Part 2

Esoteric, Astrological and other Simbologies

extracted from 'Signature Of The Invisible Brotherhood'


Washington, D.C. is known today as one of the worlds most important cities. Its original street layout is commonly thought of as ingenuous in allowing the free flow of traffic in a city plan designed for future expansion. Yet, an aerial view of the city in the eyes of someone knowledgeable in astronomical, astrological, historical, religious, magical, and occult symbols - offers a different reason for the street layout of Washington, D.C.

There are many symbols that take shape from an aerial view of the city streets of Washington. The symbols do not appear to be accidental. First, because so many symbols are present and second because of the location of these symbols to key buildings of Government, to one another, to other streets, and to the north-south and east-west axis.


The street layout of Washington, D.C. might be considered a Labyrinth (an arrangement of buildings around enclosed paths leading to a center that is difficult to find.) To enter a Labyrinth and return from its center, symbolizes an aspect of spiritual death and resurrection.

It appears the existence of the strange street lines of Washington, D.C. was not unknown to people of the past. When Charles Dickens first visited Washington, D.C, he climbed to the top of the Capital Building to get a bird’s-eye view.


From the following quote, it is evident Dickens could see something very important.

“It is sometimes called the City of Magnificent Distances, but it might with greater propriety be termed the City of Magnificent Intentions; for it is only on taking a bird’s-eye view of it from the top of the Capital that one can at all comprehend the vast designs of its projector, an aspiring Frenchman.”

The following diagrams illustrates the locations of the predominate symbols observed in the streets of Washington, D.C.


Many of these symbols can be associated with magic, ancient wisdom, religion, astronomy, and secret societies. If these symbols are a monument of some sort, then they make up the largest monument in the United States. Nineteen million tourist will visit Washington, D.C. each year to see many national monuments.


But, few are aware of this first monument established by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.




The Star of David is often associated with the Jewish faith, the flag of Israel, or God. But, this symbol goes back many thousands of years and has been used by many cultures to represent a common symbolic idea. Thousands of years ago it was associated with the process of birth. The symbol was adopted for the flag of Israel from an emblem of the Zionist Organization of 1897.

Early man chose the triangle as a divine shape. The triangle was chosen because it was the shape of the pubic hair area on both men and women. This area of the human body was known to have something to do with the most mysterious of early man’s mysteries that of human birth. Thus, the crossing of two triangles represents an ancient birth symbol and sexual rite.

The idea was expanded upon by early religious sects that revered the act of sex and birth. History records sex rituals as a main part of many early organized religions. Aspects of these ancient religious beliefs continues in most modern day religions that ask its believers to abstain from sex except for conception. The result is a religious legacy that has pasted on from this ancient tradition.


The symbol was adopted to currently represent the most mysterious of all mysteries, the Jewish God - the birth creator.

The two triangles pointing up and down often symbolizes man as God. The triangle pointing up refers to the male and the triangle pointing down refers to the female. The two triangles sometimes are referred to as fire and water by alchemy. It is often associated with the fabled Philosopher’s Stone itself, which is said to be made of fire and water.

The Star of David or Hexagram is also used in many cults and religious rituals associated with both magic and sorcery. This symbol is commonly used in the invoking or banishing of demons, spirits, or angels to aid or do the bidding of the practitioner of the occult arts. Most books of magic and the occult arts give a common explanation for the use of the hexagram shape as a symbol for receiving guidance from the spirit world.

To the magician, the Hexagram is the “Sign of the Macrocosm.”


Its six angles represent the six days of Creation, with the center representing the seventh day, or period of rest. Each re-entering angle of a Hexagram is a ray radiating from the divine. In occult rituals it is traced with the single point uppermost in the direction of the east, the west, or the north, or the south. It is the sealing of the “Astral Image of Nature” under the Sephiroth. It is a symbol frequently attributable to the Sun.


According to the Martinism beliefs of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, the Macrocosm Ceremony deals with invoking and uniting with the “guardian angle” or “higher self which is a small part of a divine intelligence.

There is one Hexagram found in the street lines of Washington, D.C. It is found east of the Capital Building, with the Capital Building situated at the base or top of the Star.



In esoteric and eastern religious theology, the crossing of two triangles also represents the “Universal Life Principle.” One triangle pointing down represents the involution of spirit, born into the flesh of man. The triangle pointing up represents the evolution of man back to spirit.


The following diagram represents this two fold principle. This is a universal principle that is evident in all the great religious books like the various versions of the Bible, the Zohar, and the Koran. It is the foundation on which the theologies of reincarnation, karma, and Christian spiritual rebirth are established.


The Star of David, as well as any crossing over of two triangles, can be interpreted to represent this “Universal Life Principle.”








The pentagram, like the hexagram, is an early religious and occult symbol. It has also been associated with Creator principle. Traditionally a pentagram pointing upside down is called the sign of Satan, Baphomet, or Asmodeus - the ram’s head or the goat’s head.


The sign in an upward position represents the “Universal Man.”

