-  100 Reasons Why Global Warming Is Natural



 -  2018 - Más Crisis Climática e Inestabilidad Global


 -  A 1200-year Mini Ice Age was Caused by Global Warming

 -  A Discussion on Climate Change - Evidence and Causes


 -  Against Nature - The Television Program



 -  A Glimpse Into Our Future - Historic Drought, Giant Dust Storms and Massive Power Grid Failures


 -  A Leading Cause of Climate Change that No One is Talking About


 -  ALEC Exposed! - Warming Up to Climate Change


 -  Alto Asesor del Gobierno Australiano Revela Ardid de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático


 -  A 'Mini Ice Age' is Coming in the Next 15 Years


 -  Anthropocene - How Eco-Fascist Want to Criminalize The Human Race


 -  Atmospheric 'Phenomena'? - Main File


 -  Australian MP Craig Kelly is Right - Bushfires Not Caused by Climate Change


 -  Australia PM Advisor says Climate Change a United Nations' Led Ruse


 -  A Warning From The Ice - A Biosphere in Disarray - from 'The Truth? by Joseph P. Firmage

 -  Big Drop in June (2016) Temperatures - According to UAH (University of Alabama in Huntsville)


 -  Bill Gates' Climate Fantasies


 -  Bill Gates Funded Solar Geoengineering Causing Global Warming Effects


 - 'BIOPIC' de Greta Thunberg - Las Cámaras estuvieron Grabando a partir del Día Uno de su 'ascensión' Viral


 -  Brutal Shifts for Modern Civilization


 - ¿Calentamiento Global o Simplemente Masivos Volcanes Submarinos?


 -  Calentamiento Global - Una Pseudociencia Oficial... - Main File


 -  Cambio Climático - A la Larga, todos Muertos


 - ¿Cambio Climático o Guerra Geofísica?


 -  Cambio Climático - Traición Contra la Humanidad


 -  Carbon Dioxide Levels, 'Man-Made' Global Warming and Other Official Pseudoscience Climate-Change...


 -  Causas y Efectos de un Gran Mínimo Solar


 -  Central Banks declare Climate Change as 'Core Mission'

 -  Changing Climate, Changing Communities - Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation


 -  Chemtrails - Covert Climate Control?



 -  Chronic 2000-04 Drought Worst in 800 Years and 'New Normal'


 -  Clima Extremo Global - ¿Es Causado por el Hombre o se debe a Otra Cosa?


 -  Climate and Agricultural News


 -  Climate and the Money Trail...


 -  Climate Catastrophes



 -  Climate Change and the Astrobiology of the Anthropocene


 -  Climate Change - A Summary of The Science


 -  Climate Change - Concocting The "Consensus"


 -  Climate Changed


 - "Climate Change" denying Statements made by Former IPCC Experts


 -  'Climate Change Experts' Call for End to Developed World Economic Growth for 'The Next 20 Years'

 -  Climate Change - Five Surprising, Peer-Reviewed Facts

 -  Climate Change has been a 'Routine Scare Tactic' since the 1930s

 -  Climate Change Hoax Collapses - New Science finds Human Activity virtually Zero Impact on Global Temps

 -  Climate Change Impacts in The United States - National Climate Assessment 2014


 -  Climate Change, Manufactured Dissent and "Foundation-funded Doomsayers"


 -  Climate Change Not as Threatening to Planet as previously Thought - New Research Suggests


 -  Climate Change Roulette and Water Scarcity


 -  Climate Change Shock - Burning Fossil Fuels 'COOLS Planet' - Says NASA

 -  Climate Change Solved by 'Letting the Human Race Become Extinct'


 -  Climate Change - The Folly of "Demanding" Action


 -  Climate Change - Treason Against Humanity


 -  Climate Engineering Insanity - Manufacturing Winter Weather with Tropical Moisture

 -  Climate Extremes - Recent Trends with Implications for National Security


 -  Climate Fools


 -  Climategate - Scientists, Governments, Private Industry Conspire to Fool The World


 - "Climate March" Hides Real Culprits and Real Solutions


 - "Climate Policy is Redistributing The World's Wealth" says IPCC Official


 -  Climate Science Paper Censored by American Meteorological Society Journal


 -  Climate Spinning Out of Control


 -  Climatologists Call for United Nations to Get Out of Climate Change


 -  Cold Climate Disaster Coming Our Way


 -  COP25 - El Fracaso en la Cumbre para Regular los Mercados Relacionados con el Carbono


 -  Copenhagen Is On - Obama Proposes a Treaty And Leads U.S. Delegation


 -  Deforestación - Hechos, Causas y Efectos


 -  De Soluciones Falsas a Soluciones Reales Para el Cambio Climático


 -  Destacados Científicos Critican el Ridículo Informe Climático IPCC de Las Naciones Unidas


 -  Don't Think the U.S. Military is Concerned with The Climate? Think Again...


