by Joe Martino
July 05, 2016
from Collective-Evolution Website







Freedom of information is so important these days.


As people battle to determine and uncover the truth, they are met with lies, manipulation, and half truths from media, government, and other large official bodies.


Thankfully, our collective demand for truth has become so fierce that 'the few' are finding it increasingly difficult to hide it from us.


In yet another big leak, Wikileaks has published a gold mine archive of 1258 emails from Hillary Clinton's private server. All of these emails pertain to the Iraq war. This presents an amazing opportunity for humanity that is discussed near the end of this article.


This leak was promised by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when he revealed he had collected sufficient evidence for the FBI to indict Clinton.

"We could proceed to an indictment, but if Loretta Lynch is the head of the [Department of Justice] in the United States, she's not going to indict Hillary Clinton," he said.


if the elite protect their own, she will walk, and maybe even still become president, but there is enough evidence here to indict her.

Read all the emails here.







The Full List


Via this direct link to Wikileaks, you can view the entire collection of emails regarding the Iraq War, gathered from Clinton's private server.


This comes ahead of the Chilcot Report, a British public inquiry into the nation's role in the disastrous war launched in 2003, which critics say caused the destabilization of the Middle East.


This recent collection of emails is part of a larger bundle released by the State Department in February under the Freedom of Information Act.





Clinton's Indictment


Clinton has been facing the threat of FBI indictment for quite some time over her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State from 2009-2013.


Her actions put state secrets at risk and also raised questions about Hillary's desire to keep secrets from prying government and public eyes, with the Clinton Foundation repeatedly accused of catering to special interests, including foreign interests.


Many believe she has received millions in campaign contributions from the Saudi monarchy.


Clinton is the Democratic Party's frontrunner and presumed nominee for the presidency. But those in her campaign see this FBI investigation as a looming storm cloud over Clinton's head that could end her bid for the top role.


Republican rival Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to put her in prison over the scandal, claiming,

"everyone knows she's guilty."

While he may be right, the fact remains that many in power would be turning their backs on a powerful ally by going through with the move.





Interesting Opportunity Here


We have a unique situation.


It's been made publicly clear with substantial evidence that Hillary has acted illegally and should be indicted and likely go to prison given the rules set forth by government.

  • If this does happen, we're witnessing quite a shift in the way our world is run, the loss of power of the cabal and perhaps even more power returning to the people.


  • If she does not go to prison, and somehow becomes president, not only will be know criminals run some countries but it will become even more clear to the public that there is something behind the scenes going on that is protecting a certain few.


    This will lead to even greater understandings of the manipulation that is going on in our world.

With some final thoughts here, I'd like to point out that in the giant network I have online and of all the people I've spoken to over the past few months, not a single person said they support or would vote for Hillary Clinton.


So where are her voters and where is her popularity? I'm not saying my network is an entire snapshot, but simply that I can't seem to figure out who actually supports this woman for presidency.


Let's not forget, the only reason she is the candidate instead of Bernie Sanders is because of Superdelegates. The public wanted Bernie.



  • Why did the establishment go with Hillary instead?

  • Are we seeing skewed numbers and rigged elections again?

Wikileaks has been responsible for a number of important revelations over the past several years. 


Thank you whistleblowers! Every one of you is helping to put an end to the cabal and their secrets...