by Joseph A. Olson

February-March 2011

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Part 1
February 24, 2011

SUPERSTITION has exerted a powerful force on human psyche and history.


Strengthened with a few facts, a superstition becomes accepted reality until new perceptions can reopen debate. That is an exciting possibility in today's Nouveau Renaissance.


Humanity's new course needs a road sign:

"Caution, Falling False Paradigms Ahead".

Climategate has shown that even the most well funded science can be wrong.


All objective, science trained minds have left the Global Warming station. Well meaning scientists are already doing damage assessments and future hazard avoidance studies.


It is now a perfect time to reassess another possibly defective theory on the origin of the universe.



Celestial Spheres

The 'Flat Earth Theory' required an explanation of cyclic visible planetary movements of the then know members of our solar system.

The Sun rose over the Earth everyday in a predictably variable pattern.


The moon waxed and waned between full and new.


The inner orbit planets, Mars and Venus arose predictably and briefly as morning or evening stars.


The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn crossed the complete sky and then disappeared for long and varying periods of time.

Fourteenth century scientists struggled to explain these readily observable events and attempted to explain them as nested spheres, driven by great gears, which were below the flat Earth and thus invisible.


Mechanical clocks were just then being perfected and animated character clocks made this seem plausible to the masses.

Galileo added a new complexity and doubt when his telescope observations indicated moons circling the outer planets. The set of spheres and gears necessary for the Flat Earthers became impossible.


To those in power it was time to silence the messenger. It is hard to refuse the offer,

"the world is flat or your heads on a platter".

The original Renaissance involved a startling across the board shift in paradigms.

Gutenberg printing presses spread literacy


Columbus doubled the size and transformed the shape of the world.


Telescopes and microscopes vastly expanded the visible universe in both directions.


Freedom challenged feudalism and Martin Luther challenged the Pope.

Enlightenment was no one trick pony.

Today humanity is on the threshold of a new awakening. The internet is our new printing press and our collective conscious is our new hemisphere.


New prophets and new visions are confronting the established twentieth century theories of Relativity, Big Bang and Quantum Mechanics.

  • Einstein developed the Theory of Relativity in 1905

  • Planck the Quantum Mechanics Theory in 1918

  • Hubbel the Expanding Universe Theory in 1929

All of these theories appear correct within certain ranges but have conflicts at their boundaries.


Scientists struggled thru the last half of the twentieth century to find a "Unified Field Theory" that could join these theories.

The results of this effort could best be described as mathematical masturbation. Elaborate formulas for "String Theory" expanded the known four dimensions to nine and required extra "multi-verses" of invisible worlds.


Since noting behaved according to the predicted mass calculations, then there must also be anti-matter and dark matter. Newtonian physics require a force for acceleration and nothing ever explained the force required to accelerate entire galaxies.


We are approaching the fourteenth century dilemma of too many spheres and too many gears.



My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma

Einstein never really bought into either of the conflicting theories and was too busy developing a bomb that could short circuit the Third Reich to get involved in those debates.


Many others have been troubled by these one sided debates and hungered for alternative explanations.

To deconstruct a superstition you must begin at the point of real fact. All stars and galaxies are far enough away and move slowly enough to be considered fixed point sources.


As the Earth circles the Sun in a 180 million mile ellipse, we witness closer points moving more relative to the distant points.


As you walk across your backyard the tree in your yard appears to move relative to the two trees on the hill down the street. Those two distant trees do not appear to have any movement relative to each other.

What Hubbell first observed with his vastly improved telescope was that some of the previously 'fuzzy' stars were in fact clusters of stars forming very distant galaxies. Using spectral analysis he was shocked to find that these galaxies were moving away from us.


Even more startling was that the further the apparent distance, the greater the apparent speed.

The often mentioned analogy is dots on an inflating balloon all expand away from each other and the further away the greater the movement.


To an observer on the balloon surface there would be some dots visible on the opposite side of the balloon but there would also be a horizon beyond the balloon with ABSOLUTELY NO DOTS.

Part of Einstein's Theory was that space was curved and that light was bent as it traveled past a large mass.


Repeated experiments have shown that light does bend as predicted and to see how this would change the Big Bang Theory, we must introduce two other concepts of Physics.



Inertial Reference Plane and Angular Acceleration

These are two concepts that are both unsettling and liberating to the freshman Physics student.


It is at first hard to believe that the two eyes and two ears that you have used your whole life are not the perfect place from which to understand the universe.


In fact, there is no perfect place and everything appears different depending on your unique place. This does not imply that there is no right or wrong answers to scientific question, a fact I learned on many examinations.

