The Battle Of Armageddon:

A Reminder


The Battle of Armageddon is over on the Inner Plane

This Awareness indicates that you understand the Battle of Armageddon is over on the Inner Plane, that the residue of this battle is falling upon this physical plane, that the forces of evil have returned to Essence. But the army of the Ra-Ta forces* (*See Galactic Overview-A Journey in Oneness) which was sent out from the blue planet (our planet seen from other dimensions-ed.) to bring back the forces of evil, the followers of Rhyee, are still engaged as an army and this power has not been totally dissolved, that this power is coming into confrontation with its own image and shall dissolve, but that this dissolving shall create a flashpoint which shall have its effect on this plane, and there shall be many who may be caught in the holocaust of this flashpoint.


The Echo of evil

This Awareness indicates that you understand this not as evil, but rather as the aftermath of the results of evil; this may be referred to as the echo of evil. This Awareness suggests you understand these forces as being still asleep, and that they need to be awakened and informed that the Battle of Armageddon is over, for otherwise they shall continue to fight and the fight shall continue to create tragedy on this plane.

This Awareness indicates this shall take a concerted action by many to bring this message through, that at this present time there is little being done to awaken these giants who battle through their nightmare world.
(Revelations of Awareness 98-10)

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