SIGN OF THE DEVIL                                                        THE UNIVERSAL MAN

The pentagram is used in the rituals of the occult arts, such as the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucians, and Wica for the banishing and invoking of spirits.


According to the book The Key of Solomon, the archangel Gabriel is invoked on a Thursday before daybreak,

“His power is great and he can do much good in which he will instruct you.”

A pentagram can be traced in two different ways. First, by moving from every second point, thus producing a pentagon. Second, by moving from every third point, drawing out the pentagram. The pentagram is associated to the Fifth Sephirah, Geburah.

When the pentagram has a single point pointing upwards, it represents the “Sign of the Microcosm.” This is a good symbol, representing the universal man with his arms and legs extended while adoring his Creator. It is symbolic of the control of the spirit over matter.

With the single point pointing downwards, it is an evil symbol. It is associated with the head of a goat and means the control of reason over the blind forces of matter.




The ritual using the pentagram symbol involves a form of prayer. Invoking of spirits occurs in the morning and banishing of spirits occurs in the evening. The pentagram ritual aids in ridding impure thoughts.


A magician normally faces the east and produces a mental image of what he is trying to accomplish. Depending on the type of ritual being performed, the magician will sometimes walk on a pentagram path, or trace out the star on the ground from one of the five starting points. Each starting point is associated with a certain spirit being called upon for guidance.

There are three pentagram stars found in the Washington Street Line Complex.

  • One is the Major Pentagram associated with the Capital Building.

  • The second, and easier to see, is the Minor Pentagram next to the White House.

  • The third is the Giant Pentagram that extends out from the Washington Monument.

The Major Pentagram and Giant Pentagram are pointing west, with the Minor Pentagram pointing south. All three pentagrams would be considered to be pointing downward and might be symbols associated with evil.


As we will see, the directional layout of these pentagram shapes holds some other important purpose.





Satan worship is often confused with witchcraft. Most witches, however, are quick to point out the distinction between the two. Witchcraft pre-dates Christianity while Satanism is subsequent to Christianity.


Satanism represents an overthrow of the Christian deity in favor of his adversary. Satanist along with other occults and secret societies share a number of symbols and rituals, but several are unique and distinctive to Satanism. The best known is the inverted pentagram. The Horned God in the form of the goat head of Mendes is often depicted, with the pentagram mixed with the goat, or stamped upon the goat’s forehead.

The Major Pentagram (or Capital Pentagram) sits above the symbol of Aries. Aries is the symbol of the Ram. The Giant Pentagram has the sign for Aries situated within its center.


Drawings, diagrams, and pictures of the homed ram and homed goat are often mistaken as one and the same.


The easiest to see and possibly the most pronounced symbol of the Washington Complex is the Freemasonry symbol of the Square and Compass. Like the Star of David, it is really only the crossing of two triangles. It definitely symbolizes a Masonic meaning, possibly similar to the Universal Life Principal.

Those first seeing this symbol will naturally say that it was established to honor the many Masons who fought in the Revolutionary War.


That sounds well, until you discover:

1. It has never been mentioned in any tourist guidebooks on Washington, D.C. For that matter, none of the Washington lines or symbols are mentioned in any tourist guidebooks-until now.
2. To pay homage to anything as a memorial, you have to see it. Yet, no one can see this symbol unless he can fly or stands a top the Washington Monument. This may be why the Washington Monument is a building instead of a solid obelisk structure.
3. The square of this symbol did not take shape with the onset of the building of the Nation’s Capital. Early city plans of Washington do not show the detailed layout. So this symbol has been added to the Washington Complex, over the past two hundred years. It appears to have taken shape in the mid-1800s.

The amazing thing about the Square and Compass is the detail of the compass shape. It has handles, moving joints, and even a compass spring that can be seen in the layout based around the Capital Building.

The layout of a compass shape in a city’s streets is not unique to Washington, D.C. The Piazza del Popolo in Rome and the Vatican both have the shape of a bow compass laid out in the streets with an obelisk at its center.


The Vatican compass shape is closed, opposite of the opened Washington compass shape. There may be some hidden symbolism behind the closed compass since the Vatican, as part of its doctrine, is opposed to Freemasonry. Popes Clement and Benedict excommunicated many Masons from the Catholic faith.


Pope Leo XII in his famous anti-mason letter, Hummanum Genus, expressed the church’s opinion of Masons at that time.

“The human race, after its most miserable defection, through the wilds of the devil, from its Creator, God, the giver of celestial gifts, has divided into two different and opposing factions; of which one fights ever truth and virtue, and the other for opposites. One is the Kingdom of God on earth, the true church of Jesus Christ,......... the other is the Kingdom of Satan .......... but at this time those who support the worst faction seem all to be conspiring and striving most vigorously, led and aided by what is called Freemasonry, a society of men most widely spread and firmly established.”