 -  Duplicitous - White House-Approved Report says Man-Made Global Warming is Real!


 -  Earth Changes - Water Element


 -  Earth's Tilt Angle - Key Trigger for Ending Ice Ages


 -  Eco-Genocide - 11,000 Scientists sign order Demanding Globalists Eliminate Billions of Humans from Earth


 -  Eco-Genocidio - 11,000 Científicos Exigen a Globalistas Eliminar Miles de Millones de Humanos del Planeta


 -  Efecto Ártico - ¿El Umbral a Una “Pequeña Glaciación”?


 -  El Acentuado Vínculo Climático 'Ya No Puede Seguir Siendo Ignorado'


 -  El Cambio Climático alimentó el Ascenso y la Desaparición del Imperio Neo-asirio, la Superpotencia del...


 -  El Clima - Nueva Arma de Destrucción Masiva - Su Manipulación Con Fines Militares


 -  El "Fin Del Mundo por CO2" se Retrasa por Errores Matemáticos


 -  El Ozono y los CFC - Crónica de Una Infamia



 -  Enfriamiento Global - Main File


 -  Epic El Niño Yields Massive Data Trove



 -  Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida



 -  Esta fue la Razón Principal del 'Colapso Maya'


 -  Exploring abrupt Climate Change induced by Comets and Asteroids during Human History


 -  Exposed Covert Agenda Behind Geoengineered Global Climate Change


 -  Extreme Weather Link 'Can No Longer Be Ignored'



 -  Fake Climate Change Studies Aim to Influence Public Opinion Through Propaganda


 -  Forecast for Solar Cycle 25


 -  Forests Emerge as a Major Overlooked Climate Factor


 -  Former President of Greenpeace Scientifically Rips Climate Change to Shreds

 -  Framework Convention on Climate Change - United Nations 2009 Revised Negotiating Text


 -  Future Climate Impacts across Sectors - Recognizing the Elephant in the Room


 -  Genes "Climáticos" - Monopolios Favorecidos por El Cambio Climático


 -  Geoengineered Snowstorms - The Snowmen Turning Warmth Into Winter


 -  Geoengineering Adds to Global Cooling


 -  Geoengineering and The Aerosol Spraying of Our Skies Affects Our Health


 -  Geoengineering Causing Climate Change - Alarmists Cover Up


 -  George Soros emerges as Major Funder of 'Global Climate Strike' Groups


 -  George Soros is Backing 'Climate activist' Greta Thunberg


 -  George Soros is Backing Greta Thunberg


 -  German Physicist Says CO2 Affecting Climate Change is “Sheer Absurdity"


 -  German Scientist Accused NASA of 'Massive' Temperature Alterations


 -  Giving Up Meat won't Save the Planet and Cows are not Killing the Climate


 -  Global Cooling - Main File



 -  Global Cooling Is Coming - And Beware The Big Chill, Scientist Warns


 -  Global Geoengineering Fueling Venus Syndrome


 -  Global Ocean Heat Transport dominated by Heat Export from the Tropical Pacific


 -  Global Warming and The Ideology of Anthropogenic (Human Caused) Climate Change

 -  Global Warming - An Official Pseudoscience - Main File



 -  Global Warming - "Fixing The Climate Data Around The Policy"



 -  Global Warming or Simply Massive Under Sea Volcanoes?



