by David Guyatt


Compiled and edited for Deep Times by David H. Stern, M.D.

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Part 1


Hiroyuki Jo, a 29 year old ethnic Korean, was flanked by two assistants. As his target approached, Jo turned towards one of his accomplices who handed him a large kitchen knife concealed inside a briefcase.


The threesome pushed themselves to the fore, isolating their target. With an expert strike, Jo slashed the victimís left wrist - a techniques that opens the victim to a fatal stab. Having rendered his prey defenseless, the assassin lunged for the kill, repeatedly thrusting the knife deep into the abdomen. The entire scene was caught on live TV news cameras and in front of hundreds of journalists from around the world.


The Judea Cipher
The last utterance of Hideo Murai, following multiple stab wounds was "Yudaya." Translated as "Judea," this led to intense speculation. Aum press spokesman, Fumihoro Joyu later revealed that this was a codeword. According to investigative reporter Yoichi Shimatsu Clark, its significance partly lies in the Jewish stateís Star of David emblem - the six-pointed star. This is also the symbol of Japanís imperial household. Inside the grounds of the Imperial Palace is a guarded facility boasting thousands of six-pointed stars. It was here that representatives of Aum met with other shadowy but powerful individuals then in government to discuss methods of acquiring the most advanced weapons technology. The order to assassinate Murai also originated from this building, it is now believed.

His assignment completed, the killer patiently stood waiting to be arrested, as his two assistants melted invisibly into the crowd. The assassination was orchestrated by the Yamaguchi-gumi, part of the feared Japanese crime syndicate known as the Yakuza.


The victim was Hideo Murai, the science and technology minister of the religious cult Aum Shinrikyo.

Just a few weeks prior to the attack, Aum had received international condemnation as the terrorist group that released the deadly nerve gas, Sarin, into the Tokyo subway system. When it comes to Aum Shinrikyo, almost anything is possible. But some serious journalists and independent scientists who have investigated the shadowy background of Aum, are unraveling sinuous connections that leap-frog the Aum story into another league altogether. 0

These focus on claims that Aum were intimately involved in the research and development of futuristic doomsday weapons that make todayís nuclear missiles look like childrenís toys.


These weapons, they believe, are so advanced that they donít "officially" exist in the armories of the major powers. These involve the use of Tesla Electromagnetic pulse, earthquake inducing and Plasma weapons being covertly tested in remote regions of the world.


Laying at the centre of these allegations are a series of powerful earthquakes, strange fireballs and aerial lights manifesting above Western Australia. They also revolve around the major January 1995 quake which laid waste to the Japanese City of Kobe.


The latter resulted in the crash of the Tokyo stock exchange - itself directly leading to the collapse of Englandís spook-infested Barings Bank. Suggestions that the Kobe event may have been caused by a laser-powered seismic weapon continue to circulate.

Murai possessed an IQ higher than Einsteinís and was considered to have been the most intelligent Japanese who ever lived. His role within Aum Shinrikyo was the development of extremely sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.


These included an advanced laser-powered seismic device capable of generating massive earthquakes.


Some weeks before his death, Murai was present at a press conference in Tokyoís Foreign Press Club, where Aumís charismatic guru, Shoko Asahara, claimed that the massive earthquake that devastated the City of Kobe was an act of war. As incredible as these assertions appear, they are not without some substance.

Extraordinarily, Asahara had predicted the Kobe quake nine days before the event. In an 8 January 1995 radio broadcast, Asahara stated "Japan will be attacked by an earthquake in 1995. The most likely place is Kobe." Murai also adhered to this view. 1

Murai presented his allegation in an April 7 1995 news conference at the Foreign Correspondent Club in Japan.


In answer to questions about the Kobe quake, Murai said,

"There is a strong possibility of the activation of an earthquake using electromagnetic power, or somebody may have used a device that applied force inside the Earth."

The Aum leadership believed the Kobe quake an act of war:

"The City of Kobe was hit by a surprise attack..." they claimed, adding the City was an "...appropriate guinea pig." 2

Aumís singular interest in weapons of mass destruction - including sophisticated earthquake, weather and plasma weapons - were considered serious enough to launch a special investigation by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Chaired by Senator Sam Nunn, the committee spent five months conducting hundreds of interviews of "both government and private individuals." 3


These included classified briefings from numerous US intelligence agencies.


Their findings were published in an October 1995, 100 page report on the Aum cult.

