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Important Update: 7 July 2006

Over the last several weeks I’ve been receiving a large number of messages from visitors from all over the world – each one asking for an update to the Serpo site.

First: please click here for an excellent article on Serpo by Mark Pilkington, published in May’s Fortean Times. It’s a shrewd, lucid, well-written summary. Enjoy.

Second: I want to re-publish the message I received on 2 December from a serving Air Force Lt Colonel assigned to the Pentagon, whose name and e-mail I know but who has requested that they are not disclosed.

Below that, please find a second message from the same source which I’ve not previously published. It contains interesting new information.

Victor Martinez’s “Anonymous” immediately told him the name of the retired Air Force Colonel my source visited, and passed it on to me. I have not disclosed this name either.

Since receiving these messages my Lt Col source has “gone dark” despite a number of attempts to re-establish communication. Prior to the 2 December message, he had corresponded with me on five occasions about minor matters connected with the Serpo story. He is a military scientist, and was interested in the astrophysics of the releases; he sent me a lengthy discourse on Kepler’s Laws in which he explained how Kepler’s Laws would not apply in a Binary Star environment, and was interested in what the “DIM” might be (until that was clarified by Paul McGovern).

I am assuming that following his startling confirmation of the Serpo story, he has been “leant on” to cease communication with me. Prior to 2 or 3 December, he was not violating any protocol. But after he had been told, say, not to communicate any more on this subject, he would have been jeopardizing his military career to violate the order.

Friday, 2 Dec 2005


Just want to pass this along.

Yesterday, I visited an old retired USAF Colonel. This Colonel had served 30 years in USAF Intelligence. I don't know his exact time frame but it was sometime around 1955 to 1985. I have been friends with this Colonel for about five years. His son, who is also my friend, serves in my unit. Because of his extensive intelligence time, I wanted to run all this past him to see if he might know something about the information being released by Victor.

The Colonel doesn't have email so I printed all the information from Anonymous and provided him a copy. I watched him read the most current email, one with all the postings. I watched his eyes and facial expressions. After he was finished, he stated, "Oh my God, who on this Earth would release such classified material"? I then asked him if all this information was real. His simple answer was, "yes, all real". I then asked the Colonel if he had been involved with this project. He said, yes, he was involved in the communications aspect of this operation from about 1961 until 1965. He was also on the debriefing team. He wouldn't provide too much information, saying that unless he saw that all information was declassified, he could not comment on details. I thanked him and left.

I was startled, to say the least. Wow, this is actually true. I always thought some of it was true but I had some doubts about details that have been released.

We may just be on the Verge of a major release of information about the most important part of our History.


Saturday, 3 Dec 2005


> I would very much like to post this in the comments section on the
> site (anonymously, unless you’re happy to give your name). I
> assume this is okay – please let me know if not.

You can post this to your site but just say it came from an active duty Air Force Lieutenant Colonel assigned to the Pentagon. The original information came from a retired Air Force Colonel, who worked in Air Force Intelligence for 33 years.

I have done some snooping around and found one historical mention of a classified project that started in Jul 1965 and ended in Aug 1978. It is a notation in a historical journal of classified operations. I have a number, which I'm trying to trace. My retired colonel friend turned me onto this journal. He says the AF kept the information at one specific
location at Ft. Belvoir (old 7113 Special Activity Group).

I really admire your web site. Hope Mr. A keeps the information following. My boss, a one star general, reads your web site daily!

Third: for the benefit of those visitors unfamiliar with the recent twists and turns of the story, there are some important facts to report. While what follows is likely to pale into insignificance when compared with the unseen and untold events, incidents and battles behind the scenes in the “Insider” community, it still contains some considerable drama and interest with which some readers may already be familiar. It also contains new information. Here we go:

1) Between 16 February and 10 March this year, Victor Martinez – who had received messages from Anonymous from 1 November to 21 December 2005 – was contacted again by someone claiming to be the original source.

Although this was never mentioned on this site, the original source referred to himself as “Sylvester McCoglin” – using the e-mail address thewizardofzin@lycos.com. Although the name was itself an alias, it was Victor who chose to substitute this with the now-famous moniker “Request Anonymous”.

The names “Sylvester” and “McCoglin” were apparently borrowed from two ancestors of one particular individual, who will not be named. “The Wizard” was the nickname of one of the pilots in the group of twelve astronauts who visited Serpo.