Your antique phonograph spins at a constant velocity, but the first song on the album is moving a greater distance than the inner most, last song.


The further from the center spindle, the greater the angular acceleration. Points of light along the album would all appear the same from the center UNLESS the light was required to circle the album in a spiral to the center.


Under this condition the further away the light, the greater the apparent acceleration.

Part of the curved aspect of space is that light would eventually return to its source. At fourteen billion light years and counting scientists have yet to discover the 'edge of the universe' which is beginning to appear to be as mythical as the 'edge of the Earth'.


Our next 'breakthrough' may be when we see all the way around the universe to the backside of the Milky Way.

The great mass of the billions of galaxies that we see has a tremendous ability to bend light and in perfect conformity to Einstein's Theories.


The farther away the galaxy, the greater mass required to pass and the greater the apparent acceleration. Imagine a non-expanding universe.


It appears that it is never too late to open a hundred year old debate.

Joseph A Olson, PE
April 22, 2010





Part 2
Mysterious, 'Dr X' says Universe Is NOT Expanding
February 27, 2011

WHAT first began as 'rumored' science on conservative websites is now being reinforced by what can only be described as the foremost authority on the Expanding Universe.


The thought that there was a Non Expanding Theory has been introduced by a trained engineer, who has turned rogue astronomer.


The following quote from Dr X does add credibility to this challenge to eight decades of 'settled' science:

Dr X has,

"admitted that the expanding universe might be an illusion, but implied that this was a cautious and colorless view.


Last week it was apparent that he had shifted his position even further away from a literal interpretation of red shift, that he now regards the expanding universe as more improbable than a non-expanding one."

What gives this Dr X usurper, along with that engineer turned rogue astronomer, the right to challenge this cornerstone of modern astronomy?

The identity of the mysterious Dr X is none other than,

"Mount Wilson Observatory's brilliant Astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble",

...who with coworker Milton LaSalle Humason first observed the red-shift of light from distant stars.



"It was assumed that the distant nebulae were retreating in all directions."

One interesting fact is that this interview was for Time Magazine and was published as "Science - Shift on Shift" on Dec 14, 1936. Here you have proof that the 'father of the Expanding Universe Theory' had misgivings just years after his 1929 disclosure.


Following the motto of P.T. Barnum, of,

"there's a sucker born every minute",

...the existing 'big science' teams saw an unlimited opportunity to expand astronomy budgets.

The 'sucker' in this case is the taxpayer, forced by errant bureaucrats for fund side-show science on an ever expanding universe with ever expanding grants, awards and fellowships.


Bureaucrats do have an affection for expanding concepts, witness the vast expansion of planetary maladies they have been able to ascribe to the 'expansion of carbon dioxide' gas in our atmosphere.

Dr Hubble (the previous mentioned Dr X) made his scientific discoveries on the 100 inch Hooker telescope, the world's largest at the time.


In the Times interview, he communicated to the National Academy of Sciences that:

"The distribution of these bodies [distant nebulae] in space forced him to conclude that a non-expanding universe theory is more economical and less vulnerable"

Having birthed this brand of Franken-science the good doctor was now powerless to stop what now had a life of its own.


He was,

"now willing to abandon the expanding universe to mathematical cosmologists" and they we only too happy for this new gravy train.

In a Pontius Pilate moment during the interview, Dr Hubble states his hope that the new 200 inch Caltech super telescope to be completed in the 1940's would settle this question.


Since the ability to gather light is a function of area, and therefore of a square, this new eye in the sky could see four times as much, four times as far back, as the Hooker telescope.

What dismayed Dr Hubble at the time was that the speed of the then edge of the universe was "equal to 25,000 miles per second".

This was the speed that Milky Way sized galaxies were perceived to be moving...

The world had to take time out to counter a virulent form of 'master race planet domination' which caused a delay in completing of the 200 inch Mt Palomar telescope until 1948.

When even deeper space light was showing even greater 'apparent acceleration' the mathematical cosmologists descended on the witless bureaucrats at the NAS for an ever expanding list of fanciful solutions, including,

  • dark matter

  • invisible universes

  • vacuum energy




No, this is not the tattooed armband coordinates for Anglia Jolie's latest offspring.


This is the name for the newest and most distant cluster galaxy estimated at 9.6 billion light years away and closest yet observed to the 13.7 billion year old universe edge.


As the speed of these supposed distant galaxies are now approaching the actual speed of light, we are left to question some of the hypothesis of these bureaucratically over fed cosmologists.