Aum and the "Moonies"

Aumís charismatic guru, Shoko Asahara, may only have been the titular head of the cult, according to an agent of the Public Security Investigative Bureau - Japanís equivalent of the FBI. The sectís armaments chief, Kiyohide Hayakawa, held allegiance from a "hard core" of Aum operatives. These were involved in "espionage, arms dealing, drug distribution and other crimes..." Significantly, Hayakawa was once a high ranking official of the Unification Church, founded by the Rev. Sun Moon. It remains unclear if Hayakawa had changed spots or was merely operating on instructions of his fanatical Korean paymaster. The use of a native Korean to assassinate Aumís science chief, Hideo Murai, may speak volumes.

The Nunn report, in addition to outlining Aumís large international membership and massive finances of over US$1 billion, also revealed the cultís fascination for Tesla weapons.


The Senate report describes Aumís visits to the New York based International Tesla Society (ITS), where they sought to obtain a number of his books, patents and papers. However, they must have been at least a little disappointed in what they were allowed to access, as we shall see.


A representative of the ITS told Senate investigators that Aumís interest focused on Teslaís experiments with "resonating frequencies," in connection with artificially "creating earthquakes." Significantly, the report also states that Tesla claimed "...with his technology he could ísplit the worldí in two."


This astonishing assertion closely parallels remarks made by Soviet Premier Krushchev to the Presidium in 1960, where he referred to "...the advent of a new class of Soviet Superweapon, so powerful it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly used." 4 The comment, made at the height of the cold war, clearly did not refer to nuclear weapons - already an integral component of the feared Soviet arsenal.

Not least, the Senate report mentions Teslaís development of a "ray gun in the 1930ís, which was actually a particle beam accelerator," and which was said to be able to "shoot down an airplane at 200 miles." 5 Following Teslaís death in 1943, the US government seized his papers and research notes, placing them under national security lock and key.


An undoubted genius during his life, Teslaís papers curiously remain highly classified today - 53 years later.

In addition to visiting New Yorkís ITS, Aum personnel also traveled to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Their studies here included researching the so called "Tesla Coil" (below image) - a device used for alternating currents.

Additionally, they also uncovered Teslaís work on "high energy voltage transmission and on wave amplification, which Tesla asserted could be used to create seismological disturbances." 6



Aumís Russian connections are of considerable significance, as well. By the early nineties, Asahara and his fellow Aum leaders had made giant inroads into the former Soviet Union.


Over several years the cult had deeply penetrated Russiaís military, intelligence, and political establishment. High level contacts included Oleg Lobov, a close confidante of Premier Boris Yeltsin. Lobov later became chairman of Russiaís Security Council - the nationís highest decision making body.


Lobov, who was also the chairman of the Russia-Japan College, is believed to have been paid upwards of US$ 100 million for services rendered to Aum Shinrikyo.


Operating at the highest levels, agreements were reached for the Russians to provide advanced weaponry to Aum.

The Nunn Report makes clear that Aum sought to selectively recruit Russian scientists into its fold. They targeted, in particular, physicists, chemists, biologists and others engaged in advanced military weapons research.


The Russia-Japan College was used by Aum as a platform to recruit high level scientists working on sophisticated weapons research and development. This enabled the cult to recruit a top researcher and several employees of Russiaís foremost advanced nuclear research facility, the Kurchatov Institute.

The Senate report also states that Aumís chief weapons dealer, Kiyoide Hayakawa, had also negotiated for the purchase of a Russian built gas-laser for plasma-weapons. The latter are state-of-the-art technologies which, again, reflect much of Teslaís early work.

It is also clear that Aum received significant assistance from various Russian intelligence services, according to "Vitaly Savitsky, head of the Russian Dumaís religious affairs committee." 9


Aumís intelligence connections also extended to Toshio Yamaguchi, head of Japanís foreign intelligence service - and allegedly a Soka Gakkai devotee.



"FINAL WAR" (saisho senso)

What drove a Japanese religious sect to acquire sophisticated weapons of mass destruction? The answer is embedded in obscure Japanese history and also revolves around another Japanese cult - the militaristic Soka Gakkei.


The latter is a huge religious sect with 15 million members world-wide and massive finances. The cult has thoroughly infiltrated every aspect of Japanese life and, according to veteran reporter Jack Amano, has "covert cells" operating throughout all government departments. Every major Japanese business corporation is riddled with members, Amano states. 7


Moreover, SG has enormous influence over current Japanese foreign policy.