 -  Global Warming vs. Solar Cooling - The Showdown Begins in 2020


 - ¿Gobernado por la Emoción sobre la Razón? - El Perturbador Culto de Greta Thunberg


 -  Governed by Emotion over Reason? - The Disturbing Cult of Greta Thunberg


 -  Hand-Made Humans May Hold The Key to 'Saving The World'



 -  Heat and Drought



 -  Hot Air - Warmers and Democrats Are Once Again Getting Overheated by Their Own Propaganda


 -  Hand-Made Humans May Hold The Key to 'Saving The World'


 -  Human Engineering and Climate Change


 -  Human-Induced Global Ocean Warming on Multidecadal Timescales


 -  Humanity is An Unsustainable Danger to Earth's Eco-System - Earth Summit Royal Society and WWF


 -  Humans Are National Security Threat to Oceans and Our Planet - U.S. Government Study


 -  Humans Aren't Causing Climate Change - And Schoolchildren are Being "Brainwashed" says U.S. Senate...


 -  In 20 Years Solar Activity is Predicted to Fall to 60% Leading to a Massive Drop in Temperature


 -  In Climate Propaganda, Normal is Promoted as Abnormal

 -  Influence of Cosmic Rays on Earth's Climate



 -  Inundaciones Desafían la Integración Sudamericana


 -  IPCC Economist's Statement That ‘Climate Change' Is Really About Wealth Redistribution - Not News


 -  IPCC Found Telling Pack of Lies About Sea Level Rises



 -  I Tried to Interview Greta Thunberg - The most fervent Supporter of the "Climate" know Nothing about "Climate"


 -  James Lovelock - El Profeta del Cambio Climático


 -  James Lovelock - The Prophet of Climate Change


 -  John Kerry Stuns by Proving the Futility of Climate Change Action


 -  Judicial Watch Sues NOAA for Documents Withheld from Congress in New Climate Data Scandal


 -  La Capa de Ozono


 -  La Extraña Casualidad de "Los 500 Días para el Caos Climático


 -  La NASA Alerta que la Tierra está Amenazada - "Impacto inmediato"


 -  La Tierra a Medio Plazo - Los Cambios Climáticos - Atando Cabos


 -  Le Banche Centrali dichiarano i Cambi Climatici una "Missione Principale"


 -  Let's Not Be Stupid about Climate Change

 -  Living Planet Report - Report 2012


 -  Los Seres Humanos 'Hechos Manualmente' Pueden Ser la Clave Para Salvar Al Mundo


 -  Massive Coalition Backs Trump's Climate Science Committee


 -  Massive U.S. Senate Document on National and Global Weather Modification


 -  Masters of The World Meet to Play 'God' With The Climate



 -  Mathematical Errors Overestimate Persistence of CO2 in Atmosphere - Royal Society Humiliated by Global...


 -  Millennium Cycles - New Paper Reveals Clear Solar Impact on The Climate 9000-6000 Years Ago

 -  Modification of Cirrus Clouds to Reduce Global Warming


 -  NASA declares Carbon Dioxide is Greening the Earth


 -  NASA Documents Reveal "Climate Change" Caused by Covert Weather Weapons


 -  NASA Examines Global Impacts of the 2015 El Niño


 -  NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere - New Discovery

 -  No Experimental Evidence for the Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change


 -  No hay "Emergencia" Climática - Científicos de la Declaración Europea del Clima escriben a Naciones Unidas


 -  No Seamos Estúpidos sobre el Cambio Climático


 -  Not by Fire But by Ice - The Next Ice Age - Now!


 -  Notos Científicos Italianos 'Sueltan una Bomba' sobre el Cambio Climático


 -  Now the Pentagon tells Bush - Climate Change Will Destroy Us



 -  Nuestro Planeta está Enojado


 -  Ocean Fertilization - Polluting Our Waters Will Cause Another Ice Age


 -  Our Civilization is on the Edge of a Systemic Breakdown - Time For Plan B


 -  Our Planet is Angry

 -  Pentagon Fuel Use, Climate Change and the Costs of War


 -  Planetary Emergency Issued by NASA


 -  Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life


 -  Polar Bears, Sun Spots and Rising Sea Levels - Dr. Willie Soon

 -  Project Cirrus Final Report - LARGE FILE



 -  Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of United Nations Summit - 'Irrational', 'Based on...


 -  Promoters of Climate Anxiety


 -  Real Science vs. Climate Fraud


 -  Record Heat and Drought Signs of Solar Catastrophe?



