Part 7





This Awareness indicates that once entities see the total picture, the pieces begin to fall in place at an alarming rate, whereby news reports of information that would previously have been trivia or fragmented in terms of its meaning to the whole, suddenly fit in a larger picture and fill in a gap so that the pictures becomes more clear.

This Awareness indicates this is likened unto putting together a puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, not knowing what the picture should reveal when the puzzle is put together. So long as you do not know what the picture should reveal it is more difficult to look for and to find the parts in order to assemble these parts, but when you see a picture of the assembled puzzle it becomes much easier to know where the blue goes, where the green goes, where the tree is, where the flowers are, and where to put the barn.

This Awareness indicates that for entities to understand what is occurring in areas such as Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica and these Central American countries, entities must understand the entire picture, for to understand only that which is occurring in a little village, or which the military advisors report, or which is given in relation to a propaganda by one side or the other; this reveals only a fragment of information.

Though that fragment may be the entire world to an individual or regarding an individual it does not answer the questions for those who sit in their comfortable chairs with their friends and debate the issues behind the deaths, enslavement, slaughter, agonies of individuals in some far off country in which the leaders of that country are tied in with efforts to rid the country of certain elements, and the tie-in is associated with other security problems of a larger nation so that the larger nation must consider sending in greater weaponry and forces to deal with the security problem in that country, which in turn requires that the other conflicting superpower enhance its prestige also in the area by adding more of its support to those who would overthrow those forces that are perpetrating and causing the agony of its friends, so that each continues to build upon the agony of the other as an excuse to continue the conflict so that the resources of the country can be acquired and the people eliminated, either entirely, or in terms of any sense of effectiveness in defending their own soil and rights.



This Awareness indicates that to understand what is occurring in these areas is to have one's consciousness ripped from the small confines of prejudiced ideas, favorite slogans, simple beliefs and unfounded loyalties.



This Awareness indicates to understand what is occurring on this plane requires that entities leaves their own self and exit from the identifications of one's beliefs and loyalties and look at reality from a view, from a level that sees behind the words, sees from behind the ideas, sees from behind concepts the energies that are at play in disrupting the lives of individuals.

This Awareness indicates that whether an entity or an energy in this universe is the only energy among its associates and friends that sees and recognize an event in a particular way, or whether that energy looks at the event as some its friends, this is of little significance in terms of the cosmic drama. This Awareness indicates that if is easier to keep your friends than it is to oppose your friends on a particular issue, it will make little difference in terms of the total outcome.

This Awareness indicates that if however, you are not concerned with pleasing your friends or keeping your friends and are more concerned with discovering for yourself what is true, you may simply put more energy into being open and receptive to learning more about these things and sharing and expressing your feelings without too much regard for whether others agree with you or not, and you may share your feelings and ideas as questions for them to consider rather than as opinions for them to deal with.

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