Masons the Driving force

behind the New World Order


This Awareness indicates the masonry activities are the most powerful aspect of the driving force behind the New World Order, however, the Masons are controlled by those international bankers who are the more powerful controlling forces directing the bringing about of the New World Order. It is well understood by most Christian organizations and thus, right wing organizations, that Masonry is indeed part of that effort to create a New World Order, and that masonry has down through the ages played an important part.


Changing the name of the New World Order

The entity Pike as being a key player in attempting to set up the works and organizations in the United States and also in other countries to bring about the World Government, which is another term for what recently has been called the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that these entities are likely to change the name from New World Order to something totally different. (World Governance-Ed)

This Awareness indicates they not inform entities that the purpose of "no boundaries, no religion, and One World Government", is to enslave the 95% of the masses, for 5% of the rulers of the world, and that slavery is not really much to prefer over war that has happened in free countries during the past century.


Creating fear and problems as tools

This Awareness indicates that if you do not settle for the New World Order, then the alternative would be continued war, but the wars themselves have been financed and controlled by these same 5% of the people who have ruled in the past, and the 5% will now be rulers in the future and the 95% will be totally disarmed and without any power such as the vote, or any chance of throwing off the yokes of poverty. This Awareness indicates the trick has always been, if you want to change people to get them to take certain bait, then you create fear over here, create a problem to make them run from it, so that they will go to that which is the trap you have set for them. Thus you herd them into the pen or trap, and they think they have escaped something terrible.

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