According to veteran Japanese investigative reporters, Yoichi Shimatsu Clark and Jack Amano, Soka Gakkei adhere to the teaching of the 13th century Buddhist monk and prophet, Nichiren. Nichirenís primary teaching involved the active suppression of all other rival sects. In addition he zealously preached a doctrine of "Final War" (saisho senso) to be fought against the Christian west and the Islamic world.

The latter doctrine was revitalized during the 1930ís by the chief military strategist for the Japanese Army of Occupation in Manchuria. Kanji Ishihara, an admirer of Adolf Hitler, maintained that a gigantic world conflict was approaching. This war, he believed, would be fought with mind-boggling "weapons from the laboratory" including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.


It was not a matter of chance that Manchuria was the principal location of the now infamous Unit 731 - a top secret biological weapons facility. It was here that unspeakable experiments were conducted on local Chinese and WWII allied prisoners alike. Japanese expertise in chemical and biological weapons gained during WWII was not forever lost. In fact it barely caused a mis-stride. Lt. General Ishii, Unit 731ís most senior officer continued his work after the war under top secret US control.

Remarkably, the leadership of Aum also adhered to the teachings of the monk Nichiren and his 20th century disciple, Kanji Ishihara. Aum guru, Shoko Asahara was committed to the final war which predicted a prodigious struggle lasting 100 years. Also known as the "100 hundred year war," it pre-dates WWII and continues to be fought in the shadows, even as we speak. 8 


By the early nineties Aum had developed powerful nuclear bombs and were undertaking a "crash" programme to build an earthquake weapon, according to former Senate investigator, Dan Gerber.

Despite their similar outlooks, the rivalry between Soka Gakkei and Aum Shinrikyo was bitter. Numerous brawls between rival members had occurred. This appears to have been followed by a period of relative truce, corresponding with the period during which Aum was engaged, with the quiet backing of the Japanese Government, in the delicate negotiations with the Russians described earlier.

Unsurprisingly, as soon as pen was put to paper - between the Russian government and official representatives of the Japanese government - to ratify the agreements hammered out by Aum - the leadership of Soka Gakkai again felt free to re-commence hostilities against their rival. This resulted, Amano says, in the now infamous Tokyo gas attack.


Vilified throughout the world - for an act of sabotage they did not engineer - Aum Shinrikyoís growing reach and power was effectively crushed. In one foul swoop, they cleverly neutralized their chief rivals and ingeniously acquired the weapons and technological expertise won by Aum during the round of tough negotiations in Moscow.

With their enormous clout, financing, and reach effectively making the Soka Gakkei the deniable face of the Japanese government it is feared they are carrying Aumís apocalyptic plans for global war forward.

In a feature article published earlier this year, Journalist Jack Amano, reveals how Japanís intelligence community learned of the existence of terrifying new weapons. In 1987, a Japanese satellite known as "Ginga" was launched. Circling the globe in high orbit, the satellite was said to be searching for "X-ray emissions from distant stars."


However, its secret mission was to detect gamma radiation from both Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons tests. During June 1987, Ginga registered a massive pulse of gamma rays emanating from below the orbiting satellite. Hasty investigation showed the radiation emissions were coming from Kosmos 1900, a soviet satellite.


The satellite was radiating the upper atmosphere Van Allen belts. The conclusion was that the Russians were engaged in weather engineering as well as a developing a space platform for missile defense and earthquake induction.

As information from the satellite "Ginga" filtered through to selected scientists, a graduate student at Osaka Prefectural University reviewed the data. Hideo Murai was one of Japanís leading X ray astronomers at the time. Thus began his ill-fated journey into the leading ranks of Aum Shinrikyo - the apocalyptic cult that was secretly sponsored by Toshio Yamaguchi, head of Japanís foreign intelligence service.

Murai, who knew all and - following the tragic Sarin attack on Tokyoís subway - was preparing to reveal all, had to be silenced. Meanwhile, the US ground-based "mirror" facility in Alaska, called HAARP, that duplicates the Russian abilities - went on-line in 1995.


