by Ryan Cristián
28 February 2017
from TheLastAmericanVagabond Website






For decades now… even longer, so-called "conspiracy theorists" have been warning of totalitarian dangers to come.


Warning Americans of a creepingly slow incremental increase in day-to-day oppression, disguised as heightened security in a time of increased danger to our way of life.


Or that is the lie being told, seemingly without end, as we declare war on undefeatable, non-tangible ideas and concepts, such as the "war on drugs" or the "war on terror" that continue to dissolve what remains of every American's constitutional rights, with little to no actual positive results to show for decades of failed policy.


How does one win a war against anyone's ability to use violent or destructive ends to achieve political goals? Which, point of fact, is the exact definition of terrorism.

Who else is currently using violent ends to achieve political goals?


Does that make them terrorists? By the definition of the word… Yes. Yes it does.

It should be asked,

how does one defeat terror? The answer is you don't...

These are "wars" intentionally designed without end.


They were designed and planned to create the type of hysteria and uncertainty that allows for such a restriction of rights, as was seen with the passage of the "temporary" Patriot Act.


Another great example is the NDAA, and its recent amendments, which allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, as well as giving the intelligence community the legal right to distribute propaganda to American citizens on American soil (meaning, that news segment you saw last night, it could be entirely made up and fabricated, under the premise of some foggy idea of the greater good of course, and that would be legal under the NDAA).


As well as many other actions that would seem utterly un-American to the average US citizen, should they actually be made aware of them, by anything other than independent sources. 


As the Guardian so succinctly put it,

"Yes, the worst things you may have heard about the National Defense Authorization Act, which has formally ended 254 years of democracy in the United States of America, and driven a stake through the heart of the bill of rights, are all really true."

All of this has been created, and obfuscated, in order to manipulate the American public into tacitly, or even willingly, giving up their inherent rights as human beings in exchange for government:

  • government protection

  • government sustenance

  • government health care

  • …government control...

So how does Donald Trump play into this?


Consider for a moment the concept of immigration. This has been a topic of debate for a very long time. Yet, only very recently did the very same talking points and discussed potential action, become some sort of "fascist" objective.


Enforcing the law was somehow contorted into some humanitarian crisis.


Clearly, immigration has always been a very sensitive topic, but,

  • What caused this radical shift in perception that is so oddly devoid of any self-awareness or historical perceptive?

  • What changed?

  • How did this heatedly age-old, yet previously civil, political debate, all of sudden become the end-all-be-all catalyst for the destruction of the American way of life?

  • Or rather, when did this topic begin to be manipulated to create that type of political and personal fervor? 

Most are unaware (as always, by design) that the US' immigration policy has historically been overtly racist and discriminatory, but to be fair, so were many other countries at that time.


Yet, with as often as the US enjoys lording its now highly questionable "moral superiority" over the rest of the world, that fact certainly has relevance to today's altogether orchestrated predicament.


To be clear, this is not opinion. It is an unmitigated fact based in historical record.


According to the LA Times

"Starting in the late 19th century, race-based restrictions kept Asian immigration to a trickle.


The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act largely did what the name suggests; by 1924 Congress had barred all Asian groups.


Eventually this complete prohibition gave way to a nominal quota system, but it wasn't until Hart-Celler that lawmakers finally abandoned blatantly racist immigration policy."


"Contrary to what pundits often suggest, however, Hart-Celler wasn't an unmitigated[sic] good for all ethnic groups. In fact, it set Asians and Latinos on divergent paths, with consequences that continue to reverberate today."

The article is referring to the Hart-Celler act of 1965, which was enacted June 30, 1968.


This act is largely unknown, yet had a massive effect on immigration in the US.


While highly positive for potential immigration of Asian groups into the US (which, interestingly enough, is currently the largest continent of origin for illegal immigrants, Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders are deported at a rate three times higher than other groups), by contrast, Hart-Celler made the U.S. less accessible for those immigrating from Latin nations. 


Prior to the passing of the act, immigration into the US was largely unrestricted for Latinos. It was this act which began, for the first time, setting an actual numerical limit for the amount of Latino immigrants who could make their way into the US. 


Entire groups of migrants from Mexico and Latin America whose entrance to the U.S. would have been considered legal before 1965, suddenly became illegal.


Mexico's quota, for instance, was set at 20,000 annually even though Mexicans seeking permanent residence had averaged 50,000 a year through the late 1950s.


Many feel this is evidence of the very same political battle being witnessed today, and just like today, the lives of these individuals seeking a better existence are being used like chess pieces on some grand playing field of sociopathic endeavors.


Either way, what was dressed up as a positive step for social justice in 1965, effectively stifled the flow of migrant workers that were once legal, and made them illegal, which had huge effects on the many organizations who had become dependent on Mexican labor, due to the previous policy, and subsequently carried on breaking the law in order to function all the way into today.


It also lessened the amount of Latino immigrants allowed into the country overall, and abolished Asian quotas in favor of a "preference system" based on skills and family relationships (it seems that in America, even in immigration it matters who you know). In other words, picking and choosing who to allow into the country based essentially on what they bring to the table. 


One can easily make the argument that such a "preference-based" system on immigration is not only smart and beneficial to our way of life, but necessary. 


Yet, in today's liberal echo chamber reality, we have apparently been living in a fascist Hitler-esque regime for some time. And maybe, based on their logic, we have been.


Yet, these "not-my-president" types would never admit that, for fear of coming face to face with their own glaring hypocrisy.


As that would call into question Obama and many others they seem to be entirely unable to critically discuss or dissect. This all begins and ends with Donald Trump as far as they are concerned, and that is exactly the point. 


