by Benjamin Fulford
March 8, 2010

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There is no need to have special sources in high places to see that the 230-year old “New World Order,” is collapsing on multiple fronts. All we need to do is examine a series of unusual news events reported in the corporate propaganda media to see that this is the case.

First of all there are many signs of a break in the traditional Anglo Saxon alliance between Britain and the US. The latest was Hillary Clinton’s statements supportive of Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falklands Islands.


This sort of statement would have been unthinkable in the past.

That is not the only sign continental Europe is distancing itself from the US. France just announced the sale of four state-of-the-art warships to Russia. With the US still trying to portray Russia as an enemy and still engaged in various aggressive military moves against Russia this amounts to a serious slap in the face from a US ally.

Perhaps the most important developments though, are happening in Turkey.


The ongoing purge of the Turkish military is a sign that the “young Turks” who overthrew the Ottoman Empire are being ousted from power. This is disturbing news for the Zionists because Turkey is a NATO member with a modern 1.5 million man army. Turkey has recently engaged in military exercises with Israeli enemy Syria and refused to let Israel participate in a NATO military maneuver in Turkey.

The fact that Congress passed a law condemning the Turkish acts against the Armenians over a century ago (how about condemning the multiple US sponsored genocides first) and Turkey recalled its ambassador is a clear sign of this split between Turkey and the Zionists.

The Zionist US government is also being rebuffed on all fronts in its efforts to isolate Iran. Brazil, Russia and China are just some of the countries who no longer listen to hysterical US ranting about Iran being an “existential threat” to Israel. The Israelis appear to be some of the most brainwashed people on earth and somebody needs to explain very clearly to them that nobody is out to get them or start a new holocaust.


They could start by listening with their own years (not through deliberate mistranslations) to what Iranian President Ahmajinedad is actually saying. They are perfectly safe and should stop being paranoid.

The EU is also in serious trouble these days.


Both France and Germany have now announced they will not pay any more money to support Greece. In Greece meanwhile, protesters have occupied the Finance Ministry and have put the parliament under siege. The Mediterranean countries are continuing to contemplate leaving the Euro zone and setting up their own Mediterranean currency, according to P2 Masonic lodge sources.

Another sign of a split among the oligarchs is the moves being made against Goldman Sachs and others.


Both the Justice Department and the Federal Reserve Board have called for investigations of Goldman Sachs actions in Greece.


In addition, The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch also reported the following:

“The U.S. Justice Department recently asked hedge-fund firms Soros Fund Management, Paulson & Co., SAC Capital Advisors and Greenlight Capital to preserve documents related to trading in the Euro, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

These moves are also no doubt connected to the investigations of the New York Federal Reserve Board on the suspicion it illegally funneled money to AIG.

President Obama’s support of former Fed Chief Paul Volcker’s planned new restrictions on banks is still another sign of pressure against a particular group of Oligarchs.

Seen in that light, the latest scheme to revive the Amero I reported in my blog would appear to be backed by the CIA/Goldman Sachs faction. The people who are pushing this Amero plan told me the Federal Reserve Board would be abolished. It is doubtful they will be able to carry out this plan because not many people would be willing to trade their dollars for the new Ameros even if they are backed by Canadian and Mexican gold.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the right wing forces have come up with new plans to overthrow the Democratic Party of Japan’s government (DPJ).


They say DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa will be ousted by May because they have gathered a lot of information about his shady activities which the plan to make public. They also say the Liberal Democratic Party that ruled Japan until recently was going to be dismantled.


Their scenario calls for the emergence of three new parties by this summer.

  • One party would be led by popular LDP politician Yoichi Masuzoe

  • Another would be headed by veteran lawmaker Takeo Hiranuma

  • A third would consist of the rump of the DPJ

Overall, the situation appears to be fluid and unstable and more changes can be expected in the run up to the upper house elections due this summer.

The Japanese right wing and defense establishment also need to rethink their dependence on the US for military protection. The fact that Obama ignored Japan and proposed creating a G2 with China is a clear sign of real US thinking. With the public announcement of US bankruptcy just a matter of time, it is highly doubtful the US will be able to maintain its current massive military machine. It is also hard to imagine the US would risk total war with China to protect Japan.


The Japanese need to forge their own military alliances with countries like India and Russia that also border China and also are wary of absolute Chinese domination.

The harassing of Japanese automakers by US authorities and the most likely retaliatory raid by Japanese authorities against IBM Japan make it clear the US/Japan alliance is on shaky ground.

As the old order continues to crumble, there are signs the new financial system is almost ready for announcement and implementation. Multiple groups are now offering to fund the construction of factories to begin implementing hitherto forbidden technology. Multiple reliable sources are also saying that large funds are being mobilized worldwide to finance the new paradigm.


There are still various technical issues to be overcome but the signs are good.


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