Did the New World Order

plan the drug scene?


Early Christian Priests used drugs (mana, the food of the gods)

This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative. This Awareness reminds you that the ancient Templars and the priests of old all were familiar with the use of drugs. The priest's hats in antiquity or in ancient times were made to reflect and portray the shape and color of the psilocybin mushroom, the so-called "sacred mushroom." This Awareness indicates that this goes back to the early days of Christianity and beyond and these priests called that mushroom Mana, which was said to be the food of the gods.

This Awareness indicates that is not hard to extrapolate from this that the priests of old were using mushrooms to get insight and to get certain benefits, and very likely they traded and sold mushrooms to one another for special purposes or favors, and these mushrooms being used in the secret schools, in secret organizations of the Templars, which then later spawned Masonry, which is essentially a key element of the New World Order, and the introduction of various drugs in more recent times by the CIA in its MK-Ultra programs and others; all of this has helped to destroy the cohesion of society from the Fifties to the Nineties so that there are many fragmented unravelings occurring all over society in all countries where these things operate, so that any glue that held society together is becoming dissolved, and the Christian age is unraveling, more and more with every decade that passes.

There will be a time when the NWO attempts to put together some kind of cohesion, including a New World, or Global Religion, and when all of it is finally together, if they succeed, then the presence of drugs will be forbidden. At this time however, their agenda needs drugs to unravel society, to keep things falling apart, to make it impossible for the glue to hold society together.

That in the NWO plans, the control of drugs is extremely important for those who seek power, because they see, because they see the potential for using drugs to manipulate entire citizens and the masses of society in the future, particularly if there is a master/slave society.


NWO would drug the slaves of society

The use of drugs for keeping the slaves working longer hours and with more efforts could be engineered through the use of drugs they receive, and the more drugs they receive, the more work that can be extracted from them. This Awareness indicates that this is part of the projected plan. It also would allow entities to work themselves to death and by diminishing the population, entities could then help in their own demise by taking the drugs given to promote more work out of them.

This Awareness indicates that the problem with this is that they may become obsessed with getting more work, to death, masses of workers will be dying off, and it could reach a point where as the population diminishes, they may want to increase the population so that they can continue having a work force, in which case they will then seek drugs that make entities more sexually focused, but this is not likely to come for many decades, according to their plans, and then only if the drug culture becomes a total workable form of control.


Imagine 50 million people dependent on drugs and paid in drugs

This awareness suggests you imagine 50 million people dependent on drugs, getting their work orders and getting paid in drugs, wherein other aspects of their lives are skimpy and lacking, but they still get their drugs to make them feel good, if they work hard, and they can get drugs that get them to work harder and still feel relatively good, but it takes years off their lives. Can you imagine a society that finds this to be ever more rewarding in terms of profit than the mere taxation of wages?

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