On 16 February, Victor was contacted again from someone claiming to be Sylvester McCoglin, this time writing from thewizardofzin@yahoo.com. He explained that his original e-mail address had been compromised and asked Victor to forward to him what original correspondence he had retained. Victor did as he was asked and a lengthy e-mail exchange followed between them. “Sylvester” did not reveal any new information to be posted, but questioned the authenticity of the postings received by myself after the New Year, and ended up persuading Victor to take drastic public action to discredit myself and Rick Doty (who had been part of the communication chain of some of the information received by myself). To Victor’s credit, he declined to do this.

On 10 March, I was contacted by Steve Broadbent and Ryan Dube – two active members of the Above Top Secret (ATS) forum under the usernames Zep Tepi and rdube02 or ryguy – who explained to me that Victor’s "Anonymous returned” was none other than Wayne Jaeschke, the attorney for ATS and Associate of the international law firm Morrison and Foerster – and frequent poster on ATS and some other forums under the username Centrist. Jaeschke, aided by Broadbent, Dube and a fourth ATS member, Shawnna Connolly, had first unearthed the names “Sylvester McCoglin” and the e-mail address thewizardofzin@lycos.com by covert means and then utilized them to successfully deceive Victor Martinez.

To their credit, Broadbent and Dube took the initiative to contact me after realizing that Jaeschke’s agenda was not as he had first presented it – i.e. to honestly investigate the Serpo releases. Instead, it had become clear to them that he was intent on discrediting the story – and myself – by any means possible. This violated Broadbent’s and Dube’s integrity, who then contacted me to apologize and explain exactly what had happened. Click here for an already well-leaked e-mail from Jaeschke to his three colleagues which shows his agenda. (The “Black Friday” message referenced in this e-mail is a release Jaeschke sent to Victor intent on ruining the careers of myself and Rick Doty. Victor never posted it.)

I have never received any communication about this from Shawnna Connolly, who as best I know has not apologized nor acknowledged responsibility for her documented complicity in this deception.

Wayne Jaeschke has since withdrawn from an active role on the forums, and the Anonymous messages received by Victor in February and March ceased immediately. it is important to state that none of the releases posted on this site came from Jaeschke or any of his colleagues.

Steve Broadbent, Ryan Dube, and Shawnna Connolly are now moderators of the recently launched Reality Uncovered forum in which they maintain an analytical stance which is critically discrediting of the Serpo story. Wayne Jaeschke has given them access to the e-mail correspondence between himself as the Impostor "Anonymous" and Victor, some of which has been posted on their site. It is interesting and significant that Jaeschke has been putting considerable pressure on Steve Broadbent and Ryan Dube to release all the mails to the public. Readers may ask themselves (see below) why this is so important to him.

An alternative perspective on recent events can be found on the Open Minds forum.

I am clarifying this sequence of events because the above has not yet been told clearly and in detail in the public domain. It is not crucial for an understanding of the Serpo releases, however.... except in one matter:

2) Readers are invited to consider why Wayne Jaeschke was motivated to go to the time and trouble to put himself and his credibility as a lawyer, working for a international firm, at risk – and recruit the services of three colleagues of disparate backgrounds (all from the ATS Forum) in order to humiliate Victor Martinez, present the Serpo releases as the stuff of imagination, and discredit both Rick Doty and myself.

The following questions invite themselves to be asked:

• Is there an agency, or “Insider” faction, targeting Serpo and Doty, going to extensive trouble to discredit them in the public arena? If so, why?

• Was Wayne Jaeschke really a “Lone Gunman”, or was he working for someone?

• Why is Serpo such a bone of contention? What are the real spoils being fought over?

• If Serpo contains a large measure of truth, who benefits, who loses and why?

• If Serpo is mainly disinformation, who benefits, who loses and why?

• Why did Jaeschke, Broadbent, Dube and Connolly feel so strongly that this story needed to be discredited? What would they gain by the creation of an imposter “Anonymous”?

One thing is clear: Broadbent, Dube and Connolly appear to believe that Serpo is a hoax which in their opinion – which they are keen to persuade others to believe – is entirely perpetrated by Doty. The agenda of Reality Uncovered is to argue this case.

