by SilverTorch66
November 22, 2019
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There is growing resentment with the way the United States uses the privileged global reserve status of its currency within the international financial system as an instrument of its national policies.


Because world currencies depend on the US dollar as its reserve currency, no nation or organization is immune to this potential abuse.


History has demonstrated that the US has been wielding this economic weapon whenever needed and anytime a nation declares they will use another form of currency.


Sanctions are the primary mechanism the US uses to coheres the world to yield to their policies.


Another way the US has created leverage is by their control of the SWIFT system.


But when these tactics are not effective enough the US has another resource at its disposal.

The might of its military and it's influence over the NATO forces.

One of the ways nations have found they can circumvent the failing reserve dollar currency is to band together to develop trading alliances outside of the traditional markets and SWIFT system.


One such alliance is known as BRICS.


These five major emerging economies are developing a joint new payment system called 'BRICS Pay' as part of the drive to establish a common system for retail payments and transactions between the member countries.


The characters in the oil game have changed. And the new players want to back the price of oil with the Yuan.


One thing is for sure, that soon no nation will want to back their currency with an economy that is '$123 trillion dollars in debt' and projected to add one trillion dollars of debt each year.


As the most powerful nations in the world have demonstrated, gold is becoming more important globally than ever.