Albert Pike, a Scottish Rite Mason in the United States replayed to the letter as follows:

“There has never been in this country any opposition on the part of Freemasonry to Catholicism as a religion. ...We have not even felt indignation when educational establishments of Catholicism have made priest of our sons and nuns of our daughters. With 100,000 members of the Catholic faith in its lodges in various Latin countries of the world, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite could have no dislike to Catholicism as a religion.


It has only denied its right to compel men to profess a belief in what it might, in its pretended infallibility, decree to be religious truth, and to persecute with the rack and fagot, or otherwise, and grill and roast alive, those who do not consent to believe that which they cannot believe.”

The Freemason Square and Compass can be seen in the mathematical computations of the Great Pyramid in the notes of the Englishman, David Davidson.


Davidson preformed some of the first mathematics associated with the Great Pyramid.




The Vatican compass shape is closed. The Popolo compass shape, like the Washington, D.C. compass, is open. Unlike the Washington, D.C. compass shape, the Popolo compass is not laid out on any north-south, east-west axis.


But, the Vatican compass is laid out on such an axis with the obelisk in the center of the Vatican Piazza. The Vatican compass in many respects is a direct opposite of the Washington compass. The Vatican compass is closed and points to the east, with an obelisk situated in the compass shape. The Washington compass is opened to the west, with the obelisk situated outside the compass.

There are other shapes associated with the Vatican bow compass. To the side of the compass, is the shape of a builders level. Most carpenters will notice the water bubble level at the center. It appears interconnected to another compass or gage behind the bow compass shape which appears to have thumb wheel gages. This other compass shape is based around the shape of St. Peter’s Basilica and may represent a set of calipers.


Next to the builder’s level is an angled structure that looks like a builder’s square or angle gage. Of course, the whole layout looks a lot like the shape of a single instrument that can reference a compass or a set of calipers off of an angle from a fixed level position. (See ahead THE JEFFERSON CLUE, THE SHIELD OF CHRIST, and THE VATICAN CONNECTION.)

The Popolo compass shape, like many of the Washington streets, is part of a gigantic pentagram laid out in the streets Rome. The Giant Pentagram of Rome can be established from the location of obelisk, towers, and key buildings in the city.
It is altogether possible that the “Plan” for Washington, D.C. was developed around the city plan for Rome. It is well know that Jefferson, Washington, and L’Enfant developed many of their ideas from Roman architecture.


But, the compass shape and pentagram stars of Rome are not well know features, even to historians of Roman architecture and culture. This book you are reading may hold the first publicly written references to these Roman street symbols.


In essence, they are part of a common mystery associated with the street layout of Rome, the Vatican, and Washington, D.C.





Again, we happen upon two elongated triangles crossing over each other. This is definitely an ancient symbol of birth which is associated with various buildings established at key locations around these two triangles.

In grade school, all Americans are taught that George Washington was the “Father of our Country.” Most of us take this as a homage to our First President of the United States. But, it is strange that we call George Washington the “Father of our Country” when other men may have had more to do with its establishment. For instance, Thomas Jefferson drafted our Declaration of Independence, so the title “Father of our Country” may better fit Jefferson.


At the end of one of the two equally sized triangles, we have the erect Washington Monument. This stone and masonry obelisk towers 555 feet into the air. The comer stone was laid with Masonic ceremonies by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia on July 4,1848. At the other end of the opposing triangle, are two curved lines folding in on each other and meeting at a street that circles the Capital Building.

Here the symbolic street layout is using the Washington Monument as a “phallic symbol.” The lines near the Capital are representing the fallopian tubes of a woman, with the Capital centered in the womb - the place of birth.

Remember the serpent earth mound in Adams Country, Ohio. It is possible that while George Washington was surveying in Ohio he made visits to this earth works and discovered how it might relate to a fertility ritual, later expressing this in the design of the Capital City?

There are a many similarities. Seven streets divide this Birth Symbol of Washington, D.C. The serpent mount has seven coils in its design. Both may symbolize fertility and both have the sign of Aries placed within their design.


Of course, both could be two separate cultures symbolizing the same thing - the Universal Life Principle.



Discussed earlier is the possibility that the hexagram and pentagram shapes, which make up the streets of Washington, could be used in rituals for invoking or banishing spirits.


There are two key things that establish this as their function.

1.They are pointing on an east-west and north-south axis. When these symbols are used in occult and religious rituals, they are laid out on one of these same directional axis depending on the ritual being preformed.
2.The presents of the following associated symbols next to these pentagram star shapes adds meaning to there intent.

These associated symbols represent the names of the entity being banished or invoked in carrying out a specific ritual.

1. The symbol for Mercury, quicksilver, the planetary spirit Ophiel or Taphthartharath, or angel Raphael.

2. The symbol for Jupiter, the planetary spirit Bethor or Kedemel, and the angel Hanael

3. The symbol for Saturn, the planetary spirit Arathor or Hismael, and the angel Sachiel

4. The symbol for Aries, the spirit Asmodeus, and angel Belzebub - Satan

5. The symbol for Taurus, the kerub of the earth, the sun God Osiris.



The symbols associated with the names of angels are also associated with the ages of the Zodiac.


