Be prepared for Desperate Acts to Come


Remember Tiananmen Square


You're living in a very volatile period. Your freedoms are jeopardized, threatened and potentially under fire from many different sources. There are no guarantees. Nothing is certain. Entities who need to have and hold control will find it is not there. This Awareness indicates that it works both ways however. Even those who feel they have control, have held control for 80 or more years in this country, are only getting a slight hint that that they may not have as much control as they thought.

The arrogance of these entities is such that they believe they still have control simply because they control the press, the television, the book publishers and the newsprint organization. This Awareness indicates a schism in the ranks of Americans has occurred, beginning very slightly in the Fifties, spreading somewhat in the Sixties, partly because of the Vietnam war, increasing somewhat in the Seventies with the degrading of the presidency by Richard Nixon, and in the Eighties a greater schism from those who were concerned about the potential for nuclear war, and now in the Nineties, the Waco incident, the Weaver incident, the Oklahoma City and New York Trade Center bombings, these are beginning to wake up the masses to the realization that their government has become criminal in many ways.

This Awareness indicates there are agents influencing the government; that although many elected officials are sincere, are honest and very much loyal to the United States, that there are many constituting an element of criminals in the government who are working for foreign powers, and this is becoming a clear message from many groups, many publications, and throughout that new creation, that new world of information known as the Internet.


Be Prepared for Desperate Acts to Come

There are millions and millions of entities residing in the Internet in which information flows freely without great censorship. This Awareness indicates it is creating chaos for those who would promote and coerce the masses into accepting the New World Order. Be prepared for some utterly desperate acts on the part of these entities.


Remember Tiananmen Square

This Awareness wishes to warn entities to be very aware of the total picture. Do not engage yourself in areas of conflict wherein you might find yourself being the target of some force that wishes to make an example for others. Do not put yourself in situations in which you make a stand without knowing what is happening. Do not over-expose yourself.

There was a picture in Tiananmen Square that was made available through the world of a single individual standing before a line of tanks and the tanks stopped because that individual was standing there. This impressed the masses around the world.

This Awareness indicates that it may be that you were impressed by this. It may be that you would like to have the kind of power that this entity had in that moment. This Awareness wishes to remind you that once the cameras were removed, once the media was forced to leave the area, these tanks began rolling over the demonstrators. It was said that you could hear their heads popping like watermelons as the tanks rolled over them. This Awareness suggests you not try to be heroes before forces that are far greater than yours. This Awareness indicates that it is more important to stay alive, and await your time. In your time you may have a meaningful purpose in helping to put things right, in helping to encourage those who need help, to serve those who are in great need. You may have a greater purpose in living than in dying as a hero.

This Awareness indicates likewise, It does not encourage, It does not wish to encourage anyone to take up arms to slaughter your enemies. It is much better if you can befriend your enemies, persuade your enemies to recognize the futility of their position. If you can help your enemies to see the glory of the freeing of the masses, and how the Constitution helps to free these entities for the glory of humanity; if you can persuade them to turn their face from conquering the masses to serving the masses, you will do a much greater benefit than holding arms against these entities.

This Awareness indicates that it is quite possible that a civil war will erupt. This Awareness indicates however, there is also an equal possibility that the masses of Patriotic Americans will prevail and will persuade those who would seek to overturn the freedoms of American to back off from their quest, to renounce their goals.


You had a near perfect country

This Awareness indicates that this is seen as a very strong potential and this is what this Awareness wishes to encourage: that entities spread information, awaken each other, and try to awaken your leaders to the realization that you had a near perfect country, with its near perfect body of laws through the Constitution of the United States and that the subjugation of these people into a United Nations charter and the New Constitution that enslave the masses is not worth living for nor, is it worth dying for; and therefore, that these entities should cease in their efforts to promote such.

This Awareness indicates if you can send information, spread information and help entities to recognize where indeed they should stand on the issues, this is a greater act, far better than preparing for war. This Awareness indicates there will always be those who can take up arms and it sad that many of these will kill or will be killed, but it also very important to have those who do not engage in violence, but who work with gentle persuasion to bring about a better world. (Revelations of Awareness 95-9 issue no. 452 with Paul Shockley as the Interpreter)

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