Transmission about the Social Order and Lifestyle of

the Greys and Reptilians
Transmitted from the Universal Mind (aka "Cosmic Awareness")

while in a trance state - January 13, 1991

from ArchiveTC Website

Question: Awareness has given some of the information in bits and pieces of what this question from R.C., of Snellings, California, is, but he writes:

"Would you ask Cosmic Awareness to discuss the aliens, Greys and so forth, and Reptilians' social order, social structure, political and ideological systems, and their concept of self and their psychological sciences? What is their basic core concepts found in their culture?

Perhaps an evolutionary rundown of the historical past of these creatures; perhaps a discussion of the governmental system they have set up on conquered planets might also be in order. What are the aliens' weaknesses? Can they be killed, and if so, how? What languages do they speak, and what is this linguistic relationship to their culture and world views, should be explained. Thank you."

A: This Awareness indicates that much of this was discussed previously; that the general relationship of the Zeta Reticuli [The Greys] to one another as that which is likened unto a hive mind in which the social order is somewhat akin to a group mind, whereby they find it difficult to act individually.


This is one of the weaknesses for them in that if you present them with a problem, they cannot decide what to do without consulting someone up the ladder in the chain of command, if they are as a group in a situation, and there is, therefore, a pause of as much as 15 seconds while they attune to someone in higher levels for decision.

If those in higher levels do not have a particular individual role in the affairs of that group, they too might be in a position where they have to consult each other to reach a consensus or to appeal to someone in a higher level before making a decision. They find it quite difficult to make decisions individually.


This Awareness indicates that this is not the same in the Reptoid alien group. These entities are more individualistic, much the way humans are. They can act on their own, though they do have a kind of hierarchy order, and operate under a certain amount of respect for authority.

This Awareness indicates that the respect for authority keeps them in line, so that they recognize a certain limitation as to what they are allowed or not allowed to do in terms of action. The social order of the Reptoids is more that of a hierarchy system, that of the Zeta Reticuli more likened unto a hive mind.


This does not mean that an individual Zeta Reticuli could not react if threatened, but rather that if unthreatened, if the entity is confronted with a choice; he or she may not be able to make the choice without consulting others in the process of setting a policy for the situation.

This Awareness indicates that it is the same for these entities in their own home structures in regard to their culture.


This Awareness indicates that it has discussed already the background history of the Zetas in a similar question asked yesterday; that these entities came from a planet that was basically dying and they as a race were dying from excessive exposure to radiation and the Reptilians or Reptoids from Draco assisted them and therefore, extracted loyalty from them. For their obedience and loyalty they were asked to work as mercenaries in the Reptoid conquest of various planets.

The question asked about what kind of government structure would be set up on the planets they controlled... This Awareness indicates that on Earth these entities received directions from their earlier formulated plans of their own hierarchy system.


They generally have a kind of allegiance to the Orion network or empire, those from Orion who are the thinkers and politicians and these entities set up the structure of government. The Reptoids are the basic enforcers of the structure.

The Orion Alliance creates structures on the planets run by hierarchy and controlled by money systems and the Reptoids enforce the allegiance to these structures and control the masses, and for this they are allowed what may be termed 'rape and pillage' privileges. This Awareness indicates the Zetas support the Reptoids and the Reptoids support and derive authority from the Orion Empire.

This Awareness indicates the more friendly aliens such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and those from Sirius and others, work through the Galactic Confederation and reach their alliances and agreements through general consensus and vote. They have a general policy to avoid intrusion into the affairs of others, unless those affairs threaten the affairs of still others who are not involved. Thus, if the Earth is involved in activities which might threaten other nearby planets, they would have the right to interfere.

The Confederation did interfere to some degree during the Cold War, in that many of the nuclear weapons in the silos in Russia and the United States were disarmed by the aliens during times when there appeared to be a deep or intense danger of their being used. In fact, the Russians, fearing the disarmament might be seen from satellite levels, or might be detected by the United States satellites, built dummy warheads to sit on their rockets or missiles, to give the appearance that they were fully armed.

This Awareness indicates the Pleiadians on their planet have a kind of democracy and structure that encourages creativity. There is very little encouragement for violence or competition, and this helps to keep the planet more peaceful.


They do not promote highly competitive sports and do not glorify war and such conflicts in their art or drama or history. Rather, they promote creativity, compassion, service to others and many of the more idealistic concepts that are known on Earth, but seldom practiced.

There is much emphasis on education and exploration. In the areas of what which might be termed military, it is generally more of a defensive activity in which they do not even speak ill of their enemies. They may warn people of others, but they generally avoid detailed discussions of their enemies or speaking badly about them.


The warning will often be 'to be careful' without saying why, or what is wrong with the other enemy side. This Awareness indicates that they prefer to isolate than to destroy their enemies, but if it becomes absolutely necessary, they could enter into a war-like activity that would cause destruction to their enemies.

