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January 28, 2011

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Jan. 28, 2011

President Mubarak’s Steals 40 Billion.


President Mubarak’s stash is worth 40 billion dollars as his personal worth or what he stole from the Egyptian people has risen to epic proportions. Mubarak’s name can be added to the names of wealthy dictators throughout the world that most likely received the aide from the United States in their attempt to affect influence in foreign country politics.


The policy does not seem to be very successful at this time since the dictators are basically leaving their country penniless and stealing the money for themselves. The leader of Afghanistan is another example of a man who is taking the bribes from the US and amassing his own wealth while his country starves for help.

The overthrow of his 30 years of a dictatorship regime and the military taking over his corrupt government today January 28, 2011 has army tanks fighting back protesters but actually many sympathize with the protesters.

Hosni Mubarak has taken real estate, liquid cash, royal yachts, and has 40 billion in cash and assets hidden away in banks around the world for easy access namely in:

  • Germany

  • United States

  • UK

  • Switzerland

  • Scotland

  • England

  • Dubai

  • Madrid,

...and other countries.


The Alaa Mubarak has properties both inside the country or in the United States major cities of Washington, LA and New York on the finest streets of the land. His wife Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak and their two sons also are incredibly wealthy and the first lady has another 3-5 billion for her own personal use.

Mubarak’s wealth also has ties to large corporate US interests such as:

  • Marlboro

  • Hermes

  • Mcdonalds

  • Vodafone

  • Hyundai

  • Chili,

...and other large corporations.


It is no surprise that the people of Egypt are starving, jobless and have been robbed of their countries wealth because President Mubarak and his greedy relatives have stolen all from his own country.





Today Egyptians said enough is enough and have taken to the streets 20 thousand strong to oust the 30 years of dictatorship and corruption. In recent weeks we have seen the same in Tunisia as their dictator Ali fled the country.


Ali’s relatives are seeking asylum in a wealth neighborhood in Montreal Canada.

It is clear that the dictator days in Egypt are over as Mubarak has only one option and that is to flee his country immediately and allow a democratic rule to take place.



Editors Note - Jan. 29, 2011

It appears the use of bribery has backfired for the United States in many examples where the US has attempted to prop up a dictator who later is thrown out of government by the people.


When the US realizes that the people run a country and not a puppet government they will use real diplomacy rather than throwing billions of dollars of so called “foreign aid” which is essentially bribery, JP news, Jouhina Portal News.

How does a low life dictator amass a bundle of cash to the tune of 40 billion dollars? Easy, the US government gave it to him to run the country as a form of bribery the Americans have propped up this dictator and meddled yet again in a foreign country’s affairs.


The US must stop the meddling and the bribery for decades and obviously they have engaged in disturbing the political balance of Egypt. Bribery does not work since if the man will betray his country for money, he will betray the lender of the money also. The US has to stop using bribery as their main focus of influencing political powers in the Middle East by way of the use of money.


In the long run bribery only gets you so far and dealing with a ruthless dictator by giving him billions of dollars one would assume would go into his pocket rather than supporting his country.

Every given country from,

  • Iraq

  • Afghanistan

  • Egypt

  • Tunisia

  • even Haiti,

...that have been receivers of billions of dollars of aide and incentives have all betrayed the United States by stealing the money for themselves.


The headquarters of the national democratic party has been burned to the ground, sources at CNN say the police did the burning. It appears the army and police are taking the side of the protesters.