Before we launch into our presentation of Ghost Wolf’s critical and urgent information, it becomes important to know who this man is, where he has traveled (physically and spiritually), and what his nature has become. With this in mind, let’s move into a world that will be unfamiliar to many, yet will also feel like home to those who have walked this journey toward truth and understanding and service to the Light.


We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Robert Ghost Wolf. Perhaps we could say re-introduce you to Robert Ghost Wolf. Ghost Wolf from 1990-96 has been a journalist and publisher of the Ramtha material, while with Indelible Ink. He co-published UFO’s and the Nature of Reality, Last Waltz of the Tyrants, and Financial Freedom which are now enjoying the success of being published in five languages, and distributed world wide.

Robert is an accomplished artist and author who enjoys a unique passion for life and possess many gifts that have earned him recognition with many indigenous tribes in both North and South America as a Spiritual Healer and Ceremonial Leader. He has also recognized as a leading Archeologist with his many discoveries to his credit including the discovery of a Sphinx in Colorado, and the discovery of the now Famous Miami Circle (image left) where he and Richard Hoagland brought the eyes of the world and of the nation to what is now being paraphrased as ’The American Stonehenge' and were even mentioned in the United Nations special report on the importance of preserving Sacred Sites. He is the Founder of Holding Sacred Ground, an organization dedicated to the preservation of ancient sites and indigenous cultures around the world.

Currently Robert is in the midst’s of uncovering an incredible find in the Central US which by all indications is a hall of records showing evidence of many civilizations that were here before the current Native American tribes, and perhaps before recorded history as we have been told. Much of the evidence indicates that they have discovered 'A library of "the Lost Tribes"'…… as Robert says this find is going to change everything we thought we knew.

Robert, being a multi-faceted man, continues his journalistic career publishing the WOLF REPORT, an international Bi-monthly newspaper publication who’s circulation spans three continents.

Spiritual Leaders, Naturopathic Healers, cutting-edge Scientists and forward-thinking Authors, as well as Indigenous Elders from the Hopi to the Mayan who are keepers of the prophecies share their information on intimate levels in the Wolf Report. Bringing subscribers in touch with real people, the information is brought from authors living on the front-lines of today's global concerns who believe there is a way for a better life for all of us upon Planet Earth.

The first book which is based upon his personal work is entitled LAST CRY, NATIVE AMERICAN PROPHECIES, TALES OF THE END TIMES and is an international best seller, His Second Book WINDS OF CHANGE quickly followed the success of Last Cry with the revealing of the Seven Thunders Prophecies which was highly controversial and placed him on the leading edge of Prophetic Visionaries which are now being presented in the main stream media presentations. His third book newest addition is THROUGH THE EYE OF THE SHAMAN… yet another paradigm buster where he shares many of the secrets of the ancient Masters. The amazing accuracy with his predictions only serve to complement the knowledge he has been given while working intimately with indigenous leaders around the world who have recognized his special gifts for over twenty years running, and still going strong.

Robert continues to be a featured guest on many national television shows including NBC’s Ancient Prophecies, Fox’s Strange Universe, UFOAZ, and Arizona Today. He is a frequent guest on many national radio programs including four years running as one of the best of Art BellsCoast-to-Coast, which commands a listening audience of over twenty million internationally.

His life continues to be a journey that is closely merged with his Native American Spirituality. He has worked with the elders and leaders of the Indigenous People from Alaska to the Yucatan for many years. Ghost Wolf himself is a Metis (Met-tay) born of mixed blood Native American and European ancestry like millions of Americans who are called by some the Ghost Children. His teachers and the elders have asked him to come forward at this time and help deliver their teachings and their ancient knowledge to the People of the World. He remains a strong and active advocate of indigenous rights and sovereignty of their culture, and their sacred sites.

In 1994 his Hopi Elders said to him,

"These are the End times and the people must know the truth, share what we have taught you. There can be no more secrets now if we are to survive as a thinking species through these times." "This," they say, "must be done because the dream of humanity can only be preserved through the combined efforts of all peoples, and the joining and merging of all cultures into a oneness."

Ghost Wolf carries a unique body of knowledge that sheds a bright light on our forward movement in this time of great change and appearing chaos -- a time, perhaps, of the most dramatic changes to ever effect the course of human evolution.

Of this time he said,

"As we walk with a foot in two worlds we are approaching the reality that we are about to take a giant halo leap into our foreverness. We must build bridges between peoples now. There has been enough separation. That separation has only caused confusion, and results in fear-based beliefs, which are really no more than superstition. We must reconnect them to their hearts. It is a time to come together. What will occur tomorrow depends upon what we choose today, in this moment, as our path. The Sacred Hoop -- The Holy Grail: they are one and the same. They represent the Human heart. We must simplify our lives and relearn to follow the path with heart."