0   Refer Archipelago issue 1.2 article captioned "Starwars & the Final War. Archipelago is a web-based investigative news journal published by the former general editor of Japan Weekly Times, Yoichi Clark Shimatsu - a well respected international journalist. Virtually alone amongst the Japanese media, the courageous staff of Archipelago have continued to unravel the true and explosive Aum Shinrikyo story.
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8   For background on Unit 731 and the later adoption of General Ishiiís Bilogical Warfare doctrines by the US, see my articles in The X Factor issues 5 and 6.
9   Archipelago article entitled "Enter the red Dragon" by Jack Amano.






Part 2



Do powerful Tesla-type earthquake weapons really exist? According to conventional scientific wisdom, the answer is a categorical no. Yet, there are many who harbor simmering doubts, and still others who maintain that "conventional wisdom" inside the scientific community merely reflects a mind-set rusted closed by prolonged conservative values.

Despite this, electromagnetic pulse and plasma weapon R & D is rapidly occurring behind the misnomer of "Non Lethality," and clearly parallel Teslaís work. Major US defense contractors and leading government weapon research laboratories are intensely interested in "Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)."


Research includes,

  • "Radio Frequency and Particle Beam Weapons"

  • "Air and Space Based Directed Energy Weapons"

  • and, among many others, "DEW Weapons Effects on Personnel" 10

Of interest too, is a paper written by Australian defense analyst, Carlo Kopp, which outlines in considerable detail an "Electromagnetic Bomb."


The "E-Bomb," Kopp says, has the ability to inflict damage,

"... not unlike the experience through exposure to close proximity lightning strikes." 11 

In a broadcast dated 27 February 1996, Beijing radio outlined advances in particle beam energy technology and alluded to a "weapon even more powerful than the ídeath ray.í"


The broadcast likened the weapon to a "Thunderbolt," adding that the moment it struck itís target (vaporizing it), a temperature of 8000 degrees Celsius would be produced.12 Not least are the comments of Boris Belitsky, a leading Russian Science and Engineering correspondent, broadcast on Voice of Russia, 24 February 1997.


Belitsky in replying to a question on Russian military applications of microwave generators, stated "they can be used to fire a plasmoid, that is, a blob of plasma..." 13 


Despite the uncanny similarity of these latter-day lightning and directed energy weapons to his own published research almost 100 years ago, the name Tesla remains unuttered. Tesla, clearly has become an Orwellian "non person" in the scientific and weapon research community. His classified research papers, however, may well have been dusted down and quietly re-cycled ...

A brief foray into the literature of Tesla reveal an ingenious inventor years ahead of his time. Born in Serbo-Croatia in the former Yugoslavia, Nikola Tesla settled in the USA where he received citizenship. Today, his work - at least that part which is not hidden under national security wraps - is undergoing a marked, although unofficial revival. He is belatedly credited with the discovery of alternating AC/DC currents, fluorescent lighting, free energy and remote-controlled robots. However, his inquiring mind carried him into far wider realms.

During the late 1890ís, Tesla built a "lightning bolt machine" at Shoreham, Long Island, NY. Funding for the project, dubbed "Wydenclyffe" was provided by banker-entrepreneur, J. P. Morgan.


The construction consisted of an enormous 187 foot high tower, capped by a 55 ton, 68 foot metal dome. Tesla was confident his machine would work as envisaged - following previous experiments in Colorado where he had accidentally destroyed the generating station at Colorado Springís Electric Company.

Former US Army Colonel and missile specialist, T. E. Bearden, credits Tesla with the invention of what he calls the "Tesla Howitzer."


This, Bearden maintains was able to transmit electric energy over vast distances wire-lessly. Tesla himself argued that this device could destroy entire armies and thousands of airplanes at a distance of hundreds of miles.14 It is this device, using Scalar waves, that lays at the heart of discussions of an earthquake weapon.


Beardenís work, however, is generally regarded as being theoretical rather than practical. Non-the-less, Tesla claimed his inventions were not only possible but fairly straight-forward. The fact that many of his more exotic weapons concepts arose at the turn of the last century is, of course, remarkable.


Nor should we loose sight of the fact - which I have repeated because of its significance - that his work papers remain veiled behind US national security classification.

If such weapons do, indeed, exist, and covert testing is taking place - as cited by Archipelago journalists and others tracking this story- then we would expect solid evidence of unusual earthquakes and related events to surface. The Kobe earthquake, though interesting, must be viewed with caution. Aum guru Asaharaís prediction could just as easily be predicated on known geological forecasting.


This rationale, however, does not appear to fit the facts regarding a large number of powerful quakes and other curious energy events that peppered Western Australia over the last few years.



