseini calls

Nazi Muslim Troops

“Cream of Islam”

Amin Al-Husseini spends WWII in Germany at Hitler’s side.  He establishes Muslim Nazi troops and becomes heavily involved in the genocide of Jews, Gypsies and Serbs. (See Husseini section).

Husseini calls Nazi Muslim troops “the Cream of Islam”.



Amin al Husseini

Co-Founder and President of

Arab League

  Amin Al-Husseini is one of the primary founders and the inspiration of Arab League.  Goal is to reinforce Wahhabi vision of Pan-Islamic unity.  Founding countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. 

Husseini, still in Germany, is appointed to President in Absentia of Fourth Higher Committee of Arab League.



Amin Al-Husseini

Leader of Muslim Brotherhood


Mid-1940.  Amin Al-Husseini is appointed leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem. He becomes number one active importer of Nazi methodology to the Middle East.  Husseini flees to Egypt.  He is wanted by Yugoslavia for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated during WWII.





Nazis Join Muslim Brotherhood

 ODESSA network.  Egypt, home of Muslim Brotherhood, and Syria incorporate thousands of Nazi experts into Egyptian and Syrian army, government and propaganda service. Vatican heavily involved in providing travel visas for Nazi officers.

Amin Al-Husseini providing safe haven to ex-Nazis in Arab lands. He is the main connection with Francois Genoud, Swiss banker of Third Reich, who finances the ODESSA network with money stolen from murdered European Jews.



Francois Genoud

Hitler’s Swiss Banker

Finds A New Employer

After World War II, Amin Al-Husseini was visited multiple times in Beirut by Hitler’s Swiss banker, Francois Genoud.

Genoud finances the ODESSA network. He sponsors Arab Nationalism with Nazi money.  In Cairo and Tangiers, Genoud sets up import-export company called Arabo-Afrika, which is a cover to disseminate anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli propaganda.

Genoud sets up Swiss bank accounts for North African liberation armies of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.  In partnership with Syria, he sets up Arab Commercial Bank in Geneva.  In 1962, he becomes Director of Arab People’s Bank in Algeria.



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Arab League and Muslim Brotherhood :
Voice of Amin Al-Husseini into the 20th and 21st Century


Legacy of Death and Hate

Over Ten Million Human Beings Murdered in half a century



Palestinian Jihad



UN Partition of Palestine

 United Nations General Assembly votes in favor of partition of Palestine into a Jewish and a Palestinian state. Amongst supporting countries were Egypt, Iran, Iraq Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Turkey. 


Yasser Arafat

  Muslim Brotherhood


Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat becomes member of the Muslim Brotherhood.   He works directly under Amin Al-Husseini since age 17.  Arafat is placed in charge of terrorist group “The Holy Strugglers” responsible for disrupting the peace in Palestine.


  Arab League




“Murder the Jews!”

Arab League declares all wars against the Jewish state.

1948 Israel War of Independence.  Husseini, President of Arab League:

“I declare a Holy War, My Muslim Brothers! Murder the Jews”                                                                 

1956 Suez Canal War.

1967 Six Day War.

1973 Ramadan/Yom Kippur.



Saudi Oil Embargo

 Saudi Arabia leads oil embargo.  Oil Producing Arab countries impose oil embargo on countries that supported Israel during 1973 War.   The price of oil doubles with enormous financial repercussions on the West.



 Hamas founded

(Muslim Brotherhood)

Offspring of Muslim Brotherhood: Hamas group founded in Gaza, Palestine.   Spiritual founder Wahhabi Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

Hamas is financed by Saudi Oil

                        Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini 

           Sheikh Yassin: Head of Hamas



Hamas instigates

First Intifada

First Intifada (uprising against Israel) in Palestine.  Two thousand four hundred (2,400) Palestinians killed.  Of these, eight hundred (800) killed by Yasser Arafat’s Fatah group for being “traitors” or  “informants”.  Intifada financed by Saudi Oil.

                          Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini
Hamas supporters



Yasser Arafat   instigates Second Intifada

Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini

Let The Children Do The Killing…

Second Palestinian Intifada (uprising against Israel).  Lead by Yasser Arafat’s various militia groups (Fatah, Tanzim, Al Aksa Brigade, Force 17).  Overt financial support from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. 1,500 Palestinians killed to date.

