by Noel Huntley


excerpted from "ETs and Aliens"

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Our origin was not on planet Earth but in the Lyra constellation.


There were apparently many colonized planets in the region of the sky we call the Lyra constellation. We don't have the names of these stars. This would date at least hundreds of millions of years ago. Spiritual wisdom was lacking amongst the Lyrans and typically, conflicts arose with subsequent wars.


Nevertheless, with the development of space technology, peace- loving Lyrans departed Lyra and eventually discovered Earth, which was uninhabited.


Others from Lyra went directly to the Pleiades.



(Note: there appears to be some contradiction within the New-Age field regarding man's true origin; however, we are favoring this one. Nevertheless we should also note that this origin is somewhat 'flexible' and refers to the first humanoid format; the consciousness would exist in other forms long before this.)


The journey was a long one, in fact, it took generations.


They did not have interdimensional travel. They thus did not return to their own planets. The Lyran races on their home worlds eventually evolved and were transformed into fourth density but not the Lyrans that colonized planet Earth.

Nevertheless, further strife and war developed on Earth, causing yet another split in the population. One group went to the Pleiades system. This group paid attention to their emotionally disturbed condition and focused their energies on meditation and spiritual matters, as did the existing inhabitants in the Pleiades.


They went to great lengths to avoid any negativity.

As a result, these particular beings, or Pleiadians, evolved thousands of years ahead of their counter-parts on Earth, where strife and destruction continued, resulting in some eighteen separate and consecutive civilizations on Earth (as channeled by Robert Shapiro). Since inhabiting Earth, the race has undergone countless interactions with extraterrestrials and subsequent genetic modifications.

Let us now return to the Lyrans, our forefathers. Considerable diversity existed on the planets of the star systems in Lyra, as is the case on Earth today and, according to channel Lyssa Royal Holt, the first Lyrans or 'first expression of physicality' was smaller than the present average human.

As the Lyran culture developed (running parallel with their colonization of Earth), genetic changes occurred altering these physical characteristics. Many groups formed, exhibiting much greater physical differences than today amongst our different ethnic races.

One giant type of Lyran was said to be from six to nine feet tall. The females were in the lower range.


This taller race was the product of continued existence on Lyran planets of greater gravitational fields. The Lyrans (from Lyra) visited their colonized Earth for a period of time, and the worshipping of Gods on Earth has some origin with the giant Lyrans as denoted in Greek mythology.


These Lyrans were also Caucasian, of light skin, hair and eyes. Medium brown hair was unusual. They had a predominant trait of being authoritative. They acted like parents, but very strict ones, and humans both loved and feared them. The Lyrans were committed to ruling mankind, whereas the accompanying ETs, the Sirians, were benevolent.

A genetic offshoot from this tall-bodied race was the red-haired Lyrans. Skin was very fair, and eyes light to green, but not all were tall; some were of average human stature. These redheads have been accused by other worlds as being invaders and plunderers. The pure bred was aggressive and violent and to some degree rebellious.

The red hair was apparently the result of colonization of another planet in which the mineral content and the atmosphere caused mutations, leading to a red hue. Further subgroups were formed but overall we inherited genes from the Caucasian Lyrans, the giants and the red heads.

A further influence is from a more rare darker-skinned Lyran. Features were Caucasian but skin, light brown. Eyes were brown, some green. This group has brought the genetic influence for the Pakistan and Indian races, but none of our races today are pure extensions of these Lyran types.

In addition, this group of Lyrans were very passive and peaceful, with a lack of emotional reaction. This darker-skinned race has similarities to the Vegans described later but they have a different genetic structure.

A lack of contact today with the Lyrans appears to be due to their advancement but they do have difficulties with Earth's disharmonious vibrations.


Nevertheless, they have great independence, and ability to adapt to other planetary environments. In fact they have been called the chameleons of the universe by the Arcturians. They radiate light from their head areas but find it difficult to satisfy the heart centers while in the Earth's atmosphere.


The 'independence' trait is very valuable - which humans have acquired - for movement into the New-Age. The Lyrans ride on many frequency bands but may settle on one as the occasion arises.

The Lyran types mentioned so far are humanoid in appearance. There are subgroups which are mammals that are bird-like and cat-like. They account for some of our mythology.

The bird-like Lyrans were very thin with sharp, angular facial features resembling a bird. They are intellectuals, scientists and explorers.


The cat-like Lyran resembles the feline of our world. They are not cat people but humanoid with cat-like qualities, very agile and strong. The nose is similar to a cat's and ears a little pointed. Eyes are large and mouth dainty. They do not have fur but have a layer of fine hair to protect them from the harsh ultraviolet rays on their planet.

The eyes of Lyrans and also Vegans are pronounced and this accentuation has been depicted in the Egyptian civilisation; it is an imitation of the Gods.


Moreover the visiting Lyrans to Earth who were treated like gods by the earthlings wished to retain this altitude and control. As a result, the Lyran gods tampered with earthlings' genes to create the small, simian, ape-like eyes. Thus the human's small eyes are particularly noticeable to most ETs. As an amusing aside, today when the human looks in the mirror they are reminded unconsciously of the ape.

The Sirians, who were present on the Earth at the time and took a more affectionate view of the Earthlings, were not in agreement but it was too late to change it. In fact, the Sirians encouraged the practice of emphasizing the eyes so that we would never forget our forefathers, the Lyrans.

Most civilizations which directly concern Earth have originated in the Lyra constellation.


The Vegans also have the above-mentioned Lyran influence but Vega is a star within Lyra. It has, however, sufficient genetic independence to be regarded as having a unique genotype.


Later this Lyran and Vegan genetic lineage was disseminated with the colonization of,

  • Altair

  • Sirius

  • Antares

  • Orion

The Vegan genetics produce a physique of six to seven feet tall.


Skin is Caucasian and dark, and is thicker than humans enabling it to withstand high degrees of heat and cold. Hair color is mainly black, though some Vegan races have no hair. Eyes are striking, with large dark pupils and irises, and possessing a lid in contrast to the Zeta's large dark eyes that have no lid.

The above describes the humanoid type of Vegan with human appearance.


Another type exists of reptilian and insect-like appearance. Some of the subgroups have a greenish tinge to their skin. Eyes are very large with small nose and prominent jaw. The latter gives the reptilian appearance when thrust forward, and insect-like when pointed downward.

Eagles were common symbols for many Lyrans, in particular, the phoenix adopted by Earth people, but the myth came from the Lyran civilization. It was a symbol for them that their empire would never be destroyed. It gave them power and was used to show their strength in battle.

Most of the above information came from Lyssa Royal's material, in particular, her excellent book Prism of Lyra.


[Note: as already indicated, pin-pointing the exact origin of humans is probably impossible as it depends on the context, on where we draw the line between the spiritual existence and human material existence.


The Lyran planets could probably be said to be the origin of the soul consciousness relating to human-type bodies of sufficient density to be labeled and identified as humans. If one, however, examined a point of consciousness closer to the Source (further 'up' the hierarchy) one would produce a different result.

The soul level of humans will have been all over the universe - in particular, since, as we have implied, boundaries dissolve as we address greater proximity to Source. At this higher level it is stated in esoteric literature that 60 billion monads were created from Source.


Each of these monads then extends to many souls which in turn project again into soul extensions (humans).]