by Ordo ab Chao
January 31, 2016
from IshtarsGate Website






I show in this article how the 'refugee crisis' has been rigged, from start to finish, in a kind of multi-pincer movement which is using mass theatre and false social science to create a delusion in the minds of the masses.


It's a complex web that has been weaved; so I've broken it down to its simplest components with links for those who want to drill down deeper.



So where did it all begin?

I find it ironic that many who support open borders and mass migration tell those who can see disaster writ large in such folly that they're "stuck in the past" and that they should "move into the 21st century".


They don't realize that they're mind programmed victims of a staged roll-out of an agenda that follows a plan originally cooked up around 100 years ago, known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.


The Kalergi plan's aim is the genocide of the white peoples of Europe; to replace the whites with the mixed brown races.


Those who support its aims are rewarded annually with Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize; two notable previous recipients have been,

  • Angela Merkel

  • Herman van Rompuy

The author of the Kalergi plan was one Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, an Austrian diplomat who established the Pan European movement in Vienna in 1922, in order to create his envisaged "New World Order".


In his book, Praktischer Idealismus, he wrote:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice.


The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals…

So all this talk about ever-closer union has not been just about the different states of Europe converging; it's been about peoples merging.

The rise of fascism in Europe meant that Kalergi's project had to be put on ice for a while.


But after the Second World War, Winston Churchill took it up, along with the Jewish masonic lodge B'nai B'rith, and then the usual suspects grabbed it as the perfect way to create chaos out of which to bring order - their own New World Order with one world government.




How Kalergi's plan is being rolled out today

This so-called 'humanitarian crisis' is being sold to us under the bannerhead of "the Great Migration" in the same way that we were sold "the Arab Spring".


Both pieces of mind programming depend upon the delusion that whole continents of people just up and spontaneously decide one morning to either rebel, or leave for pastures new.

The mainstream media is in virtual lockstep behind the Kalergi plan, and so those who are unable to think critically for themselves are being sucked into the psy-op (psychological operation).


The psy-ops and false flags supporting it are too many to list here, but here's a couple… (although really, there only needs to be one for intelligent people to ask themselves why they are being lied to on a systemic basis.)


This photo (above) shows the full story behind the so-called 'refugees at risk of drowning' stories in our media, with babies being held up high, out of the deep water.


As the man on the top far right shows, far from being at risk of drowning, the 'swimmers' are in mere feet of water, and could stand up and walk out on to the beach if they wanted to. What we were actually shown on television and the papers was just the area within the white box.


In any kind of theatre, context is everything.

The so-called riots at Dover in Kent, England, this weekend were also probably staged - I'd be willing to put money on it - not least because the mainstream media was very quick in its dividing of the participants into right-wing fascists and anti-fascists (antifa).



When is a fascist not a fascist? When he's a fascist

This is the narrative that they want us to swallow:

  • those opposing enforced undemocratic mass migration into the UK are the fascists

  • those imposing enforced undemocratic mass migration into the UK are just very nice, caring people.

Some of those journos need to go back to school!

The media tried to divide the issue in the exact same way when the women of Cologne protested at the New Year over more than 800 of them being sexually assaulted by Muslims.


These raped women were described by the media, the BBC among them, as 'far right Islamophobes and xenophobes' and then the police - now out in force after being practically invisible on the night of December 31st - turned the water cannons on them.

Most of the dumbed-down consumers of mainstream media wouldn't know a fascist if one jumped up and bit them on the bum.


They have no clue that fascism is akin to having a whole new and much more dangerous way of life being imposed on you, which, in the case of opening our borders to migrants, no political party so much as mentioned, let alone stood on a platform for, at the general election less than a year ago.


If it was really a battle between left and right, there would be a choice at the ballot box; there isn't. Whoever you vote for, you get this staged mass migration.

I'm wondering who paid for all those coaches to bus those hooligans into Dover? Did they get a slap-up steak meal and all the beer they could drink thrown in with their charabanc day out to the seaside?