Many ancient religious text refer to the two great ages of Taurus the bull and Aries the ram. About every 2000 years, the due east position in the northern hemisphere will locate in the night sky a certain constellation. This constellation has changed from Taurus, to Aries, to the current constellation Pisces because of the rotation of the earth’s axis on a 23.5 degree tilt.


According to Jewish and Christian scriptures, Moses ushered in the age or Aries and Jesus the age of Pisces.


The celestial equator of the earth remains constant and Aries is always in the east in relation to the earth’s position on the celestial equator on the day of the spring equinox.

“Then I saw that a white bull was born with large horns, and all the beast of the field and all the birds of the air feared him and entreated him constantly. I watched until all generations were transformed into white bulls. The first among them became a lamb, and that lamb became a great animal and had great black horns on its head. The Load of the sheep rejoiced over it and over all the oxen. I slept among them and woke and saw everything.”


From the Book of Enoch on Enoch’s vision of the coming Messiah.




It is possible that a message has been presented in two paintings of the early nineteenth century that indicates the ellipse of the White House is really representing the sign of Taurus?


One landscape by William MacLeod in 1844 shows two horned bulls looking northeast toward the White House of Washington, D.C. Another drawing by Kollner in 1839 shows two bulls running in a field towards a northern direction and is titled “Northeastern Washington D.C.”


The use of two bulls in the pictures is the real give away to the hidden message. There are two stars making up the horns of the bull in the constellation Taurus. Also there are two parallel streets branching out from the White House that point to the position of Taurus on the celestial equator. Both pictures have a horse’s ass depicted as the constellation of the Northern Ass.

Traditionally fertility religions honor the horned animal, such as the homed bull. Even today the rhinoceros is in danger of extinction, because many people around the world believe its tusk when crushed and eaten will increase potency in men. The broken horn is often referred to as the horn of plenty or good fortune.

Sighting down New York Avenue or Rhode Island Avenue towards the northeast from the White House locates the constellation of Taurus the bull in the night sky on the celestial equator, when due east points to Aries.


New York Avenue runs from the White House to the center of the National School for Boys.



The sign of Aries or the ram is found near the Capital Building.


When you face due east towards the Capital Building, on the day of spring equinox, you will find the constellation Aries in the night sky in alignment with the earth’s position with the celestial equator.




THE SEPHIROTIC TREE - Ancient Jewish Magic

Modern day magic is derived from two ancient magical groups which developed in the middle ages - the Knights Templar and the Kabbalist.

The Knights Templar were formed in 1118 by Hugh de Payens and Geoffrey de Saint-Omer. It was sanctioned to protect Jerusalem for Christian pilgrims by the King of Jerusalem and by the Pope. The Order later developed into a magical group with a Gnostic-like theology. The group gained knowledge on the ‘mysteries of true Christianity’ from the Johannites, a magical sect existing in Jerusalem at this time.


The Johannites believed that John the Baptist was the true Messiah. It is believed that the Templars worshiped his severed head. But, the Templar shave been linked to the possession of the Turin shroud, which when folded appears like ahead. In either case, each of these two heads might be considered to be the head of the mysterious Baphomet.


Two hundred years after its founding, the King of France disbanded the wealthy and powerful organization almost overnight. Jacques de Molay, the leader, was burned at the stake based on charges of black magic.

The philosophy of the Kabbalah is attributed to older Hebrew sources. Kabbalists believe the world and nature can be grasped through the understanding of numbers and letters. Their job is to discover the meaning in the numbers and letters from the ancient written records of man.


“Ten” is their basic number of the universe. By using the ten numbers (the sephirot), all the working principles of life can be organized and pictured in the form of a Sephirotic tree. This Sephirot tree emanations God, who is a top of the tree. It is the aim of the magician to climb this tree, using magic, to find the divine God head.


Each of the ten Sephirots has a name and quality attributed to it.

1. Kether - being or existence
2. Chochmah -wisdom
3. Binah - intelligence or understanding
4. Chesed - mercy or love
5. Geburah - strength or security
6. Tiphareth - beauty
7. Netzach -firmness
8. Hod - glory
9. Yesod - foundation
10. Malkuth - kingdom.

An invisible Sephirot is hidden behind Chochmah and Binah. It is called the Daathknowledge which is of a sexual kind, spoken of Genesis.


Daath is often added to the Sephirot tree of the Kabbalists which practice sex magic.

The Sephirot Tree - The Tree of Life - Jacob’s Ladder

Tarot cards are read based on the layout of the Sephirot. The three rows based around ten cards, with the turn of the card revealing the climb up or down the ladder of life.

The Sephirot Tree is often known in the occult arts as the representation of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge as spoken of in the Genesis. It is strange that an American fable apparently written by Parson Weems, also the writer of George Washington’s first biography, speaks of another well-known tree.

