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The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays as once again History become Myth, and Myth returns to being History; as we emerge from an age of darkness

This represents one of 6 such locations that we began searching for according to an old manuscripts and the maps it contains over 20 years ago with my friend and spiritual brother Speaking Wind. We began looking for evidence to the actual existence of the Pale Prophet, we found many... and we found much more.


Of the original Circle of Nine there are only two of us left to complete the work.



The Moment of Realization... Discovery





Looking out from the mountain top with the Explorer's Eye we see something that couldn't possibly BE... and yet there it is for the eye that has been trained what to look for, something that is slightly out of character with the rest of the landscape..


image #2

Let us look at the image in Black and White.... Some people can't see color.


See it yet? NO... Well lets try some Cyber-Magic-A-Comparison, perhaps this will bring reality into focus... and you will see through the Eye of the Explorer

Now compare the two images shown below:



This is the original birds eye view of the site in the Rockies...
Right here in America
Now Look below...



This is a photo (above) of the Ancient Sumerian City of UR one of the original cities

where the Bible tells us that Western European civilization began... 3000 B.C.E.

......go ahead flip back up.. and compare the images


By all visual appearances, and GPS readings appears to be an ancient city... thousands of years old of the strikingly similar in architectural conformity to that of the ancient City of UR.



Does this mean that the ancient Sumerians could have been here in the Americas?

And there is more that makes us believe that history may just have to be rewritten... like these inscriptions found on the rock inside one of the entrances to a cave which lead to a series of tunnels with carved steps taking us down into an elaborate system of dwellings.


The appearance of which could not be less than an underground city.



What could this be?
Below is an enlargement in Black and White for easier viewing





Hard to impress OK. What about this?

The following artifact does not come from the above location. It was found at yet another location along the Old Spanish Trails.


You see, there is not just one city, we are talking about an entire network of settlements, stretching for more than 14000 miles; from South America up into the northern regions of Canada; from British Columbia to Hudson's Bay .

Does this artifact (below image) look like what you would call a Native American or Meso American Piece?


And No, the artifact did not come from the Middle East, it came from one of the 6 major locations discovered here in the Americas, and is made from solid gold, and still has some Bat Guava on it.


The Royal Family

The legends of the Inca tell us Aramu Muru became the first Solar priest king of the Incas and was thereafter known among his adopted people as Manco Kapac.


Ka-pac, which means spiritually abundant or keeper of the Serpent Wisdom, who would bear a son thru marriage to Chicomecoatl known as Sanat Kumara who would begin what would become known in legends as the Great Solar Brotherhood.



Remember this artifact was uncovered here in the Americas.
Inanna with Lord Marduk (Brahma) and their Heir Aramu Muru.



Interesting is that in the down line of these Serpent Priest Kings and their Royal Lineages seem to have denoted subtlety their serpent wisdom by including the K sound in their names, such as Kumara, Christ (pronounced Krist), Krishna, Kukulcan, Amarushka.

Following his coronation ceremonies in Peru, Manco Kapac took one of the power objects stored within the Temple of the Seven Rays, the great Solar Disc, and hung it within the main temple of the Incas, the Intiwasi, which was built in Cuzco, Peru.

This Solar Disc had previously hung within an important temple of the Solar Brotherhood on Lemuria and was an important symbol of the re-established organization.


By hanging it within the Intiwasi, Manco officially established the Solar Brotherhood of Peru. Later, when the Spanish invaded Peru, the Solar Disc was returned to the Monastery of the Seven Rays for its safekeeping.

It is said that it is still in its place today. And that in 1987 a ceremony took place at the ancient temple where the Earthly throne of the Kumaras a young Indian Woman was placed.


It is said that this was the symbol of the shifting back into balance the Alpha and Omega, of the consciousness of the planet.


That the serpentine energies of Pacha-Mama, to and her daughters of Isis would once again regain their place of authority in the matrix of social awareness, that the consciousness of HU-manity would once again open to the awareness of the Mother of us all, and the mother within us all.

The ancient city of Cusco, is accredited to have been built by Aramu Muru.


It was the capital of the ancient Inca Empire and remains so today.


Aramu is credited with establishing many sacred sites that have been rediscovered today throughout the Incan Empire, Manco Kapac and the Kapac Cuna, members of the Solar Brotherhood from Lemuria, built megalithic temples in Peru, which can be experienced today at Tiahuanaco, Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, and Machu Picchu.

These sites according to the ancient Incan records that have survived became contact points for visiting Venusians and members of a Galactic Brotherhoods who interacted with their heirs apparent here on Earth as one can evidence in the great landing strips of the NAZCA LINES in Peru.