One must question the hypothesis that 90% of the matter in the universe is invisible
dark matter, yet light is able to pass such great distances unblocked and un-absorbed.


The supposed vacuum force is many times greater than gravity, but curiously also invisible.

The last count on invisible universes also included five invisible dimensions. In addition to the four 'visible dimensions' of length, width, depth and time there were sorcerers equations for five more dimensions.


A radio interview last week indicated that a hopeful cosmologist was seeking grants for two new additional invisible dimensions.

With unlimited funding we will soon find that we live in a universe with more invisible dimensions than Starbucks locations.


What began with a real scientist and a Hooker at the observatory has turned into a science whorehouse. What we must do is to show these spend thrifts the real meaning of 'invisible' as in the invisible universe that we are all now experiencing.

We must show these NAS pimps and their cosmologist harlots the meaning of 'invisible paycheck', 'invisible pension' and 'invisible health benefits'.


It is time for the honest voices of science to demand that this circus side show be closed. I'm certain that Dr X would heartily agree.


By the way, that engineer turned rogue astronomer is ME.

Joseph A Olson, PE
May 22, 2010


Part 3
March 03, 2011

TOOL making and communication skills are easily distinguishing features between human beings and other species on this planet.


When coupled with a natural curiosity and the ability learn from our mistakes, we have lifted most humans from the vulgar realities of our ancestor's existence.


For those bent on controlling others, tools and communication must be controlled and manipulated.

The great humanitarian, Vladimir Lenin said,

"the way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation".

The great philosopher, Bertrand Russell said,

"western populations would gladly accept serfdom if it was packaged as saving the Earth".

The mystic oracle of truth, Barry Obama said,

"too much information puts pressure on our democracy".


Hubble and the Big Bang

In 1929, when spectral analysis revealed a 'red shift' in distant galaxies, astronomer Edwin Hubble speculated that this might be due to acceleration away from Earth and a possible expanding universe.


Before he could reflect on other possible explanations, a radio interview stumbled onto the phrase "Big Bang" and a run-away train left the station.


Dr Hubble was uncomfortable with both the concept and the catchy nick-name, but he had a 'conflict of interest' on this issue.

In a Times magazine interview, on December 14, 1936, titled "Science - Shift on Shift", Dr Hubble makes his opposition clear.

One reason that he was not more forceful was because he was begging the government for funding of the Mount Palomar telescope.


Public interest was necessary during the tight depression era federal budgets to complete this project.

The Hooker 100 inch telescope was then showing farthest light sources to be moving at 25,000 miles per second.

Dr Hubble, during his 1936 interview, stated that he was,

"willing to abandon the expanding universe to mathematical cosmologists"... pending erection of the 200 inch Palomar telescope... "which may finally settle the question"...

What Dr Hubble meant was that with four times the light gathering power and four times the distance of past light sources, the anticipated light speed would exceed half the speed of light.

At that point it would easy to discredit 'Big Bang' and develop another model.


That never happened for a multitude of reasons, some to do with Dr Hubble.

In addition to building a giant government funded telescope during a depression, the dear doctor also very much coveted a Nobel Prize.


The problem was that at that time, astronomy was not considered a branch of any science that could receive the award. It is hard to speak out against your 'signature' science and simultaneously promote that science as worthy of the world's highest honor.


Hubble was prevented from speaking against the 'Big Bang' due to his vested interest in Palomar and HIS potential Nobel Prize.


He was to be given the award in 1953, but a sudden heart attack and untimely death prevented that.



Einstein and the Big Bang

Another renowned scientist with objections to the 'Big Bang' had additional problems in the 1930's.


Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for the 'photoelectric effect' . He was a marked man in his Nazi occupied homeland and luckily fled to America in 1933.


He was now a stranger in a land with powerful pro-Nazi forces.


Prominent pre-war Nazi supporters included,

  • Charles Lindberg

  • Senator Prescott Bush (R-Conn)

  • Ambassador to UK, Joseph F Kennedy.

Many other leaders were virulent anti-Semites including,

  • Henry Ford

  • John D Rockefeller

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt...

No further proof of FDR's feelings is necessary than the fact that he was completely briefed on the locations and operations of all major Nazi death camps in 1943.


Not one allied bomb fell on these death factories or the rail lines that served them.


Einstein was in the unfortunate position of begging this scientifically illiterate leader for funds to develop an 'atomic' weapon. His begging letters to FDR are available on-line.

Meanwhile, Einstein worked under the strictest security to develop the refining methods and the first sustained nuclear reaction using Uranium at the University of Chicago.


