by Joe Martino
October 23, 2017
from Collective-Evolution Website

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When Trump was elected as president of the United States in November 2016 the world pretty well shit their pants to say the least.


How was it possible that this guy won the election? But what many in the world never considered is just how fed up people are with the same old same old.


There isn't much trust in government or corrupt politicians these days, and people were ready to try anything new.

After the election a slurry of stories began to hit the media about who Trump really was, how Hillary could have lost and of course, fake news was to blame for everything.


Oh, and months later Russia was to blame for everything. Even though there was no evidence of either.


We saw a massive media slandering that was essentially the childish outcry of a Deep State upset about how things didn't go its way.

As we covered the many stories related to the election, Trump, Hillary, Wikileaks and so forth, our readership often asked who we truly support: Hillary or Trump?


Of course, we support neither and have stated this numerous times, yet this was something that was difficult for many to understand because the belief is you must support one or the other, and if you don't support one you automatically support the other.


This is understandable of course.

The amount of anger, emotions, and frustration we collectively have had about Trump being president is incredible. While I believe this shows how much we collectively need to shift our perspectives on things in general, I also believe that in many ways our emotional outcries are where things start.


We have to observe our emotions and what they telling us about our beliefs and perspectives in order to see how we can move beyond them. We are massively limiting our world and reality by holding on so rigidly to what we believe.


To be clear, we cannot change things from a state of anger or aggression, we must first move past this. This is a lesson humanity is learning big time right now.

Before we go on, politics are an emotional subject for many of us because we believe so strongly in one side or another, this is perhaps the biggest challenge we face. But that said, it's most serving at this point to set emotions aside as we go through this.


This won't lift up nor bash Trump but will simply state things for what they are.


But emotions will need to be set aside to see that more clearly.



The Truth About Trump

I'm going to break this down into,

  • a political section

  • a more big picture 'consciousness' section,

...on how Trump makes us reflect on our shadows and societal issues.


To note off the top, this won't be your typical political perspective holding to the illusory world of politics many in the mainstream subscribe to that is completely a dog and pony show.


We're looking beyond the veil.

First up, let's look at some of what happened during the election, whether you believe these things to be true or not yet doesn't mean they are false which is an important piece here.

During this recent election it was the first time mainstream media began talking about a shadow government and deep state. Essentially, unelected individuals who ACTUALLY run the country, not the people you vote for.


A massive pedophile ring involving politicians, the music and film industry and more began being exposed. In fact, many people, including Corey Feldman had warned everyone about this many years ago, but it was passed off as conspiracy.


WikiLeaks revealed corruption inside the DNC that illustrated how Hillary's campaign fixed the election to push out Bernie Sanders. Essentially proving democracy isn't a real thing in the US.


A massive shift in the way we view politics needs to happen. In fact, this is part of a massive shift in consciousness that is taking place in general.


We must begin to realize that regardless of who is elected, so long as we have a Deep State or shadow government in place, what changes in the world is typically not based on what a president does or can do. Now perhaps that is changing slightly given that Trump, and yes I'm going to say this, is not part of the same Deep State that many past presidents have been, including what Hillary Clinton is part of had she won.


How do we know this? It's a long story, but if you follow alternative news and truth politics enough you will see this.


But for the purposes of this article, I've been told by a number of whistleblowers with connections to people on the inside of the US security agencies that Trump is in fact a threat to the Deep State in a number of ways.


On top of that, long time researcher Richard Dolan has said on a number of occasions that Trump comes in "as an outsider." Likewise, former CIA office Robert David Steele has stated that Trump is not Deep State.


But this is precisely where it gets tricky, does this mean Trump is a savior? NO...!


And this is where many of us are getting confused. All this means is that he's here to shake things up. We must stop trying to view things as a one size fits all or as if a savior will come in to change everything.


It's a process we're going through and it will happen in many stages.




"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation...


The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.


They practically control both parties... [and] control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country."

John F. Hylan was Mayor of New York City from 1918-1925

source - source

Just because a president is not part of the Deep State does not mean they fully know and will act on what many seeking truth and a better world want.


It only means they won't act entirely in favor of what the Deep State's plan would have been.


This is a huge distinction as I've watched many of us flip flop confused about how he could do one thing opposing the Deep State but then do something in favor of it.


I've waited quite a while to write this because I wanted the right events to take place that would really allow us to see what I'm referring to more clearly.


Although I think many obvious things have happened in the past that could shed light on the somewhat complicated dynamic, I knew it would simply be time that would allow us to see what Trump's presidency is really about and how it is serving humanity from a bigger picture perspective.





JFK Files & What That Means


A few days ago Trump stated via Twitter that he would unlock and bring forth the long classified JFK files:




If you have played in the realm of declassified files long enough, you know this could mean that the files may come out completely blacked out, essentially making the release of these files useless.


On the other hand, these files could come out and reveal incredible truths that could shatter the way the general public views its country. 


Most importantly, this subject is brought into the public eye in a way that no other president would have done and this is crucial in helping us think outside the box.


It almost seems as if there could even be a build up to exploring the truth about 9/11 which obviously would send the US into a massive unrest of questions about who truly runs their country, why they run it the way they do, which ultimately is what the entire gnosis of what our current times are revealing to us.


This is a very important point so I will make it again, politically, with all that is happening since the beginning of the election up until now, what we are seeing is an unveiling of,

WHO TRULY runs the United States...

This will happen with many other countries as well but the focus now seems to be on the US.


Think of what came out via WikiLeaks, Snowden and so forth, this is massive stuff and it's part of a journey of unveiling the truth about what's really going on.


From a conscious evolutionary perspective, this is why the election went the way it did, it's the bigger reason why Trump is president.





It's Wake Up Time


It's time for humanity to wake up, and many things coming along with Trump's presidency is helping to do that.


This includes having Trump be the very shadow he needs to be in order to show us the social issues we also need to move beyond.


This leads into the next important section. Interestingly, Trump doesn't try and hide who he truly is. As awkward and absurd as some of the things he says are, he doesn't hide it.


He states how he feels even when what he says will offend 3/4's of the population!


To reiterate, it's not that what he says is always good, but it's playing a role. He is not lying or providing lip service like most other politicians. He's instead baring all so humanity sees the light and the dark within him and thus within ourselves.


Again this does not make Trump a 'saint' or a 'savior', it simply allows us to look at what's truly going on and what role he truly plays.


Racism, sexism, inequality etc, all of these things are coming to the surface on a mass level as part of the way he conducts himself. Not only that but Trump is also slowly breaking down the Deep State little by little.


And while it can be argued that his administration has been infiltrated at this point by aspects of the deep state, there are still aspects that are coming out to help shake things up.


Our stance on Trump is that,

  • he is here to allow us to see many aspects of our collective unconscious


  • at the same time shed more light on the Deep State, who they are, and why we need to take our power back from them because we have simply given it up through blind faith and unawareness of their existence

He is not going to suddenly change the entire world and raise mass consciousness to the point where everything is saved, but he is also not going to be one that simply pushes forward the Deep State's agenda in the way Hillary Clinton would have.


He is, in essence, the next logical step in a series of events taking place on the planet to help awaken humanity as opposed to helping to keep humanity asleep.


Check out "A Completely Different Perspective on Trump's Presidency - This Will Make You Think" as it also encompasses the gnosis of our position on Trump...