However, this is conjecture – and has much to do with the belief systems of the individuals concerned, supported by their interpretation of the very limited amount of evidence to which they have access. It needs to be explained that none of the four are privy to any important information emerging from the “Insider” community.

Readers will understand that the important questions above remain unanswered, and are welcome to speculate for themselves what may be happening behind the scenes. Motivations are more important than personalities here.

3) An unknown person representing himself as “Tacitus Monroe” launched a new site which had as its purpose and function a kind of blackmail to persuade “the truth” about Serpo to be revealed. The name means “Silent no more”; Tacitus is Latin for silent, and no more is an anagram of Monroe; and Tacitus displayed a penchant for writing one-liners in reasonable Latin. Steve Broadbent has been accused of being Tacitus (Tacitus’s updates apparently ceased as Reality Uncovered was launched), but he has denied it and the synchronicity may be a coincidence. Meanwhile, Tacitus has access to a substantial amount of inside information previously known (outside those with direct access to certain information) only to the “imposter Anonymous” and his colleagues – i.e. Wayne Jaeschke, Broadbent, Dube and Connolly. Kerry Cassidy offered to interview Tacitus in a recorded discussion with myself about the interpretations he presented... but the e-mails were never returned.

4) There have been no further releases of information since 3 April. Rick Doty was Anonymous’s conduit for some of the information I received, and many are aware that I met with him (for the first time) over a four day period at the UFO Conference at Laughlin, Nevada, at the beginning of March.

My partner Kerry Cassidy and I met with him again at length in Los Angeles in May, during which time we found him to be credible, convincing, human and frustrated. We challenged him as to whether he had been the source of any of the earlier Serpo material, as some have claimed.

“No”, was his emphatic reply. “It’s been a shambles. If I’d been running this disclosure, it’d have been a class act. I made recommendations, but they were not heeded. There’s nothing I can do.”

Rick Doty had been contacted by the original “Sylvester McCoglin” in early January, stating that he and his group were unhappy with Victor’s editorial style and instead wanted the releases to be channeled directly to myself – via him. Rick was dismayed about this. He called me on 6 January and said that because of his reputation and history as a source of disinformation, he wanted to ask me if I’d be willing to receive the information directly, so that he could be omitted from the loop.

We pondered the question between us. Rick really didn’t want to do it and was worried about the consequences should his involvement become known.

This is important for people to understand: Rick didn’t want to do the job. During that phone conversation, if Rick was acting, he deserves an Oscar. I’m convinced that his personal dilemma was authentic.

4) Meanwhile, I had been shown five of the fabled and promised Serpo photographs. A third party had requested a meeting with me in a hotel room, which lasted about an hour. During that time I was given an envelope and invited to open it and view its contents. I was not permitted to make copies, keep the contents, or report to anyone else the encounter or what I had seen. I have now taken the unilateral step, entirely on my own responsibility, of deciding to disclose what I had witnessed.

There were five photos, three of which were in full color. One, in black and white, showed a rather indistinct, dark, rectangular, obelisk-like object; I was later told that it was the well-documented “tower” on Serpo. Another, also in black and white, I was told was an X-Ray image of the Ebens’ Energy Device. It indeed looked like an X-Ray of a small object, but it was impossible to tell what it really was. A third was a portrait of an Eben, but it was hard to tell whether or not it was a model. A fourth was a desert scene, with some oddly eroded rocks; but it could have been somewhere on Earth.

It was the fifth photo which took my breath away. It showed a desert landscape, with dark storm clouds in the sky, taken from a slightly elevated position, such as a small hill or a high sand dune. And on the horizon were two suns setting.

I stared at that photo for a very long time and can remember every detail. It did not look like anything created by Photoshop; I examined it very carefully. The emotional impact was considerable; I was surprisingly moved – and remain so every time I recall the event.

I was instructed not to tell anyone that I had seen the photos, and that permission would be granted to publish them on this website “in the near future”. That permission never came, and I never saw the photos again.

An astrophysical note: I am well aware that current astrophysical observations place the two suns Zeta 1 and 2 a tenth of a light year apart. It's possible that (a) these observations are incorrect, and/or (b) the star system we are talking about here is not Zeta Retuculi at all; it may be, for instance, Alpha Centauri.

