What can we do to stop the NWO?
(knowledge is Power, Spread the Knowledge)


Knowledge is Power, Spread the Knowledge

This Awareness indicates this is the big $ 64.00 question. There is no sentence, there is no paragraph, there is no reading that will serve as an answer to that question. This Awareness indicates what is stopping them right now is the fact that the masses still have some 75 million guns and that the masses do not fully trust the government, do not trust the government to represent the people, and the Patriot groups are growing stronger.

These are the main things that are stopping the New World Order planners. They are desperate trying to find ways to diffuse the information coming out against them. They are also trying to find ways to disarm the militia and the citizens of the country. This Awareness indicates that it is still a struggle, and it cannot simply be answered by a question to this Awareness. It is something that is happening.

This Awareness indicates this is likened unto asking during the middle of World war ll: "What can be done to end this war?" The question seems to be meaningful, but there is not some answer for such a question. The answer that, "Well, they're working on an atomic bomb" would not actually answer the question as it was intended, for the ending of World war ll, because it is not a question of what will end this war, or what will be done in the conclusion of this war; it is a question: "What can be done to end this war?" with the implication being: "What can we as entities do?"


Each person becoming aware adds to the power of the masses

This Awareness indicates that each entity, by being aware, adds to the power of the masses. Entities who are not aware are simply uninvolved bodies, human meat on the hoof, as they would say, and they contribute nothing to, or nothing of value to the ending of the crisis, or to the resolution of the crisis. They are simply there, like a tree, like a bush. The bushes and the trees in battle, do not play much of a part. They may be used for entities to hide behind, or they may be slaughtered during the war, but the bush and the tree have no motivation to do anything in regard to a battle.

Likewise, entities who do not know what is going on, who are not aware, are much the same. They may be used, and they may be slaughtered or victimized, but they do not know why, and they do not know what they are doing, if they do anything. If they hide the enemy, if they help the enemy, if they fight the enemy, then perhaps, out of personal frustration, they may end up doing something to support the masses, but they do not know what is going on.


The writings of Thomas Paine helped America win its freedom

This Awareness indicates it is not the first time that writing, the pen, is used to win a victory. Thomas Paine and his writings helped to win the Revolutionary War, helped to turn the tide against the supporters of Britain, and in favor of the Colonies and their independence.

Knowledge is power: Get these books!

This Awareness reminds you of two books: Treason: The New World Order by Gurudas, and the book by David Icke: And the truth shall set you free; these two books have powerful information. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can help entities to better improve their lives, and with these books, entities can help others to have more power also, and the empowerment of the masses is essential in throwing off the yoke of tyranny.

This Awareness indicates that entities should not despair, for there is an enormous numbers of people whose interests lie in preserving the good life for each other, and those who would enslave the masses are very few, and though they have many who work for them do so more out of fear than out of desire. They do not desire to enslave their fellow associates, but will do so because they are afraid that if they do not, they themselves will suffer greater ills.

This Awareness indicates that gradually, as the masses awaken, they begin to recognize who their true enemies and oppressors are, and as these masses awaken, those who reside in positions in between will come to recognize the power of the masses as being greater than that of the masters, and their allegiance will change, not to support the masters, but to work for the masses.

This Awareness indicates that therefore, it does appear, although it is perhaps too early (reading published in Revelations of Awareness 94-2 issue no. 428) to say, it does appear that the masses in the end, will remain in charge and regain the power that has been designed to them by the Constitution, and those who would destroy the Constitution and enslave the masses will be out of luck, and will have exposed themselves for what they are.


A war of information is occurring

This Awareness indicates that it does appear that this should not be construes as telling people that they can forget and relax, that all is well, for all is not well yet. You are involved in a war of information, it is not a shooting war as yet. It may ever become a shooting war, for the information that is spread to awaken the masses may be sufficient to ward off any shooting war, and to keep the masses free from oppression.

This Awareness indicates changes occur, decade after decade. They occur so slow and so subtle, that sometimes entities are not aware of the changes until they look back over months, years or decades and see how much has occurred in the way of change. This Awareness indicates that entities should not be discourages, should not be depressed by the continual threats of conquest by those who would subjugate the masses, for this has always gone on in humanity, but there are always those shining moments and pages in history where entities have thrown off the yoke of oppression and found moments of glory and freedom and expression, and these have grown more and more frequent as the centuries have passed.

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