Ghost Wolf has spoken throughout North and South America, and Canada. He comes wherever he is invited: Universities, Corporate Conventions, private groups, and Tribal Gatherings. He is a charismatic and powerful teacher who’s presence can alter the energy of a room. When he was introduced at a recent international seminar, the director said,

"Ghost Wolf is an enigma. He is perhaps one of the single most powerful individuals I have ever met. He is intensely charismatic, yet he retains a quiet humbleness in his sensitive awareness of all the levels of our personal realities. The body of knowledge with which he works is essential to the world in these times.


Perhaps it is his unique ability to deliver the Mystical to an audience of multi-leveled consciousness which is the big difference between his presentation of the ancient knowledge and the usual strictly "dry traditionally, historical, scientific, intellectual treatise" forms of presentation of divine knowledge. He has been called a Shaman and a Mystic. Surly he weaves much more than he teaches in words. He knows the histories and the sciences, and he shares that knowledge freely. But he knows something the historians, and scientists don’t know and could never understand. That true wisdom is found through the heart and not the head."

As a speaker and lecturer Ghost Wolf has continues to demonstrate his strong public appeal and remains very much in public demand for personal appearances. The information he delivers in Last Cry, Winds of Change and now Through the Eye of the Shaman that has kept him on the top ten roster on the lecture circuit in the international arena. Ghost Wolf ’s remarkable ability to "draw the crowd" and his continued creativity assures him a long road where he can "touch them with the Light".

What People who make a difference are saying about Robert Ghost Wolf:

  • Tom Gubersich, former editor Washington Post: "His work is vital to humanity. It is important the world knows about the information he delivers."

  • Art Bell, host of Dreamland and Coast to Coast Radio: "Extraordinary, amazing. Stay tuned." "There is always a lot more to hear from Robert Ghost Wolf."

  • Scott Cotamas, Former Producer of Strange Universe: "Ghost Wolf has an ability to bring a very intense weaving to a broad spectrum of knowledge that few others can."

  • Dr Chet Snow -Future Memory: "Ghost Wolf never ceases to surprise and amaze me."

  • Dannion Brinkley, Author of Saved by the Light: "Robert is a very gifted man who has a vital gift to deliver to humanity, I always enjoy working with him, and hope to do more with him in the future."

  • Richard C. Hoagland, Author The Monuments on Mars, and former CBS Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite: "Robert is a close friend and I am continually amazed at his sense Science of Spirit and Courage to deliver the truth, and stand up to adversity that is put out there by those who would criticize what those of us who are uncovering the truth and are actually delivering it to the public."

  • Lori Toye- I AM America: "Robert is one of the most important prophets of our time"

  • Drunvelo Melchizedek, founder of the Flower Of Life: "Ghost Wolf always has incredible knowledge to share with all of us."

  • Johm Hoag, Author of many books on Nostradamus: "Robert has a very keen insight into possible occurrences… he is a contemporary prophet…. and visionary "


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Missoula, MT 59802
Toll Free - 1-877-558-0522
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The Real World

URGENT! Message from Ghost Wolf, and the Hopi Elders

Elders on several occasions over this past year have gotten together to speak of a situation we are facing in our heavens, elders who knew how to work the energy grids. Although few in numbers it was felt that with sincerity of intent we could at least affect the imbalance of our Earth Mother and her children’s attitude to a point of minimal repair. This is a very arduous task to undertake even for any one, because Tiawa (the Sun) is a sophisticated spirit and only likes things of value.

The Elders gathered at more than one location, in both North as well as South America, places where the sacred knowledge was still in the minds of the living. There they did ceremony presenting prayers and offerings to persuade the Sun to realign its path. At the time it appeared that the offerings were accepted but this can work only to allow us a little more time.

It appears now that the Sun is out of alignment again. A lot of places are going to have very different types of weather patterns. It’ll be hot in cold places, cold in hot places; these reversals of weather will effect many things. Temperatures will rise higher, so that nothing will grow. Then they will suddenly drop or a rise in temperature as much as 60 degrees in a couple of hours.

The misalignment of the Sun is associated to the prophecies that speak of the Pole Shift. Remember we told you about the Kachinas that we call the twins and their role in the prophecy. One at the North Pole the other at the South Pole. (They keep this world in balance.) We told you this when the comet was in the sky that had two tales. This was just before the time when the Purifier would return in our heavens and when the Purification comes.