5) In the meantime, Rick Doty was becoming more and more frustrated. At one point he remarked in my presence, staring out of the window: “The game continues to be played… without any rules.” The irritation was evident in his voice. He told Kerry Cassidy and myself, in some detail, of the group behind the scenes who were orchestrating the releases. The story contains some astonishing information which Kerry and I have given a personal undertaking not to reveal, to protect some of the individuals involved. There is good reason for this, and I will not go into any details. Some of this, however, is told on Jerry Pippin’s Serpo page:

“Project SERPO" UPDATE: Midnight, Eastern time, March 17, 2006 – Reliable sources have confirmed to us that the original ANONYMOUS ceased postings on "Project SERPO" on December 21, 2005.

These reports originated from a highly-placed source identified by our source, but not named for public consumption. This source was highly-placed in a secret government operation and had access to audio tapes of the original narratives by the returning "Project SERPO" exchange crew who were debriefed in both audio and written form; the written form comprises the 3,000-page "Project SERPO" report.

For unknown reasons, this source stopped providing Victor Martinez information.

Bill Ryan, was then contacted by other anonymous sources none of whom have anything to do with the original one. We believe upon information from trusted, but unidentified sources that this anonymous is actually a composite of three people.

These individuals were trained as part of the final pool of 16 for the original '65 "Project SERPO" mission, but did not go -- as they were alternates for the final 12 -- and their information to Ryan is based upon conversations with the other crew members who did return to Earth in '78.

The returning Team Members subsequently died of illnesses believed to have been caused by the excess radiation from the dual suns of the Zeta Reticuli planetary system where SERPO was the fourth planet. Information has been received indicating some confirmations of the SERPO story came from top administrators in government departments charged with protecting official secrets, a name we would all recognize, but can't divulge because of promises to sources. It is expected that these three living witnesses -- who trained with the other 12 -- will be issuing further information to Ryan and his www.serpo.org Web site.

A producer for the Jerry Pippin show is currently in third party talks exploring the possibility of an interview with one of these three witnesses who underwent the same rigorous training for the mission, but was not chosen to be one of the 12 human-ET exchange program Team Members.

It is my understanding that the above information is accurate.

6) As of the time of writing (7 July) Rick Doty has been uncontactable by anyone I know for the last month – which I believe would only have occurred under direct orders. As detailed above, some other investigators have not been helping matters, intent on trying to prove that Rick is a fraud. I am personally convinced he is not.

It is my instinct and personal investigation of all of this that has led me to understand that this is a game being played in large part behind the scenes. The only proven time Rick took part in a major disinformation campaign – under orders while he was working for AFOSI – was in the early 1980s during the Paul Bennewitz affair. (See Project Beta, Greg Bishop’s book on the subject, in which Doty supported the telling of the true story in full. At Laughlin this March, I spent time with Bishop and Doty together, witnessing their friendly relationship.)

To summarize: in all my interaction with Rick Doty I have been struck by his apparent desire for disclosure of the alien visitation and the fact that he has his own convictions on this issue. At times he has displayed what I would term very honest frustration at his lack of being able to control the game any more than anyone else. Doty’s past actions may not be relevant here, and his involvement in the backstage story is likely to be a pre-placed “fuse in the circuit” – plausible deniability. The Serpo story at root is, I do believe as he has stated, taken from a real occurrence. Please see Jerry Pippin’s “Aviary” page to download a fascinating audio interview with Rick Doty, in which he says much about Serpo.

Robert Collins’ words may also be of value here. In an e-mail streamed to members of Victor’s list on 25 June, he wrote:

I might add that in the past I've had go around debates with Rick Doty about the SERPO information which from a Scientific point of view didn't pass muster especially when it came to the Zeta 1 & 2 Astrophysics. Rick got so mad at me he threatened to take me off the mail list. However, Rick has been dead right on many other things connected with UFOs which my sources and I have verified. Most of the sources are Intelligence Types with no Scientific background. Ernie Kellerstrass was one of the exceptions, he has a background in Mechanical Engineering and used to teach at the University of Dayton after he retired, then it was SRL and it's now GE at WP. Ernie had also verified many things that Rick had said about certain CIA Mj12-EBE-2 Memos. Kit Green verified the format layout of the Memos as the type he saw while at the CIA. Tom Mack and Darren Edmunson had Scientific backgrounds as a further example, Gene Lakes and Paul McGovern do not. Jerry Miller doesn't have a Scientific background. Could go on and on but I'll stop here, tip of the iceberg stuff, the rest is written in a book. I don't take sides when it comes to sources (that means Rick Doty) or people. Decisions are based on best evidence......