“Presently George and his made their appearance. George, said his father, do you know who killed that beautiful little cherry-tree yonder in the garden? This was a tough question; and George staggered under it for a moment; but quickly recovered himself; and looking at his father, with the sweet face of youth brightened with the inexpressible charm of all-conquering truth, he bravely cried out, ‘I can’t tell a lie, Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie. I did cut it with my hatchet.’ -‘Run to my arms, you dearest boy, cried his father in transports, run to my arms; glad am I, George, that you killed my tree; for you have paid me for it a thousand fold. Such an act of heroism in my son is more worth than a thousand trees, though blossomed with silver, and their fruits of purest gold.”

In reading this story told by Weems, also a Mason, one cannot help notice the similarities to the tree in the Garden of Eden; with Washington acting as the Adam of our new nation, this time being praised by his Father.

As the sun moves from east to west each day, the shadow of the Washington Monument cuts across the Sephirot shape laid out in the streets. Could Weem’s fable really be a cryptic message about the Washington Monument and its association to the street lines? The Kabbalist believes in the cryptic use of letters and numbers. The streets of Washington, D.C. running north-south and east-west make up a lattice network of numbers and letters.


Does the shadow of the Washington Monument point to specific number and letter locations found in the streets of Washington, D.C.? Is there a cryptic message left behind by Thomas Jefferson, the father of modem Cryptography? His wheel cipher which he invented in the eighteenth century is still used today. Spencer Lewis, of the AROC Rosicrucian Order, found among Jefferson’s papers a code many through Jefferson had invented. It was recognized by Lewis to be a possible Rosicrucian code similar to ancient Rosicrucian secret manuscripts.

The Sephirot design has taken shape through several design changes to the original “Plan.”

The Sephirot is traditionally a ladder design that can be expanded upon as one develops his ability to obtaining his higher self. Many ancient religions speak of the ladder to heaven, or Jacob’s ladder as mentioned in the Bible. A chemist looking at a sephirot design might find its appearance similar to a chemical chain. The biologist might relate this design to the DNA ladder design that creates all living things. Both DNA and chemical chains are expressed in terms of coded letters and numbers.


Did someone in the 1791 also relate the Sephirot to another science based around the streets of Washington, D.C.?

The Washington Sephirot Tree




This symbol may be a bit more illusive to the human eye. Hauntingly it is staring back at you as you look at the maps of Washington, D.C. The skull and cross bones are to be expected since it is a symbol of Freemasonry and the Knights Templars.

We have already discussed the Knights Templars’ association with magic and the story about the Knights Templars having been linked to a mysterious head.


Five possible theories exist on what this head might be.

1. It is the pentagram shape of Baphomet, the goat headed demon.
2. It is the head of Christ as seen from a folded Shroud of Turin.
3. It is the Skull and Cross Bones symbol.
4. It is the head of the universe - the Universal Creator.
5. It is Asmodeus the guardian of the Treasure of Solomon.

The head worshiped by the Knights Templars may be the commonly known Skull and Cross Bones symbol, which is associated with pirates and buried treasure. The skull is naturally known as the place of the mind, the highest order of thought.

Esoteric philosophy is centered around three states of being; the body (physical), the mind (reasoning), and the sprint (the soul). The cross bones represent the physical aspect of man and the skull represents the mind. Together they represent the crossing over to the higher self of the mind and reasoning. The symbol of the Skull and Cross Bones that is now considered to have a negative connotation of death in our society, originally meant the positive crossing over to a higher level of consciousness towards the sprint.


The crucifixion of Jesus is associated with the same tradition, with his death on the cross at the place of the skull, Golgotha - the crossing over of the spirit at death. The location of the Capital Building, housing the best minds of reason in our country, is situated at that crossing. As we will see, the head worshipped by the Templars and the cross bone lines of Washington, D.C. could be something else.

The Vatican Crest is a motif design with the dome of St Peter’s Basilica between two crossing keys which is similar to a skull and cross bones design




The location of the National Cemetery at Arlington might be considered part of the Washington Line Complex.


At first, this great cemetery appears to hold no relevance to the Washington lines, though one of its original principle owners was George Washington. By comparing the following map of Washington to the Freemason pictures, similar symbols can be found in the same relative location to each other. The Arlington National Cemetery is at the same relative location as the Freemason’s casket symbol. So, the Arlington Cemetery may represent the same meaning as the casket in this drawing.

The tarot card layout has a “discarded card” that is in the same location as Arlington in relation to the Shepirot tree layout. The Curtis-Lee House, built by the son of George Washington, is aligned to a line of sight that passes through the sign of Taurus in front of the White House. This may indicate the discard of the age of Taurus. The entrance of Arlington in front of the Curtis-Lee House is also aligned to New Hampshire Avenue that sights the constellation of Gemini, which precedes Taurus as a discarded age.


It is well-known that the American Order of the Knights Templars holds their annual sunrise services at the amphitheater on the cemetery grounds.





In the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, a detailed account of the importance of the secret society of Prieure de Sion is reviewed. This society is still in existence today and it is an international Order. The Prieure de Sion could be responsible for the development of the Order of Knights Templars and many of its possible offshoot Orders such as Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians.

