by A Lily Bit

June 09, 2024
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Why We Need to Realize

That "the Swamp"

Will Never Be "Drained"...


There's a fleeting thrill of schadenfreude that comes with witnessing the downfall of the elite.


The media frenzy surrounding Jefferey Epstein's second arrest was a perfect example of how the system expertly manipulates the masses, dangling a tantalizing morsel of justice before swiftly snatching it away.


We're left with a bad case of amnesia, conveniently forgetting that the real issue lies not with the individual, but with the rotten system that perpetuates and protects the likes of Epstein.

The prosecution of Epstein 19 years ago was a farce, a PR stunt designed to placate the masses while allowing the real culprits to slink away unscathed.


An 18-month sentence for pedophilia charges, served mostly in a work-release program? Please...!


That's not justice...

that's a slap on the wrist, a wink and a nod to the global elite who continue to operate with impunity.


And what of the numerous political leaders and high-society friends who frequented Epstein's "Lolita Express"?


Are we expected to believe they were oblivious to the rampant child abuse, that they somehow managed to miss the screaming red flags?

The notion is laughable, a nod to the system's ability to obscure and perpetuate evil under the guise of justice.


The deafening silence of the powerful is only broken when it's convenient for them to feign outrage. The question begs to be asked:

Why did they wait until Epstein's prosecution was already underway to publicly denounce him?


Were they perhaps complicit in his crimes, and if so, why have they escaped accountability?

The stench of hypocrisy reeks from every corner of the establishment, as they selectively apply justice to suit their own interests.


Let's not be fooled by the charade of justice being served in the Epstein case.


The prosecution team, led by James Comey's daughter, Maureen Comey, and the involvement of Donald Trump's Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, who brokered Epstein's immunity deal, reeks of a carefully orchestrated farce.


These individuals are the embodiment of the cancer that has metastasized throughout the government, ensuring that true justice remains an elusive dream.


But this isn't about Epstein; it's about the systemic rot that perpetuates elitist impunity. We're fed a steady diet of false hope, led to believe that the system is changing, that the powerful will finally be held accountable.


But how often does that actually happen?


The Bernie Madoff scandal reminded us of the double standard that governs our justice system.

Madoff, the mastermind behind a $65 billion Ponzi scheme, was sentenced to 150 years in prison, while JP Morgan, the bank that enabled his crimes, got off with a slap on the wrist - a fine.

The message is clear:

if you're part of the elite, the law is merely a suggestion, not a binding contract.






The 2008 credit crash, a catastrophic event triggered by the reckless proliferation of fraudulent derivatives, should have led to a reckoning for the banking elite. Instead, we got a token sacrifice:

Kareem Sarageldin, a relatively unknown executive at Credit Suisse, who served a paltry 30 months in prison for his role in inflating bond prices associated with mortgage-backed securities.

This lone conviction was meant to placate the masses, to create the illusion that justice had been served.


The Financial Times, in a laughable attempt to whitewash the lack of accountability, published an article in 2018 claiming to "dispel the myth" that no one was held accountable for the derivatives crash.


Their list of 47 names is a farce, with the majority of those prosecuted hailing from Iceland, where the prisons are more akin to luxury resorts.


The rest were low-level bankers or mid-level employees, with nary a CEO from the likes of JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs, the true architects of the derivatives fraud, in sight.


The article's premise is a fraud in and of itself, as it deliberately misrepresents the public's expectations. We didn't assume that "no one" was prosecuted; we assumed that no one within the banking elite, the ones who orchestrated the crash, would be held accountable.


And, with the exception of Rodrigo Rato, the former IMF managing director charged with credit card fraud in Spain, that assumption remains tragically correct.


The impunity of the powerful is a hallmark of our rigged system. Central bankers, the architects of economic chaos, are never held accountable for their deliberate manipulation of the economy.


They fuel bubbles with artificially low interest rates and stimulus measures, only to burst them with perfectly timed liquidity tightening and interest rate hikes, leaving destruction in their wake.


And yet, they remain above the law, untouchable and unaccountable.


FED Chairman Jerome Powell's famous statement to the Financial Services Committee is a stark reminder of the Fed's autonomy and arrogance.