 -  Researchers Predict that a "Mini Ice Age" is Coming Very Soon


 -  Rising Carbon Dioxide is Making the Earth Greener



 -  Rising like a Phoenix - Australia's Forests Renew Themselves


 -  Russian Astrophysicist Predicts Global Cooling - New Study


 -  Science or Science Fiction? - Professionals' Discursive Construction of Climate Change


 -  Scientists Observe First Signs of Healing in the Antarctic Ozone Layer


 -  Scientists Respond to the Obama Administration's 2014 National Climate Assessment


 -  Slowing of The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 25° N.


 -  Solar Activity just reached a 'New Space Age Low'


 -  Solar Storm Dumps Gigawatts into Earth's Upper Atmosphere



 -  Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate


 -  Stratosphere Targets Deep Sea to Shape Climate


 -  Study Examines Climate Change as A National Security Issue - Weather Warning


 -  Sunspots and Climate


 -  Temperaturas Récord y Señales de Sequía... ¿Señales de Una Catástrofe Solar?


 -  The Beginning of a New Ice Age


 -  The Biggest Deception in History - Dr. Tim Ball Crushes Climate Change


 -  The Church of Malthus - Haters of Humanity


 -  The Climate is Changing


 -  The Climate Religion and Copenhagen I


 -  The Coming Global Superstorm


 -  The Common Roots of 'Climate Change and COVID-19 Hysteria'


 -  The Earth's Magnetic Field Impacts Climate - Danish Study


 -  The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth's Climate - A Workshop Report

 -  The Elephant, the Blind, and the Intersectoral Intercomparison of Climate Impacts


 -  The Engineered Winter Deception - Chemical Ice Nucleation


 -  The High Church of Global Warming


 -  The Manipulation of Climate For Military Use - Excluded from the Copenhagen Agenda


 -  The Next Climate Debate Bombshell


 -  The Next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes


 -  The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie and Climate Engineering Denial - Both are Breaking Down...


 -  The 'Paris Climate Deal' was a Fraud - The United Nations Admits...


 -  The Philippines Haiyan Typhoon is Not the Result of Global Warming - Climate Change


 -  There is No Climate 'Emergency' - European Climate Declaration Scientists write to United Nations


 -  The Rockefeller Way - The Family's Covert 'Climate Change' Plan


 -  The Sun is the Biggest Player in Climate Change


 -  The True Source of Climate Change - HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification


 -  The United Nations admits that The Paris Climate Deal was a Fraud

 -  The U.S. Historical Climatology Network Monthly Temperature Data - Version 2


 -  The U.S. Military emits more Greenhouse Gases than Sweden and Denmark

 -  The Wrong Trousers - Radically Rethinking Climate Policy


 -  Top-Level Climate Modeler exposes 'Nonsense' of 'Global Warming Crisis' - Dr. Mototaka Nakamura


 -  Top Scientists Slam and Ridicule United Nations IPCC Climate Report


 -  To Stop Climate Change Modern Capitalism Needs to Die - Scientists say to U.N.


 -  Total Dominion Over Earth's Weather and Natural Resources - NWO Cabal


 - "Tropical Pacific" is Major Player in Global Ocean Heat Transport


 -  UNEP Says Global Governance Will Reverse The Effects of Climate Change


 -  Una de las Causas Principales del Cambio Climático sobre la que Nadie está Hablando


 -  Una 'Mini Edad de Hielo' Llegará dentro los Próximos 15 Años


 -  Un Frío Desastre Climático viene Hacia Nosotros


 -  'Unholy Alliance' - Exposing the Radicals Advising Pope Francis on Climate - Special Report


 -  United Nations Climate-Smart Revolution Begins with Agricultural Land Grabs


 -  U.S. Department of Defense is The Worst Polluter on The Planet


 -  U.S. Military is a Bigger Polluter than as many as 140 Countries - Shrinking this 'War Machine' is a Must


 -  Volcanic Eruptions Reshape Arctic Ocean Floor


 -  Washington's New World Order Weapons Have The Ability to Trigger Climate Change


 -  Was Hugo Chavez Right about HAARP and the Haiti Earthquake? - Is Weather Even Natural Anymore?

 -  Weather Modification - Programs, Problems, Policy, and Potential - Committee on Commerce, Science...

 -  Weather Warfare - Main File


 -  What are the Climate Engineers Doing in the Arctic? - Astounding Images, and Dead Scientists


 -  What Causes an Ice Age to End?