In 1995, British born Geologist/Geophysicist, Harry Mason, stumbled across a strange, unaccountable earthquake which rumbled across the vast open spaces of Western Australia two years earlier.


The event took place at 11.03 p.m., on 28 May 1993 with an epicenter close to Banjawarn sheep station in the Leonora-Laverton area - North-East of Perth. The event registered 3.7 on the Richter scale and was assumed to have been the first ever recorded quake in that part of Australia.


Mason, who was very familiar with the region and itís geological composition, was intrigued. Initially believing the tremor was the result of a meteorite impact, he set about gathering detailed data.15

Eyewitnesses reported sighting a fireball trailing across the sky just minutes before the subsequent tremor. This was followed by a bright blue flash and shortly afterwards, by an earth tremor measuring 3.7 on the Richter scale.


Shortly following this a,

"large hemisphere of orange light, lined with a silverish glow, rose above the apparent blast site."16 

Extraordinarily, the dome of light remained in place for two hours, and then rapidly vanished like "someone turning off a switch."17

Extensive interviews soon revealed to Mason, a number of major inconsistencies with his meteorite theory. For one thing the object was heard before it arrived overhead and clearly was moving at a sub-sonic speed. Aware that meteorites generally have entry speeds of around 25,000 mph, Mason was bemused. In addition the object gave of "no sparks or other drop off fragments, and appeared to arc up over the observers before seeming to plunge down to the North." 18


Moreover, the fireball emitted "a fiery spherical white-blue-yellow light..." and "...flew at relatively low altitude," and "emitted a regular pulsed swooshing roar" similar to a Diesel freight train engine roar 19 Some witnesses told Mason they thought they had observed a jumbo jet or plane crash. Subsequent flights over the estimated impact site revealed no crater or blast damage.

As his detailed investigation continued, Mason became increasingly convinced that the Banjawarn event was not a meteor. 20 In time, his thoughts increasingly turned towards the peculiar group that had purchased the Banjawarn sheep station in late April 1993. Representatives of Aum Shinrikyo had first arrived at the station in early April 1993 and commenced negotiations to buy the property five weeks before the powerful quake.


By May 1993, four other Aum members, including a nuclear physicist arrived on site. By September 1993, Guru Shoko Asahara, arrived with his entourage and remained for a few weeks. Throughout, a series of unusual geological investigations by Aum scientists in, and around Banjawarn, were undertaken.

These involved the curious activities of Aumís chief arms dealer, Kiyode Hayakawa. Visiting Banjawarn station, he set about conducting extensive electromagnetic tests with electronic probes. The data he accumulated was fed into a laptop computer. Hayakawa remains central to the story. He had extraordinarily good contacts in Russia, traveling there no less than 21 times and repeatedly meeting with the chief of Russiaís Security Council.


It was Hayakawa who decided to purchase the sheep station, just days prior to the energy event and subsequent ground tremor.

In researching part in the Aum story, journalist Jack Amano, is convinced that Hayakawaís sojourns to Russia reaped rewards: "Aumís Russian scientists had provided detailed designs and the theoretical grounding to develop a technology more powerful even than the ultimate weapon predicted by Asahara." 21 Not least in the Aum efforts, was the acquisition of related US weapons data obtained by hacking into "sensitive US databases." 22


This, with the aid of Japanese government funding, Russian technological know-how and advanced equipment provided by major Japanese transnational corporations, a terrifyingly powerful super-weapon was being constructed in secret.

Meanwhile, Geologist Harry Mason, was gathering information that made him pause for thought. Intriguingly, just a few kilometers from Banjawarn, is a military facility located at Laverton. Mason says that press photoís of this facility "are identical" 23 to the Alaskan HAARP (High-frequency Active Aural Research Project) program.


HAARP has received intense media speculation in recent years, due to its Tesla-like research program. In an early, detailed essay, Mason concludes "One is certainly left with the impression that someone has been utilizing the Leonora-Laverton region as their own private testing ground." 24 In a private telephone conversation with the US Senate Investigations Chief Council, Dan Gerber, Mason was told that Aum had "developed" nuclear bombs and were thought to be conducting a "crash" program to build an "Earthquake Inducing Weapon." 25

As he continued his research, Mason began to gather a significant amount of additional data relating to what he terms "beam events."