Question: Did Awareness cover the basic core concepts of the Reptilians' culture?

A: This Awareness indicates that this is not fully clear as to what is being requested in this terminology. This Awareness indicates that these entities have a history of conquest which lies at the core of their culture.


They enjoy the battle with others, and find a great sense of self-importance in conquering others, and it becomes likened unto a reason for their being. They have very little interest in spiritual concepts unless those concepts somehow yield power to them or can be used to gain power over others.

Their basic interest is in being in power. They enjoy the thrill of conquest more than any other feeling. It gives them a certain rush, much like that of a drug high, when they have conquered someone. This Awareness indicates that they essentially live for this kind of energy. They see humans much the way hunters might observe a herd of deer, or sheep, or other animals in a field.


Thus, they see the Earth as a kind of farm filled with human prey. This Awareness indicates that there is nothing in them that experiences what may be termed mercy or compassion for the human. They have a kind of contempt for humans as being weak and frail, but they also have considerable appetite for the human flesh, because of its sweetness and tenderness.

This Awareness indicates that the Zeta Reticuli feel somewhat different. Their background having once been very similar to humans, having later been modified through genetic engineering to incorporate insect and reptilian genes to become what they presently are, being born in a sack of hundreds perhaps of genetically engineered fetuses of Zeta Reticuli so that an entire hive or group might be born at one time. They think of themselves in terms of their group place and group origin, rather than as a family or hierarchy placement.

They do not have what humans might call a pecking order, or human bonding feelings. They do not bond with each other, but they acknowledge each other. They do not have individual names or do not give themselves individual names. They think more in terms of their place. If one were to ask them who they were, they would describe their home, their base or their group, rather than give their personal name, because they do not tend to carry a personal name.

There have been instances in which people have given them individual names, and eventually, the entity would get used to that. However, the tendency is to identify with the group rather than to identify with a personal name. They are very much into activity and have little interest in feeling or experiential concerns. They like to do things rather than to feel.

Humans are more in touch with their feelings than are these Zeta Reticuli. Some of the groupings of Zetas are more war-like than others, and some can be quite sadistic. One group tends to express itself more politically in the sense of being more into communicating and reacting with humans in a way that allows communication a primary place in the relationship. The other two groups are less inclined to communicating with humans in ways that allow for agreement or harmony to form a rapport.

This Awareness has already spoken of the weaknesses of these entities, especially in regard to their inability to cope with human complexities and emotional complexities of the humans. They do not know how to deal with unruly humans and prefer to associate with or abduct and work with cooperative humans.


They like to pretend that they are divine because humans tend to go along with that and cooperate with them in whatever they wish to do. They enjoy doing experiments on humans, implanting them and so forth, for their agenda and purposes, with the full cooperation of the human if possible.

When the human is not cooperative, they generally will either leave the entity alone, if it is early enough and the entity has not been already put into a state which they can control safely, or they may attempt to fix some kind of disabling controls on the entity so they do not have to fear the entity. They do not like confronting a human who is outraged for fear the human could hurt them. They are not strong as are the Reptoids.

The Reptoids are approximately four times as strong as the average human. They would have strength compared to a large gorilla or ape, or a very strong muscleman. In some cases, even stronger than a strong muscleman. This Awareness indicates that the average Reptoid being approximately 7 feet tall, in some cases taller, and having enough strength to easily lift 500 pounds, or more.

This Awareness indicates the two movies Predator 1 and 2 give relatively accurate portrayals of the Reptoid types, though the cloaking device used in the movies, giving the Predator invisibility is not seen as being so well available to the Reptoid aliens. This Awareness indicates that they are not able to disappear as indicates in the movies. They do, however, have the infrared vision indicated in the movie versions.

This Awareness indicates it is seen as a possibility that with certain alien technology they could effect a kind of cloaking device to cause entities not to be able to see them. The effects would be more on the order of bending light, similar to activities used in the spacecraft in its ability to cloak its presence through bending light.


There are also abilities to move into different frequencies so that one could leave the frequency of the 49th octave and not be seen by the eyes of entities whose vision is limited to that octave, but in moving out of that frequency, they would also lose the ability to function in the frequency of the third dimension.

This Awareness indicates that these would be special types of technology which are generally not used by these Reptoids; that it could be used in certain instances, but generally, the Reptoids that have appeared on Earth are not equipped with these technologies, at this time.


This Awareness indicates the Zeta Reticuli do have certain technical devices they can wear on their backs, to move through different frequency levels or in and out of the 49th octave, so that they could cloak themselves with invisibility.

They do on occasion use these for entering into homes for purposes of abductions, when they do not wish to be seen, or when they wish to walk through walls or ceilings. This Awareness does not wish to cause entities paranoia.


