Part 8





There are many ways in which you can communicate, keeping your friends and still inspiring deeper thought among your friends so that they look more deeply, think more deeply, question their own ideas, look beyond the assumed answers, looking to new levels and searching for ever greater truths. This Awareness indicates that all of this searching hither and thither, looking here then looking there, searching for the answer, finding an answer, giving an answer to someone who refuses that answer, searching for a still greater answer that will be accepted by all, looking for truths here and there, sharing your new-found truths...all of this effort is in essence the effort to discover who, in fact, you really are.



All of the effort to share your discoveries is in fact an effort to discover from others, who, in fact, you really are. As you present your ideas to others you seek feedback or agreement, and when the feedback is favorable, you feel secure that you have reached some achievement in discovering something in regard to the truth. This Awareness indicates that as entities seek to discover who, in fact, they really are, they eternally progress, eternally grow and evolve spiritually. You cannot ask the question: Who am I really? without developing spiritually.

This Awareness indicates it is only when you answer that question with a presumption that you know who you are, it is only then that you stifle your spiritual development. This Awareness indicates that the answer in words is simple, Who in fact are you really? You are the reflection of this Awareness, you are the reflection of God. You are the microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmos. This Awareness indicates that in understanding this answer, you may think that you have the answer to the riddle. This Awareness indicates that is far from the truth, for the answer lies not in the words. The answer lies in the realization of Who you are, is that which must be lived each moment for eternity in order to have the answer with you eternally.

This Awareness indicates that when an entity forgets who, in fact, he or she really is, even for a moment, the entity is lost and separated (in his or her illusion-Ed) from the Divine, and when the entity realizes who, in fact, he or she really is, at that moment the entity is One with God. This Awareness indicates that the use of words as answers are but dead leaves and the truth is that which must be ever living and ever experienced, and ever realized.

This Awareness indicates that it will do no one any favor, it will do you no good to assume that you have the answer, that you are One with God, that you are in fact, a reflection of God, if these are but words to you. It will only benefit if this becomes a realization, a realizing, making it real to yourself. This Awareness indicates this very action is that action which defeats the efforts of the Dark Forces, for as long as one entity on this planet has such a realization, the planet cannot be claimed by the Dark Forces.



This Awareness indicates that there will be that effort of the Dark Forces to cause entities to believe that they are separate from God, that God is there, and they are here. This Awareness indicates the God that is elsewhere is the Antichrist, and the God that is within is the one true God.


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