Palestinian children sent as human suicide bombers to do the fighting.  One third of Israeli victims are children and the elderly.

                            Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini



Egyptian Jihad



Odessa Project

Deliberate Nazification of Arab World

The ODESSA network:  Amin Al-Husseini oversees Wahhabi/Nazi union.

Thousands of Nazis seek and are given refuge in South America and the Arab world. Egypt and Syria are major recipients of Nazi brainpower.

Arab League

(Amin Al Husseini)


Road To War…

Resolution 312 

1. Severance of relations with any Arab state, which engages in any contact with Israel.

2. Member states are prohibited from making unilateral peace with Israel.




Bastion of Wahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood and Young Egypt (Nazi party) overthrow British Mandate in Egypt and put Gamal Abdul Nasser in power.  Mentored by their Nazi colleagues, total dictatorship instantly imposed. All political parties are abolished.   Nasser repatriates and works closely with thousands of Nazis imported via the ODESSA network.

                               Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini
Amin Al Husseini with Abdel Nasser (President of Egypt)   




Terrorism Squads

 Nasser, President of Egypt creates Fedayeen (Arab terrorist squads) to infiltrate and attack relentlessly Israel.  Will later merge with Yasser Arafat to form the Palestinian Liberation Organization.



Egypt crumbles.

Brotherhood Outlawed.

 Egyptian economy crumbles under Nasser regime.  Nasser’s socialist reforms fail.  Muslim Brotherhood turns against Nasser because of his attempts to reform Egyptian society.  Nasser outlaws Muslim Brotherhood in 1954.



 President Sadat:


Muslim Brotherhood

Mohammed Anwar al Sadat becomes Egyptian President. Rebuilds Egyptian economy with strong focus on tourism.  Egypt becomes a leading Arab nation once again.

Open-door policy and freedom of expression is perceived as a threat by Muslim Brotherhood. 



Camp David

Peace Accord

Sadat recognizes statehood of Israel, leading to Camp David Accords.  This draws the wrath of Muslim Brotherhood, of which he had been a member. Sadat receives International Nobel Peace Prize.




Jihad Islami Group


“No Peace”

First offspring of Muslim Brotherhood: Jihad Islami group founded in Egypt, in response to Camp David Agreement.  More radical and violent than Muslim Brotherhood.

Led by Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri, student and protégé of Hassan al-Turabi (Sudanese genocide).   Spiritual Leader:  Wahhabi Sheikh Umar Abd-al Rahman.

Goal of group:  Restore Islamic Wahhabi dictatorship in Egypt.      



Arab League

“No Peace”

Egypt government of Sadat suspended from Arab League of Camp David Accord. Suspension from 1979-1989.


  Muslim Brotherhood Assassinates Nobel Peace Laureate


October. Assassination of Egyptian President  Muhammad Anwar al Sadat  by Jihad Islami, because he had signed Peace Agreement with neighbor Israel.

1981- today

President Mubarak Restores Order

Hosni Mubarak, Sadat’s Vice President, becomes Egyptian President.

He declares war against Muslim Brotherhood and severely damages Brotherhood’s infrastructure.



Brotherhood against government

Jihad Islami attempts to assassinate President Mubarak. Attempt failed.

To this day, Muslim Brotherhood actively trying to destabilize Egypt’s secular government and replace it with an Islamic dictatorship.



Birth of Al Qeida

From the Muslim Brotherhood to Osama Bin Laden

Afghani/Pakistani Jihad



 Afghan War

The rise of

Osama Bin Laden

American CIA establishes geo-political alliance with Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Jihad Islami to counter the non-Islamic Soviet Communist onslaught in Afghanistan as well as the Shiite Islamic Revolution in Iran.

A Sunni (Wahhabi-based) Jihad is put into effect.  Thousands of Wahhabi indoctrination centers (‘Ikhwans’ meaning ‘Brotherhoods’) appear throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Saudi Arabia sponsors schools, propaganda and indoctrination centers.  

Saudi-born Osama Bin Laden is CIA-appointed connection with Mujahedeen (Holy Warriors.)

Bin Laden is the head CIA man during the Afghan War. 

Additional radical Wahhabi militias set-up. All financed by Saudi Arabia.



Afghan War ends.

Osama Bin Laden  Rejects America.

