Sinister use for a National ID Card

Nazi Tactics being used to track Illegal aliens


It appears that the idea may have originally had limited purposes, but that it opens the door for expansion into the creation of an ID card for other entities also, so that eventually all entities may be required to have ID cards. This Awareness indicates of course, this becomes similar to that which occurred in Nazi Germany, wherein everyone needed to be identified or to have identification papers with them, which then makes it impossible for entities to have any sense of true freedom.

This Awareness indicates that it helps the law enforcement society to be able to know exactly who an entity is, and the argument can be set forth that if you have nothing to hide, what does it matter if they know who you are or not? This Awareness indicates that the only thing that might matter in such a case is if they decide that they want to rid the country of all Jews, or all Christians, or all Anglo-Saxons, or all people earning a minimum wage, or all people over a certain age, they have the ability to do so by checking the ID cards of individuals and learning all they want to know about such entities.


From ID card to a chip in the hand

It also conditions the entities to move from an ID card to a chip in the hand without thinking of it as such a great difference. This Awareness indicates that the more control you give to the government over you as a citizen, the less control you as a citizen have. This Awareness indicates that instead of entities being willing to give up more and more control to the government, it should be the other way around. It should be that the citizen, the people, put more and more controls on the government, for the people are the real government, and those who work for the government in this country are supposed to be working for the people.

This Awareness indicates that this is the idea situation, and when the New World Order embraces this kind of concept for all governments of the world, it will be an ideal concept to have a New World Order in which the bureaucracy works in behalf of, and for the people of the world.


The Role of "Civil Servants" needs redefining
(Remember, You're the Boss. They Work for You)

This Awareness indicates that the term of civil servant as that which has been around for many decades, but the concept is that which hardly exists in reality. The civil servant generally thinks of himself as a bureaucratic demi-god. He has his little power seat, and the people come in to see him regarding something, and he immediately lets them know he is boss, and they are to take a number and wait until he is ready.

This Awareness indicates that this concept of the civil servant needs to be re-defined according to its original meaning, and need to be re-applied to the bureaucratic demi-gods so that it covers their demi-god status and they are reminded that they are the civil servants and they are there to help, and they are paid by the people who are their bosses, who are their employers, and when this begins to happen and entities begin to realize they are indeed civil servants of others, to realize they are to serve the masses, then the government will take on a new appearance and the people will begin to recognize their own empowerment and the value of the Constitution and the law of the land as having been something quite special, that needs to be preserved.

This Awareness indicates that as entities begin to think of these government officials as civil servants rather than cringe when they come close to one, they will begin to give a different air or aura upon meeting with a civil servant so that they are no longer frightened of them. Why be frightened of a civil servant?

This Awareness indicates however, the idea has been switched around so that entities being called in to see an official are always terrified or nervous or frightened in some way that the so-called civil servant will extract money from them or put them in a position inferior to where they are now, or will deny them something they need and are entitled to.

This Awareness wishes entities to stop thinking so much of the bureaucrats as official authorities and think of them more as civil servants, and remind them, if necessary, who pays their salaries. Remind them that you can petition your fellow citizens to have them removed from office if they cannot fulfill their civil duties. This Awareness indicates that it is important of course to be respectful and fair in your dealings with civil servants, particularly those who who recognize their job is to serve you and your fellow citizens.

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