As it is seen now the Earth could turn over more than once before the changes are over. (Seven Years) The Kachinas are coming also some to help should others try to take advantage of our weakness if we fail. The Kachinas are connected to the playing out of our Prophecies. The Hopi have many Kachinas, including the Blue Star Kachina, who represents the benevolent Star beings that are on their way to help those who remember the original teachings. The Koshares who are the Clowns in the sacred dances represent mankind in the gradual degeneration of our societies and need for purification. The people more and more are being distracted from Creator’s way, they are walking away from their spiritual knowledge. When enough people are totally distracted, the scales of good and evil will fall out of balance again...The time of the Purification has come.

Hopi lineage extends to the Mayans, the Tibetans whose teachings are very similar. What occurs in Hopiland, or in Tibet, or in the Yucatan affects the rest of the world.

The sacred sites that are to be found in these places have spiritual lines that connect to other places. There is and always has been a spiritual web of life that has existed upon this plane. Once we knew the knowledge of these cycles that the Sun goes through. Now we know very little. We can only hope that there are enough people who care enough to help bring the true knowledge of these matters to the light so that we as a people and Earth People can understand what must be done.

This is a hard task to undertake for even now although more people understand the connection between living things. Even though today there are growing numbers of people who understand that every thing is alive and has a spiritual aspect and that planets are not just lifeless rocks, they communicate and interact with each other, perhaps there are not enough. What we think here on planet Earth effects the goings on within the Sun it self. What we do here on the Earth effects the whole of our solar system. If we are out of balance and there is war everywhere, then that emotion is felt throughout our solar system.

If you look at what is going on with our Sun and you look with an open mind, you will notice something strange. You will notice that wherever there is war upon this planet, on the same area of the Sun, as if you were looking into a mirror, you will see huge solar flares. Where there is unrest and disharmony upon Earth, there is also disruption occurring upon the Sun. Perhaps if you look at these things you will begin to feel the truth in these statements. There is still a lot of knowledge that indigenous people have that can help this situation. But the choice to put down our anger, and pain and follow the pathway of compassion is up to us.

In the traditional stories of the Hopi, the Mayan and the Tibetans there are stories, which tells about a group of people from Pleiades, Andromeda, and Sirius and other places, that have always come and helped the people here when something catastrophic happens or is about to happen.

The elders of all three traditions also once had the knowledge of getting around to visit other planets, and their teachings teach us that there is life on other stars as well as Earth. We have many evidences of this fact in the bones and other remains that have been found in our ancient burial sites. So even science now is taking another look at what they once thought was just legend.

We believe that what we are seeing around our Sun are these relatives, the prophecies tell us that they would be returning at this time. It is not just in one prophecy, it is in many, and they all tell the same story. The Purifier that is in the heavens this moment represents the ancestors returning from the West. That the Purifier has returned to our heavens tells us that these next seven years will be the purifying times that have been prophesied.

He will know what to do, how to help us. His job is to make us understand and behave ourselves. We still have time to correct our way of living. Soon things will begin to happen that we cannot turn around. These beings that we call our relatives will not wait forever for us to make up our minds.

If we don’t make the effort to live correctly, the Ones from the West, from Orion will come to purify us, and we will see things like World War III become a reality. These beings do not like our kind.

The Star that we call the Purifier is waking us up through dreams, visions and causing the opening of our minds, for many of us are their Children, and we are their Star seed. We are powerful enough to stop the Ones from the West if we act together as one. When the Purifier comes, it will be too late to change your path. The Purifier is already in the heavens and can be seen...but what people too easily forget is that the Purifier is seeing us also.

The Creator looks at our hearts over time true, change happens over time. Many of us here feel that it is already too late to start changing. To prepare for the Changes that are coming, you need to have strong spiritual beliefs and live your life according to the sacred ways our original teachings.

There are not many who truly do this these days, even among the Indians, who say they are keeping to the traditional beliefs there are not many. So no group is special; the darkness has fallen on all of us. And strange weather changes, natural disasters, and other things that you are seeing now. Disease is everywhere, the hospitals are filled to capacity, and the crops do not grow as they should.

The Changes will especially affect those in the big cities, because of much corruption in the cities. People need to prepare themselves, prepare food for storage to use. Money will become obsolete. People will need to be able to life off the land, get their food that way. Within two years we will go through another major depression, this one will effect the whole world. Water and food will be very scarce. You need to stockpile dry goods.

There will be 2-3 months without food or water (available). There will be a lot of starvation and sickness in the cities.

There will be a holocaust; a lot of lives lost—millions will die. It is seen as a coming to the Earth as comets, or meteors. First they will hit the Atlantic Ocean, then within the cycle of the moon they will hit the Pacific Ocean. The intensity of these events will be lessened if you settle down and remember who you are, and reconnect to the Spiritual side of yourselves. The Purifier cannot be compromised; the evil people will be eliminated. Only the good-hearted people will make it to the other side of what is about to happen.

There is no precise date set for the "Day of Purification". We are told that we are to watch the signs and prepared ourselves. After the Purification is over, there will be one language, one law—this will be Creator’s law.

