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New World Order Also Creating A Mythical Christ for the New Age

It is a creation of a myth for the people of Rome to center on, much as is now being created by the efforts of the New World Order to establish a new religious order, a One World religion that all entities can use as a kind of compromise, whereby in time, the entity know as Christ in the Christian mythology, and the entity known as Mohammed and the entities of Eastern religions, from Buddha, to Confucius, to the various different religious leaders of different religions of the world will all be partially represented in a new composite.

Whether this will be the culmination of a being known as the Antichrist for some, or the New Messiah for others, is still to be determined, but it is much like that action of trying to bring all religions together.

This Awareness indicates what occurred in Rome was a political effort by Constantine to gather the energies of conflicting religious groups and to bring them together to stop the warring and fighting between these groups that was tearing Rome apart. The action of Constantine was that he informed those religious leaders of the various warring sects in Rome that if they did not come together and join in some kind of compromise religion, their religion would not be recognized or legal in Rome, thus, most of those came and put their best effort into giving their particular religious dogma and values and their deity into the compromise that was formed which became the Holy Roman Catholic religion, "catholic" meaning "universal."

This Awareness indicates that in this action, these entities were not totally satisfied. No one was completely satisfied, but each had contributed part of their religion and they could feel secure that their religion would be preserved, buried in the Christian religion. The name Jesus was chosen as the name of the hero, or centerpiece of the religion because it meant "Neither He nor She." It was a neutral word.


Many names including Zeus were Considered

There were those who had proposed the name Zeus, but many objected because Zeus was a Greek God and the Romans wanted nothing to do with Greek gods. Therefore they sought to find a Roman name, or a name that was neutral, which Rome could use as its own god, and the name that came eventually to the forefront was the name Jesus, or Hesus (pronounced heysoos) and it was a Hebrew term that meant "neither He nor She." It was neutral.

The further name of Christ was originally Christos. Hesus Christos and Christos meant the Clear One, or Enlightened One, or Jesus the Enlightened One. The Christed entity had been traditionally recognized long before this time. The Greek had a character whose name was Krestus, and Krestus or krest meant the height or the top, and there were the various other types of Christs.


There Were Many "Christs" Prior to Jesus

There was a black Christ or Christed One in certain cultures and other cultures had their version of the Christed One. In India it was known as Krishna. This Awareness indicates that Krishna is the Indian version of a Christed being. There were many Christs prior to Jesus. The term was used even as far back as Atlantis, and therefore, when they sought for a further defining term to call their new composite in the new religion of Rome, the concept of Hesus Christos, Jesus the Christ was the result and most entities could accept that because they had no hostility toward either term.


The Value of the Myth is Real but Historically is false

The value of the myth is absolutely totally real, and its effect on entities is absolutely totally real, but the historical aspects have been distorted so that when people speak of a shroud that covered Jesus, even if it were the genuine shroud, it might actually have been a shroud that covered someone else: Apollonius perhaps, or some other entity who died upon a cross in the company of thousands of otherwise who died upon the cross during that time.

This Awareness indicates there was of course an entity whose name was Hesus and this entity came from Nazareth, lived in the area of Nazareth, and therefore, there was an entity Jesus of Nazareth who was one of the various entities in the composite; but much of the information attributed to the composite was information relating to other entities: Apollonius of Tyana for one, Krishna for another, and the Sun God of the Roman sun worshippers Helios as another.

This Awareness indicates It realizes this is extremely confusing to many people. It does not expect entities to fully understand this, nor does It care whether entities accept this. This Awareness is only dedicated to giving truth as it sees it in response to questions asked.


Biblical Miracles and Stories Came from Earlier Sources

This Awareness indicates the story of the water in the well and washing the feet, and healing the blind man can be found in earlier religious writings from other sources, other cultures previous to the Christian story. These are documented in earlier cultural writings from other areas of the world, and were included in the Christian story as part of the total composite of a mythical creation that could serve as a religion for the Roman people.


How Jesus Survived the Crucification

This Awareness indicates it appears that the story of Heysoos of Nazareth, that this entity had a following and was the one who was crucified on the cross, that the entity Heysoos of Nazareth in his sojourns had learned much from studying with Indian teachings. This entity had learned, for example, the art of moving into suspended animation and when the entity was crucified, he gave the appearance of being dead, by moving into a state of suspended animation.

Once it was assumed that he was dead, he was removed and placed into a tomb, and later resurrected. This Awareness indicates that this is the entity who went with Mary Magdalene in the direction of France and England. This Awareness indicates that the entity from Tyana went westward toward India and many of his experiences later were attributed to, were associated with and reflections of the story of Christ, and therefore, it was presumed that he was the Christ.

This Awareness indicates that in understanding that these entities were each contributors to the story of Jesus the Christ, one can see how there could be many different forms of evidence of the Christ story continuing in different directions.

This Awareness indicates it would also be possible for entities to trace Krishna through certain forms of evidence, to suggest that Krishna had moved into the time known as the Christian era, and had reincarnated and was indeed the entity Jesus the Christ.

The argument would be as such: There is a great similarity between Krishna and Christ, therefore, because of these and these and these events, it would imply that Krishna reincarnated and carried on his work in the Holy Land during the time of early Rome.

This Awareness indicates that this would appear to be some kind of evidence that some entities would accept and further the belief that Krishna was an earlier incarnation of Jesus the Christ, that is, unless it was understood that the story of Jesus was a composite which included information that came from the story of Jesus of Nazareth, information that came from the life of Apollonius of Tyana and other great teachers that had been studied by those who put together the Christian doctrine.


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