Your chance of being visited by these little Greys is very slim, especially if you are into metaphysics, have a relatively intelligent mind and are not likely to be taken by these entities. If you have a tendency to worship these little fellows, you might become a candidate for such a visitation. That would be to your detriment.

Question: These Reptoids that go out conquering planets; they don't return to their home base and have a family unit, like the male returns and says: "Honey, I'm back!" or something to that effect, do they?

A: This Awareness indicates this may occur on occasion. As often as not, the family accompanies the warrior upon a planetoid and the warrior might return to the planetoid on which the family is waiting, as in the case of the Nemesis or the crafts which accompany Nemesis, the small moon-like planetoid.


This Awareness indicates that this would normally be for those with rank, to be allowed to bring their families with them; that the Reptoids having very little social standing would not be allowed to bring their family with them, but they might have other mates or might mate with others.

Generally, if a Reptoid has a family, he is given the choice of whether to be sent on a mission to a distant planet or to stay at home and serve on his home planet. They do not like to create dissention or situations which might lead to rebellion among the troops. It is not out of compassion, but out of practicality and experience that this policy was developed.

Question: The Reptoid stands erect more less on two feet rather than having more than two feet, like some lizards, does it not?

A: This is in the affirmative.

Question: Is its physical appearance remotely or similar to the illustration Jon Strongbow did for us that we put out in one of the readings?

A: This Awareness indicates this as negative; that the Reptoid tends to look more human, but rather than skin, the features are scaly with the facial features a smoother scale-like skin, similar to that of the underbelly of a fish or a snake. It is somewhat softer and in a kind of grid-like appearance may exhibit itself on the features. The neck also is very tender in appearance; although the scales are there, they are very small, and like the underbelly of a snake.

The features wherein the scales are more strong are on the back of the head, top of the head and down the back; also on the arms where the skin is thicker on humans, the scales are thicker on Reptoids. Where the skin is tender on humans it tends to be tender on Reptoids also, with scales being much finer in appearance.


The mouth and nose, the upper lip and the nose tend to come together rather than as a protrusion in the manner of the human nose; the nose being part of the face jutting out with the mouth appearing much like that of a snake, more so than that of the alligator or crocodile type. This is not the effect associated with the Reptoid features.

They are not terribly ugly except for the scales. Their features are closer to that of humans than any other reptoid or reptile, but they have these scales on them.

Question: They do have sex organs sort of similar to humans, do they not?

A: This is in the affirmative.


This Awareness indicates that they do not have a strong desire to mate with humans in the physical sense, but they do create half-breeds through laboratory projects using the human eggs mixed with Reptoid semen to create test-tube alien offspring, or in some cases using human semen with Reptoid eggs; the creation of half-breed being for future use in planned war with the Pleiadians wherein these entities would pilot their ships in a war with Pleiadian or Sirius or Arcturus ships working in behalf of the Confederation in order to prevent these forces from rescuing humanity from the Reptoid grip.

Question: These creatures do not have a tail, do they?

A: This Awareness indicates that in some cases the tail is present and somewhat short. In other cases it is longer. This is much likened unto signs of Reptilian virility, much the way there are hairy men and men without hair. There are those Reptoids with short tails or long tails or hardly any tail whatsoever.


The length of tail of course is quite short in all cases, not likened unto tails of animals. Possibly measurable in inches, but not in feet.

Question: During courtship, if that's the word, for the female, do Reptilian males combat one another like animals do in our world? Compete with one another?

A: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be rare, but can occur in instances especially wherein there are shortages of female mates. This Awareness indicates the female, of course, does not give live birth, as do mammals.


Question: Does the female lay on the eggs or hatch them out, or is this done in laboratories, or how is that done?

A: This Awareness indicates that they tend to place these eggs in a kind of incubation setting wherein they are kept warm without the female needing to be in attendance. There is no real bonding between the mother and the offspring in the Reptoid cultures.


The half-breeds, because of their human genes, tend to need bonding with a parent or otherwise they become weak and have little interest in survival, and there is a high mortality rate among half-breeds who do not form any bonding with parents or other beings.


Question: While on this subject, a couple of questions from H and N.M., who both play in a symphony orchestra, and these questions are about the Greys, but Awareness might indicate whether the same applies to the Reptilians.


They write:

"Do the Greys have any art forms at all? They sound like nerdy little scientists that do nothing but practice genetic manipulation or planetary conquest all the time. Do they ever have the need to relax or have recreation?"

A: This Awareness indicates there was a case in which an entity had voice contact with a Grey over a kind of screen device made from his computer in which he asked the Grey: "What is your favorite musical group?" The entity answered "New Kids on the Block".


This Awareness indicates that this appears to be an indication that these entities monitor your shows, your television and are to some degree at least, absorbing some of your culture, and this Awareness suggests that they are gradually becoming accustomed to your music forms and art forms.