There will be one government, but not the New World Order some talk about because freedom and Spirituality will be of the underlying essence of those who come through these final days.

Prepare for the warnings of the Purifier begin in the period of September to December of this year, then you will know what the elders have foretold you was not to be so lightly taken. We told you that the purifier would appear and be stationary in our heavens. That the Purifier would be watching us. That the Purifier would appear like a star that the whole world would see...look closely then at the Sun Cruiser, we say this is a starship, the scientists says it is a star, a planet...what or who do you think it is?

A Message To The World From Robert Ghost Wolf

Wolf Lodge Cultural Foundation
Holding Sacred Ground

Many dramas have entered our world since December of 1998. We are truly experiencing The Winds of Change I wrote about last year and presented as highlights on Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast radio show. From the sudden demise of my friend Speaking Wind, to the passing over of several elders who have played important roles in my life—Elders who have been my friends as well as my teachers—Elders who were Warriors of Peace. Two of them were Hopi, Chief Dan Evehema, and Thomas Banyacya.

Since the drama with "the Miami Circle", both myself and my friend Richard C. Hoagland have been the targets of very serious attacks. Richard fell prey to a sudden heart attack surrounded by strange circumstances not too unlike that like my friend Speaking Wind, who did not survive. When one person falls victim of a calamity we can shrug it off to circumstance; when two fall, our eyes must begin to open. When we see it occur as I have with 9 people within our circles since December of 1998, I know I am not paranoid.

I myself have been the target for unfounded lies and vicious and slanderous reports spread throughout the internet by questionable sources, who portrayed themselves as would-be vigilantes. I have had to stand and watch as my computer equipment was destroyed by virus attacks that came through the Internet. I witnessed my web site hacked on more than one occasion. I have seen my personal friends and my family members threatened and maligned as well. It has been a year so far of receiving grand lessons in practicing forgiveness, and keeping focused on my contract to the Service of the Light. In many ways it is what I now call The Year of the Tiger.

The Year of the Tiger—where the tyrants of darkness, in losing ground, have resorted to playing very nasty and diabolical games. The war of dark and light continues to be waged, and the dark is not doing as well as it expected. They are resorting to desperate measures. Heroes are being cut down and anger and aggression have become the chosen pathway. This energy and attitude is being spread across the airwaves and in the published media like a nasty virus.

We watch, as brother is turned against brother, as children take up arms and slaughter their fellow classmates on high school campuses. Those who carry the banner of freedom and personal liberty are maligned and see their life’s work and careers ended because of having had the guts to come out and speak their truth to the public. These warriors are made out to be criminals because they spoke about events and occurrences that others were witnessing but were not in the position to speak out about in public.

These messengers dared to reveal and expose the policies and programs implemented against We the People by the Corporate Dynasties of Death—What some would call the New World Order. Sort of reminds me of the American Revolution. Were not Washington, Jefferson and LaFayette criminals in their times? Were not Ghandi, Jesus, Mohammed and Martin Luther King thrown into prison and maligned by their adversaries as well? Nothing has changed. Mankind is once again stuck in their image.

In this Year of the Tiger, I have made the conscious choice to return to the path I was walking before I stepped off for a brief visit to the Market Place. I accepted many invitations to speak to groups and mingled with the People. I have met many wonderful and many interesting People. I have also met and witnessed the corruption and the courage of the People. One does not take this kind of journey without expecting to get roughed-up and changed a little. I have no regrets about taking this journey, nor do I regret returning to my path.

My experience in the market place is now over and I am moving on. It is time for me to continue my learning and the work that is required of me in my Service to the Light. I have returned to my learning with the Indigenous Masters from this dimension and others. It is with their input that I share this message with you, for times are such that I feel the degree of confusion and hostility has reached a level of critical mass.

Thus far I have released two books on the subject of prophecy and the end-times in accordance with the teachings of the Indigenous Masters. Very few who heard the words on the all-night radio, attended the seminars, and came to the gatherings took them seriously. "He must be speaking about someone else!" I can still see it in the faces of those gathered before me. How easily we assume the position of listening to the words of the messengers and justify that the message is directed towards any direction but us. We refuse to see our own faults.

Recently the course of events previously forewarned moved into an energy shift. Now the "stories are becoming reality and impacting humanity personally inside their comfort zones." It seems as though the virus that is affecting humanity is happening on a global level. There is no safe place to hide, no magical place to move, and it isn’t happening to our neighbor’s kids, it is ours.

People, the time for a leisurely and blissful path to enlightenment is passed. We are at the threshold of the emergence of the Fifth World. Have you felt The Eye of the Tiger upon you yet?