Robert C

7) I fully understand that the information above is likely to trigger a minor avalanche of questions and discussion. With respect to all, I will decline to answer any questions, nor enter into any debate. Kerry Cassidy and I have been told that more information will be released later in the year “once certain problems have been dealt with”. I know nothing of the progress of these initiatives or whether the referenced problems have been handled… or not. I have heard nothing for quite a while. Like all observers, I am waiting; and, like all observers, I want to see those photos… again.

Bill Ryan
7 July 2006


A Final Update from Bill Ryan: 5 March 2007

Serpo is dead… long live Serpo

[From The King is dead... long live the King, a traditional English phrase referring to the celebration of the continuation of the monarchy despite the death of the reigning king.]


An exchange program almost certainly happened, and why I'm now moving on to other things...


With no further Serpo information having been released since August 2006, readers can be forgiven for assuming that, despite several more false dawns, there may now be no more. This is an assumption now shared by myself.

In December 2006, after Victor Martinez had received a number of photos which turned out to be fakes, I first drafted this update page you’re reading now. My intention was to hand this site over to another webmaster, and focus my attention full time (rather than just 95% of the time) on Project Camelot, which supports disclosure and which publishes interviews, free of charge, with insiders and other important witnesses to government secrecy.

I withheld posting it then because there was reason to hold the possibility that at least some of the insiders who were part of the backstage story might be present at the 2007 Laughlin UFO Congress. However, this has just concluded, and no-one was there – with one exception. This was an elderly man, with aquiline features and wearing a pilot's jacket... who, to my great interest, was clearly shocked to see me there again.

I'd met him at last year's Congress, and had been told then that he was Paul McGovern (a retired DIA official well-known in insider UFO circles), attending under a pseudonym. Last year this man had indeed shown an uncommon interest in me and, after the Congress was over, I'd been told he had passed on the message to me, via an intermediary, to ask whether or not I had “bought his story”.

This year, on seeing him again, I confronted him; but he earned his paycheck by denying complicity to the bitter end. Eventually I left him alone, seeing that no further progress would be gained. Having analyzed all the available photographs, I don’t believe he was Paul McGovern, but I do believe he's a DIA agent. That should be no surprise, as agents frequently patrol UFO conventions. But this, too, merely adds to the smoke and mirrors of the ongoing Serpo intrigue. As ever, nothing definitive transpired.

Meanwhile, and hinting strongly at a great deal more substance, I had told the story in our 17th February Coast to Coast AM radio interview of how Kerry Cassidy and I had made contact with an elderly man who we’d been told, off the record, was a reserve Serpo astronaut who had trained with the team who went on the mission. The full story follows here, and makes for fascinating reading. (Readers may be interested to know that the identity of the senior CIA agent was who contacted us in irritation, unnamed below, can be deduced from reading Dan Smith’s blog with some care and attention. The agent is identified there as "SI", an acronym for Salmo Irideus, or Troutfish.)

While intending no harm or discourtesy, and definitely with no intention to betray confidentiality, we had evidently trodden on the toes of both the DIA and CIA, as no-one had imagined that we would be actually take it upon ourselves to contact the person now known in Serpo lore as “the old man”. This is what had happened:


I was told the name of someone who was supposedly a reserve Serpo astronaut, as far back as February 2006. This occurred naturally in conversation with a member of the intelligence community. I was also told the general area where this person lived.

A couple of months later, on 21 April, Kerry Cassidy and I opted to take a little initiative of our own. We did a search on the internet and found his name, together with a street address and telephone number. So we decided to write to him.

The letter was sent by FedEx. It expressed support, promised that his ID and contact details would not be revealed to anyone, said that we’d be delighted to assist with the disclosure effort with a Project Camelot interview under any stipulated conditions of confidentiality, and sought to establish direct communication if at all possible.

The letter was delivered and signed for, but after that there was silence. He never responded. We came to suspect that we’d written to the wrong person, and it was all a mistake.

Then, out of the blue, on 8 September, I received an e-mail from ***** (not marked Private) saying:

Did you go to [*******] to see Mr. [*******] with your girlfriend and a camera?