This Awareness indicates that they also have been known to dance, although the dancing may not be very artistic. They do apparently have some enjoyment in the dancing process. This Awareness indicates that without emotions, it is very difficult to develop much enjoyment for any art or music or other types of personal expression, and therefore, these entities tend to be more into cerebral activity than libido activities or emotional matters.

Question: This would also apply to the Reptoids?

A: This Awareness indicates the Reptoids have more emotions than do the Greys. The emotions being more basic in the sense of primal emotions. They do understand rhythm and they do have some appreciation for music. It is the rhythm in the music and the vibrations that they enjoy most. They care little for the words or poetry expressed through music, such as from songs or humans wailing while music plays.

They are not impressed by singers who shout and groan and growl to hard rock type music. They are more inclined toward mellower tones. This Awareness reminds you that serpents in India can be hypnotized by flutes and these Reptoids have also certain amounts of hearing that allows them some appreciation for hypnotic music.

Question: Their next question is rather redundant. I'll ask it. "Do they have any respect at all for our artists and our art forms? Surely watching a great pianist or violinist or trombonist would amaze them. Do they possess the physical dexterity to even do a poor imitation?"

A: This Awareness indicates the Zeta Reticuli in watching a pianist would liken the entity to one who was really fast on a computer, and would see that the entity's dexterity was notable. As far as the music is concerned, they would be able to recognize he was creating tones of different frequencies and their interest might be as to what these frequencies mean, whether there was a code involved or a message being relayed.


They would not particularly experience the emotional aspects of the music. This Awareness indicates that in reference to the Reptoids listening to such music, this would be more awesome to them, although they might not want to admit their admiration for the action.


This might be for them comparable to your watching a hummingbird as it flutters its wings without moving, and you might wonder how it could move its wings so fast and yet not go anywhere. They may look at this with some awe as to how humans can do that.

This Awareness indicates that they might even enjoy the music, depending on whether it touched something in them or whether it annoyed their nervous system.


This Awareness indicates the nature of music is that in the arrangement of the musical scale there are certain spaces between notes that are uneven wherein some notes lead evenly, one to another in the scale, and others are uneven, further apart, or closer together, and when these notes are further apart, there is the feeling of a great reaching, and when the notes are closer together, such as a half-step, the notes move easily from one to another, so those notes that move easily create a feeling of rest, of comfort and those notes which are far apart, such as the one and a half steps, are more difficult and create a feeling of struggle.

Thus, the ease or the struggle in its placement in the scale indicates some notes that pull on the entity's emotions as they reach far or hard to the next note, and other notes that are closer together indicate in the emotions of the human, a feeling of: "Ahah! At last! A place of rest!"


The half-step leads easily and naturally to its next note, and the note which is one and a half steps is a reaching note that pulls on the emotions and gives the feeling of difficulty or struggle, and these stir the emotions in the human.

When you struggle to reach the next note, or you find a feeling of ease and peace in leading to the half-step, a resolving as you reach the next level, you experience emotions, and the artist who can arrange these emotional pulls and releases controls the human's emotions.


This Awareness indicate but before any of this can happen, the human must be able to sense the steps of the scale that is being used, whether it is a major or a minor scale. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the Reptoid shares something with the human.

The cerebral oriented Grey only thinks of these things in terms of what the notes are doing, whether they have some special communicative purpose and what code might be being expressed in these varying frequencies.


They may, at some point discover there is no code and there is no particular purpose in the notes being moved from one place to another. Then they might begin to recognize just a pattern arbitrarily created by someone, doing something that humans enjoy, and conclude that humans enjoy patterns of frequencies, but they themselves may not participate in the struggle of the notes or the resolving of a melody.

This Awareness indicate in other words, the Zeta Reticuli do not feel music to the degree that humans feel it. The Reptoids feel it more than the Greys. The Reptoids would recognize rhythms and certain pitches and frequencies with more appreciation than would the Greys.


The Reptoid still would not appreciate music in the way humans appreciate it.

Question: Awareness just answered their last question, but I'll read it, for one reason here...

"I wonder if they measure or notice the tremendous uplifting spiritual vibes that occur at a wonderful symphony or a chamber music concert, or they simply just observe?"

It was the spiritual vibes I wanted to ask about. Do they get anything at all of a spiritual feeling from music?

A: This Awareness indicates that they are not likely to get goose-bumps or thrill that entities experience from the high mana released from the beautiful music that humans often enjoy as spiritually uplifting.


This Awareness indicates the Greys would tend to classify music as a kind of vibrational science, similar to mathematics that humans use for entertainment. They would not tend to understand through experiential levels, the value of music to humans.

The Reptoids would tend to understand it as a kind of emotional stimulus for humans. They would understand the emotion that the music influences, but they would not particularly be influenced in the same degree as humans.