Al Qeida is founded

(Muslim Brotherhood)

Osama Bin Laden rejects and disassociates himself from CIA and strengthens his ties with Al-Zahawiri of Jihad Islami (Muslim Brotherhood). Empowered by defeat of Soviet Union, Bin Laden turns the Afghani Jihad against the West and becomes its foremost leader.  He creates the Al Qeida, a strongly anti-Western network of ex-Mujahedeen.

 Al Qeida means ‘the Base’.

Jihad is heavily sponsored by Saudi Oil.



Sudan: School of Genocide

 Osama Bin Laden, founder of Al Qeida, leaves Afghanistan for Saudi Arabia. Then continues on to Khartoum, Sudan.  He works with Al Zahawiri and Hassan Al-Bashir of Muslim Brotherhood. Sudanese Jihad under Al-Bashir will claim over four million lives.  In 1996, Bin Laden is repatriated to Afghanistan.




“God’s Students”

Taliban regime is founded by  Sheikh Omar in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Goal is to implement strict Islamic law over Afghan people, under the guidelines of Wahhabi Islam.  Civil war breaks out between the ruling Northern Alliance and the Taliban regime.  Taliban call themselves “God’s Students”.



Bin Laden Returns with Sudanese Education

Al Qeida Headquarters

Bin Laden returns to Afghanistan from Sudan with lessons of genocide (see Sudanese Jihad). He joins the Taliban regime and becomes central to the regime, which offers him protection.

 Bin Laden uses Taliban stronghold to further strengthen and expand Al Qeida’s international network and Jihad against the West.



Taliban Rule Afghanistan

Reign of Terror

New regime recognized only by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and UAR

September 1996.  Taliban army captures Kabul, Afghan capital. Taliban regime overthrows government of Burhan-Ul Din Rabani and establishes Islamic dictatorship.  Taliban military heavily supplied by Pakistani army and likely financed by Saudi dollars.  

United Nations condemns Taliban regime for its repressive measures on women’s rights and its ongoing violations of human rights.

Taliban regime is only recognized by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and United Arab Republic.



US Sanctions

United States imposes economic and political sanctions against Taliban regime in response to ongoing human rights violations against Afghan people.


September 11th

 Suicide Bombing


September 11th, 2001.  Al Qeida strikes at the heart of America. Thirty five hundred civilians perish under sword of Jihad. Bin Laden denies involvement but praises terrorist act.  Fifteen of nineteen terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.


Osama Bin Laden

States Allegiance to Ottoman Empire

In the Mufti’s Footsteps…

In his post-September 11th declaration to the world (October 7th 2001), Osama Bin Laden openly states his allegiance to the Ottoman Empire and its notion of Islamic take-over, thus drawing a direct connection with Amin Al-Husseini.  He states that his Jihad is in retaliation for ‘80 years of disgrace and humiliation’, which marks the humiliating defeat of the Ottoman Islamic Empire at the hands of the French and British. It also marks the 80th anniversary of the Fatwa that Amin Al-Husseini declared against the British in 1921.



America Declares War on Terrorism

US troops join local Northern Alliance in attack on Taliban regime.  Taliban regime is defeated. Osama Bin Laden goes into hiding. Hamid Karzai leads attempts at reforming Afghan society and leadership.



American Jihad



Hizbollah Founded

“Children of God”

Imad Mughniyeh


  Hizbollah. Shiite Islamic group founded.  Aka Islamic Jihad, Jihad Islami.  Radical Shi’ite Muslim group, backed by and based in Iran. They call themselves “Children of God”. Created at time when Iranian Islamic Revolution actively exporting itself. Directed from Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria.

     Imad Mughniyeh assumes central position in movement.   Prior to joining Hizbollah, Mughniyeh was active in Lebanon War and is thought to have been a member of Arafat’s Force 17, where he received most of his training in terrorism.



US Embassy Destroyed

240 Americans Die

 Hizbollah send suicide truck on US embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Two hundred and forty (240) American marines and diplomats die in attack.   Imad Mughniyeh masterminds the attack.


Yasser Arafat Attacks America

First World Trade Center Attack

First Attack on World Trade Center in New York. Six civilians die. One thousand wounded. Operation headed by Yasser Arafat’s PLO and backed by Iraqi government.   Arafat wanted as criminal against humanity in New York justice system. Masterminded by Ramzi Youssef and Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (now serving a life sentence).  Youssef was quoted to say that his wish was to have killed 250,000 American civilians.