There is repeated references to something called the “Rock of Sion” by many of these secret Orders. The fabled “Philosophers Stone” associated with Alchemy and this “Rock of Sion” might be one and the same. Many Christians consider the “Rock of Sion” to represent Simon Peter, based on what Jesus said in the Bible, “-upon this rock I will build my church.”

In 1925, a stone slab was discovered near Rennes-le-Chateau in France. The stone had carved upon it a strange triangle shaped spear point and a cryptic message. The stone’s source is attributed to the secret Order of Prieure de Sion. The motif on this stone looks strikingly similar to parts of the pentagrams in the Washington Line Complex.


The drawing on the stone near Rennes-le-Chateau is better known by the Orthodox Christian Church as the “Shield of Christ” or “Shield of the Trinity.” The following tapestry shows its association with Christianity, in which it protects the crucified Christ from demons. The motif on the stone slab has become known as the “Sign of the Pieure de Sion” or the “Sign of the Rock of Zion.”

Half of the angles used to draw this Spear Point can be found from the life lines in the palm of the human hand. Both hands placed side-by-side produce a full Spear Point and a crude map of eastern Washington, D.C.


Could this crude map be the purpose behind ancient palm reading?

The book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, on the subject of the Prieure de Sion, discusses a conversation with Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, a current member of the secret organization.

According to Plantard, the Prieure de Sion holds in its position the lost treasures of the Temple of Jerusalem - the fabled booty stolen by Titus’ Roman legions in AD 70.

“The items will be returned to Israel when the time is right. The nature of the true treasure, according to Plantard, is ‘secret’ based upon a secret.” 2

There is a scientific secret behind the Sign of Prieure de Sion. The Spear Point is made up of two triangles, one approximately 60 degrees in angle and the other about 120 degrees.


These are the tradition angles associated with summer and winter solstice of the sun and the eighteen year cycle of the moon. When the earth passes between the sun and the moon we have the crescent moon, which can appear sometimes as a blood red ball sitting on a silver plate or set of horns - the serpent eating the egg - coming out of Aries from the east.


The birthstone associated with Aries is the Aquamarine, better known as the bloodstone.



Discussed earlier were the various ancient sites aligned to the sun and the moon positions. It appears that the street lines of Washington, D.C. and these ancient sites have the same thing in common. This should be expected since both Franklin and Jefferson were noted for their knowledge in astrology and astronomy. Franklin’s publication on the subject, Poor Richard’s Almanac, made him a fortune and was one of the most popular books of the period.

Viewing from the top of the Washington Monument to the southeast down Virginia Avenue, a line of sight for the winter solstice can be established. Viewing down Indiana Avenue from the Washington Monument produces an almost true line of sight for the summer solstice. I say almost true, because the Washington Monument was not built on the correct location described in the L’Enfant “Plan.”


It was built 400 feet southeast of the pile of marker stones laid down by Jefferson. The solstice positions can also be observed from the Capital Building sighting down Pennsylvania Avenue or Maryland Lane and Massachusetts Avenue or North Carolina Avenue from Lincoln Square.

Like Stonehenge, Mystery Hill, Sariezetusa, and the Great Pyramids of Giza, the streets of Washington, D.C. creates a gigantic astronomical, earth, solar, and lunar clock.

In simple astronomical and navigational calculations, the earth is established at the center of celestial sphere, which moves along the line of the earth’s equator while the apparent path of the sun, the ecliptic, is at an angle to it.


The equinoxes are two points at which the ecliptic intersects with the celestial equator, and are defined as 0 degree in the constellation Aries in spring and 0 degree in the constellation of Libra in autumn.

A line drawn due east through the Capital Building, crossing the Aries symbol, will point to the constellation Aries 0 degrees on the celestial equator in relation to the earth’s position on the date of the spring equinox. Because of a tilt in the earth, the constellation Pisces is currently viewed in the night sky, though Aries is always due east from the earth’s position.


Our country observes four national holidays associated near the dates of the celestial solstices and equinoxes.




The Washington Monument acts like a giant sundial and its shadow offers accurate timekeeping on the days of the equinox. On the day of the summer solstice, it will cast its smallest shadow at noon. The maximum distance cast out from the monument by that shadow can be used to calculate the number of degrees Washington, D.C. is away from the Tropic of Cancer.


This angle and distance when applied to the 360 degrees in a circle, can be used to calculate the circumference of the earth.

It appears Jefferson left behind a clue in the name of his famous home for finding the city used as the model for the astronomical meaning behind the street layout of Washington.


The information concerning the winter solstice in Washington, D.C. reveals a not well-known astronomical observation that can also be seen from the Vatican in Rome. The basic interpretation derived from the two opposite compass symbols found in Washington, D. C. and the Vatican is also opposite. One compass faces the east and the other faces the west. The Vatican is closed to the rising sun on the day of winter solstice.

