Part 6





This Awareness indicates that at this stage, to further understand what is occurring, one must recognize interdimensional beings, the Forces of Ahriman and the Forces of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The spiritual hierarchy is essentially that hierarchy of Forces of Light on the inner planes which attempt to raise the understanding and vibrations of entities on the various planets so that the planets and the entities thereon may evolve spiritually. The Forces of Ahriman as those Forces associated with the elements of Hades: those Forces which would attempt to entrap and to bind and to hold the souls of entities to prevent spiritual involvement.

This awareness indicates essentially the Forces of Ahriman are Forces which make use of the astral energies, these energies associated with the lower chakras of greed, power and lust. The higher Forces of the spiritual hierarchy are those Forces which are associated with the mental plane and the etheric plane, and attempts to encourage and tune to the higher chakras associated with love, mercy and radiance.



This Awareness indicates that the next step in understanding what is occurring on the various planes is to recognize that this conflict between these Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness in the inner planes, or that which is other than your physical plane, is occurring not only in regard to your planet, but throughout the universe and throughout the cosmos. This Awareness indicates that the planets in your universe which have life on them, most of these planets that have a high civilization or high order of life, belong to that which is the Galactic Federation in your galaxy. These entities are aware of the developing process of the earth and the conflict between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light as associated with the conflict on the planet, --theses Forces recognizing that this is a planet in turmoil.

This Awareness indicates that they see this planet as being in the grip of a great war between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness because this planet has certain valuable position in the solar system, and the ancient treasures deep within its core. These treasures as that which would give great power to those Forces which control the planet. This Awareness indicates that the Galactic Confederation is also in a continual conflict with the Forces of Ahriman, sometimes known as the Natas, or the Forces of Satan. The Forces of Ahriman and those from the legions of Hades*, while in conflict with the Galactic Federation, do not openly attack with such fervor those planets which are already established as planets of Light, but rather go after those planets which are in the developing stage which hold great wealth, even as on the lower levels of the planet those more highly developed nations find themselves in conflict over the wealth of a smaller developing nation. (* Hades-for an in-depth report on Hades refer to Revelations of Awareness Newsletter No. 78-19, "The Immortal Realms of Hades)

This Awareness indicates that is has been said, "As it is above, is it is below. As it is below, so it is above". This Awareness indicates that to some decree this is true, although with each reflection, above or below, the energies are altered slightly so that the echo or reflection is not exact, is altered according to the circumstances. This Awareness indicates that essentially however, the conflicts in the inner space are not too unlike those conflicts on the physical plane, and those Forces in the inner realms are invariable attempting to influence through telepathy or through activities, to influence entities of the physical plane, or that which is the outer plane, and the influences are either emanating from Forces of Light or from Forces of Darkness.

These influences moving through individuals or through corporate bodies, through groups, through structures, through organizations, and through the lords of the planets, or the lords of the realms, the deity of beings which inhabit or control the various dimensions. Essentially, the spiritual hierarchy as that which is a kind of reflection in the higher vibrations of the Light energies; these may be termed lords or saints or other names, or if reflections of the more negative vibrations of Ahriman, may be termed priests of the Dark Forces, or demons, or whatever other name is chosen as appropriate.

This Awareness indicates that entities attempting to understand what is occurring need also to recognize that it is possible for entities to move interdimensionally although it is more difficult than for entities to move horizontally or vertically in their own dimension. This Awareness indicates that when one falls asleep one moves interdimensionally into another plane, generally into the astral plane. One may also move into the mental plane, particularly during times of meditation and one may move into the etheric plane during times such as that of meditation.

This awareness indicates that likewise, it is possible for entities of the astral, mental or etheric planes to gather together that plasma or gaseous substance which allows them to for what appears to be a material body or physical denseness so that they may materialize and move around in physical shape and form and have influence in the physical realm directly rather than only telepathically. This Awareness indicates that with the use of the more recent technologies these entities are finding it more and more easy to move into the physical dimension, staying in the physical form for longer periods of time.



This Awareness indicates that it is in understanding this new influence of interdimensional beings interacting with the physical beings of this plane that entities may come to grip with the essence of the meaning behind the religious teachings of the ancients. This Awareness indicates that in understanding this relationship with interdimensional beings entities may reread the ancient texts of the Old testaments, of the lost books of Eden, the lost books of the Bible, and get a new meaning from these scriptures. This Awareness indicates entities may also gain greater understanding of the mysteries of present events that tare occurring in the world in which they live.


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