by William F. Jasper
19 July 2018
from TheNewAmerican Website

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Will President Trump's meeting with Putin lead to a coup by "shadow government" operatives of the CIA, State Department, and other federal agencies and departments?


That's what a former top-level Deep State official ominously seemed to be hinting at - and promoting - in a blistering CNN "analysis."


President Trump's recent European tour, culminating in his summit with Vladimir Putin, sent the Deep State's political and media operatives into Trump Derangement Syndrome overdrive...


They still have not recovered; the torrent of vituperation they orchestrated and unleashed on President Trump before, during, and after his July 10-16 excursion to London, Brussels, and Helsinki continues to escalate.

In addition to the usual insults claiming the president is stupid, ignorant, arrogant, boorish, bigoted, etc., his incessant and implacable critics have escalated their charges, insisting that his words and actions on the foreign policy tour were not only "disgraceful," "shameful," "appalling," and "dangerous," but actually - "treasonous."


Yes, more than a few politicos and pundits are invoking the T-word.


Talk of treason is in the air, and its not only Representative Maxine "Mad Max" Waters (D-Calif.) and the usual ultra-Left crazies that are hurling the treason epithet.


CNN 'analyst' Philip Mudd, a "former" CIA/FBI official who is virulently anti-Trump, went so far as to suggest it is time for the "shadow government" operating inside our official government to initiate a coup to remove President Trump.

On Wednesday, Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) jumped into the treason accusation game, charging that the president's press conference with Putin,

"was nothing short of treasonous" and said Congress "must take action to relieve the President of his duties."

The radical Marxist Democrat from Chicago, who has been a friendly comrade to communist regimes and causes, and even a staunch defender of convicted communist terrorists, reiterated his call for impeachment of President Trump.


Gutierrez was one of the first of the radical Democrats to call for Trump's impeachment in November of 2016 - before Donald Trump had even been inaugurated.


It may be the ultimate of ironies that extreme leftists such as Gutierrez and Waters are now playing the patriotism card, citing the Constitution, and expressing outrage over "treason."

As a memory refresher (since we certainly can't expect CNN, the Washington Post, or any of the other Fake News organs to provide this service) allow us to recap a small portion of Representative Gutierrez' professional vitae that shreds him as a credible accuser.


In addition to his long associations with the Democratic Socialists of America, the Communist Party USA, Institute for Policy Studies, and other subversive, anti-American groups, Gutierrez has remained an unswerving supporter of the communist FALN terrorist group that declared war on the United States and carried out over 130 bombings in the 1970s and '80s that killed six Americans and wounded 84 more.


Representative Gutierrez was the chief lobbyist in the successful campaign that resulted in President Bill Clinton's pardon of 11 convicted FALN terrorists in 1999...


He was also the primary lobbyist for pardoning of unrepentant FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.


President Obama obligingly released Rivera as one of his final outrages before turning the White House over to President Donald Trump.


Gutierrez was also a key backer of Steven Guerra, an ex-convict and FALN member whom Gutierrez helped secure a high-paying staff position under Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.


Waters, likewise, has a soft spot in her heart for communist terrorists, communist dictators, and communist causes.


Among the many citations we could list in her decades-long public "service" is her infamous (and ongoing) support for communist terrorist/murderess/robber/cop killer Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur.


Chesimard/Shakur escaped from prison in 1979 and has been hiding out in Cuba ever since, an honored guest of communist dictators Fidel and Raúl Castro.


Another feather in Waters' cap: She is a founder of the ultra-radical House Progressive Caucus (HPC), which Gutierrez also joined.


See these links for more on the subversive backgrounds of,

The rantings of these anti-American radicals would not make a ripple except for the fact that high-level Deep State actors and the Fake News media are repeating, magnifying, and expanding upon them.


Following the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland, Philip Mudd's former boss, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, declared that,

"Mr. Putin now is the master puppeteer of Donald Trump."

Then, in a Twitter rampage, Brennan blasted,

"Donald Trump's press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of 'high crimes & misdemeanors.' It was nothing short of treasonous… he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???"