International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the United States and Israel

Osama Bin Laden (Al Qeida) joins Al Zahawiri of Jihad Islami (Muslim Brotherhood) to create the organization International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the United States and Israel.

It becomes a virtue to kill any American. It preaches that all ‘true Muslims’ should be involved in a daily armed struggle to rid the world of its non-Islamic element. War is waged on the Jews and the West. 



America Under Attack

 Second World Trade Center Attack

Saudi Terrorists

2001. September 11th. Suicide bombing launched against America. Four commercial airliners used as suicide bombs. World Trade Center destroyed. Pentagon also attacked.  Fourth plane fails to hit target. 

Osama Bin Laden denies involvement but praises act. Imad Mughniyeh (Hizbollah) also suspected of masterminding attack.

3500 American civilians murdered under ‘sword of Jihad’.

15 of 19 suicide bombers are from Saudi Arabia.



America Declares

War on Terrorism

President Bush declares war on terrorism.  US troops join Afghan Northern Alliance in toppling Taliban Regime. ‘Any nation harboring or sponsoring terrorism will come under attack.’



Saudi Propaganda

In America


Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah launches multi-million dollar advertising campaign in the United States of America to divert American public opinion away from Saudi Arabia’s involvement in world terrorism.


Sudanese Jihad





Arab Supremacists

Slave Traders

Nomidic Arab tribes called the Janjaweed  (in Sudanese province of Darfur since 12th century from Arabian Peninsula) form an alliance with a group of powerful Arab North Sudanese merchants called the Jellaba.  The Jellaba runs an extensive slavery ring of non-Arab Africans and exploits the Sudanese soil for its raw materials.

The Arab Janjaweed and Jellaba consider themselves racially and ethnically superior to the Africans of Sudan, justifying their involvement in the slave-trade of black Africans.



Terrible drought hits Sudan resulting in severe famine.  Janjaweed Arab militias (15% of Darfur population) relentlessly attack farms and villages of Sudanese Africans, depriving them of water and provisions.  Pillaging, raping and killing are common.  Africans are treated as second-class citizens.


 Muslim Brotherhood

In Power

Muslim Brotherhood led by Al  Bashir take over government by force. He works closely with Osama Bin Laden. Persecution of non-Arab Sudanese by Janjaweed militia worsens under Al Bashir, and increasingly takes on the tone of racially motivated ethnic cleansing.



Osama in Sudan

 Osama Bin Laden, founder of Al Qeida, leaves Afghanistan for Saudi Arabia. Then continues on to Khartoum, Sudan.  He works with Al Zahawiri and Al-Bashir of Muslim Brotherhood.


Two Million Christians murdered.

(Muslim Brotherhood)

Millions More Are Starved by Jihad Forces

Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini

Muslim Brotherhood stages pro-Islamic coup in Sudan under ideological leadership of Hassan al-Turabi.  Democracy ended. Thirteen devastating years of famine and civil war follow.  Sudanese Jihad militia (the Janjaweed) prevents abundant food supplies from reaching starving Sudanese population.  Millions of Sudanese die from disease and malnutrition.

Hassan al-Bashir of Muslim Brotherhood leads the devastation.

Two million (2,000,000) Christian Sudanese murdered by Hassan al-Bashir’s Wahhabi Jihad (Holy War) since 1989.

Jihad is heavily sponsored by Saudi Oil.     


Al Qeida

 From Sudan to Afghanistan to the World…

Bin Laden leaves Sudan under US pressure on Sudanese government. He returns to Pakistan and is transferred back to Afghanistan under the direct supervision of General Pervez Musharraf, then high ranking military figure. Osama Bin Laden gathers all the remaining Mujahedeen (‘Holy Islamic Warriors’) from the Afghan War.  He finds refuge with the oppressive Taliban regime and  rekindles connections with jihad mercenaries from Chechnya, Dagestan, Xinjiang of China, the Southern Philipines, North Africa and the Middle East.  International Jihad takes shape.




Unrest in the Land




Muslim Brotherhood:

More Genocide


Early 2003.  The Sudanese Africans rise up to protest decades of looting and racial injustice by pro-Arab  government of Al Bashir (Muslim Brotherhood).  Two groups take arms against the Arab regime in power: the Sudanese Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement.Smoke rises from a house in Tine on the

Al Bashir openly recruits Janjaweed militia as a counter-insurgency force against the Africans.  He authorizes entire villages to be depopulated and burned. Ethnic-based murder, rape, looting of livestock and food are rampant. Non-Arab schools are destroyed.