The Washington compass is open to the rising sun of the winter solstice when viewed from the White House, but the legs are turned away from the rising sun. (see THE VATICAN CONNECTION)

The summer solstice triangulation point can be found in Rome by sighting down Via Fontille to S. Museo Borghese from the center of the Piazza del Risorgimento (moment of rise). Sighting out across the city to the twin towers of S. Giovanni from the Piazza Risorgimento locates the winter solstice triangulation point. Sighting down Via Della Lungara from The Piazza Del Risorgimento to Musa Torlonia, establishes an angle line that is parallel to the line of sight for the rising moon position when viewed from the obelisk at the Piazza Tieome.

The Plaza Risorgimento establishes the two solstice points and the angle for the rising moon position. The observation of the rising sun on the day of the winter or summer solstice can be viewed from the Vatican. The result of the triangulation of points for observation, produces a full Shield of Christ branching out from the Vatican.

Note that the line of sight from the Vatican for viewing the winter solstice passes through the middle of the ancient Roman Colosseum and the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum.

This line passes on a street in the middle of the Forum called the Sacred Way. Situated in the design of the Piazza of S. Trinita dei Monti Church is the sign of Taurus based around a stairway called the Spanish Steps. Spain has always been noted for bull fights and related festivals.


Via Fontanella, leading to the Spanish Steps, is at an exact angle from due east as the Taurus sight lines of Washington, D.C.


In designing the city plan for Washington, D.C., Thomas Jefferson might have left behind clues to a secret in the city of Rome.


As discussed earlier, the Vatican has a gigantic bow compass shape pointing due east. It is pointing not only to the celestial constellation of Aries, but to an obelisk in the center of the Piazza Terac Esedra. Next to this Piazza is S. M. degli Angeli, or Place of Many Angles. This obelisk is about one and half miles due north of the South Stefano Rotunda. The South Stefano Rotunda is in the part of Rome called Montecitorio. Jefferson’s home is named Montecello.


Montecello was designed after this place in Rome, not after the Pantheon. A line drawn from the obelisk of the Piazza S Pietro of the Vatican through the center of the South Stefano Rotunda will establish the Golden Triangle or traditional winter solstice triangle. This is also the shape of the constellation Triangulum, found to the right Taurus and behind Aries in the night sky.


Montecello might even be a reference for one of the stars in the constellation Triangulum.




Built info the earth’s rotation is a tilt of 23.5 degrees as it revolves around the sun. This tilt causes the location of the north star to change its position a little each year. Our current north star is now part of the Ursa Minor or the Little Dipper constellation. About 6000 years ago, it was a part of the constellation Draconis.


The street lines branching out to the north and south from the White House are celestial marker lines for 2,166 years of this 26,000 year cycle of the change in location of the North Star. This tilt also causes the constellation found due east on the day of the equinox to change locations every 2,166 years.


This change is referred to as the “precession of the equinoxes.”




In 1964 Gerald S. Hawkins wrote an article for Nature, titled “Stonehenge: A Neolithic Computer” The basic premise of his research was that the two stones uses for sighting the maximum positions of the eighteen year cycle of the moonrise and the heel stone at Stonehenge could be used to calculate the exact day in which an eclipse of the sun or the eclipse of the moon would occur. Using computer dating from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Hawkins discovered that whenever you have the moon rising at any of the three previously mentioned Stonehenge marker stones, an eclipse of the sun or moon will occur somewhere on the earth on that date. This produces a 56-year sun and moon eclipse cycle.

Hawkins states in his book Stonehenge Decoded, that astronomers recently rediscovered this eclipse calculator from Stonehenge. Well, it appears George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Charles L’Enfant understood this calculator, as well as someone in Rome and Jerusalem.

It occurred to this researcher that the same observance would apply to the two maximum moon sight lines in Washington, D.C. But what sight line represents the sight line produced by the heel stone at Stonehenge? The answer was obvious, the non-important line (South Carolina Avenue) southeast of the Capital. It sights a hill in the distance. When this hill and other geographic features of eastern Washington, D.C. arc viewed from Lincoln Square, they produce natural geographic points of reference, similar to the two maximum moonrise stones and heel stone at Stonehenge.


Like Stonehenge, whenever the moon is seen to rise above any of these geographic landmarks, an eclipse of the sun or the moon will occur somewhere on the earth that same day. This crude eclipse cycle clock is accurate for about 300 years. So this phenomena should be visible until the year 2091 in Washington, D.C. After that date the moon will rise one year early every 300 years. The same eclipse cycle can be observed in Rome and Jerusalem with a 2 to 8 year error.

This scientific data adds to the mystic and occult nature of the Washington Line Complex, since a magician would appear most powerful if he could predict the date in which the sun or the moon would appear to vanish. The invoking and banishing rituals of magic are supposedly best carried out at the time of an eclipse.



The angle used to establish the White House Spear Point is open toward the north. This angle measures 47 degrees, twice 23.5 degrees. As previously discussed in Chapter Three (see page 61), the pole star will appear to change positions because of the 23.5 degree tilt in the earth's axis. This 47 degree angle reflects this tilt in the earth and maximum positions of the north star. The pole star position will appear to travel as the earth moves a full revolution on the 23.5 degree tilt in a 26,000 year period. Already the north star position has started to move toward Dupont Circle reflecting a 200 year change in position.