Where did you get his name and address?

We thought: “Thank you, *****.” Beautiful confirmation. That was a slip on *****’s part.

The distortion in *****’s belief about what had happened (and the time delay – four and a half months) made us wonder if this had been reported up the line through the DIA, across to the CIA at a high level, and then down to *****, accumulating errors along the way. (We’ll leave others to determine the likelihood of ***** still being on the CIA payroll.)

I did not reply to *****’s question (hoping he would say more) - and he did.

On 6 October, in the context of an e-mail to me about other matters and cc’d to Victor Martinez, Robert Collins, Marilyn Ruben, Brendan Burton, and Larry Dicken, he wrote:

I accept your not answering me about your intrusion with camera and recording device to try and interview the old man, as a private matter.

Thanks, *****. So now we know he’s an old man. (We had, of course, never met him.)

In December, meeting with Victor for the first time in a while, Victor told us that he too had heard that we had greatly irritated the DIA with our little initiative – and (importantly) that this was the reason that I was suddenly cut out of the loop (soon after the delivery of the FedEx letter) regarding receiving any of the Serpo releases directly. (Students of the ongoing saga will recall that it was then that the releases reverted to Victor.)

Meanwhile, in November, Kerry and I decided to visit this man in person. We prepared a letter of the utmost courtesy, to be hand-delivered. We would then retire to a coffee shop for several hours, with our cellphone on the table. Then we would head back home again after a pre-allotted time.

Our letter read:

Dear Mr *******,

We were given your name by [****], and found your address in the [*******] phonebook. In May of this year we delivered a secure personal letter to you by FedEx.

We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you in person, under any conditions of confidentiality which you may stipulate. We’d like to discuss how we may be able to help your efforts to release the Serpo story. We’re aware that the ongoing release has met with numerous difficulties over the course of the last year.

We’d like to emphasize that we do not wish to do anything to breach any requested confidentiality. We’ve known your identity and contact details for many months yet have never revealed these to anyone else. We assure you that we can be trusted fully.

We’ll be in [*******] for the rest of the afternoon until 7.00 pm. Please call us at [(***) *** ****] (cell) if you or any other of your colleagues are interested in meeting with us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

With our best wishes,

Bill Ryan
Kerry Cassidy

We delivered the letter, and - most interestingly - the man’s wife was waiting for us at the gate as we arrived, despite our having informed no-one of our plan. We’d either been tracked, or our car is bugged; neither would be a surprise. The man himself, who was elderly but looked as he'd been strong and athletic in his youth, was at the door, watching, some 20 or 30 yards away. We were polite and deferential, handed her the letter, and immediately left.

We waited till 7pm, but the phone did not ring.

In mid-December, I then heard from ***** again, who said that he’d been told that we’d visited the man in person with camera and recording equipment in hand, asking for an interview. (I won’t copy the message, because it was marked Private.)

I sent ***** the text of the letter copied above, and explained that either the man himself was lying, or that he, *****, been deliberately misinformed by his source. (It wouldn’t be the first time that ***** has been fed malicious false information about me from persons unknown.)

None of this proves that the man was an astronaut, or that Serpo exists... but it does show, fairly conclusively, that we’d stepped heavily on someone’s toes by making contact with this man, and that the report had rippled out through the intel community to eventually reach *****.

So an "old man", sensitively connected to the story, definitely exists... and is being well protected.


In another synchronous event, Shawnna Connolly, having come to blows (in protest at their unethical activity) with Ryan Dube and Steve Broadbent, her former conspirators and debunkers at the Reality Uncovered forum, ‘outed’ Reality Uncovered’s ongoing smear campaign in massive and compelling detail on www.serpo.info. The only thing she omitted to mention in the listed catalog of dirty tricks was their having gained unauthorized access to my personal e-mail account (not just the serpo e-mails) last November and December, an action which I’ve obtained legal advice was criminal. Apart from this detail, the entire account of the smear campaign is well-told on www.serpo.info, and needs no repetition on these pages.

All this, combined with Kerry Cassidy and myself celebrating the first anniversary of our initial meeting (when Kerry interviewed me – click here) with another interview, twelve months on to the day, made me realize that now was the optimum time to step down from being the webmaster of this site which has intrigued and involved so many for so long. As stated above, I'd been considering this since December 2006; the principal trigger for the final decision now was the Laughlin "anniversary" combined with the complete lack of further updates for six months.