We are, for the most part, experiencing the full effects of the purification that we have for so long been told was coming. It is and will continue to escalate in a sort of waveform as we progress through this period into an even more prolific level of shifting energies. We are in the throes of perhaps the greatest transition that the universe and mankind has ever known.

As we enter the Fifth World which I have spoken about for years, we are experiencing frequency changes which are altering the pattern of everything. We are literally existing in a new physics; reality is no longer what it was twenty, even ten years ago, from the simple way a neuron reacts to the way in which we interact with each other as human beings.

Part of the prophecies I have spoken about in my experience with you tell of the breaking down or fracturing, or fractalizing of all life expression as we have known it... Social Structures, Religious Structures, Financial Structures, as well as Scientific beliefs. When the physics of reality itself transmutes into something new, the Laws of Cause and Effect no longer apply. That which was once looked upon as a sure and definitive pathway to the outcome no longer exists. We are now Voyagers into the Void. Yet it is a predictable outcome, and is a result of the old Laws of Cause and Effect.

When consciousness is restricted to the point that it can no longer allow itself to be elastic and change with the evolution of the times and the species that express upon this plane, then imminent change is in order. What we are experiencing are shifts in frequency, dimension and physical structure to accommodate the emerging energy. It is so vast in its scope and yet so intrinsically simple. Something that has never been before is occurring to the whole of the Universe. We are transforming into a new species; we are preparing for a new consciousness, and another octave of physical expression.

Perhaps you have found yourself walking along a beach, or just staring out your apartment window and asking: Why am I here? Where do I come from? Who Am I? Why is it that I feel as though I am apart from everything, like I move to a different beat than everyone else? If I am more than flesh and blood then just what Am I? Is there more to life than just procreation, pain, and power? Is there a deeper meaning to this game we call life? Is it all a joke? What am I doing this for? How do I fit in God’s plan? How can I change my life? Have you found lately that you are questioning everything in your reality, everything?

We have arrived at a crucial point in our evolutionary process as a species upon Mother Earth. From all indications—the observances of Science, to the Prophets of old, from all culture, all religions, all the Earth’s children—there is no longer time for carelessly falling through life like a leaf at the mercy of the Wind.

We have reached a point in the time-space experience where we must as Hu-man beings make a conscious choice whether or not to become the Masters of our Destines. Shakespeare said it so well, "To be or not to be, that is the question!" This can only be accomplished by assuming full responsibility for being Co-creators of Reality here upon Mother Earth.

So what do you have to say? As you look at the world around you is it not quite apparent that humanity is out of control? Native American prophecy tells us that we are now experiencing the End Times...

Those who come from the teachings of The Mayan Mystery School tell us of a time of awakening that will follow our passage through the End Times. This may very well be The Most Magical Journey of your life, a time where you choose to change your life forever.

Along the journey, if you remain open and in contact with yourself, you will discover the keys to unlocking the many mysteries that have kept your soul from reaching its full potential through lifetime after lifetime of self-imposed denial. If you are willing to take the step across the abyss of time and space, and move beyond where your fears have held you prisoner for centuries, you will become Initiates learning within the Alchemical Garden the grandest mystery of all mysteries--the mystery of who you are.

It is time to chose if you are wanting in any way to continue here in this plane of shifting realities, the pathway of compassion.

As a race we are experiencing transition on multiple levels at an ever increasing volume and rate of speed. We are experiencing change from the innermost structure of the atoms that comprise our molecular structure, to the very frequency upon which our consciousness expresses. We are mysteriously coming into harmony with something that IS not yet, but will be. It is a cycle of birthing. The chicken is coming out of the egg.

We are experiencing dimensional shifting as our entirety of perceived reality. We, as a species are moving through the metamorphosis of consciousness. From here we get to take the next step in our evolutionary process. We are standing witness to the Dance of Shiva, the Dance of Life and Death—Lovers embraced in each others arms! Yet, we perpetuate the patterns of the Spell of Mortality—the greatest illusion of all!


The pathway through the Awakening is only achieved by passing through The Eye of the Shaman. This is a journey that requires much preparation, and if you are experiencing change on multiple levels then know that you are part of the living dream of humanity seeking to discover its Divine self amongst the Murk and Mire of the Market Place.

We are moving through confusion and at times it is pure chaos. Many of us are experiencing cleansing of the body physical as well as the mental, and spiritual. It is very important right now to maintain a strong connection to heart. As the Hopi elders have said so simply, "Open your hearts and let your song be sung." The heart frequency is the only frequency that you can rely upon to remain constant and in fact grow stronger as we move ahead through this time of Apocalyptic Transition...