The full cycle will occur when the polar star position has traveled from 16th Street to Dupont Circle back to Logan Circle and then back to 16th Street. Note that Logan Circle is part of Rhode Island Avenue that points to the constellation Taurus. In the year 4000 B.C. the sky of the southern horizon on the day of the vernal equinox displayed the earth’s equator and the celestial ecliptic intersecting the earth’s north-south polar axis at a point between the horns of the constellation Taurus. When the polar star is aligned to Logan Circle, as viewed from the White House, this same astronomical conjunction will occur.



In Freemasonry the letters J and B represent the two great mystical pillars Jachin and Boaz created by King Solomon. These pillars are associated with the two astronomical globes - the earth globe and the celestial globe. It appears the letter J was never used to name a street in Washington, D.C. North and South B Streets were renamed to Constitution and Independence. Thus there are no J and B Streets in Washington, D.C. But, J and B are represented by all the other astronomical sight lines that make up the Washington Line Complex.


The angle generated by New Jersey Avenue intersecting Delaware Avenue at the Capital Building is the angle needed to find the beginning and end of the constellation Aries, due east on the celestial equator on the spring equinox. It is also the angle between the moon’s orbit once a month and the sun’s orbit once a year along the ecliptic as viewed from earth. Where these two orbits intersect you have a position for an eclipse of the sun or moon.


These two intersection points revolve along the ecliptic once every nineteen years. The measurement of the angle between these two streets is thirty-three degrees, the highest rank in Freemasonry.

The moon will rise thirty-three times when sighting down Kentucky Avenue over a nineteen





As stated earlier, the winter and summer solstice positions can be found through observations from the Washington Monument, the Capital Building, or Lincoln Square. The Capital Building as the center of such an astronomical observation is most appropriate, since there are 365 steps at the entrance to the Capital, one for each day of the year.

Strangely enough, clues were left behind by George Washington is his family portrait called "The Washington Family” by Edward Savage. This portrait is on exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Art. At first glance, the portrait appears to only show Washington, his wife, grandson, and granddaughter. But, the center piece of the portrait is a map of Washington, D.C. Martha is pointing with a strangle looking pointer to the location of the Capital Building on the map.


To the left of the family, is a terrestrial or a military globe with a compass pointing north found at the base of the globe. Celestial maker lines are placed on the globe with a circular shape representing the traditional moon position. Washington's grandson has a bow compass in his right hand pointing east. Washington’s sword is pointing east. A terrestrial globe was owned by George Washington. It is now displayed in his library at Mt. Vernon.

The secret message revealed within the portrait is that a celestial observation can be seen by looking east from the Capital Building. The bow compass with its 60 degree angle indicates the traditional angle for the positions of the solstices. The pointer used by Martha indicates another observation that may be at a certain angle in the sky. This might be an eclipse, a bright star, or a planetary alignment.

These sight lines for the moon and sun positions may have already existed before the founding of Washington, D.C. Tennessee Avenue, Maryland Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, and South Carolina Avenue are all aligned to hills in the distance, as they branch out from the Capital hill and Lincoln Park. These hills in the distance are natural landmarks that can be used for establishing points of reference. So these astronomical sightlines appear to pre-date the written “Plan” of Washington, D.C.


This pre-existing astronomical observation sight may be attributed to Washington and his comrades, or to a preexisting American Indian observatory known by George Washington. There is no evidence in either case. But, the geographic landmarks of this area appears to have influenced the preferred location of the Nation’s Capital for astronomical observations. Perhaps, these geographic landmarks are what captured De Graffenried’s attention to this region.


De Graffenreied or Washington might have been looking for a location with similar geographic features of the hills surrounding Rome.




Like the ancient megaliths of old, some of the streets of Washington, D.C. are laid out according to the phases of the moon. Similar to the changing positions of the rising sun on the horizon throughout the year, the rising moon also changes its location on the horizon.


The moonrise positions vary in a more complicated way between extreme northern and southern points, completing a cycle about every eighteen years. The following illustrates the maximum and minimum swing of the moonrise for Stonehenge. Lincoln Square offers a line of sight of the maximum moonrise positions by sighting down Kentucky Avenue and Tennessee Avenue.

Based on the Washington Complex’s previous association with Christ, maybe the founding fathers took the following quote from the Bible literally.

Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”




Studying the eastern night sky over a period of time reveals an interesting occurrence in the cycle of the planet Venus. The path of the planet will appear as a circle with its ends representing the locations of Venus as the Morning star and Venus as the Evening star.

Venus is called the two headed star, sometimes presented in ancient folklore by the two headed serpent or the two headed eagle. The Bible refers to the evening star as Lucifer and the morning star as the Christ - the two headed principal of good and evil, light and dark, and birth and death.


As might be expected, a similar shape encircles the Capital Building.


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