It reminded me of the old days of football hooliganism in the Eighties and Nineties, in which our boys used to terrorize most of the major football matches across Europe.


It might surprise some to learn that that was organized terror too; some of those 'hooligans' directing the Newcastle Brown-fuelled fear 'n loathing on the Euro-terraces had MI5 connections.

There are dozens of examples of similar staged events in this recent crisis - the few women and children in a marching column of mainly male refugees are told to come to the front for the photographers; then there was the drowned baby that was moved and posed a certain way before his image was sent out across the world.

This isn't to say that there aren't real refugees caught up in this theatre; but it is to say that the number of migrant opportunists from all over Africa, not just Syria, far outweighs the number of genuine refugees, including those at the camp at Calais.


Even on a technical-legal basis, none of those at Calais are refugees because they don't meet the UN's criteria of claiming asylum in the first country they come to.


The 'jungle' inhabitants have not claimed asylum in the first country they reached after crossing the Mediterranean - further, they are also not claiming asylum where they are, in France, because they want to come to Britain.

The truth is that those living in the cold and squalor on the Calais coast don't have to; they are choosing to, for obvious reasons.


They are being funded by the 'charity' No Borders, aka George Soros, and also encouraged by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who told them, last weekend, that they should be allowed to come to Britain, after which about 400 of them stormed the P&O ferry.




How else are they selling it?

The media narrative has been based upon a three-fold pincer movement; the employers are being seduced with a bright orange GM carrot of cheap, uncomplaining labour while the dumbed-down masses are having their egos flattered with the idea of "cultural enrichment", whatever they think that is.

The third component of this psy-op is a phony war, designed to awaken the savior complexes in those who've never gone within to face their own dark sides.


If you've not seen it in yourself, you cannot recognize it in others and you live in a permanent rainbow-colored fug as you blithely and blindly pave the road to hell with your good intentions.

Here's how the three components unravel…

The economics

In terms of economic benefits to a nation of mass migration, a recent report showed that this is a myth - that most migrants are unemployed for years, and that countries don't see a benefit for at least a generation.

The report for German paper Die Welt entitled "The Truth about the Refugee Job Wonder" asks if German Chancellor Angela Merkel's pronouncement that migrants will be the "labour revitalization" of Germany is actually true?


It turns out Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis are more likely to be unemployed than the average German by a large margin.

The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) has conducted research into migrant employment rates and found that in the case of Syrians their employment rate has dropped from 32 percent to only 9 percent as recently as last November.

Afghanis and Iraqis, who are increasingly becoming a larger proportion of migrants coming into the EU according to Frontex, don't fare much better, with Afghan employment participation going from 37.6 percent to 24.5 percent and Iraqi employment going from 34 percent to 25.3 percent over the same five year period.


To put this in perspective, the employment rate of the average German is 67.3 percent.

Migrants have an especially difficult time and even those with professional qualifications tend to have a hard time becoming employed. It is actually easier, according to the report, for an unskilled native worker.

According to IFO Institute for Economic Research migration expert Gabriel Felbermayr,

"We know that people who come as refugees are much more difficult to integrate into the labor market than those who immigrate to work," and said, "Usually it takes at least a generation," until the employment rate, "has approached the domestic population."

This amount of time to enter the workforce presents huge problems for the welfare system that the migrants are thought to be able to prop up.

Often the countries which they come from improve and conditions allow them to go back, meaning a zero return on investment from the costs associated with housing and education.

Employers often fail to recognize the qualifications of migrants from Africa and the Middle East as they have found their education not comparable to a European equivalent qualification.


This leads many former professionals to be forced into low paid work and the report says,

"for companies, the refugees are mainly a source of unskilled, low cost labour and not the engineers and academics many media sources have said."

The 'cultural enrichment'

As for 'cultural enrichment'… please see this article A Call to the Grailseekers and for a sense of national identity, check out a new genetic map of Britain which shows that there has been little movement of people in the British Isles from the original tribal kingdoms established 1500 years ago.



Added to that, 89 per cent of our DNA derives from the early farmers that settled here about 10,000 years ago.