So many of you are spending your already limited energies in resisting the changes that are coming forth. You are walking with your heads on backwards, holding on to the past. You are holding onto the thoughts of what you thought it should be like, what you should have been like... what it would have been like to be perfect in someone else’s eyes, in someone else’s dream. You could be spending that energy in moving with the flow of the river. What we are experiencing in this part of the purification is the cleansing of self from all illusions. The pain is in the holding on... holding on to the image of yourself that no longer applies to your newly found path. If you are experiencing resistance in every direction then perhaps your time of learning is no longer fulfilled in that experience.

Try to understand that there is nothing in the way any more that is holding you back from achieving the fulfillment of your dreams but yourself and your insistence on holding on to your past images of how it is supposed to be. Yes, there is much tearing apart and chaos that surrounds you, but know that the process of separating the wheat from the chaff is a very emotional experience. The intensity is determined solely by your own passion. And where you have refused to come to terms with your passion, you will then be motivated by the emotional qualities of your fears.

If you have practiced the disciplines of how to get in touch with yourself and connect to Source and made them a part of your reality, and by your daily actions you are living your own personal truth in harmony with the Divine plan, then you will be separated from the web of social consciousness. Yet you might ask why then is the world so out of balance? Why is it so difficult to manifest my chosen reality? Look a little deeper.

There is still a web. Ask yourself to how much of that web are you still connected? Most around you have not let go of that safety net of social consciousness yet. They cling on to the image of what they are supposed to be, how it is supposed to be. They are like the fly caught in the spider’s web. With each effort to struggle to free themselves, they only call the spider closer to them, and become more entangled in the web itself.

Those caught in this web of social consciousness cannot see the world for themselves. They have no thought that is genuinely their own. They live everyone else’s vision of reality and not their own. There are those who move back and forth from one position to the next like yo-yo’s, trapped in their own self-doubt. Paralyzed and not able to make a decision about where they truly stand, they take the position that is the most convenient in the moment...anything that will not disturb comfort zones.

Then there are those who just resist because they like resisting. If you break off the web of social consciousness, well you are then alone with no support structure, no one and nothing to back you up. Correct? Wrong. There is another web, the one that the Mother spins. Some call it the Web of Wyrd, some Spider Woman’s Dream web; some call it the higher web of holographic reality. It all depends from where your teaching has come. One has to struggle a little to learn how to maintain this connection. It is a self-learning process. It is an attuning process. It takes empathic abilities that normally are not utilized by people content with ordinary existence. So most fall back into old patterns so they can feel familiar energies, familiar patterns. They like living in a limited reality, there is safety in numbers. And most are stuck in old played-out comfort zones that no longer work.

Comfort zones were created by a person’s image and not themselves. Can you imagine spending your life hopelessly caught in the prison of someone else’s thought forms. Is it not a reality in which so many seem to be caught up, playing out a perpetual nightmare, repeating the same patterns over and over until they become numb to the fact that they are even playing the drama out? They are in a trance where they never free themselves from the spider’s web. They are always being pulled this way and that caught in behavior patterns they cannot unlock. Their self-doubt has glued them to the web like contact cement. They struggle and struggle spending all that energy going nowhere.

This part of the purification is a time for experiencing a full-life review. This is the fire... the fire of emotional confusion. Here we learn to master our emotions and walk the path of the Master. We are seeing our thought patterns being reflected back to us from every part of the globe. On every level of life, and within every aspect of our personal experience, we are being given the opportunity to change our patterns. We are finding there is no escape from life experiences; the only choice is to face them and walk through the illusion one step at a time. This allows us to review the process of our patterns through experience and change our destiny. The outcome of our life experiences can be altered forever if we have the courage not to charge the situations, and allow the higher aspect of ourselves to take charge.

We learn the pattern to the dance we play, by watching and making the appropriate changes.

If we get it right we never have to walk through that dark night of the soul again. We will be free forever from repetition of the merry-go-round syndrome, where we are without power to effect change in our lives and adapt to every-shifting situations. The process is totally self-generated. So it is very important to come to terms with the inner being you truly are. This is not a time of compromise and surrender to thoughts and actions which do not create harmony within us. We are feeling our separation between each other, for it is not in harmony with the Mother’s dream. It is very unnatural for us in all truth to exist in a world of paranoia, and fear. It is all part of the illusion, and is the result of the manipulation of our truths for eons of experience upon this plane.

We have been, as a people, so long separated from our dreams, and our spirit that we are now facing the Winds of Change with little or no foundation for understanding the experience of the impact of the events occurring around us. We are feeling the emotional storms of a humanity that has for so long focused upon the physical that what is going on at this time is without even a common understanding. We are blind and paralyzed by what humanity itself has manifested through tyranny and a philosophy of rule by proliferating fear and employing tyranny to support a system of synthetic social consciousness. We are watching as the consciousness around us implodes upon us.