It is beginning to become clear that, whether or not Donald Trump is aware of it, he is being used to divide the nation


Prior to the this past election, Americans were rapidly awakening to the fraudulent nature of both the current US government (otherwise known as the deep state), as well as government in general.


Their behind-the-scenes system of control that had worked so seamlessly for so long was now in peril; people were waking up. Something had to be done.


What better way to stop the rising awareness of the people, than to create a circumstance in which the people felt they had won, or felt they had shifted the direction of the country?


In other words, in its typically manipulative problem-reaction-solution fashion, the US orchestrated the rise of Donald Trump, while making it appear as if that shadow government had lost to what they were selling as:

The rising will of the people and the glory of democracy!!! … and all that.

Hillary Clinton, the big bad MSM, and the elite globalist agenda (that was quickly becoming common knowledge due to the rise of independent media) were all cast as "The Problem."


Americans "Reacted" as expected, with anger, outrage, and disgust, as the media and the government as a whole seemed to support Clinton, and discount everyone else in every regard.


Enter Donald Trump, "The Solution..."


As great as witnessing the rising will of the people would truly be, we each have to ask ourselves one pointed question:

For those of us who indeed felt that the government was beyond repair prior to this election, that the only solution was decentralization, how is it that one person could all of a sudden step in and seemingly fix (at least in the minds of those taken by the Trump frenzy) the inherently oppressive nature of the current system, which had become so apparent?

Trump may indeed be a rogue piece in this game, which in some ways could still offer a glimmer of hope, yet that only drives home the selling aspect of this rouse.


Those pulling the strings likely knew very well what Trump believed, and what he felt was needed, and they then likely planned for each possibility accordingly, using the media to frame it however they like.


That is, assuming he was not involved from the beginning. 


With this brilliantly orchestrated series of events, the world stood witness as those who were once staunch anti-establishment, anti-government advocates within the US, had been turned into the very state-defending, state-supporting, security-over-liberty type of person that had very recently been the focus of their scrutiny and frustration.


Yet, now, these were the very same individuals crying at the national anthem and calling for the removal of rights from protestors they see as "on the fringe," seemingly oblivious to the hypocritical fact that they were in the exact same situation prior to this role reversal, and would cry foul about their loss of rights and the fascist rise of the US government, should they have been in their shoes. 


It certainly does not need to be stated that the very same hypocrisy applies to the Left as well.


Yet, the extent to their hypocrisy is much more pronounced and contrived, as they are the design, the catalyst to this new deceptive brand of oppression and rise of the "new establishment"; and in large part, unwittingly so.


The aim was to co-op, and overtake this new awakened movement, and reinsert their failing ideology behind the scenes.


With their desire for radical change and call for the complete suspension of rights, in order to get their way, they were created to push everyone else back into the arms of the state. So we are left with the same classical American illusion of choice.


On one side, there is a solution that involves using policy to essentially illegalize protesting when authority sees fit, in order to stop what Trump supporters see as an out-of-control political movement that desires to bring down all they have worked for; or in other words, using government to solve our "problem" whose solution comes with a loss of rights. 


On the other, there is a radical group literally calling for martial law in order to stop what they see as rising fascism in America.


They want to suspend all rights, hold another election, and move forward from there. Really, just the removal of Donald Trump at the point of a gun, and then likely hold him accountable for the many imagined and concocted "grievances" for which they no doubt desire a redress; or in other words, using government to solve our "problem" whose solution comes with loss of rights.


It does not take much to stand back and realize that we are currently headed in one very specific and orchestrated direction, regardless of who wins out in the end.


A direction that once and for all solves this continual state problem of people actually wanting to be informed and take part in the governance of the nation (where do we get off!). 


We are in a very WarGames type situation here, where the only way to win this particular game is simply, not to play.


But with the current level of fanatical emotion and personal involvement that has arisen with this psyop of grand proportions, not playing has become almost unacceptable, or even unimaginable.


The most interesting facet of this plan is how perfectly it works to drive those who once stood in direct opposition to government and authority in general, to actually call for their own oppression in order to stop what is actually becoming a threat to the stability of the country.


The Left's protests are becoming so violent and unhinged (whether due to agent provocateurs or not), that it only made sense to stop them, right? Not to mention, they are the political opposition, so it feels like a win...


Again… the design...


The next phase of the plan is simply diabolical, and it is already under way. 


It is now being witnessed in places such as Arizona, where a bill that allows for the government to seize assets for conspiracy to riot, even if the so-called conspirators didn't participate in any violence, recently passed the senate.


This creates a now legal gray area in regards to the First Amendment, making it no longer a guaranteed right to peacefully protest.


All that is required by an oppressive government to stop an unwanted protest, while simultaneously arresting those behind the undesired attention, is a perfectly timed agent provocateur to break some windows and damage the oddly left behind token police vehicle, and voila, they can now arrest anyone present and further hinder anyone's desire or ability to actual stage a meaningful protest in the future. 


All it took was to push the liberal left over the edge. An edge it had been so precariously close to for some time. And the rest could be stoked from the sidelines.


Regardless of the many awakened independent sources currently attempting to call attention to this deception, unless the American people stand back and realize that they are being played like a finely tuned instrument, nothing will change. 


What we are actually seeing, is the same old foreign and domestic policy dressed up as change, with the added distraction of groups screaming such absurd claims, that the very real, and very dangerous political choices that are actually taking place, get missed, or go unnoticed altogether.


This is the plan. This is the deception.


We will eventually come full circle back to the same globalist agenda, with the same unelected, behind-the-scenes figures calling the shots, only with new talking heads out in front, and the entire agenda will be back in the realm of conspiracy theory, because, well… we stopped that didn't we?


We already won…