by Dane Wigington

October 15, 2015
from GeoengineeringWatch Website


How big does the climate engineering elephant in the room

need to be before it can no longer be hidden in plain site?


How much more historical proof do we need

of the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare

before the denial of the masses crumbles?


When will populations around the globe

bring to justice all those responsible for the ongoing

and rapidly worsening worldwide weather warfare assault?




Far below is a link for the file containing the entire congressional report (Weather Modification - Programs, Problems, Policy, and Potential - Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation United States Senate) from 1978 that we have recently located.


This report is just under 750 pages in length (20 key excerpts are posted below to give a general overview). It is a mountain of information that further confirms the ongoing extensive involvement of our government in climate modification/weather warfare.


This document also confirms the involvement of foreign governments around the globe, even governments that would otherwise have been considered "hostile to US interests".


Within this text a great many aspects and consequences of the ongoing national and global weather modification programs are discussed.

  • Legal implications (including the need for total immunity from any form of prosecution)

  • Biological implications

  • Societal implications

  • Environmental implications, etc.

Named in the document are federal agencies involved as well as major universities.


Again, because the entire document is a long and arduous read, some excerpts are posted below to give insight into the documents contents.


The mountain of data to confirm the ongoing climate engineering insanity continues to grow. One additional example of documents already located is an ICAS report to the executive office of the president on climate engineering from 1966, it can be found HERE.


The attached extensive congressional document is a revealing and detailed addition to the data that has already been compiled.


My most sincere gratitude to Steve Grimwood for locating this very important document.


To view the full document click HERE


All the attached excerpts shown above are only a small glimpse into this massive congressional document.


For many decades those in power have plotted and planned for "full spectrum dominance" of the planet and its populations. The military industrial complex has long since openly expressed its desire to "own the weather".


If the geoengineering juggernaut of insanity can be fully exposed, it could then be brought to a halt as people around the world demand its cessation.


All are needed to join this critical effort, don't sit this one out.