We are watching as the Children of Babylon tear down their own creations and build defenses to protect themselves against the phantoms of their inner-most fears... fears which were born of their own actions. These actions are made in ignorance for the knowledge of who they were and what they were was kept from them. There is no clearer way of saying it other than we are experiencing The Last Waltz of the Tyrants.

There is no avoiding the shifting and storms of the inner being. It is truly the pathway of the purification and no stone shall remain unturned. We are experiencing the rising to the surface of all that has remained hidden. All of our dark thoughts, all of our fears, all of our untruths are surfacing for they have become blocks to our moving into the new reality.

All the warnings were given. Year after year I walked with elders from how many Nations pleading, asking, healing, performing ceremony. Please help the Native people. Realize the importance of the Sacred Sites. Although your memory may be closed to these things now, they will be important in your understanding of what is to come. Hear what our ancestors, your ancestors have left as a warning to us about these times that are coming.

Now, we look helplessly hoping for an answer... for something to occur that will change the course of society as the world around us collapses into utter chaos. Rage and violence have become the order of the day. You read your newspapers and stock reports. You see life through magazines and motion pictures. You are becoming a race that sees no consequence in its actions and employs no morality or sense of reverence in its actions taken. The Earth and her people are less than expendable commodities for the sake of the success of the corporate beast. The Black Serpent has reared its head as the Peacemaker forewarned, and as it was told, is devouring the whole of the Earth.

And now even though you are in danger... now that you feel your Mother turning within... you see the crops dying, and the forest turning yellow and the game disappearing. Your seas can barely support life, and the air burns your lungs, and causes such diabolical diseases that your flesh devours itself, you walk as though you were immortal Gods that can meet no ending in any reality. You dance the dances of tyranny as the fruit of the vine withers and the flora falls upon the Earth dried and withered from man made meteorological disasters.

You manipulate the weather, the Earth and Her Atmosphere as though it was a chemistry set you purchased from Toys-R-Us. You justify your actions in courts of law that have long since seen days of justice, honor and compliance with Divine Laws. You set your laws immutable before the hosts of God. No individual dare speak of freedom and personal liberties before the Great God of Social Distortion, the hallucinatory manifestation of the sickness of the Human soul. Yes, it is The Last Waltz of the Tyrants. It is the darkest hour that Humanity has known for a long time, longer than memory can provide.

Crush the dreams of children. Continue to mistreat your women, and tear out their hearts with fingers as cold as the steel. The hearts that dwell within these lifeless bodies once housed the Lords of Light. People these are your last days. You are fast becoming carnivores of your own kind, rather than givers of life. You practice judgment as if it were your sacred religion. And you judge as clowns, not knowing the whole of the story, not caring to see the facts, and not looking into the situation for yourselves. Rather you follow the mooing of the herd and the bell of self-gratification by your addictions that are numbing your brains, your senses, and killing your bodies faster than the darkest of plagues.

Your lack of compassion for each other as Brother and Sisters of Light, and the turning away of even your children, has released a darkness that had long been contained. Oh children of Babylon you have unleashed demons that are not even of this Earth that prey upon you with no hope of slowing. Yes, the Plagues of the Apocalypse are upon us now, and there are no cures. They rain upon you from your clouds; the birds fall from the skies and still you do not heed. The fishes boil up from the waters and still you do not heed. The animals suffer from growths of distortion and hideous mutations that grow upon their multiple limbs. These things even as the prophets of old forewarned now appear in your own kind, yet still you think there is escape from the calamity of your ways.

Build a new city, paint over the old walls. Put a new store front upon the old and rotten core—the face-lift society. It is cosmetic surgery to hide the rotting core. And yet even your children cannot afford to live in the synthesized world you are creating. It is a heartless world that creates not the living soul of the poet, but only the dying screams of its own youth shooting themselves in schoolroom hallways and taking their own lives rather than move into a future without dreams, without hope, without compassion. Humanity has become its own worst nightmare as it contracts in waves of self-inflicted pain, suffering in the agony of the realization of its own death. Hoping even that war...perhaps war and total annihilation of the life force can stop the madness that has overcome itself.

How can we escape from ourselves? How can we refuse to see our own reflections? How can we not hear our own voice? We are entering the Sixth and Seventh Thunders now, and there will be no turning back the clock. Creation will no longer excuse the cries of ignorance. Innocence once gave us instant passage through the blackness of our dying dreams to the morning in the land where dreams still greet the coming of daylight as if it were the first daylight ever experienced. Did you think the prophecies were for someone else? Did you think the prophecies were only a story about some land in a far away place? Sorry! It would seem that you feel victim to your own shortcomings.

Are there any signs of hope you would ask me as we stand at the gateway of World War the smell of burning flesh rises into the sky and blows across the Earth landing on farms, children, and butterfly wings? YES! the answer from the woods. For even now the Mother of all that is expressed upon this plane would not turn from her children.