Patriot call...?


Now, that is interesting coming from Brennan, who (among many additional dishonorable mentions we could cite) lied under oath to Congress and on national TV to the American people.


He even admits to lying on his entrance polygraph for employment with the CIA


(Note: The man who would become the head of the CIA, the man who impugns President Trump's integrity and patriotism, now admits he lied to cover up the fact that he supported and voted for the Communist Party USA candidate for president.)


Instead of being prosecuted and sent off to prison for these misdeeds, as would be the fate for ordinary mortals, Brennan is given a sweet contract as an "expert" contributor for NBC/MSNBC to dispense his non-stop toxic barbs aimed at President Trump.


Next, enter Max Boot, a resident senior fellow (and venomous Never-Trump hatchet man) at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), who quotes Brennan's treason charge in a July 16 column for the Washington Post entitled "We just watched a U.S. president acting on behalf of a hostile power."


Boot, who also provides "analysis" at the 24/7 Trump-hate channel known as CNN, is a perfect fit at the Post, which has been a chief voice in the CFR globalist choir for nearly a century, as well as being deeply embedded with the Deep State's CIA.

"If anyone is 'the enemy of the people,' it is Trump himself," Boot says in his Post tirade before going on to declare, "those are words I never thought I would write about an American president."

He then quotes two unnamed,

"senior, retired U.S. intelligence officers" who allegedly told him "Putin has something on Trump."

That is hardly as ominous or dispositive as Boot intends it to sound, since dozens of Deep State swamp dwellers from the Intel Community,

  • John Brennan

  • James Comey

  • Philip Mudd

  • James Clapper

  • Michael Hayden, et al.,

...have been spewing these charges for months.


Boot, who endorsed Hillary Clinton (while overlooking her treasonous activities - and business dealings - with Putin's Russia) and was an advisor to Trump's most virulent GOP critic, Senator John McCain, concludes his WaPo attack thusly:

"Some - including former CIA director John Brennan - now dare call it treason. That conclusion was once unthinkable. No longer."

On the same day as Boot's treason post at the Post, CIA/FBI deep-stater Philip Mudd let loose with his "shadow government" comment at CNN.


Responding to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper's comment that Trump's meeting with Putin was "disgraceful," Mudd said,

"My question would be: when do members of the president's inner circle say, 'we have an overseas dilemma where you are portraying us, in terms of the American government, as worse than a tyrant'?"

Mudd continued:

"Curious point in American government: when do we see almost a shadow government come out and say 'we cannot side with the government'."

Now, that sounds to this observer like an endorsement of, and encouragement of, a coup, an overthrow and replacement of the duly-elected president of the United States.


Is that not treasonous?


Mudd, who served as deputy director under former FBI Director Robert Mueller, said Trump's defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin has compelled federal employees,

"at Langley, Foggy Bottom, CIA and State" to try to take Trump down.

This is the same Philip Mudd who last November stated on CNN,

"Let me give you one bottom line as a former government official. Government is going to kill this guy."

The "guy" to whom he was referring is President Donald Trump.


And the "government" that he said is going to "kill" the president is the "shadow government" that Mudd served, and which Mudd described as,

"State Department and CIA officers coming home, and at Langley and Foggy Bottom, CIA and State."

This sure seems to be a not-so-veiled threat issued in prime time.


However, the threats are not merely verbal. It was not mere coincidence that Robert Mueller (Mudd, remember, was his assistant at the FBI), released indictments for 12 Russians on July 13, just as Trump was preparing to meet with Putin.


There was nothing new in the indictments and no evidence of Trump collusion.


According to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Mueller's indictments are a political ploy and provide even less information than the report that his intelligence committee issued last April.


The Mueller indictments, which could have been issued weeks or months ago, were obviously held back for a strategically timed release.


The timing of the release not only helped to gin up the latest round of orchestrated outrage around the Trump-Russia collusion theme, but to divert attention from the damaging testimony of FBI agent Peter Strzok, as he was forced to appear before two House committees.