He brazenly declared that if Trump tried to fire him, he would simply ignore the President and remain in his position for the full term.


This assertion of arrogance was met with deafening silence from the alternative media, perhaps because, at that time, it shattered the convenient narrative that Powell was cowed by Trump and that the President had finally gained control of the FED.


The truth is far more sinister:

the FED board, not the President, holds the reins, and can install whoever they please as Chairman, regardless of Trump's wishes.

The notion that the President chooses the FED Chairman is a myth perpetuated by those who fail to grasp the inner workings of the system.


The FED board is a self-perpetuating oligarchy, accountable to no one but themselves.


Trump's "choice" of FED Chair is nothing more than a ceremonial gesture, a fig leaf of democratic legitimacy.

The President has no real power over the central bank, and the banking elites will never be punished by the system they control.

They are above the law, and it's time we acknowledged this uncomfortable truth.






The IMF, that bastion of neoliberal orthodoxy, has loan-sharked nations into oblivion, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. And yet, its leaders have never faced punishment, never been held accountable for their crimes.


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), that notorious laundering operation for the Nazis, still exists today, its president at the time, Thomas McKittrick, never prosecuted, never punished, but instead rewarded with a plum job at Chase Manhattan bank and a glowing eulogy from The New York Times.


The notion that this trend of one law for the people and no law for the money elite would change under a Donald Trump's presidency (be it past or future) is a laughable fantasy.


Trump, with his extensive ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty, courtesy of Wilber Ross, his Commerce Secretary and former bailout benefactor, is hardly the champion of the people.


His cabinet is a who's who of Wall Street insiders, and his promises to "drain the swamp" have proven to be nothing more than empty rhetoric.


The Clintons, those paragons of corruption, have been given a free pass, their crimes forgotten in the interests of political expediency.


The Federal Reserve, that engine of economic chaos, has been given a blank check to continue inflating the bubble, and Trump took credit for the very same policies he once decried.


And still, there are those who believe that Trump is playing some sort of elaborate game of "4D Chess" with the globalists, that he is secretly working to bring them down from the inside. This delusion stems from a fundamental psychological flaw: the belief that the system, no matter how corrupt, can be fixed from within.


The naivety of the masses is a palpable force, perpetuating the myth that,

the system can be salvaged by simply electing the "right" people or supporting the "right" party...

This delusional thinking is a crutch, allowing individuals to avoid the uncomfortable truth:

the system is rotten to its core, designed to serve the interests of the powerful at the expense of the powerless.


The notion that evil can be vanquished through peaceful protests, voting, or investigations is a farce, a mere distraction from the real issue:

the system itself is the problem...!

The tired analogy of the "One Ring" from Lord of the Rings is apt, for just as the Ring corrupts those who attempt to wield it, so too does the system corrupt those who try to work within it.


The very fabric of the system is designed to manufacture evil, to perpetuate the interests of the global elite.


Adding "good" people to this machine is akin to throwing fresh meat into a lion's den - they will be consumed, corrupted, and eventually become part of the problem.


Conservatives, in particular, need to awaken from their slumber, recognizing that the globalists will not be defeated using the very systems they created to serve their interests.

The illusion that the system can be reformed from within is a dangerous fantasy, one that has been perpetuated by the elites to maintain their grip on power.


The only viable option is to dismantle the system from the outside, to rebuild from scratch, and to do so with fierce vigilance and determination.

The mainstream media, and even much of the alternative media, will not broach the subject of real solutions to elitist criminality and government corruption.

They will not discuss the hard truths, the struggles, and the sacrifices required to bring about real change...

Instead, they will peddle easy, feel-good solutions - voting, legislation, and peaceful protests - knowing full well that these measures are mere Band-Aids on a festering wound.


There are only two options left:

  • to walk away from the system, to build anew, and to prepare for the inevitable pushback from the corrupt elite

  • or to fight back, to resist, and to remove the threat...

The choice is clear, and the consequences of inaction are dire.

We can no longer afford to indulge in the fantasy that the system can be salvaged, that it can be made to work for us.

The hope that this is possible is a poison, one that weakens our resolve and emboldens our oppressors.