So from here on out I'll look back on Serpo with a mixture of fondness and relief. And I’ll be focusing full-time on Project Camelot, a website of comprehensive video interviews with insiders and other important disclosure witnesses.

Here are my conclusions, such as it’s possible to reach any:

1. As I stated in my July 26 American Antigravity interview, I believe the Serpo story is a mixture of disinformation (i.e. truth mixed with added fictional elements) and naturally occurring compounded errors (such as uncorrected audiotape transcripts of the team commander's logs)... surrounding a core of extraordinary truth.
2. As stated above, an "old man", sensitively connected to the story, definitely exists... and is being well protected.
3. My instinct that this story had to be made available to the general public has turned out to be well justified.
4. There's been an extraordinary amount of dirty tricks and smears specifically intended to discredit the story, but emanating from a relatively small group of people.
5. The phrase “exchange program” has now been permanently introduced into the vocabulary of the UFO community... and an exchange program of some kind definitely occurred (see release 21).
6. The Serpo account is endlessly fascinating, and is bound to be remain controversial. However, it's about an event that occurred nearly 50 years ago and is primarily historical. While one can always learn from the study of history or historical events, my attention is now concentrated on information and research concerning what may lie ahead for us all.
7. For those readers who'd like to involve themselves in ongoing discussion and debate, you'll find yourself met with friendliness and courtesy on the Open Minds Forum. The contact form on this site will be disabled, but ongoing debate, observations, comments and questions can all be posted here.
8. As stated above, my own focus will now be 100% on Project Camelot.

My best wishes to those who have shown interest in this fascinating story.

Bill Ryan
5 March 2007

UPDATE: Anonymous comments on the Red and Yellow Books

9 August 2007


"The YELLOW BOOK” was provided by the Ebens. It isn’t exactly a book. It is a block of material, approximately 2 ½ inches thick and transparent in nature and appearance. The reader looks at the transparent surface and suddenly words and pictures appear. It is an endless series of historical stories and photographs of our Universe, the Eben planet and their former homeworld, and other interesting stories about the Universe. It also contains an historical story and various accounts about Earth’s history and distant past.
To this day, I am one of the very few people who has actually SEEN “The YELLOW BOOK.” I can assure you that Robert Collins has not ever seen, viewed nor read any part of it. His name does NOT appear on the “Briefing Control Access Roster.” As has been commented on by others, it would take a lifetime to read it and another lifetime to understand it.
“The RED BOOK” was written by the U.S. Government. It contains volumes of information we have gathered regarding our contacts with Extraterrestrial Life Forms. The first volume begins in 1947. The last volume was started in 2005.
The information you published in SERPO Posting #19 regarding these books was factually correct.
In the e-mails you forwarded to me, what Robert Collins claims about “The RED BOOK” being updated continuously or when needed is somewhat true, but needs to be placed in proper context.
What actually occurs is that as UFO reports come in deemed credible by the reporting government agency—be it military or civilian—they are routed to a special section of our government for a follow-up analysis. After that vetting process, they are then sent to a special group which then places it into final review for POSSIBLE inclusion into “The RED BOOK.”
Victor, I know all of this because you see I have served as the editor for several editions of “The RED BOOK” and have written and delivered the Executive Summary for several sitting U.S. presidents, so I KNOW of what I speak.
And when I say “editor,” it is NOT in the sense of the word you are familiar with. I do not correct nor review any of the hundreds—if not thousands—of reports which are distilled into the final 5-year report for grammar and punctuation as you’ve done with the “Project SERPO” material.
I only present and include the most important, compelling cases into “The RED BOOK” which includes an analysis by me and others of any trends, types of sightings, human contacts with the ETEs and any national security concerns our government or planet might have. My part is to write the The Executive Summary and present it to the current sitting president of the United States.
If there was a national security matter that presented itself, that 5-year published review of “The RED BOOK” would be interrupted, but that has been unnecessary as we have a good relationship with our Visitors.
On another point, you asked if the Bush administration claims of stopping post-9/11 terrorist attacks was true.
What I can definitively tell you is that since 2001, based on the NSA
surveillance program, our government has successfully stopped 16 planned
terrorist attacks aimed at the USA. Every single plan was initiated
from an overseas location .


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