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The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, in a lecture shortly before he died

"I printed all the information... and provided [the retired USAF Colonel] a copy... I watched his eyes and facial expressions. After he was finished, he stated, "Oh my God, who on this Earth would release such classified material?" I then asked him if all this information was real. His simple answer was, 'Yes, all real'."

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, currently assigned to the Pentagon – name supplied


Last Updated January 03, 2008

The purpose of this report

This report is not authored by anyone with direct access to confidential information. Rather, its purpose is to present to the public information that has been released, and to examine that information in a clear, balanced and intelligent light.

The background of the information

The information began to be released on 2 November 2005 by a retired senior official within the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who calls himself “Anonymous”. Until he chooses to make his name known, this is the way he will be represented here. Anonymous reports that he is not acting individually and is part of a group of six DIA personnel working together as an alliance: three current and three former employees. He is their chief spokesman.

Anonymous writes 85% of the material; another 13% comes from another source directly connected with the project; and the final 1-2% comes from a "ghost," who cancels his e-mail account as soon as he sends his information.

The information is currently being released in installments on a private UFO e-mail list moderated by Victor Martinez. The list contains about a hundred and fifty people, including many extremely well-known names in UFO research and related or leading edge scientific fields. Until permissions are granted, their names will be withheld out of courtesy and to respect confidentiality.

Those on the list have differing views regarding the veracity of Anonymous’ claims. However, the pedigree of the list as a whole is important to emphasize. There has been a substantial amount of intelligent discussion about the revelations, and it is important to state that there are many senior people in the US Intelligence and Military community who are taking this information very seriously.

It may now be time to release this information to a wider audience, in close approximation to the format in which it was originally made available.

The contents of this site

1) Information released by Anonymous, exactly as originally posted. Some comments in [square brackets] were added by the moderator, Victor Martinez, and have been retained. One or two further comments, where clarification is helpful, have been added by this author.


Uncorrected typos have also been retained. Martinez, however, corrected many typos and grammatical errors before posting, and states that he has done some “cutting and pasting” of the information supplied directly to him by Anonymous and the other sources; therefore the information is not exactly as originally written.


Whenever more information becomes available, this section is fully updated.


Nothing is omitted.


2) Comments on this information by others on the list. These have been edited and abbreviated, and at the time of writing are anonymous on this website unless permission to name the correspondent has been given. The purpose of these comments is to prompt independent thought. There is no purpose to highlight the views of any individual. This site is about data, not personalities.


3) Questions and answers. Some questions are presented which may not yet have full answers. As answers (or more questions) present themselves, this section will also be updated.


4) Consistencies: Circumstantial reasons why the released information may be true. Not proof, but reasons to support the account which some may consider to be compelling.

  1. RELEASE 1 The original RELEASE by Anonymous, and three apparently independent supporting comments from other list members

  2. RELEASE 2 by Anonymous (4 November, 2005)

  3. RELEASE 3 by Anonymous (7 November, 2005)

  4. RELEASE 4 by Anonymous (9 November, 2005)

  5. RELEASE 5 by Anonymous (13 November, 2005)

  6. RELEASE 6 by Anonymous (14 November, 2005)

  7. RELEASE 7 by Anonymous (17 November, 2005)

    1. RELEASE 7a by Anonymous (18 November, 2005)

    2. RELEASE 7b by Anonymous (20 November, 2005)

    3. RELEASE 7c by Anonymous (25 November, 2005)

  8. RELEASE 8 by Anonymous (29 November, 2005)

  9. RELEASE 9 by Anonymous (30 November, 2005)

  10. RELEASE 10 by Anonymous (2 December, 2005)

    1. RELEASE 10a by Anonymous (8 December, 2005)

  11. RELEASE 11 by Anonymous (21 December, 2005)

  12. RELEASE 12 by Anonymous (24 January, 2006)

  13. RELEASE 13 by Anonymous (28 January, 2006)

  14. RELEASE 14 by Anonymous (28 January, 2006)

  15. RELEASE 15 by Anonymous (1 February, 2006)

  16. RELEASE 16 by Anonymous (4 February, 2006)

  17. RELEASE 17 by Anonymous (9 March, 2006)

  18. RELEASE 18 by Anonymous (3 April, 2006)

  19. RELEASE 19 - Classified National Security Document About Pentagen / Crystal Rectangle / Nevada Test Site

  20. RELEASE 20

  21. RELEASE 21

  22. RELEASE 22 - "Project SERPO" Special Announcement: What on Earth has happened?!

  23. RELEASE 23 - The ‘Gate 3’ Incident (updated) - A Special Report by Victor Martinez

  24. RELEASE 24 - 20 June 2007: Area 51 Scientist tell-ALL of ALIENcraft!

  25. RELEASE 25 - 20 June 2007: Examination of the Eben Transport Craft!

  26. RELEASE 26 - A VIOLENT ‘85 Contact With ETs in Russia!

    1. RELEASE 26a - Russian Version of Violent ET Encounter from KGB!

  27. RELEASE 27 - Ronald Reagan Presidential ET Release

    1. RELEASE 27a - Reagan Briefing

  28. RELEASE 28

  29. RELEASE 29

  30. RELEASE 30

  31. RELEASE 31

  32. RELEASE 32

  33. RELEASE 33


Logically there are four possibilities:

1) Anonymous is a prankster and the reported data is either all invented or culled from other sources and added to a wild novelistic story.

2) Anonymous is operating to a planned agenda and the information is deliberately distorted, but contains a core of extraordinary truth.

3) Anonymous is doing his best to report data from an indirect source (personal notes, his own short or long term memory, or another person), but accidental errors, omissions and additions have occurred.

4) Anonymous is reporting everything faithfully and accurately as best as he can present it.

Only possibility (1) means everything should be rejected. The other three necessarily mean that the reports deserve close attention.

A statement from the author of this site

It is recognized that readers may have widely differing views about the veracity of the claims. More information is forthcoming every few days and readers are encouraged to suspend disbelief pending the ongoing release of further data. There are some serious and clear scientific anomalies regarding the apparent violation of known physical laws. Anonymous and his colleagues have attempted to answer all questions posed so far.

There are at once persuasive reasons to dismiss the data – and persuasive reasons to evaluate it very carefully indeed before rushing to judgment. The personal opinion of the author is that even if it may be considered unclear whether the account is totally accurate, it is of such extraordinary potential importance that it deserves a fair hearing in its entirety. Many on the list believe there is a significant probability that the information is founded in truth, and a number claim to have heard reference to (or in some cases considerable detail about) this project before. Therefore, based on compelling evidence that there is something currently occurring which may be of considerable importance, this report attempts to perform a public service.

If this extraordinary story is true, the twelve exchangees who visited Serpo – eight of whom returned – are among the greatest unsung heroes of our generation.

The author of this site is Bill Ryan. He was trained in Mathematics with Physics and Psychology (Bristol University, 1974), followed by a brief stint in teaching. For the last 27 years he has been a management consultant, specializing in personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching. Major long-term clients have included BAe (Systems) Ltd (formerly British Aerospace), Hewlett-Packard, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is not and never has been connected with or a member of the military, government, or any formal UFO groups. This information is shared in the spirit that the best place to hide is out in the open.

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