 -  Why Canada Must Get Out of The Paris Climate Agreement


 -  Why Weather Patterns are Becoming More Expensive - Going to Extremes


 -  You Are Being Warned - This Strange Weather Phenomenon...



Additional Information



 -  1974 Fires Burned 15% of Australia


 -  14.000 Abandoned Wind Turbines in The USA



 -  14.000 Verlassene Windkraftanlagen In den USA


 -  A Climate Solution That Is Out of This World


 -  A Combined Mitigation/Geoengineering Approach to Climate Stabilization


 -  Alarmists Fake Grassroots Effort to Guarantee Carbon Taxes


 -  Alliance of World Scientists Signatories - Warning of a Climate Emergency


 -  An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security

 -  A New Empirical Constraint on the Prevalence of Technological Species in the Universe

 -  Approaching a State Shift in Earth's Biosphere


 -  A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere


 -  Arctic Governance in An Era of Transformative Change - Critical Questions, Governance Principles, Ways...

 -  Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Remained Constant During the 1990s


 -  A Safe Operating Space for Humanity


 -  Así se Prepara el 1% para el 'Apocalipsis' Climático


 -  A Timely Fix for a Grand Theory of Nature


 -  Bill Gates' Vision of Combating Climate Change is Mostly Myopic, Out of Touch, and a Little Bit Scary


 -  Biofuels Fallacy - Why Burning Plants Instead of Fossil Fuels Won't Save the Climate


 -  Cambio Climático Cósmico y Terrorismo Financiero - Atando Cabos


 -  Cambios Dramáticos en Nuestro Sol - Main File



 -  Changes in Gulf Loop Current Will Cause "La Niña" Type Weather Extremes This Winter


 -  China, Russia and U.S. in Heated Military Race to Control Atmosphere


 -  CIA Investing in Research Aimed at Modifying The Earth's Climate for Unknown Reasons


 -  Científicos Advierten que EE.UU. Inició una Guerra Climática contra Sudamérica

 -  Civil Conflicts Are Associated With The Global Climate


 -  Climate Change a 'Catalyst for Conflict'


 -  Climate Change and Land


 -  Climate Change and The Time of Transition


 -  Climate Cycles Linked to Civil War - Analysis Shows


 -  Climate Engineering is a Gateway to Global Government

 -  Climate Engineering - Technical Status, Future Directions, and Potential Responses


 -  Climate Wars! - Billions Are at Stake So Far as The “Climate Scientists” Are Concerned, Climate Wars...


 -  Cloudbusting Information


 -  Communicating Climate Change To Mass Public Audiences


 -  Dramatic Changes in Our Sun - Main File



 -  EcoAlert - Titan Supercomputer - Launches New Era for Climate-Change Analysis at 20,000 Trillion...


 -  Ecuador Sets Tree Planting World Record in One Day with 647,250 Trees Planted


 -  El Bosque es Nuestro Mejor Aliado


 -  El Cambio Climático que Acabó con el Imperio Romano


 -  El Futuro de la Tecnología - ¿Sólo los Más Ricos Sobrevivirán y Trascenderán la Condición Humana?


 -  El Sistema de Alerta Crítica de la Naturaleza


 -  El Sol Tiene Efectos Regionales en El Clima de La Tierra


 -  El Volumen de Hielo Marino en El Ártico Crece un 50% en Un Año

 -  Engaging Community for Sustainable Revitalization - Key Trends, Strategies and Recommendations


 - ¿Es el Cambio Climático una Oportunidad para la Agricultura Argentina?

 -  Evidence for A Physical Linkage Between Galactic Cosmic Rays and Regional Climate Time Series

 -  Executive Summary of The WMO Statement on Weather Modification


 -  Extreme Weather - A Guide to the Chemistry of Cold Weather


 -  Farms are Climate Enemies and Must Be Radically Transformed

 -  Galactic-Bursts Signatures in Antarctica - 10Be Spectra Reveal Cosmogenesis of Climate Switching


 -  Geister der Windenergie


 -  Generic Indicators for Loss of Resilience Before a Tipping Point Leading to Population Collapse


 -  Geoengineering Could Cause the Next Great Famine



 -  Geoengineering Could Disrupt Rainfall Patterns



 -  Geoengineers to Release Planet-Cooling Gas into New Mexico Atmosphere


 -  Getting Real about Green Energy - An honest Analysis of what it CAN'T Promise


 -  Global Risks 2013 and X Factor - The Disturbing Report by The World Economic Forum

 -  Global Risks Report 2013 - An Initiative of the Risk Response Network

 -  Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 by Group of Independent Scientists - Transforming the Economy

 -  Global Warming - Myth or Reality?