As a species we have arrived at a pivotal point in our evolution. We are about to embark on a new adventure. We are about to turn the page of history concerning this earthly experience. We are entering a galactic reawakening. We are subject for entry into the federation of planetary beings. There are others who have elected to take from you your freedom of choice in how the final episode of Spaceship Earth will play itself out. For there have always been those who live in defiance of Creator’s plan. It is the friction of the Human Drama. Without the friction there is no fire, and life becomes flat and passionless.

Each of us has to grasp the fact that the negative illusion which has been planted in us of "how can one person effect the outcome?", is a lie. We have to completely turn our attitude around 180 degrees. There must be constructed within our being an entirely new architecture. The Temple must be rebuilt. For within is where we shall find the New Jerusalem, not without. We must design a new Sacred Architecture that promotes and sustains a complete attitude change, and that change must come quickly.

In order for change to occur quickly and for humanity to manifest a winning attitude we begin with accepting that we have all had a part to play in the creation of the darkness. The negativity that exists within our society and is viewed throughout our world is not just a manipulated engineered chance happening directed by some vague and mysterious force. "They are doing this to me, the victim cries..."

No, the pathway of truth is also the pathway of sovereignty, which is born from taking responsibility for the here and now. When we walk the Pathway of Truth what was once unseen becomes very clear and present. We, ourselves, perhaps long ago, planted the seed of today’s ills. The Native Americans tell us we must take the responsibility for the next seven generations. We will inherit the consequence of our deeds through these future generations as we return around the wheel of life. Again as some of the elders see it, we are now harvesting what we did in the past both emotional and through physical actions as we laid the groundwork for today seven generations ago.

We have developed many new ways of self-development over the past twenty-five years or so. There may be means out there by which we can learn to expedite karmic recoil, and life itself has quickened its pace indeed. We may well have even passed into a period of time experience where we are free from karmic debt from past life experience. However, there is no way one can avoid karmic consequences entirely. The only passage through karmic consequence where there is even hope of relief from the weight of created karma, and the pain and suffering that reckless creation manifests is through accepting the responsibility for our actions and making the commitment to change, to forgive, and to surrender judgment, hate and denial and to live with compassion for all that is.

"Thought creates the nature of all reality" is a grand universal truth. We now know that all reality responds to the vibration of thought. The vibration of thought can resonate to either the higher end of the spectrum or the lower end of the spectrum. The spectrum being what the body-mind physical is capable of manifesting as a living environment. This means we can keep following the downward spiral of humanity into the depths of the effects of our lower vibratory existence, OR we can make the conscious commitment to take the upward spiral towards the Divine human experience. This means making an effort to build courage, endurance, steadfastness and the development of Will. This Will manifests from our learning to have our own thoughts about life, the part self plays in its drama, and our interaction amongst other human beings in our dance.

This is no longer a time for shrugging our responsibility to life and taking the leisure path. We are, like it or not, responsible to the account of man. This account has been built over hundreds of lifetimes of dancing round the wheel. There are those who would mock the Creator’s plan to complete this final episode of our planetary experience here. Their manipulations and tampering with the human experience through technology cannot prevail in the final outcome. Yes, they exist...then so do mosquitoes. Yes, our reality has been tampered with, so have we tampered with the reality of the entire universe. There is much that remains to be revealed in the near future.

There are even ongoing attempts by some who would desire to predetermine the nature of our shift into the new paradigm. Manipulation of the weather, frequency bombardment to the general populous, experimental chemical and fungicidal spraying of whole regions are all desperate actions by those who would choose to be the rulers and controllers of this new paradigm we are entering. The outcome of these Final Days is being steered and our consciousness being manipulated to meet some preordained destiny with the Apocalypse. What if the truth behind the fairy tale were different than has been represented? What if the outcome was not immutable? What if the potential for the outcome was as unlimited as Creation itself? What if there were things that the lesser gods have overlooked?

None of us has been abandoned or left behind to experience a world of suffering and conflict, seeing our dreams torn apart in the agony of destruction. We have merely been called to the pathway of truth. We learn the fundamentals of what truth is through the experience of the Human Drama and through the initiation of the Emotional Storms predicted by our own inner conflict and inability to move beyond our own fears. We are being tested in grand manner and forged like steel. No one manipulates our true self; it is only the outer robe of the character we play that refuses to give way to the new Self, the God Self, that can be manipulated.

Humanity must learn collectively to make a holo-leap. We must forge ahead into another paradigm almost instantaneously. To accomplish this superhuman feat, we must now reach deep into the core essence of what we are touch that which is the essence of the Human Spirit itself.

In The Light....Robert Ghost Wolf

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