February 4, 2023

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And the information just keeps on flowing.

On February 4, 2023 Elena Danaan put out a short video below, in which she distinguished three kinds of Planetary Soul Matrices. 1

As always she explains it all very elaborately and clearly.


I would advise you to listen to the video yourself...




A huge development recently took place in our galaxy which eventually led to the collapse of the Nebu. You can read all about it at. 2


The Nebu were a collective with a ruling hive queen that controlled many gray species. 3


After the destruction of this artificial intelligence queen, the formerly united species lost their central control and their cohesion which eventually led to the species returning to their own original planets, forming again their original planetary matrices, specific for their species.


They still had this hive mind, but one that was far smaller and confined to one planet, and thus no longer a threat for the rest of the galaxy.




Luckily there are also different kinds of ways that species can connect on a planet.


In the video below Elena Danaan distinguishes three kinds of planetary soul matrices:




Elena Danaan sums up

the three kinds of

planetary soul matrices

Also HERE...






This kind of planetary soul matrix consists of beings that hold an individual consciousness, like humanity on Earth.


Beings in such a planetary matrix develop separately, through many lives until they reach a level of awareness that allows them to leave their own planet and explore others. 4





This planetary soul matrix consists of beings that are connected to each other, but they still have their own individuality.


Elena compares it to the world that is presented in the Avatar movies.

It doesn't have to mean that each and everyone is connected to each other.


It can also mean that beings or people within a species have a connection with each other.




This is the kind of planetary soul matrix in which the members are controlled by a central 'mind' or 'queen'.

There is hardly any individuality.


This central consciousness gives the orders and their members obey and don't think twice about it. 8


This is reminiscent of the Borg from Star Trek.




In the past Elena has presented a few other interesting typologies.


You might remember how she identified a number of dragons 9 and how she made a distinction between three kinds of hybrid beings, depending on the souls connected to those bodies. 10



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  4. It seems that a soul is 'born' in a certain planetary matrix, its home planet.


    Both Elena Danaan and Thor Han Eredyon have a planet in the Altea star system called Emerya as their home planet. 5


    We have learned that not every soul is compatible with every physical body.


    For example for someone from Errahel to incarnate on Earth they need a body that has some DNA that matches the bodies on Errahel.


    The Council of Five seems to have the capacity to do some adjustments to the DNA of a body in order to allow certain souls to enter that body successfully.


    If a soul is 'born' in the planetary matrix of Earth and it would have advanced enough to incarnate on other planets, it must have compatible DNA 6 on that new planet too, I would assume.


    If we were made by the Seeders that would imply that we at least have 11 planets outside of our galaxy to incarnate on.


    If we have lived enough lives on Earth, we will probably have lived in bodies that also carry the DNA of other species from our own galaxy, expanding the choice of planets to live on. 7


    If you also add the possibility that all these species with compatible DNA could have started colonies on all kinds of planets this means that we might just have a great number of planetary soul matrices to choose from, and perhaps if you have a special request, the Council of Five might be so kind to do some genetic assistance to house your soul there.

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