His correspondence with the Robert Oppenheimer who headed actual weapons team are still classified. It is doubtless that Einstein had many involvements which prohibited his free discussion of the 'Big Bang'.

Einstein's theory did state that the universe could not be static, that it must be expanding or contracting.


It is very doubtful that he could accept the outer limits of this possible expansion to be approaching the velocity of light. If you do accept the expanding Big Bang theory, then you must also recognize that the distant light indicates the possible position at the distant time of that lights origin.


Light with its position distorted by half the speed of light, would have then originated at half the projected distance.


All projections from data that is this distorted should be viewed as very suspect.



Darwin and the Big Bang

Darwin, say what...?


How could Darwin, whose On the Origin of Species was published in 1859, and who died in 1882, have anything to do with the 1929 science of the 'Big Bang Theory'?

Well, in 1925 a high school science teacher, John Scopes was tried by the State of Tennessee for violation of the states, Butler Act.


Yes, John had dared to teach evolution to his students. He was acquitted in a nationally publicized trial.

There were many in the established science community that embraced the 'Big Bang' thinking that this disproved the existence of God, or at least Biblical prophesies.


It is not an endorsement of Creationism to state the obvious.

We live in the Milky Way Galaxy with between 200 and 400 billion other stars, many capable of having life supporting planets.


Our galaxy is just one of at least 80 billion similar galaxies.


If you chose to believe that our life is just a random accident, then the same probability is that there MUST be many equal locations, with equal, and probably MANY locations with superior life forms...


So much for the 'No Superior Being' debate, something 'superior' must exist.

Whether that 'Being' has any interest or involvement in humans or our Earth is the religious and philosophic question for others to discuss.

We now know that Darwin was wrong...

Evolution is NOT a steady process.


Adaptation is gradual only when environmental factors allow it to be gradual.


When the Earth experiences dramatic change, then life makes equally dramatic changes.

One problem confronting evolutionists is that they cannot replicate the dramatic upgrade in biological complexity.

Natural induced mutations are almost always negative.


Human induced mutations can be positive if very closely monitored by humans, pretending to be Superior Beings.

Joseph A Olson, PE
May 26, 2010



Shift on Shift
December 14, 1936

from TimeMagazine Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website

The brilliant, whimsical popularizing of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington has made ''the expanding Universe'' almost a household word.


But the telescopic observations of a universe which seems to be blowing up like the fragments of an explosive shell have come mainly from Mount Wilson Observatory's brilliant Astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble.


Beginning in 1928, Hubble and his coworker, Milton LaSalle Humason, showed that the light from the most distant nebulae (clouds of stars) which he could photograph in Mount Wilson's giant telescope was shifted far toward the red end of the spectrum.


Such a redshift is observed in the light of a star known to be retreating from Earth, so it was assumed that the distant nebulae were retreating in all directions.


On these observations, and on the theoretical expanding universes formulated by de Sitter and Lemaitre before any observations were made, the case for the expanding universe rested.

Sir Arthur has never lost his enthusiasm for this cosmic soap bubble.


But the speeds indicated by the amount of redshift, some of which now equal 25,000 miles per second, have made many astronomers doubt. Other causes for the redshift were suggested, such as cosmic dust or a change in the nature of light over great stretches of space.


Two years ago Dr. Hubble admitted that the expanding universe might be an illusion, but implied that this was a cautious and colorless view.


Last week it was apparent that he had shifted his position even further away from a literal interpretation of the redshift, that he now regards the expanding universe as more improbable than a non-expanding one.

To the National Academy of Sciences Dr. Hubble communicated the results of his most recent survey of the distant nebulae.


The distribution of these bodies in space forced him to conclude that a non-expanding universe theory,

"is more economical and less vulnerable."

If the red-shifts do not really indicate velocity, he wrote, one has a,

"rather simple and thoroughly consistent picture of a universe in which... the large-scale distribution of nebulae is uniform throughout the sample available for inspection."

On the other hand, to assume that the shifts really indicate receding velocity forces one to adopt a very curious model of the universe.

"The model is closed and very small - a large fraction can be observed with existing telescopes - and is packed with matter to the very threshold of perception.


The rate of expansion has been slowing down so that the past time scale is remarkably limited.


In short, the necessary adjustments and compensations suggest that the model may be a forced interpretation of the data."

In plainer language, this meant that,

Astronomer Hubble is now willing to abandon the expanding universe to mathematical cosmologists and philosophers, pending a further development of theory, or the erection in 1940 of Caltech's 200-inch super telescope, which may finally settle the question.




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