You are the Founding Fathers

of the Future Generations


This Awareness indicates that the threat is one thing, and needs to be observed and needs to be given attention, but a threat, while it may continue to exist, does not necessarily result in oppression. The resulting oppression is that which comes when entities do not heed or watch and become aware of the threats. Therefore this awareness suggests that you continue to be awakened and alarmed, but you appreciate the moments wherein you are free, and use those moments to help preserve future freedom, to help defuse that threat that might otherwise impinge on your future.


That you think not only of your freedom, but also of the freedom of your children and the future generations

This Awareness indicates that you think not only of your freedom, but also of the freedom of your children and the future generations, for you are the founding fathers of the future generations. You are the heroes of tomorrow's generations, and if you fail these future generations, these children of your children may curse you, and rightly so. This Awareness indicates that it is very important for entities to be aware of the dangers and threats to the freedom and security of their own and future generations, and to do what is within their own power to make sure that these freedoms are passed from generation to generation; that every moment there are entities who would deny these freedoms, who would seek to gain their own power and freedom at the expense of others.

This Awareness suggests that in truth, no one is free until all are free, but these entities do not understand, and they seek to gain more freedom for themselves by denying freedom to others. Therefore, this Awareness suggests that you make sure that their excessive greed for power or personal freedom at the expense of others is not expressed in such a way as to deny your freedom and the freedom of your children and their children. This Awareness indicates that it is important for you to understand, when someone presents something that they say is good for you and your children, it is important to look at it and to question whether this is just another trick to deny your freedoms, or whether indeed it has something to offer your children and your children's children.


Does the Proposed Health care System Pose a threat?

This Awareness indicates the question: If the health care programs requires that all citizens in the country have a health card, does this not constitute a national identity card? And is this not the way of tracking individuals, much the license plates on cars, and is this really the main purpose of this so-called health care plan that is being promoted with such fanfare?, or is it truly a humanitarian effort to make sure that everyone has proper health care?

This Awareness asks also: Why does this health care plan force entities to have a choice only of the one particular type of medicine? Is there not a right for entities to have a choice of the types of medical help they wish? Where are the naturopathic, homeopathic, and chiropractic doctors in this health care plan? Where are those who have other desires for health care of an alternative nature?

Must everyone come under the domain of the American Medical Association? Is this health care plan promoted by these entities or in their behalf? There are many questions about this health care plan that need to be explored further, and fortunately, there are many entities now who are giving this another look, so that it is not going to be jammed down the throats of Americans without examination. The same appears to be happening to the North American Free Trade Agreement treaty. It is also examined by many segments of society. These two programs, and no doubt many others, are part of the scenario for promoting the New World Order (Global Governance). The gun law efforts also being part of that program of imposing the New World Order on American and is likewise finding certain resistance.


The New World Order Chugs Slowly Along

All of these things together suggests that the New World Order isn't coming like a blazing locomotive, but is chugging very slowly and having considerable difficulty in reaching its destination. Perhaps this is a good sign that it is being examined carefully from a lot of different angles so that it not simply push out the Constitution and impose itself without the masses having any idea of what is going on.

This Awareness indicates that it does appear that there is some growing resistance to the idea of simply allowing a NWO to seat itself upon the masses without their invitation and understanding of what is happening. This Awareness indicates the very act of people questioning: "What is going on here anyway?", is an act of preserving freedom. For if you ask the questions and seek to find out, you are not likely to become victims of some kind of disguised intrusion into your lives by someone or something that has ulterior purposes. There is no harm at this time of asking: "What is this all about?" There is no harm in examining, but come tomorrow or days ahead, these questions may be forbidden, even as they were once forbidden in Poland and behind the Iron Curtain in many of the other countries where you could not question authority for it was forbidden, and you had simply to obey or be exterminated.

This Awareness indicates you still have freedoms because of the Constitution that is the law of the land, because of the customs of the land, of the nation, of the culture. Are you yet so willing to risk your freedoms to try something different simply because some authorities advocate a New World Order with rousing voices and flags of hope? This Awareness indicates these hopes, these flags, these rousing voices may all be part of the slick advertisement of those who would oppress and steal your freedoms and enslave you under the New World Order.

This Awareness suggests you ask yourself: What indeed is this New World Order? Is it not or is it perhaps the same thing as the old world efforts of a few to gain control of the many? For if it is, we have heard the tune many times before, and it is no different from many of the old world orders that have existed down through history, except today it is larger in scope and have many subtle methods of reaching its goal.


A legal way to get out of the "National Debt"

This Awareness indicates that the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all of these things could be thrown out and new rules, new laws, even dictatorial or tyrannical laws could well be introduced to govern the masses. This would all be legal. This awareness indicates there are a few entities who recognize that the Federal Reserve was set up illegally and the loans from the Federal Reserve to the country were set up to make loans and notes that were not bonafide money and therefore, were improperly made, and there are a few people who see it as a legal way out of the so-called national debt; that the country declare a national moratorium against the national debt because it was not legally made.

This Awareness indicates the Federal Reserve note is but a note not based on U.S,. money, - the dollar, -- he treasury note being the correct dollar or monetary unit and the Federal Reserve note being created improperly because it was done unconstitutionally could be seen as a reason to void the debt that has been created.

This Awareness indicates there are some entities who understand this clearly. It is questionable whether day could have the influence necessary to turn this around and prevent the privately owned Federal Reserve bank from foreclosing on this nation (USA)

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