by Cha~zay
San Francisco, USA

received by Email on October 18, 2013

Spanish version

Gentle Greetings,


I found your website doing research on a 'being' that appeared to me a few weeks ago and I cannot find anything about it. However, I started reading a few of your pages and there are so many similarities between the 'beings' that I see and those you describe.


I've had three year death experiences at ages 5, 15 and 25 (am 47 now), and life has hardly been happening entirely on this realm.


More and more alien species have been showing up in our galaxy and ships are stationed everywhere in our Universe, as if to prepare for a spectacle. Some to help, some to harvest souls, lots of souls, and others to learn.


A couple of years ago I visited a 500 year old church with a friend in Switzerland.


As soon as I opened the door a pretty big T-rex-ish looking reptilian was standing in the corner by what I clearly saw to be used as a sacrificial stone tablet used for blood sacrifices by the priests. The reptile saw that I saw him and I asked him telepathically why he was there. In an instant he showed me a weave or net of sorts, that was spanning across the entire planet approximately 5-7 feet above the ground.


The web looked very distorted and tacky, as if a spider's web had been destroyed again and again and the spider tried to repair the net but unsuccessfully. The weave would touch the ground where there was no human and hover above the head approximately one foot. There is another net outside of the atmosphere that is beautiful looking and in rainbow colors. Somehow these two nets have something to do with each other. One for destruction, one for order?


My friend by this time, severely uncomfortable, started to tip toe down the aisle, even though we were in the church alone, when the reptile turned his head towards him and I immediately knew that he was going to 'rip' his energy field and place a deposit of some kind.


The reptile explained that by opening the energy fields of humans they were depositing resonances that would later get activated; so humans became the carriers of their signal, like cell towers.


He explained that they seek out churches because this was a place where people's guards were down the most as they came to ask for forgiveness and hope for better lives, leaving them in a surrendered, and perfectly vulnerable space for them to draw energy and deposit their 'signal.'


He explained that when enough humans carried these 'tunes' to their parts of the world the weave would eventually be strong enough, at which point a massive signal would activate the weave and destroy the electric signature of the human mind. I had this nauseating feeling that people would be electrocuted from within by these signals.


The "go ahead" for this signal I somehow felt would be coming from a second ocean beneath our Pacific ocean bed, somewhere between New Zealand and the South of Chile.


He also showed me a huge, huge volcano underneath that second ocean bed, that is active and from what I can tell, will be the thing used to crack the second ocean bed just enough for the toxic water to leak into our regular ocean. He also showed me earthquakes getting launched up the Pacific rim as a result of this massive volcano cracking the second ocean bed, which is initiated by them.


I was able to project a golden shield around my friend, to my surprise as I had never seen that happening before, and his signal bounced off this shield.


My friend, however, knowing nothing of what was happening, became increasingly nauseated but didn't know why.


I asked the lizard why he wasn't "depositing" on me and he said:

"we're not allowed to touch you."

But he didn't say why except for a split second I saw this golden bubble around me, about a foot out, and inside of it this hugely complex machinery that looked like the inside of a cockpit, all in holographic format.


A gremlin looking thing jumped towards me and bounced off as soon as he hit this golden bubble. I have no clue what this shield is, who I am (in this vision) and what all these 'controls' inside this one-person 'ship' are supposed to be for. I do feel protected however, I just would like to know why and how so I can help extend this shield to others.


There are many of these visions, also of what's to come, and I'm not quite sure where to go with them as they obviously can't be proven.


Generally speaking I don't do research because my inner visions are enough for me to go about my day and do my work. However, this new, snow-white lizard Being with millions of hexagonal rainbow colored scales on his skin and golden glowing eyes showed up and he kept appearing again and again but with no message.


I decided to get to the bottom of who he is to get his message, which is what brought me to you.


I read energy and your work reads quite truthful, which is oh-so-rare as you can imagine, which is why I rarely do research anymore on these topics. Too many airy fairy wanna-be light workers.


But I wanted to share this with you, in case you find value in it.


Blessings to you,