Fifty thousand already killed with no end in sight.  Humanitarian crisis creates

1.5 million flee their homes afraid for the lives.  Massive refugee problem results in famine and disease. Al Bashir government denies responsibility despite overwhelming evidence.  Al Bashir refuses international assistance to defend the Africans in Darfur from ongoing genocide.  Situation remains critical today.  Hundreds of thousands of African lives threatened either by Al Bashir’s Janjaweed or by the famine and disease that have resulted from his racially motivated genocide. (human rights watch)

Muslim Brotherhood - Amin Al Husseini Refugee camp



Algerian Jihad



Algerians Choose Democracy


  December. Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) is removed from Algeria’s democratic arena after winning Algerian election.

 The Islamic Salvation Front supported the Wahhabi vision of establishing strict Islamic law and ridding Algeria of its democratic arena.



 Wahhabis Strike Back!

A quarter million murders and counting.

(Muslim Brotherhood)

In retaliation more than a quarter million Algerian Muslims are slaughtered under the sword of Jihad. Armed Algerian Group (GIA) declares Holy War Jihad on the Secular Algerian government.  Jihad is Saudi and Iran sponsored and continues to this day.  GIA came from the group Takfir wal Hijra, which is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One thousand (1000) schools burned down, two hundred (200) teachers murdered, as well as countless intellectuals, politicians and secular figureheads.

Gruesome scenes: victims have throat slit, or are beheaded. Children are bashed to death.



Fight Goes On

To this very day, Algerians are being murdered and villages are being pillaged by followers of Husseini in the Algerian Jihad movement.  Algeria’s secular government is engaged in a daily war against Islamic Fundamentalist threat.




South Philipino Jihad



  Abu Sayyaf

(Muslim Brotherhood)

Abu Sayyaf group creates unrest in Southern Philipines. Many Abu Sayaf members are ex-Mujahedeen.  Philipino population is 3% Muslim and 97% Christians.

Close ties with Al Qeida and Ramzi Youssef (responsible for first World Trade Center attack.)  Financed by Saudi and Iranian Oil.

Group becomes notorious through high profile kidnapping and assassinations.



Philipino Government Fights Back

US troops are sent to the Philipines to assist local military in fighting Jihad.

Guerilla warfare ongoing in Southern Philipines.



Saudi Arabia


Founding Member of

Arab League


Saudi Arabia is one of founding nations of Arab League in 1944. Amin Al-Husseini plays a central role in the creation of Arab League.  It becomes Amin Al-Husseini’s main vector in declaring a relentless state of war against Israel.  Goal is to reinforce Wahhabi vision of Pan-Islamic unity.  Founding countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. 

Husseini is appointed to President in Absentia of Fourth Higher Committee of Arab League.



Saudi Oil



OPEC Embargo.

Oil Producing Arab countries impose oil embargo on countries that supported Israel during 1973 War. Embargo is led by Saudi Arabia. The price of oil doubles with enormous financial repercussions on the West.



Saudi Arabia Today


Sponsorind Husseini’s ideology.

Dissemination of Wahhabi anti-Americanism financed and orchestrated by Saudi Arabia. Although Wahhabis are a very small fraction of Muslims in America, 95% of mosques in the United States in 2002 receive Wahhabi subsidies from Saudi Arabia.

All above-mentioned Jihad movements suspected of receiving Saudi dollars.


A new leader

Crown Prince Abdullah


Saudi Weapon

Mid-1990’s Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia replaces ailing King Fahd as head of state.

Prince Abdullah develops closer ties with regional archenemy Iran.  Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two oil-producing giants of the planet. 

1999 Saudi Arabia strikes deals with Iran to cut oil production in campaign to hurt American economy. The price of the oil barrel rises by 350%.  Situation is remedied through active American diplomacy.


9/11 and the Saudi Connection

Fifteen of Nineteen suicide bombers, involved in September 11th’s attack on America, were from Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Laden is from a prominent Saudi family.   Saudi Royal family denies any connection to terrorists and officially condemns terrorism.