In other words, our roots are burrowed deep into this land; we've fought off many invaders with their 'cultural enrichment' in the past - and we aim to keep it that way.


The phony war

So surely there are real refugees fleeing from our bombs in Syria and Iraq and therefore we owe it to them, to offer them refuge?

Well, yes and no… and mainly no.

First off, the smaller number of Syrian refugees who are mixed in with the mass migration of economic chancers are not fleeing from our bombs; they are fleeing from Russia's bombs.


There's a reason why Putin has been able to make such huge inroads in destroying ISIS since he began bombing at the start of this 'refugee crisis'. It was because our - aka the NATO coalition's - attempts to destroy ISIS over the past couple of years have been at best pathetic, and at worst, utterly fraudulent.

Secondly, why would the NATO guys want to wipe out an army they had trained, funded and armed with stinger missiles on behalf of their Jewish allies? The answer is, they wouldn't.

But here's one very telling example of the phony war: the use, or rather non-use, of the Brimstone missile. The fact that the British RAF had this unique weapon, the Brimstone missile, was the keystone of the parliamentary debate last December.


It was cited as the main reason for our allies needing our paltry few Tornado jets to enter the conflict in Syria because this £100,000 missile, with radar guidance on its nose, can take out a vehicle travelling at 70 mph.

However, it wasn't deployed for more than a month after the debate, and questions were starting to be asked - even on mainstream political programs.


Why, some bolder journos dared to inquire, has there been such a lack of activity from the RAF over Syria since the debate, and much more importantly, why has it not yet deployed the all-important Brimstone missile?

Finally, after much pressure, the RAF finally came to life a few weeks ago and, according to the Ministry of Defence, there were two sorties over Syria - one which took out an ISIS supply truck in Raqqa and another which targeted mobile cranes at an oilfield close to the Iraq/Syria border.


With the truck at Raqqa, and possibly with the mobile cranes, (unconfirmed) the RAF finally used their famous Brimstone missile.

However, it soon became clear, and was even reported by the defense correspondent on the Daily Politics on BBC2, that there had been no tactical need to use the £100,000-a-throw Brimstone for either of these military targets.


The truck at Raqqa and the mobile cranes at an oilfield on the Iraq/Syria were not travelling at anything like 70 mph and much lesser expensive missiles, like the laser-guided Paveway, could have just as easily - and much more cheaply - been deployed.

On top of that, the same BBC defense correspondent reported that there have been no reports of civilian casualties coming out of Syria; not that we want civilian casualties, of course, but in modern warfare, they are unavoidable.


No civilian casualties = no military action...

Last year, just before Putin stepped in, some American flyers were reporting that they were being sent out on missions over ISIS-held territories, and then just left to circle around the target area, until they were nearly out of fuel, before being called back to base.


This means that in many cases, they were unable to drop their payloads.

On top of that, we then had the spectacle of the drivers of the trucks which were carrying ISIS's oil into Turkey being warned by an airdrop of leaflets to leave their vehicles, because they were going to be bombed.

Talking of Turkey… well that's another whole can of worms that we don't have the time to go into here. Suffice to say, Turkey has been acting as middle man for ISIS's oil, and it has also been organizing cheap flights for 'refugees' directly into Germany.

Sun Tsu must be turning in his grave! But I suppose they don't call it a 'theatre of war' for nothing.

To conclude, when you add up all the evidence - and there's only a smidgen of it in this article - we carry very little responsibility for those that have got themselves mixed up in the so-called Great Migration.

Having gone through all these arguments with those who are in favor of helping the refugees, and explaining it all thoroughly, this is usually the response:

"But it's not about who's to blame, nor about economics or legal technicalities! It's about being human.


Wouldn't we hate to see ourselves as selfish and uncaring people? How can we turn them away? How could we sleep at night?"

To me, though, it's not about a nice, cozy, satisfying self image... it's about survival.


The bald truth is, if we open up our borders to let in this so-called Great Migration, we'll never sleep soundly in our beds again...