These are bright beams of light that hang suspended from the sky, often for prolonged periods. He states that these include "orange beams, small bright white lights and vivid blue-white energy discharges" in the more uninhabited regions of Australia.


These also include observations of,

"diffuse orange energy ícylindersí coming down and striking the ground, whilst clouds overhead light up with exotic colors."

These beams, some experts believe, are a clear "signature" of Scalar wave weapons.


In addition there have been other unexplained "fireball" events - notably a 1st May 1995 explosion above Perth, estimated to have been in excess of 1 megaton of TNT energy equivalence.



Additional investigation by Mason centered on the South East Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. An area unknown for earthquake activity until 1970, an amazing 173 tremors measuring between 3-0 on the Richter scale occurred between 1970-3, with the majority between March and early October 1970.


The epicenters of these events are spaced exactly 10 kilometers apart, along 8 lines each 50-70 km long. Several similar events have occurred subsequently. With the present figure standing at 246 (through 1995), Mason concludes they are "abnormally regular," and believes Australia is being surreptitiously used as a testing ground for advanced "scalar E/M weapons" exercises.


Originally, Mason thought these tests may have been of Russian KGB - or more probably French origin." 26 However, recent data points to Scalar EM weapon tests conducted from the top secret US Navy Exmouth Peninsula Tx facility. 27 The US Navy connection is intriguing.


HAARP - An American Weather Weapon?
In their book, Angels Donít Play this HAARP, authors Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning, reveal details of the HAARP project that the US military preferred remained secret. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project was primarily based on the patents of Bernard J. Estlund, who acknowledged they were partly drawn from the earlier experiments of Nikola Tesla. The numerous patents of Eastlund and later HAARP scientists revealed by the authors demonstrate the project is weapon oriented. Weapon systems include massive missile shields, EM pulse weapons, satellite interrogation, weather modification and earthquake induction. Opposing activists claim the project is inherently dangerous and fraught with potential disasters for the planet.

It was the US Navy who were responsible for Project "Prime Argus" - a precursor program to HAARP.


Argus was responsible for exploding three atomic bombs in the Van Allen belts and, thereafter monitoring the resultant effects.


Researchers who have recently investigated the son of Argus, project HAARP, maintain this is an advanced weapon system capable of acting as an impenetrable planetary-wide missile shield." 28


Behind the construction of HAARP lay the scientific patents of Bernard J. Eastlund. Previously classified as Secret, Eastlundís patents are now partly available for inspection. They are revealing for the sheer scope of what the HAARP project may be capable of, including "weather modification."


Eastlund had in fact used much of Teslaís work to arrive at his concepts, a fact he openly acknowledged. Moreover, the original Prime Argus project was also concerned with looking "at ways to cause earthquakes." 29

Whether Teslaís earthquake inducing devices, and other terrifying weapons of mass destruction are being secretly tested by the major powers is, so far, unproved. But the fact remains that serious military research demonstrates these are within grasp.


Who knows, they may even have been grasped - considering the 100 year lead-time of Teslaís inventions?. Those of us closeted outside the secret world of weapons research are left to squint and speculate.


Weapons that can mimic cataclysmic natural disasters open a Pandoraís box of deniability, and are, therefore, of great value in todayís "I didnít do it" doctrine of political survival.


The fact that Aum did acquire significant advanced weapons from Russia, and that Japan is presently re-militarizing itself as part of the "China containment" strategy must be of concern - even disregarding the dark visions of the prophet Nichiren and his festering adherents inside Soka Gakkai and the Japanese military, industrial and intelligence complex.

Similarly, one cannot disregard the EM weapon advances of the US, nor forget the touted joint US-Soviet-Japanese missile shield, which might easily switch from defensive to offensive posture?


If we are on the brink of a new class of weapons so terrifying in their destructive potential that they prompted Kruschev to sound his warning 36 years ago, should not the public at least be permitted knowledge of what is being done in their name and with their tax dollars? Apparently not. As ever, Joe and Jane citizen are to be left blinking in ignorance - a fact their masters regard as "blissful" - as they are Goose-stepped into a brave new world.

In one experiment in 1896, Tesla accidentally triggered an earthquake across a dozen New York city blocks. This, Tesla later said, was caused "by a little piece of apparatus you could slip in your pocket." As local police stormed his lab, the wily inventor lifted a sledge-hammer and smashed the oscillator to pieces, bringing an end to the pandemonium. 30

That one simple act of common-sense wouldnít go amiss today.



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