by Stewart Battle
June 20, 2024
from EIR-News Website

President of Vietnam To Lam

held an official welcoming ceremony

for Vladimir Putin.



The recent string of reckless NATO escalations in Ukraine, including the failed "peace summit" in Switzerland, were aimed in large part at goading Russia to react in anger, and perhaps even launch a nuclear weapon against Ukraine, thereby eliciting global condemnation.


However, not only has Russia refused to take the bait, but Russian officials and President Putin in particular have now gone on the offensive, and outflanked the Anglo-American imperialists yet again.

During his trip to North Korea earlier this week, Putin shocked the world when he announced that Russia's new strategic partnership with the D.P.R.K. included the promise to come to the aid of the other if it is under attack, and then proceeded to note that Russia was considering sharing its high-tech weaponry as well.


As Russian expert Gilbert Doctorow wrote in his blog on June 19, this announcement will even,

"wak[e] up the dullards in Washington, D.C., in Brussels, London and Berlin to the fact that Russia means business, is not bluffing, and can wreak massive destruction on U.S. and Western military assets at any moment of its choosing if there is further escalation in the Ukraine war."

Meanwhile, the Russian President continued his tour throughout Asia, getting the welcome of a prince in Vietnam and signing a joint statement furthering their comprehensive strategic partnership agreement.


This despite the fact that the U.S. exerted enormous pressure on Hanoi to not invite Putin, and even sent an official démarche to the government in protest.

Nonetheless, large trade deals were signed, and the two countries are taking steps toward increasing their cooperation.

And of course, they are increasing their moves away from trade in U.S. dollars, now reaching 60% of their bilateral trade in their national currencies.

But those who have followed our movement know that reaching a ceasefire and going back to the status quo before the recent war in Ukraine (or Gaza) had broken out, is a futile trap...


In a world where the entire system of the past 600 years is collapsing, and which in turn is spiraling out wars as numerous as the rings of Saturn, the true path to peace is,

to go forward to a new paradigm...

In this regard, Russia's strategic offensive maneuvers are continuing.


As Putin made clear in his remarks to the Russian Foreign Ministry leadership last Friday, June 14,

a resolution to the Ukraine conflict today must look different than it would have earlier in the conflict or before it began.

He therefore called for a new Eurasian security architecture which would take the interests of every country into consideration, becoming an element of a new multipolar world.


Then, on Wednesday, June 19, Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, reiterated this in a speech at a conference on disarmament.


Today's Euro-Atlantic security system has failed, Gatilov said, and in order to prevent the further erosion of the global order,

"the President of Russia has outlined his vision for a new security system in the Eurasian dimension, which, as he emphasized, will effectively need to be created from scratch."

Gatilov later added,

"We believe that the future system of Eurasian security and cooperation should become, in our opinion, the foundation of the architecture of global security in the era of multipolarity."

There are no other options for getting off this sinking ship, and the U.S. and collective West will increasingly be faced with the decision to either,

accept collaboration with the Global South and other nations as coequals at the world's table, or desperately escalate toward global war.

Russian economist Sergey Glazyev, in a recent interview, reminded people that,

the Western financial system's bankruptcy is the cause behind all of today's global crises, and despite the seemingly endless supply of money-pumping it relies on, no tricks will suffice to keep it afloat for much longer...

This system will inevitably lead to a collapse which,

"threatens to develop into a full-scale social and economic catastrophe," Glazyev said, and, if the U.S. attempts to hold onto the reins of power, it will lead to a "catastrophe on a global scale."

Every day the danger is growing, but at the same time the lifeboat is getting bigger and more obvious.


As Helga Zepp-LaRouche has insisted since November 2022,

a new security and development architecture must replace the dying system of geopolitics currently sleepwalking the world into war...

Therefore, organize to bring sanity and leadership, before it is too late...