Saudi Arabia in favor of Palestinian Children Suicide Bombers

2001. Saudi Telethon raises millions of dollars to support families of Palestinian Suicide Bombers.  Saudi Ambassador in England publishes own poem that celebrates the slaughter of Jewish women and children by Palestinian Suicide Bombers.  No apology felt necessary.



Saddam Hussein

 Saudi Friend or Foe?

Crown Prince Abdullah denies US government permission to use US military presence in Saudi Arabia as base to launch attack on Saddam Hussein.  



Chechen Jihad


 Sufi Islam



A little Background...

Chechen population becomes increasingly Islamic between 1300 and 1700, as the Muslim Ottoman Empire expands.  Most practice Sufi Islam. 


1791- 1859


The Caucasian Wars

In 1791, the ruthless expansion of the Russian Empire reaches Chechnya. The Russians seek complete surrender of the local Sufi tribes. 

Czar Nicholas I initiates a rule of terror.

In 1859, Chechen leader Imam Shamil (1797-1871) surrenders marking the loss of Chechen independence.



   19th century Genocide

Massive deportation of Chechnya’s by Russia ensues. One million deported from their homes in Northern Caucasus.

Ninety percent (90%) are killed by violence, disease or famine in Russian campaign of ethnic cleansing.





Czarist Russia falls. The communist revolution sweeps the country and the Soviet Union is born.

North Caucasian Republic is founded.  It includes Dagestan and Chechnya.  It is originally supported by Communist revolutionaries.                               

Short lived…


 Russian Federation takes-over the Northern Caucasus.  The territory is split into Dagestan and the Ingush-Chechen Soviet Republic.  The Russians send Kossack troops to subdue the Chechens, who never fully surrender.  Many hide in the mountains living as herdsman in abject poverty.





Ethnic Cleansing Continues…





Feb. 1944. Communist Russia under Stalin launches more attacks against Chechens accusing them of closeness with the German Nazis. Stalin calls them ‘a suspicious people’.

Elimination of Ingush-Chechen Republic.  Mass deportations of Chechens to the province of Kazhakstan take place.  One and a half (1.5) million deported in cattle cars.  Over 30% die.

Stalin bans Chechen alphabet, local Sufi Mullahs and leaders are executed and the practice of Sufi Islam is strictly prohibited.

1953  Soviet leader Khrushchev launches campaign of Russification, importing Russian families to take-over Chechen flat-lands.




The Rise of  International Jihad

Afghanistan War (1978-1988) sees defeat of USSR and regional rise of CIA- and Saudi-sponsored Islamic Fundamentalism, led by Osama Bin Laden. Eventually, Bin Laden rejects and disassociates himself from CIA and strengthens his ties with Muslim Brotherhood.

1988. He creates Al Qeida (the ‘Base’) and declares an international holy war, ‘Jihad’ against West and all ‘enemies of Islam’.




The Fall of the Soviet Union


In light of economic slump and corruption throughout the USSR, Russian leader Gorbachev tries to reform the USSR towards a decentralized market-oriented economy.  He initiates campaign of ‘glasnost’ (openness) and ‘perestroika’ (rebuilding).  1989 The Berlin wall falls.

 By 1991, the Soviet Union collapses.   Fourteen soviet republics break off the communist block.  East European countries take their independence.  Chechnya follows suite.




 Jokhar Dudayev - Chechen hero

The Chechen National Congress is formed and led by Jokhar Dudayev (picture), Chechen national hero and Kazhakstan holocaust survivor.

Ingush-Chechnya declares its independence as a sovereign republic.


Independent Chechnya

Chechen Flag
Chechen flag


Chechen President Jokhar Dudayev  sets up a democracy with freedom of religion and expression.


Not a single nation worldwide recognizes new Chechnyan state, including the entire Arab and Muslim world. Russia’s new president Yeltsin cuts all economic ties with new nation which collapses economically.

                                   Chechen map



First Chechen War

1994   Yeltsin declares war on Chechnya. President Dudayev is killed in 1996.

 By 1996 Russian army is defeated and war ends with Khazaviurt Accord which leaves issue of Chechen independence unsettled.


Next door…

 Bin Laden’s Jihad

International Network

Osama Bin Laden

September 1996.  Taliban army captures Kabul, Afghan capital and sets up Islamic dictatorship.

Bin Laden returns to Afghanistan from Sudan with lessons of genocide. He joins the Taliban regime, which offers him protection.

