February 22, 2018

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"I care not

what puppet is placed on the throne of England

to rule the Empire...

The man that controls Britain's money supply

controls the British Empire.

And I control the money supply."
Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Bearing mind that the US Federal Reserve

is a private consortium of Rothschild-linked banks

and it was another Rothschild that basically

wrote the Balfour Declaration...

"Power tends to corrupt

and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Great men are almost always bad men,

even when they exercise influence and not authority;

still more when you super-add

the tendency of the certainty of corruption

by authority."

Lord Acton


The title page of this weeks Economist:


Now consider one of the earliest cartoons that used this image:


The Rothschild banking family of England,

Coin's Financial School, (1894)



At least 26% of the British Economist is owned by the Rothschild family.


Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her spouse Evelyn de Rothschild are sitting on the board of the Economist Group.


Is the publishing of the Putin squid by the Rothschild organ some kind of psychological projection? Or is it envy?


The picture of Putin as meddling octopus attacking democracies is of course dumb nonsense. There is no evidence that the Russian government was in any way involved in the U.S. election.


The French and the German government have repudiated claims of "Russian hacking" in their countries' elections. The one country that meddles everywhere and destroys democracies, left and right, is of course the United States.


The octopus in cartoons is often associated with antisemitic Nazi propaganda and therefore frowned upon.


When the German SŘddeutsche Zeitung depicted Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg as an octopus which sucks-up all data, the usual suspects were up in arms.


But historically the octopus cartoons were most often used to represent a country or empire. Last year the Atlantic Sentenial wrote about The Octopus in Political Cartoons.


Russia has frequently been depict as such (1904, 1937 1948, 1950...)

  • Britain

  • France

  • Prussia

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Japan

  • the U.S.,

...were likewise caricatured as tentacled dangers.


Britain's Winston Churchill appeared as a bloodsucking sea monster.


In 1904 an octopus showed the Standard Oil company entangling the White House, Congress and the U.S. people. Today there are other companies, bankers and extremely rich families who have such undue influence.


We should fear and fight their meddling and not the president of a comparably benign Eurasian country...