by Tolec

February 16, 2012

from Exopolitics Website





On February 3, 2012 late in the evening, after having received a telepathic communication from the Commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere I provided to Alfred Webre of Exopolitics, via email, an advanced notice report of two (2) strategic Reptilian undersea bases that remained to be taken out & destroyed.

My report of that evening stated that the first of the two (2) remaining undersea bases would be located in the Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal area with the finding of a shaped, north/south oriented undersea land ridge, a very unnatural looking undersea land ridge.


The beginning of this base is marked by the white “box” with the cross hairs in the middle (below image).



It runs the full length of the ‘pencil’ - north to south.


You will notice in above images, the various ocean floor ridges, rises & formations I previously provided to Alfred Webre on the evening of February 2012 the location of this specific, extensive, undersea Reptilian base, again, the beginning of which is marked with a small white box, and cross hairs, indicating the beginning location of the base which runs the full north/south length of this undersea ridge.


This land formation, this ridge, is called the “Ninetyeast Ridge”.



It is located just due west of northern Cocos Basin, and due west of the (northern most part of the) Island of Sumatra.

I indicated in my February 3rd report that numerous recent ongoing earthquakes that had been felt in the western Indonesian region had weakened the structure of the ocean floor, which would make the job easier for the Procyon people to destroy this base.

I also indicated in that report to Mr. Webre the destruction of that base would happen sometime before or by mid February 2012. The actual date of the 5.1 magnitude undersea earthquake was February 15, 2012.


Today, the date of this report, is February 16, 2012.



Location & description of this specific undersea quake


Date: 02.15.2012

Time: 18:31:57 PM (UTC)

Location: 6.35N, 93.00E, and 29.9 km (18.58 miles) deep


The location to the right marked by an orange star is the actual location of the 5.1 undersea quake. A complete written description, maps & technical specifications of this quake available online at USGS.

As I indicated in my preliminary report of February 3, 2012, this region has been hit over time by numerous earthquakes. The image below indicates the location and number of quakes in this region since 1990.


Again, in this below image, you will also find the location of this specific quake marked by an orange star.






Confirmation of 5.1 undersea earthquake & strike on undersea base

Unlike the other quakes that were caused by sonic beam weapons fired by the people of the Procyon star system continuing this policing action under the flag of the Andromeda Council to destroy all Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea bases this kind of action was not necessary to cause the actual quake.


This quake itself was a completely natural occurrence, just planet Earth continuing her evolution.

I was notified around 9:30PM (EST) this Thursday evening, February 16, 2012, via telepathy by the commander of the primary biosphere - where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held - of this 5.1 magnitude earthquake and the destruction of this specific Draco & Hydra Reptilian controlled undersea base.


This is the base that was on this north/south oriented pencil shaped Ninetyeast Ridge. This is how we’ve always referred to it... as the ‘pencil’ shaped undersea base.


This particular earth quake opened up an existing crevice, a large crack running ease west across the lower portion of what people might perceive as the bottom of the pencil eraser head.

As you can see by the two (2) Google “Terrametrics” maps provided by NASA, with the location of the 5.1 magnitude quake indicated by the green arrow, and the star which I’ve included for your reading ease in the map directly below you will notice and see cracks/fissures on the ocean floor which run east-west from the area of the quake - to the location of the area of where the beginning of this Reptilian undersea base was located.


In the maps I’ve provided in my reports, I’ve consistently indicated the location of bases by a little white ‘box’ with the crosshairs in the middle. (see 2nd map below)



Yes, there have been numerous quakes that have happened in this area over time.


They have continued to weaken & destabilize the overall landmass in this area, including this pencil shaped ridge. Underneath the pencil shaped ridge all throughout this area there are a multiple ‘pockets’ under the ocean floor. Think of this area as being like Swiss cheese with a bunch of little holes.


This particular 5.1 quake caused the collapse of the substructure of the ground in this area, and directly underneath the ridge upon which this extensive base was sitting, because at least one of these cracks/fissures opened very wide causing the ‘Swiss cheese’ substructure area underneath the ridge to collapse.

Just as important, here is why the people of Procyon knew this 5.1 quake would be ‘the quake’ to take advantage of to destroy this specific undersea Reptilian base:

  1. they looked down the time line to check which would be the best quake to use in this specific location, that would cause the greatest damage to the ‘substructure’ of the Swiss cheese like ground underneath the ridge


  2. having tracked all of the previous recent quakes & tremors in this area they were keenly aware of the high degree of destabilization that existed; and they knew that this quake would be the one to open wide, at least one of the cracks/fissures on the ocean floor which would rip across the basin to the upper part of the pencil base - in the area of where the ‘eraser’ would be - causing the most crippling damage to this ridge.



The actual Procyon sonic strike of the Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base

After the quake hit, the people of Procyon used their sonic beam energy weapons to pound the whole expanse of this undersea base - repeatedly striking at, and destroying, moving from north to south - all of the areas & segments of the base that had not yet collapsed.

In total there were about 100+ buildings of various sizes that comprised this whole undersea base, city size complex.


This area is now completely collapsed and destroyed so that nothing large exists. No buildings exist. Nothing. The people of Procyon obliterated it to this degree so that no malevolent extraterrestrials can ever live in & occupy this base complex again.

If people were able to go into a submarine and view the remains of this undersea base complex today, they would only find rubble.


It took about a total of three (3) hours total time to destroy this whole undersea base complex.




Summary of what made taking out this particular base a challenge

Prior to this 5.1 magnitude quake, about 6 hours before the quake occurred, the people of Procyon sent in a stealth, kind of ‘Delta force’ type team to relocate a variety of families of the many civilian Reptilians supporting this large undersea base.

There are known to have been at one time 18,000+ Reptilians on planet Earth.


Understand, this specific base was the largest, most extensive, undersea support base complex of Draco & Hydra Reptilian operations on Earth. This extensive pencil shaped base complex housed approximately 5,000 families incorporating 11,000 Reptilians in total, in what was essentially a small underwater city.


These family members included Reptilian civil workers:

  • fathers, mothers & children

  • primarily support staff,

    • engineers

    • logistics operators

    • administrators

    • undersea shuttle transporters to other bases

    • health care

    • food production

    • clean water

    • sanitation/waste removal, etc.

Of these 11,000, there were also approximately 1,000 remaining few Reptilian warrior soldiers protecting this base, though many had already been shipped out through stargates from the prior base destructions.

Of the 11,000 Reptilian beings living in this base, the people from Procyon were able to relocate and send through a stargate about 7,000 of these family members during about 2½ hours time... to the far reaches of the universe, to the same planet as the other Reptilians relocated in other prior undersea base cleanup & destroy operations.

There were about 3,000 Reptilian military family members, support staff, that stayed behind, and 1,000 warrior soldier Reptilians that stayed behind. These warrior soldiers were the extremists, determined to fight till the end, or die trying.


About 300 of these warrior soldiers, the do or die extremists, had come from either the shut down or destroyed other undersea & underground bases.








Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed

5.1 quake Nicobar Islands area
by TolecfromDakote
February 20, 2012
from YouTube Website

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred at 18:31:57 PM (UTC), Thursday night, February 15, 2012 in the area of Nicobar Islands, south east of the Bay of Bengal.


This specific quake was the trigger event for the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council to take out & destroy a strategically important, massive, extensive Draco & Hydra Reptilian controlled & operated undersea base located on the top of the "Ninetyeast Ridge" on the ocean floor.