Bin Laden strengthens and expands Al Qeida’s international network from Afghanistan.

He rekindles connections with jihad mercenaries from Chechnya, Dagestan, Xinjiang of China, the Southern Philipines, North Africa and the Middle East. 


Easy Prey





 New Alliances


Part of Wahhabi Empire


Secular Chechen Republic

1996   War-torn Chechnya becomes increasingly radicalized by Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood and Bin Laden.

“One Muslim nation on the Caucassus”

From Afghanistan, Bin Laden provides weapons, funds and training.  Wahhabi indoctrination schools spring up. 

Muslim Brotherhood front is led by Al Kattab (Saudi born commander and close associate of Bin Laden) and Shamil Basayev (Chechen radical).


Al Kattab

Kattab and Basayev


Al Kattab



An alliance is born. Its goal is to destabilize new Chechen Republic.

Wahhabi radical Shamil Basayev competes with mainstream Chechen leader, Aslan Maskhadov in free elections.

  Basayev Basayev   vs   Maskhadov  Maskhadov     

Chechen Fundamentalist  vs   Chechen Nationalist




To Muslim Brotherhood

 Chechnya holds free elections. Maskhadov beats Muslim Brotherhood’s Basayev (59% to 23%) and becomes new Chechen president. Freedom of expression and religion are instituted.   

 President Aslan Maskhadov openly condemns radical Islam and Jihad terrorism and seeks closer ties with the West.


Violence ensues…

Violence erupts between Muslim Brotherhood and elected Chechen government.  President Maskhadov appeals to Russia and world for help against Wahhabi take-over, without success.

Basayev and the Muslim Brotherhood are forced out and find refuge in neighboring Dagestan.




Turning Point…

Shamil Basayev and two thousand (2000) Muslim Brotherhood radicals attack Russia from neighbouring Dagestan claiming to be Chechen rebels.

 The deceitful strategy works and Russian army retaliates by attacking the new Chechen Republic instead of the Muslim Brotherhood perpetrators.

  Second Chechen War

In effect, Muslim Brotherhood forces cause Second Chechen War, which results in defeat of young democracy.  

 Yeltsin claims a ‘great victory’ on Nov. 19, 1999.  Vladimir Putin is his Prime Minister at the time and is hailed as a national hero.


 President Putin


Muslim Brotherhood  Gains Ground


Two Different Ideologies… 


 On Dec.31, 1999, Yeltsin resigns. Putin is elected Russian President, based on his victory over Chechnya.

  Defeated and desperate, Chechnya becomes increasingly radicalized by Muslim Brotherhood, which continues to provide weapons, funds and training, calling for an international Jihad.   Basayev forms the “United Front of Caucasian Mujahideen” under the Wahhabi flag.

Under pressure by radicalized Chechen rebels, Maskhadov introduces Sharia (Islamic rule) into Chechen political arena.  Abuse of Chechen population by Russian army continues.

The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is against Chechen national sovereignty and in favor of including Chechnya in a broader Islamic fundamentalist empire headed by Al Qeida and ruled by Wahhabi ideology.  Most Chechens disagree.



Wahhabi Radicals Take-Over
Al Qeida-style

  • Oct. 2002. Hijacking of Moscow Dubrovka Theatre by suicide bombers leaves 150 dead.  Basayev (Al Qeida) claims attack. 

  • May, 2004. Assassination of Chechen President  Akhmed Kadyrov (former Mufti of Chechnya, representing traditional Chechen Sufi Islam).

  • Aug. 2004 Two Russian civil airliners are downed.  89 dead.  Basayev (Al Qeida) claims attack.

  •  Aug. 2004. Suicide bomber kills 10 in Moscow subway.  Basayev (Al Qeida) claims attack.

  • Sept. 2004 Beslan School, in Russian province of Ossetia, hijacked by Suicide bombers. Basayev (Al Qeida) claim act.  Over 350 killed, mosly children.  Arab terrorists involved.
    Ex-President Maskhadov denies any involvement of his Chechen rebels and says that Basayev should be brought to trial for the Beslan atrocities.
    Putin accuses both Basayev and Maskhadov and places 10 million dollar bounty on their heads.
    More Russian troops are sent to oppress Chechen civilians and rebels. 
    Caught between Putin’s army and Basayev’s Wahhabi radicals, Chechen hopes for national independence and sovereignty are fading.


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