This Awareness indicates that when you find a small wounded sparrow, and attempt to give it a diet of chili con carne, or of hamburgers or of steak or something which it cannot digest and is not in its diet, you will find it rejecting the diet you offer. This Awareness indicates that you cannot expect the sparrow to enjoy bourbon over rocks. This Awareness indicates that likewise, an individual whose programming does not allow for ideas and thoughts that are totally out of its comprehension level to enter in or to be accepted, that individual must be fed the diet of concepts and ideas which it can accept.

This Awareness indicates that you need not speak to the entity about those things which are beyond his or her comprehension, which are essentially incredible, but you may speak to the entity in terms, in words, in names and in idea levels which are within the realm of the individual's comprehension. This Awareness indicates you would not expect a child of three to enjoy listening to Einstein explaining the Quantum Theory of Reality, nor would you expect Einstein to have attempted such communication. This Awareness indicates however, the child and Einstein could relate on certain levels, whereby these levels of communication overlap and allow the insight and exchange to flow.

This Awareness indicates that when Einstein for example discovers the level of understanding of the child, he then would also be capable of expressing in terms that the child could understand, and assuming that Einstein had a greater awareness of what is occurring in the universe, it is probable fact Einstein could find a way of communicating something to the child which could also increase the child's awareness, so that even though the child may not yet fully understand the Quantum Theory or the Theory of Reality, the child may know something more than it knew before the encounter with Einstein.

This Awareness indicates that likewise, wherein you come in contact with an individual whose awareness is limited to a particular stage of development whereby the entity does not understand telepathy, does not comprehend the terms associated with the Ahriman concepts, whereby the entity knows only in terms of good and bad, nice people and bad people, or in terms of God and the Devil, or in terms of "them" and "us"; you must find a way whereby you can communicate with this entity in terms which the entity understands.



This Awareness indicates that the message which this Awareness gives is not intended for the mass mind. It is intended that these messages reach those who presumably have a high decree of metaphysical understanding, or spiritual aptitude or whereby they are open enough to absorb and grow to such levels of understanding. This Awareness indicates that these messages are not likely to be acceptable to the average individuals of this society or any other, for a number of years, until these entities have been spoon-fed with concepts and ideas that allow them to look beyond their own structured programming and realize that there are meanings in life that are not limited or exclusive to their own ideas or belief systems.

This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity for example beliefs in a God or a Devil, or both, or wherein an entity does not believe in a God or a Devil, but believes in a good party and a bad party, has the concepts of conflict therein being a benefactor and a detrimental factor, the entity can receive through his own language and belief patterns, through his own understanding messages from this Awareness by those entities who can interpret or translate the language used by this Awareness to a language which this entity understands.

This Awareness indicates that It is not referring to the language of the culture such as English, German or French, but rather the language of the individual in terms of concepts of God and the Devil, and if so, it is unreasonable to attempt to communicate to this entity in terms of awareness, and the Ahriman, when the entity can better understand the same terms as God and the Devil.



This Awareness indicates that once the message is translated to the entity, you may then, if the entity inquires as to how this message came about, you may then give some information that is not too difficult for the entity to digest in regard to the source. This Awareness indicates that this is not important however. What IS important is that the entity's consciousness be awakened, so that the entity is able to perceive higher concepts, more universal concepts that answer the many questions which are unanswered in society today because of the stagnation of dogma in religions which have been assembled in ancient times and which do not fully reflect present occurrence, present events.

This Awareness indicates that it is also important that entities in the Awareness movement learn to speak and to think in the languages of other religious and social and scientific and psychological movements, whereby the communication can then be more easily enhanced because entities backgrounds and understanding of concepts can be interrelated in a multilingual type of communication, whereby the concepts held by one religion can be translated into the concepts of another, and the words used interchangeable according to what is most appropriate and most effective in communicating the messages and understanding associated with these concepts.

This Awareness indicates that It sees no particular value or reason in hindering communication with other religious groups simply in order to preserve concepts or terminology in a particular language, such as "Awareness", such as "Ahriman", or such as expressing certain words as though they were sacred, and that it had to be put into those sacred words in order to be discussed. This Awareness indicates that as far as this Awareness is concerned, the words used in conveying concepts may best be expressed according to the level of the one who needs to hear the concept.

They may then be interpreted into another level or preserved in their original form, but the important thing is to allow the entity to understand the message, rather than simply to hear the message as it was originally given. This Awareness indicates that if such understanding requires that the message be interpreted into concepts and ideas which that entity can understand, then it should be so expressed. This Awareness indicates however, that in regard to the original concern, that there is an enigma in that this Awareness has indicated it is necessary for people to awaken others to these Forces of Darkness, to expose the Forces of Darkness; this Awareness indicates that it is not essential in exposing the Forces of Darkness that these exposes should necessarily be put into terms associated with this Awareness, with these messages, or with the concepts of Ahriman as expressed through these readings.

This Awareness indicates that what IS essential, is that entities look into their own lives, ask themselves: "Am I dedicated to the Light Forces by whatever name?, or am I dedicated to materialism and Dark Forces that deny the right of others for the mere enjoyment of temporal things of the flesh? And if so dedicated to the Light Forces, how can I exemplify this and spread my devotion to the Light Forces so that others may see this is the path, this is the way, and by following the Light, these others may also escape from the Dark Forces."

This Awareness indicates that wherein entities concern themselves with promoting the Forces of Good, promoting the Forces of Right Living, of that which is universally and collectively healthy for all, those entities are in effect spreading the massage that awakens the masses, and when entities lend their energies to Forces of Darkness, give payment or give devotion to those Forces of Darkness, they too are energetizing those Dark Forces that are disruptive and detrimental to the masses.

This Awareness indicates that It is not concerned with the expression of these messages in terms of words, in terms of the printed message or in terms of the spoken words used in conveying messages. This Awareness rather that you look behind the words, at the Light, at the insight, and to understand the nature of humanity and its great potential; and in this manner, whether through art, through dance, through work, through social endeavor, through words, through devotion, you spread the message of Light which eradicates the Darkness of the Forces of "whoever".


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