by Jane Smith

October 3, 2011
from ActivistPost Website


War is the root of all major problems threatening over 99% of humanity in the 21st century.

Others will try to convince you that war is the consequence of many different things. It is not. It is the consequence of only human decisions made by people in positions of authority.

These people will try to convince you that war is complicated and that it has many roots. They will convince others to argue, debate, teach, and lie on their behalf.

They will say that to end war we need to address other issues first such as poverty, disease, debt, unemployment, and slavery. They will say that these things cause war, or that war is waged to prevent these things. Both are wrong. These are not causes of war. They are consequences of war.

All major social ills are the result of war because war prevents humanity from realizing its full potential. We cannot cure diseases because we kill too many people and we spend too much money (trillions of American dollars!) in war. War pollutes the environment; it does not help clean it.

Every person that dies in war, every soldier or civilian, is one less doctor, teacher, or fire fighter. Every cent spent on war is a cent less towards cancer or aids research, unemployment insurance, education or healthcare.

Due to war we cannot provide adequate shelter for our youths. We cannot feed the poor. We cannot cure the sick or shelter the homeless. We cannot protect people from natural and human disasters.

As war grows it consumes the poor to feed the rich. War makes the richest people richer and the poorest people poorer. It strips the majority naked while veiling war-mongers.

War-mongers use war, war that they create, as a reason for why more war should be made. This is circular reasoning and therefore wrong. People can defend themselves better when not attacking each other.

Some people will continue to attack others when others cease to attack them. There are always casualties before a war is ended, because war cannot be ended immediately. If war is not ended, however, casualties will be much higher.

War-mongers will say that the best defense is a good offense. This axiom is usually wrong. It is only right when you are faced with a stronger attacking enemy.

When faced with a weaker force or a stronger defensive force, the reasoning behind it is illogical.

The stronger enemy is always better off defensive. Keep in mind, in our world, no military is capable of completely destroying an opponent. War is always long-term.

When a stronger enemy attacks a weaker enemy, it causes the weaker to become offensive. The attacker would have been better off defensive, since it cannot immediately destroy the enemy.

The stronger will suffer casualties and will be attacked in revenge because the weaker cannot make peace, they can only surrender.

The weaker enemy often becomes supported by others that fear the stronger, creating an even stronger defender. The attacker therefore becomes more offensive. This is the illogical circular reasoning that results in a vicious cycle of more offense: armament and escalation.

The only way out of this vicious cycle is for the stronger party to declare peace, and to prepare their defenses for retaliation from the weaker while seeking peaceful negotiation.

The weaker will always retaliate if the stronger are offensive, because the offense of the stronger will leave weak points in their defense that the weaker will seek to exploit. The weaker, however, are not likely to attack if their stronger enemy are defensive.

People are much less likely to attack others when not under attack themselves. When faced with peace and therefore strong defense, attackers quickly lose motivation. Defense is weakest when attacking others, because flanks and back are left less protected.

When the weaker is faced with a stronger defensive enemy, they will not attack and will pursue defense as well. At this point, no party has a reason to be offensive unless the other one attacks.

Peace is then created. Distrust and anger will persist but will fade in time.

Current wars will only grow if the stronger, in this case NATO, are offensive. NATO offense leaves weaker opponents no opportunity for offering peace, only surrender.

The longer NATO's wars continue, the stronger the opposition to NATO will grow as more and more people join the weaker party's cause. NATO has the opportunity to offer peace without surrender. It can do so by ceasing to act offensively. Without peace on NATO's behalf, there can be no solution to ongoing humanitarian, economic, and environmental crises.

As long as you are at war you will never find peace. Many of you are angry because your country is at war, and your are suffering the consequences of war. Others are angry because your world is at war. You are part of a global community that wars with itself. The global community, however, has the power to end wars between nations.

War is a plague on humanity. Without unity we will succumb. The decisions of powerful individuals have started wars and continue to wrongly promote offense. These are the same few that profit from ongoing wars. These people must be stripped of power and held to trial.

These people will not willingly end the war unless they fear those that oppose war. Most people who are currently protesting for change are protesting the consequences of war instead of war itself. War is the root problem. Do not listen to the lies of people who would tell you otherwise.

If you want to protest, but you don't have a message, your message should be END THE WARS.

If you are homeless or poor, realize that war is the true reason behind your plight. If you are sick or injured, realize that war prevents your governments from being able to cure or heal you. If you are disabled, realize that war prevents your governments from being to help you.

If you are young, realize that war prevents your governments from being able to teach you. What good do you hope to learn from war-mongers? They know only evil. War does not stimulate economies, it ravages them. Perpetual war creates perpetual debt. To say otherwise is a lie.

If you are a frustrated politician, celebrity, or pundit, realize that war must end before other issues can be addressed. You must act to end war before your demands can be resolved effectively.

The weak may only make peace through fighting.


The strong must therefore speak with one voice:


When you strong and at war, peace is the only demand that truly matters.