 -  Going Green Gets The Green



 -  Grassland Plants show surprising Appetite for Carbon Dioxide

 -  'Green' Debacle - Tens of Thousands of Abandoned Wind Turbines Now Litter American Landscape

 -  Greening of the Earth and Its Drivers



 -  Greta Thunberg - Fake as the Climate Change Hoax


 -  'Grünes' Debakel - Die Amerikanische Landschaft übersäht Mit Tausenden von Verlassenen...


 -  Guess What Else Climate Change Hurts? - Globalization...


 -  Gulf Loop Current Destroyed - May Lead To Shut Down of Atlantic Thermoregulation, Rapid Cooling


 -  Heavy Metal Contamination and Mass Extinction - What's The Connection?

 -  High-Power ELF Radiation Generated by Modulated HF Heating of The Ionosphere Can Cause Earthquakes...

 -  How Forests Attract Rain - An Examination of a New Hypothesis


 -  How Many People Must Die to 'Fix the Planet'?

 -  How much can Forests fight Climate Change?

 -  Human Engineering and Climate Change


 -  Hurricane Irma Manipulation - Objectives and Agendas


 -  Hyperdimensional Hurricanes?


 -  IPCC's Land Report shows the Problem with Modern Farming is based around Oil, not Soil


 -  Is Something Other Than Natural Phenomena Changing Climate?


 -  La Estrategia de la Despoblación


 -  La Historia de 'Usar Niñas para Promover Agendas Políticas'


 -  La Reforestación en China está fomentando la Vuelta de Animales Exóticos


 -  Lies of Silence - The Controlled Global Media


 -  Los Globalistas están Admitiendo abiertamente 'Su Agenda de Control de la Población' - Y es una Mala Señal...


 -  L'Uovo Oceanico e La Gallina Stratosferica - Variabilità Climatica Atlantica


 -  Mensaje a la UE: Ustedes tienen la Oportunidad de Dejar de Alimentar la Devastación en el Amazonas


 -  Message to the EU: You have the Chance to Stop Fuelling Devastation in the Amazon


 -  Nature's Critical Warning System


 -  New Evidence that an Extraterrestrial Collision 12,800 Years ago Triggered an Abrupt Climate Change for Earth


 -  Nubes "Agujero" - Según la NASA Un Fenómeno Completamente Natural


 -  Oil Spill Aftermath? It's Only The Beginning!


 -  Pentagon-Sponsored Study Opens Door for Super Lasers for Weather Control

 -  Perception of Climate Change


 -  Peru's 'Ancient Water Systems' can help Protect Communities from Shortages caused by Climate Change

 -  Planetary Boundaries - Exploring The Safe Operating Space for Humanity

 -  Planetary Boundaries - Guiding Human Development on a Changing Planet


 -  Pollution Alters Isolated Thunderstorms


 -  Precise Timing of Abrupt Increase in Dust Activity in the Middle East coincident with 4.2 ka Social Change


 -  Putting an End to the EPA's "Secret Science" - Climate Change


 -¿Que Hace Que Cambie El Clima?



 -  Quietly U.S. Cities Spend your Money Preparing for Climate Change


 -  Rainforests May Pump Winds Worldwide

 -  Regional Atmospheric Circulation Shifts induced by a Grand Solar Minimum


 -  Riesgos Globales 2013 y Factores X - El Inquietante Informe del Foro Económico Mundial


 -  Risk of Global Climate Change by BP Oil Spill


 -  Rogue Geoengineering Could 'Hijack' World's Climate


 -  Role of Climate in the Rise and Fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire


 -  Rothschilds and the Geoengineering Empire


 -  Scientists Able to Control the Weather using Lasers


 -  Scientists Figured Out how to Create a Cat. 5 Hurricane in a LAB - Worrying


 -  Scientists Recommend Having Earth Put Down


 -  Scientists Uncover Evidence of Impending Tipping Point for Earth


 -  Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People


 -  Seamos Realistas sobre las Energías Verdes - Un Análisis Honesto de lo que NO PUEDEN Prometer


 -  'Sistemas Antiguos de Agua' del Perú protegerían a Comunidades de escasez causada por Cambio Climático


 -  Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming In from the Cold

 -  Slowing down of North Pacific Climate Variability and Its Implications for Abrupt Ecosystem Change

 -  Solar Irradiance Reduction to Counteract Radiative Forcing from A Quadrupling of CO2


 -  Some Ways Monsanto Wants to Profit Off Climate Change

 -  Sustainability and the Astrobiological Perspective - Framing Human Futures in a Planetary Context


 -  The 'Butterfly Effect' in Climate Change - Chaos and Fractals


 -  The Case for Young People and Nature - A Path to a Healthy, Natural, Prosperous Future

 -  The Genocidal Roots of the Green New Deal - The Limits to Growth and the Unchaining of Prometheus

 -  The Global Environment Outlook Report - GEO-4 - Large File


 -  The Globalists are Openly Admitting to 'Their Population Control Agenda' - And that's a Bad Sign


 -  The Globe's Not Only Getting Hotter - It's More Unjust and Unstable Too


 -  The Grab for Greenland


 -  The Green Pope and the Catholic Rebellion


 -  The History of Using Children to Push for Agendas

 -  The Kyoto Protocol - An Assault On Science, Economic Growth, And Human Freedoms

 -  The Mobile Polar High - A New Concept explaining present Mechanisms of Meridional Air-mass and Energy...

 -  The PAGE09 Integrated Assessment Model - A Technical Description

 -  There Are Two Paths Ahead - Each Marked With a “Danger” Signpost


 -  The Sun's Magnetic Effect on Weather and Humans


 -  The Truth - by International Space Sciences Organization


 -  The UNEP That We Want - Reflections on UNEP's Future Challenges


 -  The United Nations Creates New, More Powerful Global Environmental Agency


 -  The Vanishing Sunspot Mystery - What Does it Mean for Earth's Climate? - A Galaxy Insight


 -  Throwing Out The Free Market Playbook - An Interview with Naomi Klein

 -  Trading Forests - Land-use change and carbon emissions embodied in production and exports of forest...


 -  Tsunamis and Earthquakes - Main File


 -  Tsunamis y Terremotos - Main File


 -  Una Solución Oportuna para una Gran Teoría de la Naturaleza


 -  Un Cambio Climático pudo haber Estimulado la Evolución Humana

 -  UNEP - Implementation of The Long-Term Strategy - The Engagement and Involvement of Young People...

 -  UNEP - Proposed Medium-Term Strategy 2010-2013


 -  Un Estudio Determina que el posible Colapso del Imperio Acadio pudo ser debido a un Cambio Climático


 -  Unless Peace Comes - How to Wreck the Environment


 -  U.N. Climate-Change Envoy Mary Robinson Criticizes UK and Germany


 -  U.N. May Switch Blue Helmets to Green - Then Launch Climate Change Peacekeeping Wars


 -  Uno Studio determina che la Caduta dell'Impero Accadico potrebbe essere dovuta a un Cambiamento Climatico

 -  U.N. Urged to Freeze Climate Change 'Geo-engineering' Projects


 -  U.S. Climate Change Procedure Based on U.N.'s Geoengineering Governance and Technology Policy

 -  Weather as a Force Multiplier - Owning the Weather in 2025


 -  Weather Channel Helping to Hide The Geoengineering Assault


 -  Weather Wars - Who should Be Allowed to Engineer our Climate?


 -  Wer Grün Denkt Dem Wird ein "Grüner" Gesetzt



 -  When We Grow Up, We Will Fall in Love with Earth



 -  Why The Forecasts for Food Production Could Be Entirely Wrong - Big Trouble Ahead?


 -  Wind Energy's Ghosts



 -  Wind Farms Are Net Carbon Dioxide Emitters



 -  Wind Farms Will Create More Carbon Dioxide - Say Scientists

 -  World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency





 -  Arctic Ice Imploding, Methane Releasing



 -  Arctic Methane Leaks Threaten Climate


 -  BP Quietly Preparing A Nuclear Device - Making Methane Ignition A Reality In The Gulf


 -  'Fountains' of Methane 1,000m Across Erupt from Arctic Ice - A Greenhouse Gas 30 times More Potent...

 -  Four Corners - The Largest U.S. Methane Anomaly Viewed from Space


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